Wizards of Waverly Place Fanfiction

Title: The Truth Behind Alex Russo

By: LaHote's Girl

Summary: After an argument with Jerry and Theresa; Alex is in the family Lair doing some studying. Wait studying? What's going on? Alex already has one secret, but will another secret she overhears turn her whole world on its ear. When this new information comes to light Alex takes off. Sorry if this summary is horrid I truly apologize.

Disclaimer: I am only really up to saying this once so please read closely… I Do Not Own Wizards Of Waverly Place. Nor Will I Ever….

Chapter 1 The Truth is revealed

Alex's POV:

"Alex what you did today was totally irresponsible. You need to learn to control your impulses when it comes to Magic." Dad snapped at me.

"He's right Alex you're just lucky Justin was there to help you." Mom said.

"Alex you're grounded for a month." Dad finished and went back to the Sub Station to work, Mom following behind him. I sighed and flopped down on the couch that was in the family's Lair. Which just so happens to be in the freezer of the Sub Station.

Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself. My name is Alex Russo. I'm eighteen and heading into my Senior year of High School at Tribeca Prep. I really don't care that much about school, but I love Art. I have two Brothers; Justin and Max. My parents are Jerry and Theresa. Oh and I'm a Wizard. Once Max turns eighteen we will be holding the Wizard Competition. Only one of us will be allowed to keep the family powers.

Anyway back on track. So maybe I pulled a prank on Max that was a bit worse than normal. Of course Justin came to the rescue, but not before Dad found out. So here I am grounded for a month. I scanned the room for something to do. I didn't want to see any of the family right now. Justin will give me a massive lecture, Max, well who knows what he'll say. Probably just laugh it off. Honestly I don't think he's all together there sometimes.

A couple spell books caught my eye so I stood and collected them. Might as well take this time to read. I know what you're thinking; why would I read, well I figure if I read maybe Justin will see that I'm really not that careless about my Magic.

Ya know there are times I wish Justin and I weren't related. Not that I would verbalize that since last time I made a wish similar to that was on our Vacation and I accidently wished our parents hadn't met. Not only did they forget each other, I lost both my Brothers. I got them back though after wishing everything was the way it had been before.

During our search for the Stone of Dreams I began having feelings for Justin and they weren't platonic. I know it's wrong. People would think I'm sick or something so I've kept it to myself this whole time. Not like he'd feel the same for me anyway. I think he may be getting suspicious though I refuse to stay in the same room with him if it's only the two of us.

I opened the first book after retaking my seat and stretching out on the couch.

That evening:

I lost track of time while I was reading. I looked up at the clock and saw it was closing time. I set the books on the coffee table and headed for the door. I was about to open it when I heard my parents talking.

"Theresa what Alex did was unacceptable. I can't believe she's this careless with her Magic." Dad said

"Jerry I think her full powers are making an appearance. You said back when we brought her home that they might do that now. you also said when this day came we would tell her the truth." Mom told him.

Truth? What truth? I thought, but kept myself quiet so I could listen.

"I don't know how can we just come out and say it." Dad said.

"It's really simple Jerry we sit her and the boys down and tell them the truth." Mom said.

"How do you tell your kids that the girl they grew up believing is their Sister by blood is adopted." Dad said softly.

My jaw dropped and my vision became blurred by tears. They lied to me? I'm not a Russo, then who am I? I thought as I slid to the floor.

"How about we tell them tomorrow, at least now Alex will not have to compete in the competition. Her powers came from her parents. She shouldn't risk losing what belongs to her." Mom said in almost a murmur. I heard their footsteps recede and worked to compose myself. I slipped out of the Lair and upstairs without Jerry or Theresa noticing me.

I got upstairs and took one look at Max on the couch and Justin in the kitchen I smiled weakly though neither noticed and I went up to my room. I had no intentions on staying here tonight. I would leave once everyone else was in bed. I locked my door and pulled out a few suitcases and began packing my stuff.


I shrunk my suitcases down and grabbed the money I had collected. Justin thought I just spent the money on clothes, but I didn't. I had searched and found my adoption papers in Jerry's Study. According to the papers all I knew was my parent's last name was Santiago*. I figured I would find information about my family in the Wizard World so I was going to start there. I made my way down to the Lair. I left a note for the Russo's in their Lair and I stepped through the Portal to the Wizard World.

Goodbye Alex Russo. Hello Alex Santiago.

A/N: I sincerely apologize for the shortness of this chapter. I'll try and make the next Chapter longer but this idea has been running through my head for about a week or so. This type of writing is fairly clichéd and for that again I apologize.

As for the marked name Santiago… well Selena plays in Another Cinderella Story by the Name of Mary Santiago and I do enjoy that movie… And it fit so… hopefully self explanatory.

The next chapter will possibly be in Justin's POV


LaHote's Girl

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