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The first time Vanessa learned about Callan's "OTHER" scars, was the first time they had made love, her hands played out across his back and instantly he froze. She could feel that the texture of his skin was different, rough and jagged like claw marks.

But that didn't matter to her; she just clung to his back tighter, moaning with pleasure as he seemed to fall back into the Rhythm.

The next morning she felt him get out of bed and followed after him into the bathroom. She saw he forgot to put on clothes again, but she just watched mesmerized, as he stretched out cracking his neck and back. Stretching out the three claw marks on his back, reaching out she gently traced her fingers over his scars, before she wrapped her arms around him from behind, placing a chaste kiss to the scars.

"Don't they bother you?" Callan had stiffened, but relaxed when she brushed up against him. She pressed her face against his back and shook her head smiling.

"No. How could any part of the man I love, Disgust me?" For she knew THAT was what he REALLY wanted to ask, why she wasn't repulsed, how she could see the scars and not be bother.

"It's our flaws that make us perfect. I have had to learn that lesson when raising my Adopted or Foster Children." She then rested her chin on his shoulder to smile at him via the reflection in the mirror. "They don't DEFINE you, but they are a part of you and I Love EVERYTHING about you, Darling."

A smile broke across Callan's face, as he whipped around and pulled her into a deep, steamy kiss.

Needless to say, they didn't get out much that Saturday

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