Dib ran all the way to his house. As he reached his front door he shoved his hand into his pocket breathing heavily. 'Where are my keys!?' Dib thought with annoyance. He started taking out things from his surprisingly roomy pockets. Dib decided to knock on the door by the time he pulled out a three candy wrappers, five electronic wires, and what looked suspiciously like parts of a broken GameSlave. Dib knocked on the door, slowly at first then faster.

"Gaz open the door! Gaz! Gaz! Gaz! GAZ!" Dib yelled, stilled knocking loudly. To Dib's immense surprise his father, Professor Membrane, opened the door.

"Son! Do not knock on the door so loudly!" Membrane boomed, "I recently had this door fixed so now it is burglar proof! If you knock to loudly it'll send a shock as powerful a lightning bolt through your body!"

"Umm…Okay." Dib bolted inside into his room. Closing the door with a loud bang he raced to his computer. 'Darn, I hope I still have a camera in Zim's base. I haven't checked in forever…I wonder why.' The computer started and after clicking on some things Dib saw he still had one camera located in the living room. Dib groaned, the only one that was in the living room most of the time was GIR. Dib shut down the computer and jumped into bed. 'All I want to do is sleep for an eternity. Tomorrow I'm going to have to place cameras in Zim's base again.' As images of what he saw today flashed trough Dib's mind, he shuddered.

"Son! Come down to eat! I've made some SUPER TOAST with NUCLEAR JAM!"

Dib groaned as he opened his eyes and sat up. He didn't realize he had fallen asleep. 'Geez I've must've have been tired.' Dib fixed his hair in the bathroom, making it scythe-like, got his book-bag from the corner and raced down the stairs and nearly crashed into his father who was waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs.


"No thanks… Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"Yes! But SUPER TOAST is more important."

"Oookayy… Where's Gaz?"

"She went without you." Dib walked out the door and ran towards Skool. As Skool dragged on Dib avoided Zim the entire day, and towards the end he found Todd heading out of Skool nervously talking to a piece of stuffing. "TODD!"

Todd nervously turned and saw Dib running towards him. Todd sped up until he was speed-walking down the sidewalk. Todd put the stuffing in his pocket and looked at Dib nervously, who was now walking at the same pace as him.

"W-why are you following me?" Todd asked him nervously.

"Cause we're a team. Anyway, I found out what Zim is doing! Now we need a plan to stop whatever he's doing!" Dib responded excitedly.

"I don't want to help you because I don't want Zim to screw my brain like the OTHERS."

Dib ignored Todd, and followed him until they were in view of Todd's house. "Wow, you have to walk a lot to get home, why can't your parents come and get you?"

"They hope I'll be kidnapped or get lost or something." Dib politely ignored the remark and his eyes wandered over to the house next to Todd's. "Does anyone live there?" Dib asked, pointing at the shack-like house.

"A homicidal maniac lives there." Todd stated flatly.

"You're kidding right?"


"Have you called the cops on him?!"

"Nah, they're just gonna get killed too."

'Well this is interesting. The only kid that can help me lives next to a homicidal maniac.'

"Has he ever killed anyone in front of you?" Dib asked purely out of curiosity.

"Yeah… You know he hates aliens." Todd stated.

"Really…" Dib said thinking.

"You wanna go see him, don't you?" Todd said in a tired voice.

"YES!" Dib said like a little child, grabbing Todd's sleeve and dragging towards the broken down house.


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