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Ami decided to risk Ratchet's wrath and stay in the medbay to see what happened to Optimus. Normally she strictly followed the rules, but when the well-being of a friend was at stake, all bets were off! She quietly hid under one of the berths well away from where Ratchet was preparing for Optimus' arrival (she knew enough to keep out from under foot to avoid being squished) and hoped Ratchet would be too busy to notice she was still there. While she waited for Ironhide to arrive with Optimus, she could not help but worry. What was wrong with him? Why would he just collapse on the battlefield like that? Had the Decepticons infected him with a virus? She quickly rejected that idea. Ratchet was always updating the Autobots' firewalls and antivirus software to prevent anything like that from happening. Her mind raced a million miles an hour trying to figure it out.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a set of booming footsteps heading for the medbay. The bot sized door flew open, and in stomped Ironhide, carrying a stasis locked Optimus.

"Put him down here, Ironhide," Ratchet instructed.

Ironhide set Optimus on the berth with a huge thump, shaking the floor and nearly knocking Ami off her feet.

"Once you get him fixed, tell him he needs to lose some weight. He's freaking heavy!" Ironhide rolled his massive shoulders and cracked his neck, loosening cables tensed from carrying Prime's massive body.

"You should talk, you overgrown bucket of bolts!," Ratchet grumbled, reaching for his favorite wrench. He threw it with an ease born of eons of practice, at Ironhide's massive black helm. It hit with a loud clang.

"OWWW! Blast it Ratchet, that hurt!," Ironhide yelled, rubbing the new dent in his now very sore helm.

"You deserved it, you thick helmed idiot! Now get out of my medbay before the next wrench goes where the sun doesn't shine!," Ratchet roared, turning to tend to Optimus. He was busy for the next hour doing nothing but running scans and hooking Optimus up to several different machines to monitor him. Suddenly, one of the machines sounded an ear piercing alarm. Ratchet hurried to silence the alarm and determine what caused it in the first place. What he found threatened to send him into a fit of rage. "I TOLD THAT THICK CHIPPED, HARD HELMED IDIOT OF A PRIME TO REFUEL PROPERLY BEFORE HE LEFT, BUT DID HE LISTEN? NO! INSTEAD, HE CONSUMES ONLY ONE LOUSY CUBE OF ENERGON! THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TO SUSTAIN A SPARKLING AS LOW AS HE WAS, NEVER MIND A MECH OF HIS SIZE! THEN, TO TOP IT ALL OFF, HE FULES HIMSELF WITH DIESEL! I TOLD HIM THAT HADN'T BEEN TESTED PROPERLY YET, BUT DID HE LISTEN? NO! NOBODY LISTENS TO ME ANYMORE! BLAST IT ALL, PRIME! WHEN I GET YOU FIXED I WILL WELD YOUR BEHIND TO THIS BERTH AND MAKE YOU REFUEL! ARRRGH!" He pulled his wrench from subspace and went to hit Optimus with it, but stopped and put the wrench away. "I'm sorry you had to hear that, Ami, but I get very angry when people or Autobots go against my medical advice. I do have everyone's best interests in mind, after all."

Ami was speechless. She sputtered a bit before collecting her thoughts enough to speak coherently. "H_how- ? When did-? Augh! How did you know I was here? She asked, confused.

"Your energy signature gave you away. I knew you were here the whole time, but I was too busy to make you leave. Now, if your curiosity has been satisfied, please return to your quarters. I have a lot of work to do."

"Please, Ratchet; tell me what's wrong with him. I'm not curious, I'm worried about a close friend! I would be the same for any of you! Is there something I can do? I will do anything to help," Ami said, tears in her eyes.

"Very well, Ami. I will tell you. But you must not discuss Prime's condition with anyone. This medbay is secure, but even with all our precautions, Soundwave has managed to get his blasted spies in here to gather intel. If the Decepticons were to learn of Prime's incapacitating illness, it would prove disastrous! We would surely be attacked, and Prime would be an easy target! That being said, the diesel fuel in his system has contaminated his spark. If his spark is not cleansed, he will most definitely offline."

"Oh no! Ratchet, isn't there anything you can do? You are Cybertron's best medic, after all!" Ami said.

"I have already done all I can. I have purged his system of the diesel and replaced it with fresh energon. Were we on Cybertron, purifying his spark would be easy. Unfortunately, I don't have the proper equipment here to do so."

"Can't you build something that would do the trick, or maybe modify something you already have? We have to do something, Ratchet! We can't just let him die!"

"I wish it were that simple, Ami. Earth technology is far inferior to ours. I don't wish to sound mean, but it is true. I will, however, find a way to purify his spark, but it will take time. That, I will promise you. I will not let him offline!"

"Will he be ok until you find a way to help him? How long can he stay like that? Ami asked.

"He will be fine for now. The machines that he is attached to will keep him online, but in stasis safely for quite awhile. Now, if there is nothing else, I must continue with my work. Go back to your quarters and rest. I will inform you if his condition changes." With that, Ratchet turned back to Optimus.

Ami yawned and turned to leave as Ratchet requested. "Please, let me know if there is any way I can help. I will do anything, I promise!" The medbay door quietly hissed closed behind Ami as she made her way to her quarters. She dressed for bed and snuggled deep under the covers and quickly fell asleep.