Author Note: Sorry, this story will not be a slash between Ceil and Sebastian. I know how it is in the anime, but I cannot write it-

A person stands in the middle of a seeming never ending room that was pitch black. She was fourteen, had short red hair (originally blonde-brown which showed through), brown eyes, tanned skin, and wore a camo tank top, and jeans. She laughed crazily,

"YEAH RIGHT, *bleeped name*! You just want Sebby-Chan for yourself!"

The anime-obsessed teenager girl was suddenly cut off and knocked out. A new girl, who appeared to be fourteen, was standing there with a killer glare at the girl. She had light blue skin, red eyes, and her purple hair was in a ponytail, but the hair that was held up danced upward around her head like purple flames (which they were). She wore a stylish black robe that was held up by a green gem that had a swirly CW in purple lettering. Under the robe she wore black skinny jeans, a dark purple tank top, black knee high combat boots, black hair tie, and stylish black arm warmers that covered the area from her wrist to elbow (and covered her hands, and had a thumb hole). She has also holding a frying pan. She glares at you, the reader.


With that, she disappeared in a puff of black-purple smoke. But to answer that question, yes. That has CWA.

-Err… I'm only on episode 25, season 1 on Black Butler, but I know that Ceil turns into a demon (CURSE YOU FRIEND WHO SPOLIED IT! BUT WHO'S LAUGHING NOW! I HIT YOU WITH A FRYING PAN! XD hehe…ignore that). I am a fan of Harry Potter, but I don't know everything. And I haven't seen the movies and/or read the book in a good long while. I have no timeline, since I am not sure where this happens in Harry's world, but it would be after first year (I think). I heard one-shots/parodies/humor-writing and crack-fics can cure writer's block, and I have that very very badly. Sorry.

Title: Dementer Origins

Summary: Tell me, have you ever wondered about the origins of those strange soul-sucking dementors? No one has paid much thought to the guards of Azkaban, but Dumbledore is about to learn the truth, and all due to a strange man with white hair and his little friend.

Rating: T for Troublesome Undertaker

Genre: Humor/Adventure

Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. I do not own nor claim Harry Potter.

Note(s): Yes, this involves an OC, but not Mary-sue, and I just had this idea pop into my head when I was thinking about the Undertaker. Curse my twisted mind. This is a one-shot, but there's a prologue because I think the Dementors needed a bit more back-ground info on what they do at Azkaban.

OC Profile:

Name: Leigh

Gender: Female (Despite the name, it really is a FEMALE, not a male that thinks he's a girl *cough* Grell *cough*)

Species: Death god (because I can't spell the other name)

Age: Now, now, never ask a death lady her name

Best friend: Undertaker

Worst Enemy (not that it matters, I'm just being through): Lady Elizabeth (I RESUSE TO WEAR THAT ****, IT IS NOT CUTE!)

Partner (not that it matters): William T. Spears (XD)

Personality: Crazy (duh!), can be serious and grim, follows the rules (but only when William is nearby), not girly, at all

'Human' Appearance: big blue eyes, long black hair, tall and slim, big chested, somewhat pale skin,

Usual 'human' wear: a long, simple, dark red dress with black shoes, and black gloves

'Death god' Appearance: big red eyes, long white hair that is streaked with red, tall and slim, pale skin (paler than human appearance)

'Death god' wear: black pants (oddly enough), black knee high boots, a dark red shirt that was tight and long sleeved, and a black duster-like waist coat

'Death god' scythe: a long black handle sword (IT IS A GARDENING TOOL WILLIAM! GET OVER IT!)


Everyone knows of Dementors. The soul sucking fiends that guarded Azkaban. Yet, oddly enough, no one dared questioned where they came from. Though no one admitted it, they were scared of the dementors. They could, after all, suck away all your happiness and if they stayed long enough, your very soul.

Few in the Ministry knew where the dementors were kept. Even fewer visited that room. No happiness was ever present there, no, not ever. It was a dark dungeon-like room that was under the prison itself on a low ground. Cornelius Fudge tried to avoid visiting that place, even with his gloves on (so the dementors couldn't suck his happiness from touch), and the dementors were too close for comfort.

The Minister only visited when there was a very important matter to discuss with Celina Shallot; she was the only person to stay down there for more than an hour at a time. All the time around the dementors didn't affect her very much, she was a bit unhappy down there, but the second she was out of the room, she was chipper. She was an elderly woman, with graying red hair in a tight bun and black robes. It was her job to watch the dementors, after the entire ministry needed more information on them (though it was never a top priority), and had her record notes about their behavior.

Celina has had the job of Keeper for about thirty-five years. She still didn't know much about them, who did? She recorded her notes for the day. Nothing new, no there hasn't been anything new in a long long time. She sighed and went to leave for the day. The Dementors floated around aimlessly. Few gathered around Celina, she had a habit of ignoring them. She has to ignore them. She can't pay attention to them, because then they will pay attention to her.

Though everyone fears the dementors secretly (except He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named), they never knew the full horror. Yes, dementors did suck your soul, but in reality they were much darker. They did think, but more of how a dog or cat thinks than a how a human thinks. But they were still dark. The dementors were the darkest creature out there, though only a scarce few recognized that fact. The dementors were very evil, but they never showed their full power. Not unless threatened, and none were stupid enough to threaten them. Their impulse, their nature, their vary being, was to destroy soul's, but no one knew why, where they learned it, or even how they do it.

But the truth is, the dementors, like any pet, learned from their masters….

No one, not even the Keeper, knew what lay in the darkest endless chador of the room. None dared go there, 'sides the dementors themselves. So how where they to know that there was a small, very small, window there that showed Hell itself.