Dementor Origins:

Albus to-many-middle-names Dumbledore sat in the front of the Great Hall while the food appeared. The other professors were seated at their normal place at the table, Hagrid stood out more than others. Headmaster Dumbledore stood up and gave his normal greeting to the students; it was just a normal day at Hogwarts. The whole time was wonderful, aside from Draco Malfoy's glares, until something happened.

Five Ministry guards and the Minister himself burst into Hogwarts (most likely Appreiated close by and then came inside). Minister Fudge walked to a mildly shocked Dumbledore.

"Where is he? Where is Sirius Black?!"

Albus smiled slightly and had a twinkle in his eyes, "I am afraid, Minister Fudge, that I have no idea what you speaking of. Perhaps it is best for us all to calm down, you are scaring the new first years."

Fudge's face got red and he sputtered, "I never- I-" He took a breath, "You know just what I mean Dumbledore. It would be best for you to answer me before the dementors arrive."

Albus's eyes narrowed slightly, Dementors in Hogwarts cannot be good.

Before Albus could reply, a dozen dementors came into the room. They flew around, dark cloaks hiding their body and face, and flew from student to student, professor to professor in search. Fudge sighed.

"I hoped they wouldn't arrive yet."

The dementors flew around the scared wizards, though Snape would never admit to fear. Until, a very strange thing happened.

A person appeared from thin air. The wizards gasped, no one can appreiated inside Hogwarts! The person was very strange, a man who was very tall, handsome (he had the full attention of every woman in the room), had red eyes, and his black raven hair was a bit long in the front but shortened on the sides and in the back. He was wearing the muggle outfit that resembled a butler. A second later, two more people arrived. This confused everyone even more.

You could hear a pin drop. This time, it was two people, two! One was a…man? He had a long black robe outfit that hid his body, arms, and hands. His long white hair was hidden by an old fashioned, black, muggle, night cap with a n extremely long tip. The other person, who was not laughing like a mad man, was a woman. She was very beautiful (this time it was all the men who had their attention on her), she had pale skin, red lips, beautiful red eyes, and long white hair that was streaked with red. Her clothing was trousers that were such a deep black that seemed impossible for fabric, black high boots, a very tight dark red long-sleeved shirt, and a black duster-like waistcoat.

The white haired man giggled, "Ha! Look at them, little wizards, hehe."

The other man glared at him, "Why I had to come with you two is a mystery to even me."

The woman sighed, "Will said we had to reap here, and you had to come along to protect us, besides Ceil ordered you to come so you could have a vacation," the woman huffed, "You get a vacation and we are here for a job, how's that fair?"

The strange group noticed everyone looked at them. "Oh," the woman said, "Sorry to interrupt, we're here on business, but got a bit off target."

Albus stepped forward, "I am Albus Dumbledore. Welcome to Hogwarts, whom am I addressing?"

Fudge huffed and stepped forward, "I'm Cornelius Fudge, Head Minister of the Ministry of Magic, what are you doing here?"

The woman raised an eyebrow, the white-haired man laughed insanely, and the other man sighed. The woman stepped forward,

"Pleasure to meet you. I said, we're here on business, but we're supposed to arrive somewhere called the Leaky Cauldron. We were a bit off base. I'm Leigh, this is Sebastian and Undertaker."

Sebastian raised an eyebrow, "Well, look at this, many pets roaming free."
'Pets?' Ron mouthed in question. Harry shrugged. Hermione looked intrigued. Undertaker laughed madly, and the dementors did something very shocking.

The dementors swarmed the 'guests.' They stood in a circle and bowed at Sebastian. Some rubbed against Leigh and Undertaker, both seemed unaffected by the touch, and made a sound best described as purring. Sebastian rubbed his temples. Leigh squeaked.

"OH! Sebby-Chan they have marvelous pets! I remember these dementors. They may be the pets of your kind, but I love these creatures! I always wanted one, though Will says that would just make the jobs harder to do."

Undertake laughed, "HEHEE! I wonder if I should dissect them."

If it wasn't shocking enough to see dementors being friendly to strangers, it was more shocking seeing them flee in terror from the Undertaker chasing them. The dementors stood by Crystal and Sebastian. Albus stepped forward, seeing he was the first to gain his senses back.

"How is that the dementors are acting this way? What are you?"

The dementors stood protectively in front of the guests. Sebastian, shocking the students even more, just grabbed them by the cloaks and roughly shoved them aside. Leigh giggled, "Please move aside."

The dementors in front of her stepped aside. She smiled, "I told you, I'm Leigh. I'm a Death god. I reap the souls, so does Undertaker. Sebastian is…."

Sebastian smirked, "I'm simply one hell of a butler. At my home, these creatures are used as pets and slaves, which they do so happily. I'm afraid that they picked up the nasty habit of sucking souls from their masters."
The grin on Sebastian's face sent chills down Snape's spine.

Everyone; the guards, the Minister, Dumbledore, Snape, everyone was shocked to the core. They kept the dementors as pets and slaves! Not only that, but the woman said she and Undertaker were Death gods.

Undertaker laughed like only a mad man could. He was still chasing the poor dementors. The one he was chasing was breathing in ragid gasps as it floated very fast while Undertaker was trying to catch up.

Leigh popped her back, "we must leave. Many other souls to reap."

Sebastian nodded. Leigh looked to Sebastian. She pouted.

"Sebby, can I keep one as a pet and let it stay at the manor?"

Sebastian growled, he hated her nicknames, "No."

Leigh feigned thinking then snapped her fingers, "I can keep one as a pet, let it stay at the manor, and in exchange I will not reap any servant of the Phantomhive manor again, AND I will not reap any cat souls for a full two months."

Sebastian smirked; she knew how to strike a deal, well, if it was for cats…. "Yes…"

Crystal smiled and turned to the dementors, "Which one of you would like to come with me?"

Several dementors stepped forward. Leigh smiled, grabbed one, and pulled out a red bow. It was in no way, girly. It was the color of death and blood. It had small black cross bones printed on it and in the middle was a black skull. She turned to Sebastian briefly, "I got the bow from Grell, but I modified it." She put the bow on the dementor, who just stood there.

"Do you like it?"

On pause, the dementor nodded. Leigh smiled. Sebastian nodded, "UNDERTAKER! STOP HARASSING THE DEMENTORS!"
Undertaker pouted and left the corner where a very frightened dementor floated, it was breathing heavily. Leigh felt a stab of guilt when she looked at Undertaker's faced. She grabbed a cookie from thin air. It was small and bone shaped. She gave it to Undertaker. Now, Undertaker was happily nibbling on his favorite snack.

In a flash all of them were gone.

Albus blinked. And Ron Weasley voiced what everyone was thinking.


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