A strong cup of coffee was needed most mornings. She was definitely not a morning person. Nursing the mug in her hand, she pulled her phone off of the charger and clicked the twitter icon.
Bing had tweeted yesterday, so he must have seen the link. Sometimes, it was useful when Darcy was ignoring her. She could, for example, see his twitter password over his shoulder. It was ridiculously easy. She'd been waiting a long time for a good opportunity to use it, as she might only have one shot. But everything had gone perfectly. Even if Darcy checked his Internet history, he wouldn't know it was her.
When Darcy's torso appeared on the screen of her blackberry, she'd known that she had to do something. What if he saw the videos? Actually… what if he saw the videos? He'd see Lizzie ranting on about him, the videos with George Wickham, everything. There was a chance he wouldn't find out about the videos, but a very small one. Besides, she could text him now, confessing about the vlogs. Maybe she could tweet it to Bing a few hours later, so Bing could get involved- William had separated him from Jane, so he might return the favour, problem solved.
Yes, her plan had been a good one. And it had worked. Now she just had to let the consequences unfold. Caroline smirked to herself as she sipped her coffee.


'Hi, Bing.'

'I was just watching the videos.'

'Oh. What part are you up to?'



'Don't worry, I've just been playing the video on repeat, I don't think I can summon up enough emotion to yell at you right now.'


'That doesn't mean I'm fine with it. But I called to tell you that, the tweet you sent me? It was from a Blackberry.'

'But I don't have a Blackberry.'

'I know. That's why I thought you might want to know.'


How the hell did he send a tweet from a Blackberry? He'd work it out later, right now he had to try and analyse the videos in the cold light of day, before he chickened out.

Right. She could do this. Georgiana was about to embark on one of the most daring thing she'd done for years. She might be fine around her brother, but she just didn't know how to talk to people. Introverted, shy, whatever. Either way, it could be a pain in the arse when she met new people. She typed it in and clicked send.
Okay. No going back now. Georgiana fought an urge to delete the tweet. The phone rang next to her, making her jump.


'Hello, Georgie. I just wanted to see how you're doing.'

'Fine, I'm just on twitter, you?'


'Please tell me you're watching funny cat videos.'

'I'm watching funny cat videos?' Darcy made it sound like a question.

Georgiana sighed. 'I might be Team Lizzie, b-'

'I should have never taken you to see Twilight.'

'Yeah, yeah. But there's no point beating yourself up about what happened.'

'Yes, I know. Wait, you're tweeting Lizzie!?'

'I thought you were on YouTube?'

'But why?'

'I thought I might as well talk to her, seeing as how she seems to have a big impact on your life.'

'Fine. It's your decision. I'll talk to you later.'

Georgiana winced. Will wasn't happy. Still, it made sense. Plus, Lizzie seemed like the sort of person it was easy to be friends with.