Darcy opened his eyes blearily and groaned. Maybe he shouldn't have consumed that much alcohol last night. Still, he defended his past self, it had been a traumatic day.
First he's skipped the Hallowe'en party (the only bit he was glad he'd done), then he announced his un-fricking-dying love to a woman who hated him. And filmed it. Just in case that wasn't bad enough, he'd decided to watch the videos that she'd accidently told him about. Life was great for William Darcy
Luckily, it seemed, his phone wouldn't let him wallow in misery for long.
'Darcy, I- Darce? Are you ill? You don't sound too good.'
'Just tired.'
'… Maybe.'
'That might explain why you sent me that link.'
'What link?' Suddenly Darcy was wide awake. Please don't let it be the videos. Bing would kill him. Plus Jane was on them. It had to be a… picture of a cat in bread, or an amusing Sherlock gif or something. Anything but the videos.
'They're like… diaries, I guess.'
'By Jane's sister. I logged onto twitter and you'd sent it to me- on my newsfeed, by the way, not a DM. I only watched a few, then called you.'
'Just… oh, what the hell. Watch them if you want, but you're not going to like it.'
'What's this about?'
'Call me when you've finished watching them.'
Bing scowled in frustration at the phone. Will had hung up on him without explaining anything. It was hard, watching the first few videos, but he'd accepted that hadn't liked him the way he'd like her. And he was fine with that. Totally. He'd moved on. He didn't spend his days moping. At all. Watching her being happy and caring and Jane in the videos was like a punch in the gut. Still, he might as well finish them. The next video- Bing Lee and the 500 Teenage Prostitutes looked… interesting.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. He posted the videos on TWITTER? What if Georgiana saw them? Although, he didn't remember going on twitter last night. Darcy checked the history on his laptop. lots of YouTube, predictable 'lolcats', tumblr. No twitter. That was weird. He definitely wouldn't have deleted his history. Clicking on to twitter, he checked his own tweets. He'd definitely tweeted Bing. And the tweet below that… His phone rang again before he could delete it. Darcy looked at the caller ID and gulped. This wasn't going to be good.
'What the hell!?'
'Hey Gigi, what's up?'
'You know exactly what's up.'
'I'm guessing you've been on twitter?'
'I get a notification when someone DMs me. I couldn't get back to sleep after someone woke me up at three in the morning, so I've seen all 59 of the videos. The hell!?'
'Um… I'm really sorry for sending it to you, I wasn't exactly thinking straight. I don't even remember sending it.'
'What happened after the video cut off?'
'If Lizzie doesn't upload it, I'll tell you. I don't really want to talk about it right now.'
'Well I'm going to talk to you. When did you become such a douche?'
'I- what?'
'I know you have trouble talking to people, but this Jane person sounds really nice, and all she could say was tall. You could have at least tried to be nice.'
'Don't you think I deserve some sympathy right now?'
'Of course, but right now I'm really tired and have watched someone insult you for three hours. Right now, I'm on Lizzie's team.'
'There aren't any teams! There was a big mistake. I'm leaving soon anyway.'
'What did you even need to talk to her about?'
'What? Where does the video cut off? I thought that's why you needed to talk to me.'
'No, I'm just watching you be a douche to people, Lizzie ranting about you, then you walking in at the worst possible time. What happens that's so bad then?'
He sighed. 'I basically repeatedly insulted her and told her that I loved her in the same sentence.'
'You what!?'
'It was awful. We started arguing, then she accidentally told me about the videos. There, happy?'
'I'm actually almost impressed at how socially awkward you are.'
'I have a feeling you're not taking this seriously.'
'Sleep deprivation. By the way, you're my brother and I love you, but you made a big mistake splitting up Jing.'
'I think that Lydia infects your brain if you watch too many videos.'