So hey all, just thought you might want to know that the next story, Too Tired To Wink (aka T3W for shortform, to this stories AIWU)...

Well it's up.


(check out the bold-ed stuff below to get to the story-related stuff you might need to know)

Wow it's weird, I feel like I have all this space to talk about anything, anything at all, but a great deal of the people reading this are just about to click away to find the next story, but for those of you looking for more in this chapter,...

Well, THANK YOU! Even if you haven't reviewed, just knowing that you've made it this far is amazing and has given me all the warm fuzzies in the world.

Thank you particularly to RandomPersonOfDoom for making the amazing, still in progress Podfic for this story, you've been amazing and have had me rediscovering my own story for a multitude of reasons... seriously, if you haven't checke it out, do so.

She's amazing awesomesauce, and full of amazing things like sunshine and rainbows and unicorns fox-trotting over rainbows and suchlike, and she did such a good job with pacing and tone and the FAERIES! Don't even get me started on the Faeries. She's just..


Also thanks to Blackkat, because she (assuming she's a she here, if not, I'm sorry for infringing on your manliness, you manly studmuffin of testosterone you) helped me through the agony of CoE with so many fix-its, and has so many unique ideas and a certain way of writing and...

Yeah, if you're reading this, "Hi, and thank you! And I wish I had more to say other than this and you're an amazing writer and I'm just so amazied that you can write on your ipod or whatever like you mentioned in one story, and yeah, you're just awesome *thumbs up*!"

I also feel like I should mention that while this story is Rated T, the second installment is a second installment for a number of reasons...

First of all, because this story was getting way too damn long, and I still have so much left to write. Serously, this is edging up into the 70k mark, and right now I'm probably only a little ways past the half way mark. Maybe more, depends on how things pace themselves.

Secondly... Well, A certain character is coming back, and not even the one you're thinking of, and of course certain things will be happening, and yeah, this is my way of saying that there will be some sexual content.

Not Rated T. Rated M.

I don't know if there's going to be much more of it beyond this, but if there is, and it's not strictly story-related and plot-important, then I'll probably make it into a one-shot extra, like "If you want sex go HERE" with links and whatever.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas or whatever for the story, feel free to comment, or PM me if you're on fanfiction dot net, or... I dunno.

GET IN CONTACT. Do it, I like people and I swear I don't have internet herpes. I had it checked.

Okay, hope you all enjoyed, and thank you all again for making it this far :) Much appreciated, and thanks for all the support!

Also, I've posted this on Ao3 (archiveofourown dot org) if you're interested :)