Zim's POV

Zim stepped into the trashcan/elevator that led to his real base. As Zim took a step into his lab he ran towards the giant computer in the back of one section of his base. He was literally trembling with excitement has he made sure he had everything. 'This is Zim's biggest, bestest, most amazing PLAN EVER! Zim is sure My Tallest will like it.' Zim thought to himself as he waited impatiently for his nerves to settle down and contact the Tallest. Zim gulped, stretched over the keyboard and began to type the demand to contact the Massive. Then after about five minutes of waiting, Tallest Red and Purple appeared, looking like in a bad mood.

"What can it possibly be this time Zim? We told you to contact us ONLY if you had a major plan that could NOT possibly fail." Red said.

"But Zim does have a major plan that can NOT possibly fail" Zim pleaded.

"Well than go ahead." Purple said with a hint of annoyed sarcasm in his voice.

Zim straightened up and reached for the blueprints to his AMAZING plan when, he stopped. 'Great mother of Irk! I forgot the blueprints!' Zim had a moment of mental panic. Then, "My great and almighty Tallest, may you please ex-excuse m-me for a m-moment? I-I believe I-I left s-something in another room?"

Zim looked at them hopefully, then, "Zim." said Red, suddenly very serious. "You've been on that planet for at least a year; this is your last screw-up. If you can't 'woo' us with you so-called 'amazing' plan, then you'll be pronounced defective and taken care of as we see fit."

Zim felt like he was spinning in circles. 'The ALMIGHTY ZIM! DEFECTIVE!? NEVER!' Zim turned around and went to collect his blueprints. But as he turned around and disappeared from view, his antennae perked up as Zim picked up words that the Tallests were saying.

"Hey Purple, even if his plans ARE good, let's say he's defective anyway! That would be hilarious." Red snickered.

"Ya! You're right Red. He won't even bother us anymore. At first it was funny, but now it's just annoying." Purple agreed with a slight laugh.

"And, I'm on a role today; if his plans are ACTUALLY good, let's send someone to take them." Red exclaimed happily. Both of the Tallests erupted into a huge fit of laughter.

Zim's antennae flattened. He was suddenly very angry. 'How DARE they! Zim has literary devoted his life to serving them and this is how they repay ME! THE ALMIGHTY ZIM!' Zim lept from his hiding place and faced the two Tallests.

"Defective? You think I'M defective?" Zim said, getting closer to the monitor. "Says the two idiots who stand around, giving idiotic orders to poor defenseless Irkens! EVEN SCOOGE WOULD DO A BETTER JOB THAN YOU, YOU IDIOTS! WHOSE 'GREAT' IDEA WAS TO MAKE THE TALLEST ITKEN IN CHARGE? YOU'RE THE ONES THAT ARE DEFECTIVE!" Zim screamed the last parts on the tops of his lungs. He didn't regret those words. Adrenaline rushed through him.

The two Irkens on the monitor froze, and then their eyes seemed to have become slits. Purple got closer towards Zim. "You shall pay for that."

"Yesssss, we will send you an sssssssurprissssssse." Red hissed out, empathizing on the S.

Zim squeaked, then sneered. "All my respect for you has vanished. Be gone with you." Zim presses a button ending the transmission. Then, he started to laugh, laugh and laugh.

"This is the start of something great."