It is a sad day in the Leaf as Sasuke Uchiha was being laid in the ground. Only he is not being buried as an honorable shinobi as he continued onward to Orochimaru's after he escaped and tried to kill a comrade. Naruto is watching from a distance with Sakura as the villagers are blaming him for Sasuke's death.

"I take it you're here to yell at me too." Naruto says still looking down at the funeral.

"No." Itachi replies. "I read the report. I know that you didn't kill Sasuke. Even if you did you would've been justified as he tried to kill you."

"Then why are you here and not down there?" Naruto asks.

"I'm here to let you know that I won't be able to take you on that training trip." Itachi says and Naruto and Sakura look at him. "I asked Lord Hokage to give me an extended mission to go after the real killer of my little brother...Orochimaru. He has granted it."

"We understand." Sakura says.

"Yea. You want to go after the man who killed your brother and I want to kill the man who almost took my parents away from me thirteen years ago." Naruto says.

"I want you two to promise me that when you are on missions you will be careful. That is when the Akatsuki would most likely try and take you." Itachi warns.

"We promise." Naruto says. "You also be careful as I'm sure that they don't take kindly to defectors."

"I will." Itachi says and he leaves the two standing on the building.

"It looks like the funeral is over." Sakura says as they notice everyone leaving.

"I guess you're right." Naruto says and they see Sarutobi motion them over. "I guess gramps needs to talk to us." Naruto says and they make their way to the grave.

"I would like to once again offer my condolences on the loss of your teammate." Sarutobi says when they appear.

"Thanks, but Sasuke brought it on himself." Sakura says.

"Too true." Sarutobi says. "Now as to why I called you over. I noticed Itachi talked to you."

"Yes. He told us that you gave him a mission to hunt down Orochimaru and kill him." Naruto states.

"That is correct." Hiruzen says. "So instead of Itachi training you I will be having Jiraiya train you on this trip."

"I see." Naruto says. "When do we leave?" He asks.

"Tonight." A voice says and they turn to see Jiraiya standing there. "This way we can leave under the cover of darkness."

"You can train us in jutsu's, seals, and other things, but I'm sure you can't teach us how to use our eyes to our full potential." Naruto says.

"Mikoto brought that up as well, so she is going to be coming with us." Jiraiya says.

"I guess we better start getting packed." Sakura says and they use the Shunshin to leave.

Namikaze Compound:

"Mom, Dad we're home." Naruto calls out as he enters the Main House.

"We're downstairs." Kushina calls back and Naruto and Sakura head downstairs.

When they get there they see a lot of weapons on the table and then sealed away in scrolls. Extra kunai, shuriken, paper, smoke and fire bombs. As well as sealing books away. "We told Tsunade that you are learning medical jutsu. So she gave us these books to give to you, so you can study them. We also gave you some from our library." Kushina lets Sakura know.

"Aren't those clan secrets though?" Sakura asks.

"Sakura you have (in Kurama's words) mated to Naruto already." Kushina says. "So you are pretty much a Namikaze by fox standards. I would still like you to be married the formal way though"

"We will." Sakura says as she and Naruto have blushes on their faces.

"I guess this is the last time we'll be here for a while." Naruto says sadly.

"Yea it will." Kushina says in the same tone.

"Well let's make the most of it. How about I make some seasoned fish and rice." Minato says cheerfully and everyone's faces light up.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." Kushina says and they finish getting everything packed then head upstairs to eat supper.


There is a knock on the door and Minato opens it revealing Jiraiya and Mikoto. "It's time." Jiraiya says.

"Naruto. Sakura. Time to go." Minato says and they walk to the door wearing their Chunin vests, cloaks and katana's on their backs.

"Do you have everything?" Mikoto asks and they pat the slots on their vests.

"Everything's sealed away." Naruto says.

"How long will we be gone?" Sakura asks.

"3 years." Jiraiya says.

"Let's get going." Naruto says. "The longer we stand here the longer it takes us to return. Bye Mom, bye Dad." Naruto hugs his parents

"Bye Naruto, bye Sakura." Minato and Kushina say and then the teachers and students leave the Compound not to be seen for three years.

Time-skip; 9 Months:

"Congratulations, it's a girl." Tsunade says after Kushina gave birth and handed the baby to her mother.

"She's so beautiful." Kushina says as she rubs her daughter's cheek and Minato is looking out the window. "What's wrong Minato?" Kushina asks.

"Nothing." Minato says turning around with a smile on his face. "I was just making sure that there wasn't a Tailed-Beast attacking. As I would like to be here and watch our daughter grow up." Minato says as he makes his way to his wife and newborn daughter.

"I wish Naruto could be here." Kushina says tiredly.

"Me too." Minato says. "Now get some rest. I'll be here." Minato says taking their daughter into his arms and sits down in the rocking chair while Kushina goes to sleep.

2 Years, 3 Months Time-skip:

The Hidden Leaf Village is a buzz with excitement. Especially the Konoha 13 (A/N: Tayuya and Karin are the other 2) as two of their friends are returning soon and they all have a surprise for them. On the outskirts of the village four figures are making their way to the Village. One has long white hair and a giant scroll on his back. Another has on a Jonin vest with arm and leg guards, and black fingerless gloves with metal guards. The other two are teenagers; a boy and a girl. The boy has sun-kissed blonde hair. He is wearing blue Anbu style pants, a long-sleeve blood-red T-shirt over a black mesh shirt. Over the shirt he has on a Chunin vest, cloak with a katana over it. On his hands are black fingerless gloves with metal guards. The girl has long pink hair tied into a pony-tail. She too is wearing blue Anbu style pants. A blue mesh shirt under a long-sleeve dark red T-shirt. She too has black fingerless gloves on and a Chunin vest, cloak with a katana over it. And both teenagers are wearing arm and leg guards.

"Name and I.D. please." Kotetsu says as the four reach the gate.

"Jiraiya." Jiraiya says.

"Naruto Namikaze." Naruto says.

"Sakura Haruno." Sakura says.

"Mikoto Uchiha." Mikoto says.

"We are returning after a 3 year training trip." Jiraiya says and they all hand their I.D.'s to the Chunin.

"Lord Hokage is expecting you." Izumo says handing the I.D.'s back and they make their way to the Hokage's tower.

Once they get there they knock on the door and are granted entrance. "Hey gramps." Naruto says as he enters the room.

"Naruto? Sakura?" Sarutobi asks and then laughs. "You two have certainly grown up into fine looking shinobi. You two can go, as I'm sure you're anxious to see your friends as well as the new addition to the Namikaze family."

"Thank you." Naruto and Sakura say and then leave in swirl of leaves.

"They certainly have grown." Sarutobi says once again.

"Yes they have." Mikoto says.

"What level would you say they are?" Kakashi asks as he walks out of the shadows.

"I was wondering when you would show yourself Kakashi." Jiraiya says. "And to answer your question. They are high Jonin to low Anbu level. They are already in Cloud's, Rock's and Mist's Bingo Books as A-Rank shinobi with a flee on sight order. Rock thought they could exact revenge against Minato and they attacked. Let's just say they never stood a chance."

Flashback 8 Months Ago:

Naruto and Sakura are walking through a forest gathering firewood when a kunai lands in-front of them. "Scatter." Naruto shouts and he and Sakura move away. The kunai explodes and a voice could be heard.

"So we finally have a chance to get revenge against the Yellow Flash." A voice says as a group of Rock Jonin appear.

"I'm not the Yellow Flash." Naruto says. "I'm his son."

"We know exactly who you are." A Jonin replies. "And there is no way that you are going survive."

"That's what you think." A voice says two Mist-nin appear. "You mess with one of our allies you mess with us."

"Hey Kato, Saaya." Sakura says. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Thought you could use a little help." Kato replies with a smile.

"Kato Satoshi." A voice says and Cloud-nin show up. "Your dead."

"Is Sand going to appear anytime soon." Naruto laughs.

"Are we going to talk or are we going to fight?" A Rock Jonin asks.

"I really don't want to fight you, but since you attacked us you give us no choice." Naruto says and an all out battle starts. From a distance it would look like a war zone and to Jiraiya and Mikoto that's what it looked like.

"Should we help them?" Mikoto asks.

"No." Jiraiya replies. "There may be a time when they need to fight on their own. Especially when the odds aren't on their side." They see Naruto gut a Rock-nin, then behead one. "And Naruto will always be subject to attack from Rock. This is a good way to send a message to Onoki."

"Aren't you worried it would start a war between our villages?" Mikoto asks and they see Katara and Saito summoned.

"Like the Mist-nin said. 'You mess with one of our allies you mess with us'." Jiraiya reminds her. "We are allied with Sand and Mist. If Rock starts a war with us. Then there numbers won't just decrease. They'll be wiped off the face of the Map." Jiraiya says and they see what's left of the Rock and Cloud-nin flee the area.

End Flashback:

"Yes I heard about the new additions to their Bingo Books." Sarutobi says smiling. "Kushina was worried at first about their daughter being targeted, but with three shinobi with a flee on sight order at home. Nobody would dare attack."

"That's for certain." Jiraiya says smiling.

"Now, what can you tell me about their skills?" The aged Hokage asks.

The Namikaze Compound:

"Mom, Dad we're back." Naruto calls and Kushina enters the living room with a pissed expression on her face.

"Naruto Namikaze." Kushina says harshly. "You need to be more careful."

"What'd I do?" Naruto asks innocently and Kushina holds up the Bingo Book with his picture in it.

'Naruto Namikaze:

Status: Chunin

Affiliation: Leaf

Rank: A

Order: Flee on sight

Bloodline: Rinnegan

Monikers: Yellow Death, The Foxes Master; Ability to summon Demon Foxes.

Bounty: 25,000,000 ryo.

Known to be traveling with Sakura Haruno aka The Pink Death and The Foxes Mistress, Jiraiya of the Sannin and Mikoto Uchiha; Matriarch of the Uchiha Clan in the Hidden Leaf Village.'

Naruto takes the book. "I think my photo could have been better." Naruto says as he tries to match how he looks in the photo.

"Naruto, I don't think you're taking this seriously." Kushina says.

"Mommy?" A small voice asks from behind Kushina and they see a little girl with red hair and faint whisker marks on her cheeks. "Who they?" She asks pointing to Naruto and Sakura.

"This is your big brother and his girlfriend Sakura." Kushina says as she picks her daughter up. "Naruto this is Amaya Namikaze...your little sister."

"Hello Amaya." Naruto smiles and Amaya gets closer to her mother making Naruto frown. "I guess she has to get to know me."

"Don't worry Naruto." Sakura says "I'm sure she will warm-up to you in no time."

Naruto smiles. "Yea you're right." Naruto says. "Hey Mom, where's Dad at?" Naruto asks.

"Oh he was sent on a mission a few days ago." Kushina says "He should be returning shortly."

"I see." Naruto says. "Has Itachi returned yet."

"Yes he has, he got back a year ago and we no longer have to worry about Orochimaru." Kushina replies and sees Amaya getting sleepy. "I guess it's time for someone's nap." Kushina says. "Naruto do you want to put her down?" She asks.

"I would, but she doesn't know me yet. So I should wait until she does." Naruto says sadly.

"I guess that makes sense." Kushina says and she goes up to Amaya's room and puts her to bed. "Now back to what we're talking about." Kushina says as she goes back downstairs. "I don't think you are taking this Bingo Book thing seriously."

"Yes I am." Naruto says "I know that there are ninja who would try to kill me for what I've done. Just like they tried to kill me for what Dad did during the war, but Sakura and I are both A-Rank shinobi with a flee on sight order. The Yellow Death, The Foxes Master, The Pink Death and The Foxes Mistress are no match for anybody, we've faced so far. Mom, we don't go looking for a fight they find us and I know that it's a possibility that the Akatsuki knows about the Rinnegan now."

"At least you know what consequences have occurred because of your actions." Kushina says and the door opens.

"Kushina, I'm home." Minato says and he sees two people standing there. "Naruto? Sakura? Is that you?" He asks.

"Hey Dad." Naruto smiles.

"I'm so glad that you're home safe." Minato says as he hugs his son. "I saw that you're in Rock's Bingo Book with a flee on sight order." Minato smiles as they separate. "I'm so proud of you two and you have two moniker's as well."

"Minato!" Kushina reprimands.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help it. I'm proud that Naruto is in Rock's Bingo Book." Minato says proudly.

"Well we're going to go and look for our friends now. I thought we should drop by to let you know that we got home safely." Naruto says and they start to leave.

"Wait." Kushina says and they stop. "What would you like to have for supper tonight?" She asks.

"It doesn't matter, Mom." Naruto says. "We're just glad to be home."

"We're glad you're home too." Kushina says and the two Chunin leave to look for their friends.

"How about we start at the Yamanaka Flower Shop." Sakura says. "If I know Ino she would spread that we're back and then everyone would come looking for us."

"Agreed." Naruto says and they take to the roofs and make their way to the Flower Shop.

"Just a minute." Ino calls from the back as she hears the bell ring and a few minutes later she comes to the front. "How may I help you?" Ino asks. "Wait a minute. Do I know you?"

"I don't know. Do you?" Sakura asks.

"Naruto? Sakura?" Ino asks and the two smile. "Oh my god it is you!" Ino yells "How have you been?"

"We've been good." Sakura replies.

"I say you've been more than good. The ninja around here can't stop talking about you two." Ino says.

"Why?" Naruto asks.

"Oh I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that you're in Cloud's, Rock's and Mist's Bingo Books." Ino says smiling.

"Well what can we say?" Sakura asks and looks at Naruto.

"We're just that good." They say in unison.

"So what's been happening around here while we've been gone?" Sakura asks.

"Well the rest of us have made Chunin." Ino says proudly.

"Congratulations." Sakura says.

"Kiba and Hinata are going out." Ino says. "Tenten likes Neji only he's too dense to realize it."

"At least Hinata got over me." Naruto says. "I didn't like yelling at her. She's still my friend."

"So when do you guys plan on taking the Jonin exams?" Ino asks.

"We still need to take more missions before that can happen." Sakura says. "Otherwise we'd take them when they are next."

"What about those missions you took while you were outside the Village?" Ino asks.

"We didn't really take that much." Naruto tells her.

"True, but weren't they high level?" Ino asks.

"Yea." Sakura says.

"Then you guys qualify to take the Jonin exams." Ino says. "The rules state that if you take the 10 A-Rank Missions as Chunin or two S-Rank's with 5 A-Rank's then you qualify for the Jonin exams.

"When are the Jonin exams?" Naruto asks.

"I'm not sure, but I think they are in a few months." Ino says.

"What do we need to pass on to Jonin?" Sakura asks.

"Well the most obvious is mastery over two elements." Ino says. "You also need to be able to fight against the Elite Jonin. Which I don't think will be much of a problem for you." Ino says and they all laugh. "I think that's all that you need to know."

"Thanks Ino and can you spread the word that we are back and have everyone including Tayuya and Karin meet us at Training Ground 7." Naruto says.

"Sure, but why?" Ino asks curiously.

"A joint training session of course." Sakura says and Ino pales. "Don't worry we'll hold back exponentially so we don't put anyone in the hospital."

"Much appreciated." Ino says with a smile. "When do you want us to be there?" She asks.

"Ummm...let's make it Noon." Naruto says.

"Alright then see you there." Ino says and she leaves to let everyone know that they are back.


It is now 12 o'clock and all the Konoha 13 are at Training Ground 7. Like Ino they all have a change in wardrobe. (Same as in Shippuden except Karin is wearing a Chunin vest and pants while Tayuya is wearing a standard Jonin uniform with the Uzumaki swirl on her shoulders. Karin's hair is longer so she like Tayuya have pony-tails.)

"Welcome back you two." Karin says as she hugs her cousin and Sakura.

"Thanks Karin." Naruto says. "Now that we're all here how about we get started." Naruto says and he pulls out a scroll and unseals wooden kunai.

"Umm. Naruto?" Kiba asks. "What's with the wooden kunai?"

"Oh these are so that when we hit you this marks the spot. Just watch." Naruto says as he takes the kunai and channels chakra into it. He then walks over to a tree and 'cuts' it. Then a red mark appears. "I created these to help with close combat training so we can land fatal hits without the actual fatal part."

"That's actually a good idea." Shikamaru says. "So how many did you make?" He asks.

"Let's see here." Naruto says and he pulls out three more scrolls. "There's 52 in each scroll so..."

"That means you have 208." Shikamaru finishes.

"Correct." Naruto says. "So we can each get..."

"16." Shikamaru finishes again.

"Correct again." Naruto says. "So take 16 and it will be you 11 against us two."

"Wouldn't that be a disadvantage to you two." Kiba asks and everyone looks at him like he's crazy. "What?" Kiba asks taken aback.

"Kiba, these two are in the Bingo Books in three of the five major nations." Tayuya says.

"It will take all of us going all out just to have any type of chance." Shikamaru adds.

"Rules are you can use any jutsu that you know and you must use the wooden kunai. Other then that. There are none." Sakura says and she and Naruto pull out two more scrolls and unseal wooden katana's.

"These are made just like the kunai. I'm working on shuriken, but I'm still having some trouble." Naruto explains.

"Okay then. Begin...Now" Sakura says and everyone charges at Naruto and Sakura. "Too easy." Sakura says as she and Naruto use a Shunshin to appear behind them and throw three kunai each. which are deflected.

"I thought you have a flee on sight order?" Kiba asks.

"Kiba we're holding back to make this fun and interesting." Sakura says and smirks as he gets 'stabbed' in the back. "But if you want us to go all out then fine."

"When did you create a clone?" Shikamaru asks as the clone is destroyed by Tayuya.

"At the beginning before you guys showed up." Sakura says and uses her katana to bat down kunai.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu." Naruto shouts and destroys Shino's bugs. "Nice try, Shino." Naruto says looking to the trees and Shino runs at Naruto with a kunai in hand.

"Shino stop!" Shikamaru shouts and Shino jumps over Naruto's strike landing next to the others. "We need to attack as one and not individually." Shikamaru explains. "Ino. You, me, Neji, Lee, Tayuya, and Karin take on Naruto. Shino, Hinata, Tenten, Akamaru and Choji take on Sakura."

"Right." Everyone says and Akamaru barks then go after them.

"You think you can trap me Shikamaru." Naruto says as he dodges the shadow on the ground.

"No." Shikamaru says and Naruto gets punched in the face by Karin and knocked back a ways.

"Okay, that hurt." Naruto says as he regains his bearings and blocks multiple attacks. "This is fun." Naruto says smiling and he uses a substitution to get out of the tight spot that he was put in.

With Sakura:

"Come on you guys. Is this all you got?" Sakura asks and Choji uses his clans jutsu and tries to punch her. Sakura jumps in the air and throws multiple kunai at him and hit vital spots. "Another down. How many have you 'killed', Naruto?" Sakura asks.

"None, but I'm enjoying this." Naruto replies as he kicks Tayuya away and throws a kunai at her which she dodges by rolling to the right.

"You're pathetic." Sakura jokes and she creates 5 clones. "Time to kick this up a notch." Sakura says and she goes on the onslaught. She makes a line on Akamaru's side, slit Shino's and Hinata's throat and stabs Tenten's heart "Well I'm done." Sakura says and sees Naruto toying with everyone and has a smile on his face.

With Naruto:

"You certainly have improved a lot." Shikamaru says. "Before you went on your trip I could've beat you by now."

"Yea well, by having Rock-nin coming after you for something that happened during the war. You kinda have to train harder than ever before." Naruto says and charges at them and he hits a vital spot on all them, except for Lee who dodges out of the way. "C'mon Lee." Naruto says as he grips his kunai in a reverse grip and Lee charges at Naruto. Naruto punches Lee in the stomach only Lee absorbs the punch and kicks Naruto in the head. Naruto rolls out of it and throws a kunai at Lee who blocks it. "I didn't think I would need to do this." Naruto says as he goes through a series of hand seals. "Illusion Style: Tree Binding Death." Naruto says and he slits Lee's throat then cancels the jutsu. "That was refreshing. Sorry about that Lee, but a ninja must use any means to win in a fight." Naruto says as he stretches his arms and starts to seal the wooden kunai back into scrolls along with Sakura.

"That is quite alright." Lee says.

"Oh and congratulations on making Chunin and Jonin." Naruto says proudly as he and Sakura finish.

"Thanks." They reply and they hear clapping and see Kakashi standing there.

"That was impressive you guys." Kakashi says. "You certainly have improved since your time here."

"Thank you sensei." Sakura says.

"Hey sensei. Do you know when the Jonin exams are?" Naruto asks.

"They are next month. Do you plan on taking them?" Kakashi asks.

"Yes." Naruto and Sakura reply.

"We've done a lot already and we feel like we should pass on our knowledge to new Genin." Naruto says.

"That is nice thing to do, Naruto." Ino says and everyone agrees.

"Yes, but Naruto aren't you forgetting about the Akatsuki?" Kakashi asks in a serious tone.

"Oh yea." Naruto says.

"What's the Akatsuki?" Shikamaru asks.

"They're a group of S-Rank missing-nin after the Tailed-Beasts'." Naruto says. "So they're after me to get the demon I have inside me."

"I see." Shikamaru says.

"Yea and they're after Sakura as well." Naruto says.

"Why?" Ino asks. "She doesn't have a demon in her as you?" She asks Sakura.

"No Ino, I don't." Sakura says and she pulls down her collar and shows the mating seal that she and Naruto have. "Since Naruto has the Nine-Tailed Fox in him whomever he and another know. She would get the Foxes chakra as well as other abilities."

"Wait are you saying that you and Naruto did it?" Ino asks. "Details. Now." Ino says as she drags Sakura off.

"Not gonna happen, Ino." Sakura says and shakes Ino off and looks at Kakashi. "Look. Yes The Akatsuki may come for us while we are on a mission with our Genin teams, but we owe it to the new generation to teach them."

"Sakura's right." Naruto says. "That's why I'm going to talk with Lord Hokage about having joint teams."

"What do you mean?" Kakashi asks.

"He means having two teams combined." Shikamaru says. "In retrospect it actually sounds like a good idea."

"So are you all planning on taking the Jonin exams?" Kakashi asks the remaining Chunin. "You all qualify don't you?"

"Yea." They reply.

"I'm certainly not going to be left behind while my cousin's advance rank." Karin says proudly.

"Well I guess the rest of us will be taking the Jonin exams in a months time." Naruto says. "Why did you come by Kakashi?" He asks.

"Oh I just came by to see how my two students training went." Kakashi says. "I also came by to let you know that I'll be training you once again starting with a little favorite I like to call. The Bell Test."

"When will we take it?" Sakura asks.

"Meet me here tomorrow morning at 6." Kakashi says.

"Now is that 6 our time or 6 your time?" Naruto asks.

"What's that mean?" Kiba asks.

"Kakashi-sensei is notoriously late to everything." Sakura says. "When we first met he was three hours late. Our real Genin test didn't start until 9 when he said to be here at 6."

I promise I'll be here at 6 am." Kakashi says and leaves.

"Hey Naruto, Sakura." A voice calls and they see the Konohamaru Corps running towards them and they see that they have become Genin.

"Hey guys." Sakura says.

"Hey boss where have you been?" Konohamaru asks.

"We've been on a training trip." Naruto says.

"Umm. Naruto who are these guys?" Kiba asks.

"Oh right, sorry." Naruto says. "This is Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi." Naruto says pointing to each one as he calls their name. "Guys this is Ino, Kiba, Akamaru, Shino, Hinata, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Karin, Tayuya, Shikamaru and Choji." Naruto says pointing to each one as he calls their name.

"So do you have anything cool to teach us?" Konohamaru asks.

"Yes I do, but you can't teach anyone else." Naruto says. "Moegi, Sakura can teach you some medical jutsu and Udon we can teach you some seals."

"Alright let's go." Konohamaru says as he runs ahead with the others following.

"I think Naruto will be a great teacher." Ino says.

"I think he already is one." Shikamaru says.

"I guess you're right." Ino says.

A/N: I realize that this is more of a filler, but there are key points in this chapter that I wanted you to know. I don't write anything into a story unless I want it there. Naruto and Sakura don't know how to do the Hiraishin yet. When I call them the Yellow Death and Pink Death it goes by their natural speed. Also I won't be doing The Bell Test take two as it happens the same way as in the Shippuden. Reason is they wanted to enjoy training with their sensei. As always R&R.