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"Summon speak/Naruto speaking with a demonic voice/Kurama speaking to Naruto in his mind-scape"

"Kurama speaking to Naruto through link/Inner Sakura speaking"



"Speaking through the radio."

The sun is just starting to glisten over the dew covered grass, as Naruto and Sakura make their way across the training ground towards Sasuke. The trio greet each other, then Naruto and Sakura begin their morning exercises. "How can two clan-less losers be stronger than I, an Uchiha?" Sasuke thinks as he sees them doing the Tree-Climbing exercise. After two and a half hours, Naruto and Sakura start meditating.

"Yo." Kakashi says as he appears in a puff of smoke. He then notices that Naruto and Sakura are in different and better ninja outfits than what they were wearing in the Academy. He looks at Naruto and smiles inwardly at the fact that he replaced the 'kill me now orange jumpsuit' with black Anbu style pants, a fish net shirt with a black long sleeve shirt which has the Uzumaki swirl on his left shoulder. Sakura has her long pink hair tied into a pony-tail. She is also wearing black Anbu style pants, and a red long sleeve shirt with the Haruno crest on the back located in the center. They both have metal arm and leg guards, two pouches on their back hips and their headbands on their foreheads to complete their outfits.

"What's this test that were supposed to do to actually become Genin?" Naruto asks in a bored tone.

"It's called the Bell Test." Kakashi says reaching into his pocket and pulls out two bells. "Your goal for the next 2 hours is to try and grab these bells from me. You can use any methods you see fit. Don't be afraid to come at me with the intent to kill."

"But Kakashi-sensei, you only have 2 bells. What happens to the person who doesn't get one?" Sakura asks, even though she has already knows the true meaning behind the test.

"The person who can't get a bell from me by noon, gets to watch the others eat their lunch as well as be sent back to the Academy." He says, pulling 4 bento boxes and a timer out from the pouch on his back hip. "If you hope to succeed, then don't be afraid to come at me with the intent to kill." Kakashi repeats, setting the bento boxes and timer on a nearby rock.

"I'm an Uchiha, there's no way I can't fail this with those two bumbling idiots over there." Sasuke thinks to himself. Naruto and Sakura exchange a worried look, knowing that they'll have to get the Uchiha's assistance in order to pass the test.

"The test will begin when I say 'Go'. One, two, three. Go!" As they disappear, Kakashi pulls out an orange book and grins.

With Naruto and Sakura:

"Naruto, we need to get Sasuke to work with us if we want to pass this test." Sakura says.

"Yeah, but how are you going to get him to work with us?" Naruto questions. "He thinks that he's below teamwork and doesn't need anybody."

"I may have an idea. Follow me." Sakura says and they make their way towards Sasuke's hiding place, making sure to check for traps that may be lying in wait.

"What are you two doing here?" Sasuke asks when he sees them approach his location.

"Sasuke, shut up and listen. We know the real reason behind this test. This test isn't about getting the bells. Sensei wants to see us work together, and use teamwork to retrieve them. Think back to all the teams sent out on missions. They're always a four man squad, never three. Now, are you ready to work with us? If not, then we'll fail before we even start. If we all come at him randomly, alone and with no plan, then we'll never succeed. He's a Jonin and we're just newly appointed Genin. We HAVE to work together!" Sakura explains in a hurried whisper.

"I don't need any help from anyone. I'm an Uchiha, I can do this on my own." He glares at her with cold eyes.

"We HAVE to work together to pass this test!" Sakura pleads. "What don't you understand?" Sasuke ignores her and charges in blindly, kunai in hand. Naruto and Sakura decide to watch and see what happens, already knowing that he'll fail without their assistance.

"Kit, activate your Rinnegan You'll be able to copy whatever jutsu's they decide to use, and watch their movements much more easily." Kurama instructs Naruto. Naruto channels chakra through his eyes in order to activate the Rinnegan. They notice Sasuke attempting to go for an axe kick, trying to daze Kakashi and snatch a bell, but Kakashi anticipates this and grabs Sasuke's ankle. Sasuke reacts by twisting his body, and reaching out for a bell with his right hand. Kakashi throws Sasuke who rotates his body sharply and lands on his feet, coming to a skidding halt.

Sasuke flies through several hand seals. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke shouts when he breaths out a giant flame. Kakashi's eye widens, because no Genin should have the chakra required to use an elemental jutsu.

Naruto and Sakura decide they've watched enough, and decide to finally help Sasuke. Naruto cancels the Rinnegan and attacks Kakashi in a synchronized fashion with Sakura. After five minutes of fighting, Sakura jumps back and starts doing some hand seals. "Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell!" Sakura whispers, then Kakashi notices a tremendous ball of fire falling from the heavens.

Realizing that he's been placed under a Genjutsu. Kakashi puts his hands together to form the 'Ram' hand sign. "Release." Kakashi says. He then notices that Naruto and Sakura are standing in front of him, dangling the bells he was trying to keep from them.

A few seconds later, the timer goes off. "Well, Kakashi-sensei, looks like we grabbed the bells in time!" Naruto exclaims.

Kakashi looks dumbfounded. "Yes, it would appear that way. There's only one thing left for me to say. YOU... Pass." Kakashi says with an eye smile. "But, how did you guys get the bells?"

Sakura begins to explain. "Well, after we tried to get Sasuke to cooperate with us, he just charged in blindly, claiming he didn't need our help. Naruto and I decided to stay back and wait for the proper moment to jump in. When that time came, we decided use straight Taijutsu, trying to knock you off balance so that we could grab the bells. After seeing that our tactic wouldn't work, I placed you under a Genjutsu. While you were under the influence of my Genjutsu, Naruto and I had just enough time to rush in and grab the bells."

"I'm very impressed that you both were able to think that far ahead." He turns to Sasuke. "You can go, I need to speak to Naruto and Sakura alone." Sasuke gives him a look like he doesn't care and leaves. "Now then." Kakashi continues. "Sakura, how are you able to use a B-rank Genjutsu?" Kakashi asks curiously.

"Kakashi-sensei, Sakura and I will explain everything soon, but not now. Anybody could eavesdrop on our conversation, so meet us at my parents house later." Naruto says.

"What? How?" Kakashi asks in surprise, but is interrupted by Sakura.

"Like Naruto said, this is sensitive. Just meet us there, and we'll tell you everything you need to know. Okay, sensei?" She questions.

"Fine," Kakashi responds. "I trust you to tell me everything. And I mean EVERYTHING." He says in a serious tone.

"We will, sensei." Naruto and Sakura reply in unison.

Mini Time-skip:

Twenty minutes later, at the Namikaze Compound, Kakashi arrives interested in hearing their explanation. Naruto speaks first. "Well Kakashi-sensei, I guess we should start from the beginning...It all started after I failed the Genin exam. Mizuki-sensei told me that I could pass, if I stole the scroll of sealing. I was lead into believing that he wanted to help me pass my exam, when in reality he was a rogue ninja only interested in stealing the scroll from our village. Iruka-sensei eventually stepped in and helped prevent his success. But I'm sure you already know all of this. But what you don't know, is what happened after Iruka-sensei dropped me off at the Old Man's and that's where it all begins."


"Naruto, what is it you wish to speak with me about?" Sarutobi asks his surrogate grandson.

"Ok, old man, don't lie to me. Is my father really the Fourth Hokage, and was my mother really the second host of the Nine-Tails?" Naruto asks with a serious look on his face.

The Third Hokage sighs and asks Naruto to sit down. "Yes, Naruto, they are. Back when the village was under attack by the Nine-tails, your father sacrificed his life in order to seal away the Nine-Tails, but he couldn't seal it into just anything. He had to seal it into a human. A newborn infant to be more specific. He couldn't ask any other parent to give up their child, if he wasn't willing to do the same. So he looked towards his only son with hope in his eyes and decided that you were the only one capable of keeping the Nine-Tails at bay." The Third Hokage has tears in his eyes after saying this.

"Do you know why the Nine-Tails attacked our village?" Naruto asks. "It's because after he was extracted from my mother, Madara Uchiha placed Kurama in a Genjutsu with his Mangekyo Sharingan." Hiruzen had his mouth agape at this revelation.

"Naruto, that's impossible. The First Hokage killed Madara at the Valley of the End." Sarutobi says.

Naruto shakes his head. "I'm sorry old man, but that's not true. Before you say anything, Kurama is not as bad as he seems. He explained to me that only the Mangekyo Sharingan has the power to control a tailed beast. And the only one that achieved this advanced form of the Sharingan was Madara Uchiha. Madara used Kurama to attack the Leaf, for revenge of not being made the First Hokage."

Hiruzen just looked at Naruto with a puzzled look on his face. "Naruto, are you sure you can trust such a demon, after it attacked our village?"

"Yes, old man, I am. After-all, I've lived with it for 12 years now. I think I'd know it better than anyone." Hiruzen just nods his head.

"Very well, Naruto, you are dismissed." Hiruzen says and Naruto gets up and leaves.

End Flashback:

At first, Kakashi just stares at Naruto after listening to his long explanation. "You know, Naruto, that's quite a lot to take in." Kakashi says after a while.

"I understand, Kakashi-sensei, but it's the truth. There is something else I wanted to talk to you about. What do you know about the Rinnegan?" Naruto asks.

"Not much. Nobody has seen it since the sage of the six paths." Kakashi says. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I have the Rinnegan." Naruto says activating it.

How did you come into possession of the Rinnegan?" Kakashi asks as his eye widens in shock. "It's supposed to be inherited."

"The Rinnegan isn't like a regular Ocular Jutsu. Not everyone receives it. The only way to unlock it is by witnessing a loved one die or a very traumatic event."

After hearing this, Kakashi freezes in place. "What was it that you witnessed?"

Naruto sighs and was going to speak, but Sakura spoke first. "It was when I almost died." Sakura says and Kakashi's eye widens even more. "We were attacked by the villagers and Naruto tried to get me to leave but I wouldn't listen. One of the villagers grabbed a kunai that was nearby on the ground and ran towards me with the kunai poised to kill."

"I tried to stop him, but I couldn't move." Naruto says taking over. "Next thing I knew, she was stabbed in the side and bleeding out profusely." Kakashi had his mouth (even if no one could see it) open. "I had passed out and the next thing I knew I was in front of the Nine-Tails." Naruto continues. "He explained that I was in my mind. He also explained to me who my parents were, but I didn't bring it up with the Old Man yet because I didn't want him to know that I knew yet. After all, I was just six years old. He also told me that I had unlocked a kekkei-genkai called the Rinnegan and explained to me what it was. I don't know how long I was with him, but when I woke up I was seeing things differently. Old man Hokage was there and asked me if I was feeling alright. I explained that I was seeing things in a lot more detail. Things were slower and I was able to see chakra. He then held up a mirror, and I could see that I still had the Rinnegan activated."

Kakashi nods his head, and apologizes because he was one of the Anbu assigned to watch Naruto and he wasn't there to protect them. "It's alright sensei, I forgive you." Naruto says. "It's not your fault that the villagers can't see the difference between a scroll and a kunai. Also, Sakura has been living here ever since the attack. If she was going to be friends with me, her parents were going to disown her. We've been training in my families Taijutsu style ever since. We've also been reading about elemental manipulation, Seals, Medical Jutsu, Genjutsu, and my family's Kenjutsu style for the past seven years. The reason that I was dead last in the Academy, was because I didn't want to attract attention to myself, because what would someone think if the Nine-Tails brat was getting stronger? I also wanted to be on the same team as Sakura, and vice-versa."

"That's more of an explanation than I was expecting." Kakashi says looking at Naruto. "We were going to tell you about your parents on your sixteenth birthday, or the day you became a Chunin, whichever happened to come first, but since you already know, that's no longer an issue." Kakashi says then looks at the clock and heads towards the door. "Well, it's getting late and we got a lot to do tomorrow. Meet me at the Wakazashi Bridge tomorrow morning, 8 am. Don't be late."

"We should be saying that to you, sensei. Usually we're the ones waiting on you!" Sakura says and she and Naruto laugh. And with that statement, Kakashi disappears out the door into the night.

Naruto turns to Sakura. "We should probably turn in soon. It's getting late and we can't risk jeopardizing our missions tomorrow just because we're tired." Naruto says and starts to head to bed, but Sakura grabs him by the arm, turns him around, and kisses him square on the lips.

"Good night, Naruto." Sakura says while leaving, a blush on her face. Naruto simply stands there, awestruck by what just happened. Within a few moments, he snaps out of his stupor and heads to his bedroom and is out within minutes after his head hits his pillow.

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