The Black Lamb.

Where to start with you? He has been in tears over you for hours, screaming out apologies while scratching sadness into the side of every bullet he is to shove into your flesh. Those remaining on the airship have left him to his own devices, assuming that he's locked himself away because the horrors of his mind have been too heavy again. The nightmares will be thick and heavy tonight, plaguing his skull with replays of death, of screaming, of destruction, of the Sheep, of the mutants, of you. The thoughts will ring against his cranium. The shouts of hell will surround his dreams.

It will start like this: he will be in darkness, a blackness so thick, but he will neither fear nor revel in it, for the Devil within is born of the same shadow. But then there will be a light of pale green hue. Then the choking will start. The begging. The pleading. The remembrance of that fatal thorn in his side. The reason why he had to try. You. You, the sacred child of her, the revered, beloved Ewe. Silver tresses will drown him, greyed locks wet with hot crimson. Crimson from the Cetra, crimson from the Sheep. This will be washed away with a single bullet, with blood from the Dog himself. But then the laughter will start with four sounds~always four sounds, the same four beats: a yowl claiming freedom, a groan proclaiming the incomplete, the whir of a saw, the rustle of leathery wings.

And when at last he rises to grasp what he is about to do, the waking torment will wrap around him. The original sin was failing to prevent your birth, failing to protect the Sheep from being torn at by Lynxes and Rats. Killing the Black Lamb...would that reconcile his conscious, or would it be a new sin in and of itself, to kill the flesh of that sacred woman? The son...who had no choice in his own existence. Who was used and tested, just as the Dog was cut and modified. Why, Shepherd? you were supposed to lead your servants faithfully. And your Hounds still snap at the heels of those who come too close to the truth, even though now the Black Lamb's laments are public knowledge.

The Black Lamb...would it be merciful to kill you himself, rather than lead the Shepherd to rein you in to the Lifestream?...This. He will settle on this. To take your life himself, or at least push you there and be a witness to the end.

What he feels for a twisted kind of protective love.

And this professed in death.