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Chapter 47: Clash of the Immortals

Naruto was deep in thought as he sat on a small cushion. He leaned back against the wall to be more comfortable, he was also fully clothed now. There hadn't been any real legitimate reason to be naked in the first place and he had only refused to put clothes back on as a matter of pride.

He was back at Yuuchi's place in Uzu no Kuni. The room was designed for holding small scale meetings, probably between Yuuchi and the other pillars she had raised.

Kurumi was there with him, standing to one side with her ninth wing wrapped around her body. Her arms were folded under her breasts as she leaned back against the wall, one leg crossed over the other.

Naruto and Yuuchi had brought everyone here after the confrontation on his head outside of Val'Amon. That was hardly the ideal place to hold a conversation like that, or any extended conversation really. Naruto had managed to convince them to hold off on their interrogation until they got somewhere more comfortable. He had proposed Epsilon but Hanabi and Miya had overridden him, they wanted to see this place.

Hanabi wanted to see how their world had evolved after they had been ejected from the universe. Val'Amon had been a huge surprise, especially considering it had once been her home, Konoha.

For Miya however, this was a homecoming, albeit in a different manner than she had hoped. For her this should have happened a thousand years prior, with a new Gaia to energize the world before it had become completely desolate.

The two of them, along with the others that had come along, had taken their time exploring the house. Naruto never did have a chance to fully explore it, but that was fine. He had taken the time they used to explore to collect his thoughts and compose what he was going to say.

After the initial wave of panic he had come to the realization that neither Hanabi nor Miya could say much against what had happened here. It certainly looked bad from an outside perspective, but there wasn't anything legitimately wrong.

Sure things may have gone a wee bit far in some cases but ultimately it had all been for a purpose and his mission.

Soon the others began to filter into the room one by one. Yuuchi arrived first, as she was already intimately familiar with the home, and took the spot just to his right.

Blanc and Chime came in together, chatting about what they had seen. For Blanc and the Uzume portion of Chime, it was like seeing their birthplace for the first time, for Chiho… well she could consider herself the first Earthling to officially visit another world. The two of them took up positions on the left, Blanc being the closer of the two.

Yume arrived soon afterwards and took up a spot just to Yuuchi's right.

Miya and Hanabi took the longest to arrive, as Naruto had expected. Miya probably took extra time to familiarize herself with her surroundings. As for Hanabi he wouldn't be surprised if she was standing at the edge of the property staring into the distance with her Byakugan.

Eventually though the two of them arrived and took up positions directly across from him.

The seating arrangement made it feel like Yuuchi and Naruto were on trial with Miya and Hanabi as the judges and the other three the galley.

"How do you feel, Miya-san?" Yuuchi asked the powerful Sekirei as she sat cross legged on her cushion. She had somehow managed to procure a cup of tea and was calmly holding lightly steaming brew in her small hands.

"I am fine," Miya said politely, "this place does feel a little colder than before."

"The desolation fully claimed this place while we were gone," Yuuchi replied calmly. You wouldn't know it from the tone of her voice but she been slightly disturbed by the condition her home was in.

"Yes," Miya agreed sadly.

"This place is similar to Izumo Inn," Yume said as she looked around the room, "a lot bigger with more rooms, but the style is the same."

Miya shook her head, "No, Yume-san, its Izumo Inn that is similar to this place. It is due to the stories I told Takehito-san of this place that convinced him to purchase Izumo Inn for me," Miya said with a fond smile on her face.


"What's that big city at the bottom of the hill?" Chime asked curiously. She had seen a city of rather significant size just over the edge.

The place was at the top an escarpment. The only path up was a winding path that made its way up the side of the escarpment to the top. The escarpment wasn't that tall, maybe twenty or thirty feet, but it did effectively separate it from the city below.

The city was relatively large, with a wide rive meandering its way through the center of it. It was made out of the same crystalline materials as Val'Amon, although the style of building was far different. Whereas Val'Amon was all hard angles, the city here was all soft. The buildings didn't even really end; they seemed to flow from one to the next, yet still managed to maintain their distinctness.

"That would be Uzoshio, the only city here on the island. The rest of the island is covered in forests with a few pieces of farmland here and there, or at least it had been before the Desolation had claimed it all," Yuuchi replied.

"Who put the hole in the garden wall?" Blanc asked. Personally she liked it, it allowed her to see over a wall that would otherwise be too tall.

Miya had to struggle to hold back her laughter as a smile threatened to creep across her face.

Yuuchi coughed and gave Blanc an annoyed look, "do not worry yourself about such trivial things."

"What did I say?" Blanc asked in confusion as she looked around helplessly.

"Why does this place look so different from the rest of the city?" Yume asked curiously.

"Because this place predates the city down below," Yuuchi replied as she took a sip of tea, "at least the original building predated the city, it has gone through several renovations over the millennia since it was first built."

It was actually a structure left over from Uzushiogakure, it had been relatively intact when the Uzumaki had returned here a century after the Great War. It was the only building from that time that had been repaired instead of bulldozed.

"Enough delays, Naruto-kun, would you like to explain to his why you decided to have your way with Yuuchi-san?" Hanabi demanded.

Naruto sat up straight and gave Hanabi an even look, "I shouldn't need to explain my every action to you, Hanabi, especially when it involves bringing Orochimaru down."

Hanabi struggled with herself, "I… just don't understand why your mission required you to…" her eyes flickered to Yuuchi. The tiny Sekirei had taken time to clean herself up since that meeting on the Hokage Monument but small amounts of Naruto still leaked from her from time to time.

"It was at my behest, Hanabi-san," Yuuchi replied. "The pregnancy was unplanned, and unexpected." Yuuchi reached to the side and brought forward the device she had used to share her memories with Naruto. "I trust you recognize this, Miya-san?"

Hanabi glanced over at Miya as the landlady nodded her head slowly, "Yes, it's a memory sharing device. You used it to teach us concepts that were difficult to convey using words alone," she said.

"Yes, and as you know it is very chakra intensive," Yuuchi added.

Miya nodded her head, whenever Yuuchi had used it with them it had always been for short bursts, a memory here, a flash of insight there. Never more than thirty seconds.

"Hanabi, I came here to cover the planet in Hiraishin markers for my plan against Orochimaru," Naruto said, he didn't need to fully explain what 'the plan' was to Hanabi. She knew, she was the only one he had told and the only one he was going to tell; the fewer people that knew, the better. "I know you know that, the clone should have mentioned that much."

"It did," Hanabi admitted, "it also mentioned you wouldn't be gone very long. I was worried that something had happened when you didn't return by when you said you would."

Naruto grimaced, that was an oversight on his part. He should have sent a second clone back to Hanabi to notify her of the change in plans. However he had been so wrapped up in Yuuchi, both figuratively and literally, that it had completely slipped his mind.

That at least deserved an apology, "I'm sorry about that, that was a mistake on my part. The reason for that is this planet is already covered in markers, they're just not mine and while I can teleport to them, I can't use them for the plan. Yuuchi offered to show me the locations of all the markers she knew. I accepted, it has greatly sped up the process of marking the planet. I had finished not long before we appeared at the Hokage Monument."

"So the two of you used this memory transfer device?" Hanabi asked.


"There are a lot of markers here," Miya said in concern, "it would have been a tremendous strain to transfer all their locations." Miya was already beginning to piece together what had happened here and why exactly it was that Yuuchi and Naruto had been 'intimate.'

"It was, more on my chakra than anything," Yuuchi confirmed. "Naruto's mind is surprisingly receptive to machines like this, provided he lets you in, probably a result of hosting a tailed-beast most of his life." With an already fully developed and well used mindscape it had been incredibly easy to implant the memories. She simply had to add to what was already there.

"So why that?" Hanabi asked as she pointed at Yuuchi's crotch.

"I have a chakra absorption seal within my womb like any other Sekirei," Yuuchi replied calmly. She paused in her explanation to take a small sip of her tea, "I asked Naruto-san to fill me with his seed so that I could absorb the energy from it."

"To help deal with the intense chakra energy drain from the memory transfer device?" Miya asked.


"So you had a legitimate reason for filling Yuuchi-san," Hanabi said as she turned to Naruto. She bowed her head to Naruto, "I apologize, Naruto-sama, I am willing to accept my punishment for questioning you."

"I will let it slide this time," Naruto said as he gave her a gentle smile, "I share partial blame for not sending an update on changes in circumstances. Just be a little more trusting next time."

"Yes Naruto-sama," Hanabi said.

Miya sighed and shook her head lightly, "I suppose it's hard to justify chastising you for this," Miya said as she glanced between Yuuchi and Naruto, "I was afraid that Naruto-kun had caved into his beastly urges and had ravaged Yuuchi-san while we weren't there to watch over him."

Yuuchi gave Miya a wry look. "Do I look that helpless to you, Miya-san?" she asked, "I am more than capable protecting myself from unwanted advances."

"Yes, I suppose you are," Miya admitted. She knew that Yuuchi was stronger than her, she had been stronger than any of the pillars save Orochimaru who had been masquerading as the first. She also knew a lot more about Yuuchi than most of the others, "but why the child? When last we spoke of such things you had been very set against ever having any."

Yuuchi nodded her head slightly, "Yes, however things have changed. My dislike of children came from the inevitability of watching them grow old and die, that is not a concern anymore, so long as Naruto-san is their father."

"You said it was unexpected," Miya pointed out.

"It was. Being with Naruto-san was more… pleasurable than anticipated. A lapse of control caused it," Yuuchi replied and as she took another sip of tea.

"Damn bro, no one can resist your dick!" Chime said with a laugh.

"Well, I am getting rather proficient," Naruto said as he puffed his chest out with pride.

"Only because we suffered through your fumbling in the beginning," Yume murmured quietly.

"Hey!" Naruto protested.

"So you decided to keep the child?" Miya asked, pushing Naruto's wounded pride to the side.

"I had fully intended to expel it from my body when circumstances convinced me otherwise," Yuuchi replied.


"It's a long story…" Naruto said as he flicked a glance over towards Kurumi.

"Does it have something to do with the strange glowing woman leaning against the wall over there?" Miya asked as she pointed at Kurumi, noticing Naruto's quick glance.

"In part," Naruto said, "Everyone, I'd like you to meet Kurumi, or as most of you knew her, Kurama."

"You can blame the Jinki for doing this to me and cursing me with these useless sacks of flesh," Kurumi said as she gestured at her chest.

Everyone had differing reactions to that.

Yume stared at Kurumi curiously. Her eyes couldn't see any emotion coming off her. It's as if her emotions were made up of something completely different than the rest of them. Which was probably the case considering what she was meant to be.

Miya didn't say anything either as she looked at Kurumi in interest. She had known about her from before, Naruto had mentioned the name earlier. She just hadn't been aware that the woman in the corner was Kurumi.

Blanc was visibly upset as "Even the guys are changing into fat chested women," Blanc muttered angrily. "Weren't you a giant fluff ball of death a few months ago?"

"I was NOT a fluff ball!" Kurama growled at Blanc, "I should have eaten you back then!"

"Only I'm allowed to eat Blanc!" Naruto said as he glared at Kurumi in mock anger.

Blanc let out an indignant squawk

"Isn't he… erm, she supposed to be stuck in your gut?" Chime asked as she eyed Kurumi carefully.

"Yes, well, you see… basically I had several people accompany me here. Yuuchi you know, but Ramen came along as well," Naruto said.

"Ramen-san pulled Kurumi from you, didn't she?" Hanabi said. Naruto nodded his head and Hanabi's eyes widened even more, "You're no longer a Jinchūriki, you're…"

"Just me now, there's nothing inside anymore."

"You don't sound particularly pleased by this," Miya said as she looked at Naruto in confusion, "Based on what you've said in the past you should be overjoyed by this turn of events."

"I am, Kurumi deserves to be free, especially after everything she's done to help me. It's just that the timing is rather inconvenient," Naruto said hesitantly.

"You can no longer use the chakra cloak," Hanabi said.

"Ya, and without that I don't dare open the Death Gate. I still have the other seven, Sage Mode, and my own immense reserves but… my power has been cut down significantly," Naruto said.

"Do you still have enough to go through with your plan?" Yuuchi asked quietly.

"Yes, more than enough," Naruto said as he turned to Yuuchi.

"Then it does not matter, or do you assume you can brute force your way to victory against Orochimaru-san?" Yuuchi asked archly.

Naruto had to admit that she did have a point. Raw power wasn't going to work, there were simply too many ways to nullify power by itself. A good solid strategy, perfect execution and a liberal dose of luck was what would decide this outcome.

So long as he had the power to go through with his plans, it was enough. Going toe-to-toe with Orochimaru was not actually in his plans, not for an extended period of time at least.

"Are you gonna add Kurumi to your harem with the rest of us?" Chime asked mischievously.

"No," Naruto shook his head.

"I wouldn't agree even if he begged," Kurumi said with a mild look of distaste on her face, "you seem to forget I'm only female in form, not in spirit. Even if that wasn't the case, it's hard to intimate when you don't have a libido."

"You mean…"

"It is physically impossible for me to feel arousal or be sexually attracted to anyone, regardless of gender or species," Kurumi explained.

"Doesn't stop you from making fun of me," Naruto muttered.

"Of course not, just because I can't feel it doesn't mean I don't understand it."

"Do not concern yourself with me as well," Yuuchi spoke up, trying to head off anything related to her before it could begin, "I have already discussed this with Naruto-san. I will not become a part of his harem, nor will we be married. I am not his Sekirei. Beyond a few intimate moments from time to time there will be nothing between us beyond what already exists."

"But he'll be the father of your children?" Yume asked curiously.

"Yes, whenever I desire another child I will go to him," Yuuchi replied.

"There is something else I should mention," Naruto said.

"Are you sure that is wise Naruto-san? They do not need to know," Yuuchi cautioned.

"True, they may not need to know, but they deserve to know, especially Blanc," Naruto said to her.

"What? What do I need to know?" Blanc asked with a voice mixed with curiosity and worry.

"Like I said earlier, Ramen came with us. She's rejoined the world and is getting it up and running again," Naruto said much to the surprise of everyone in the room, "Yes, as sad as it is, the original purpose of the Sekirei Plan was the restore the Elemental Nations with Gaia, well that's happened now."

In a way it was a very ironic turn of events. Orochimaru had masked his own purposes behind a lie of helping the Elemental Nations. That lie had become truth just a few hours past.

"What does Yuuchi think about this?" Miya asked. She had her own thoughts, it was great that Gaia was back, the cycles would start again but…

Everything was dead, there's no life to work with. Even if the wind and the rain came back, there was no purpose behind them. The planet had essentially been reduced to a point in time before life had originated.

"I think we should enjoy these last few moments here," Yuuchi said as she finished her tea and set the empty cup on the ground beside her, "Between Gaia's return and Naruto-san's plan, life will be restored, but the Elemental Nations as we know it may no longer exist."

"I see…" Miya said as she leaned back thoughtfully.

"Anyways, getting back on track, Ramen wants Guardians to protect her. She had the Jubi before, but that was a colossal failure. You all know the story behind that. She's making a new Guardian system, one based off what Earth has," Naruto said as he went over what Ramen said to them earlier, "Kurumi, or rather whatever she becomes when she rejoins the other, will be the primary one, but she wanted other, lesser, Guardians."

"She wanted you," Hanabi said softly. Her eyes turned to Yuuchi, "and Yuuchi-san."

"Our children as well," Yuuchi replied.

"Ah, bro, not to put a rain on all this but how are you supposed to be a Guardian of Ramen? I mean a planet lasts for billions of years, you'll be dead in what? 100?" Chime asked.

Naruto grimaced, "When I accepted Ramen's offer she... separated me from time."

"You're immortal?" Hanabi asked worriedly.


"Yuuchi-san is as well?" Hanabi asked as she looked at the person in question.

"I have always been immortal, this is simply giving my immortality purpose," Yuuchi replied.

"What does this have to do with me though?" Blanc asked.

"Because you're immortal as well," Naruto said.

That brought a deafening silence to the room.

"Gaia used that bit of information to coerce Naruto-san into accepting," Yuuchi said with a distinct frown of disapproval on her face.

"She didn't coerce me, I would have accepted either way," Naruto said. At least he was leaning more in that direction before Ramen had pushed him over all the way.

"What?! Since when the hell have I been immortal?" Blanc demanded as she abruptly stood up.

"All four of you are immortal, Noire, Vert, Neptune and yourself," Yuuchi said as she gave Blanc a cool look, "oh you can still be killed or get sick and die, but you do not age. It is a by-product of your transformation powers. It is a very minor form of immortality, but you will live forever provide neither you, nor anyone or anything else, ends your life early."

"I can't transform," Blanc muttered bitterly.

"No, you simply cannot undo your transformation, you already are."

"What about the rest of us?" Chime asked hesitantly.

Naruto shook his head, "You are all mortal, Ramen did not seem interested in making any of you Guardians." not that Naruto would have let them even if she had been.

Hanabi nodded her head, "I see, we were not powerful enough for her?"

"I don't think power had anything to do with it," Naruto said thoughtfully. From the way Ramen had said it, it was something else entirely, personality perhaps or even their ability to handle it. Ramen seems to care more about the long term than she does the short.

"Well, that doesn't change anything," Hanabi said finally and crossed her arms under her chest.

"What do you mean it doesn't change anything? We're going to grow old and die while he lives on," Chime protested.

"That would have happened anyways," Hanabi said with a shrug, "Naruto-kun is an Uzumaki, they normally live to a hundred and fifty, if not more. And someone like Naruto-kun? I would not be surprised if he lived to two-hundred and fifty. Regardless of immortality, he'd still have to watch us all grow old and die and probably our children as well."

"Anyways none of this really matters. The only person in here aside from Yuuchi that this concerns is Blanc," Naruto said as he looked at his small Sekirei, "you don't mind the 'forever and ever' bit being truly forever do you?"

"Of course not!"

"Good, because you're all I'm going to have left after everyone else is gone," Naruto said.

"I believe I will still be here Naruto-san," Yuuchi pointed out.

"I meant Blanc will be my only Sekirei and wife," Naruto corrected himself.

Yuuchi stared at Naruto for a moment before nodding her head, "I see."

"Unless anyone has any more questions, I think we should head back, the final operation starts soon and we need to prepare," Naruto said as he slowly stood up and gestured the others to follow suit.

"I would like to explore this world some more," Hanabi said as she stood as well.

"I wouldn't mind exploring some as well, if that's alright with you Naruto-kun," Chime said as she pulled herself to her feet and stretched her legs.

A chorus of agreements went around the room.

"Alright, I understand, but don't stay too long, " Naruto said as he created a half dozen clones. "They'll be your escorts while you're here. I, however, do need to get back."

There was still much to be done before now and the end, and one last final meeting with Councillor Naoki was on the agenda, to make sure everything was prepared. They were to meet in Shinto Teito before the assault began.

Risky, but ultimately by that time the need for secrecy would be over. There's no way Orochimaru would be unaware of their troop movements, not with the eye in the sky and Hiashi prowling the streets.


"Ah, Naruto-san, thank you for seeing me this morning," Yuuchi said as sat on the end of her bed with her legs dangling over the side.

"Of course, it's not often that you ask for anything," Naruto said as he stopped a few feet away.

It was the morning after his excursion back to the Elemental Nations. After the discussion had concluded they had spent the rest of the day exploring the world. For some it was like taking a trip down memory lanes, for others it was seeing their birth place for the first time, and for Naruto and Hanabi, it was seeing what had become of their home after all the effort they had put into saving it.

It had heartened them to see the heights at which the civilization had reached, but at the same time seeing the effects of the desolation had dampened their elation and satisfaction.

After they had returned there had been a message waiting for Naruto. Councillor Naoki had everything in place and was ready to strike the next day.

Naruto had added some final touches to their plans on assaulting MBI and then instructed everyone to get some sleep, they would all need to be well rested for the day to come.

Just before heading to sleep himself however Yuuchi had approached him and asked him to see her first thing in the morning.

That was how Naruto found himself here, more than a touch curious about what it was that Yuuchi wanted.

"I wish to ask something of you," Yuuchi said as she stared at Naruto.

"What is it?"

"I want you to fill my womb with your seed," Yuuchi stated plainly with no hint of embarrassment or concern.

"Ah…" Naruto trailed off, slightly caught off guard by the sudden request, "can I ask why?"

"Of course," Yuuchi replied.

There was a long pregnant pause where neither of them said anything.

"Erm… aren't you going to tell me why?" Naruto asked curiously.

"You asked if you could ask, I have no problem with you asking, I never said I would answer," Yuuchi said.

Naruto gapped as he pointed at Yuuchi, "You…" he stopped and let his arms droop to his sides, "you really are impossible." Naruto let out a soft sigh, "I just don't want my wife to get upset," Naruto said as his eyes moved to the side to glance behind him.

"Ah, I see," Yuuchi said as she looked past Naruto and into the hallway, "do not worry Hanabi-san, it is for the operation today."

"I am not worried," Hanabi said as she entered the room slowly, "I was just curious where my husband was going so early in the morning."

"I asked to see him," Yuuchi replied.

"So you could have sex… for the mission?" Hanabi asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Not sex, his seed," Yuuchi replied.

"You need to have sex for him to give you his 'seed'," Hanabi pointed out.

"A necessary requirement."

"You don't sound all that upset about the 'necessary requirement'," Hanabi replied.

"Of course not, it is pleasurable, as you yourself can attest to," Yuuchi said with a pointed look, "Regardless I am not trying to be facetious, I intend to store his seed within my womb and use it as a source of chakra replenishment."

"So I'm just a chakra battery?" Naruto asked incredulously.

"For now, yes," Yuuchi agreed with Naruto's assessment.

"That ability to absorb chakra like that seems very useful," Hanabi mused thoughtfully as she wondered if she could work something out like that for herself. Aside from the obvious tactical advantage it provided, the injection process was definitely nice.

"NO!" Naruto protested loudly as Hanabi's head slowly turned his way, "I'm not turning myself into a living chakra battery for everyone!"

"Of course not, Naruto-kun, just me," Hanabi said, she glanced at Yuuchi, "And Yuuchi of course," she added as an afterthought.


Hanabi ignored dismissed Naruto's protest with a wave of her hand, "We'll work out the details later," she said. She heard a whimper come from Naruto as she turned to regard Yuuchi with a touch of confusion in her eyes. Despite the great idea there was something that seemed off. Hanabi had seen beneath Yuuchi's skin, she knew how much chakra the small Sekirei possessed; it surpassed even Naruto's, so it was odd hearing her requesting chakra replenishment. "Why do you even need it?" Hanabi asked.

Hanabi, Naruto and Yuuchi had already worked out the plan required to trap Hiashi. It didn't require a great deal of chakra, simply timing and precision.

Yuuchi turned to Hanabi, "Not for your father, if that is what you are wondering. No, your father will be easy enough to deal with. My concern is what comes after that. If dealing with your father and Kouten is all I must worry about, then I shall be fine. However I have noticed that things have a tendency to go wrong around Naruto-san."

Hanabi sighed, Yuuchi made a very good point. "Tell me about it, I can't remember the last time something actually went as he planned."


"Sorry, Naruto-kun, but it's true," Hanabi said with a deadpanned expression on her face, "You can't even wake up with the intent to make toast without some earth shattering catastrophe slapping you in the face before you've finished getting dressed."

"I'm not that bad, am I?" Naruto whined as he glanced back and forth between Yuuchi and Hanabi. All he got in return were identical expressions that begged to differ. Naruto's shoulders slumped as he admitted defeat, "fine, how much do you need?" Naruto asked as he resigned himself to his fate as a human chakra battery.

Yuuchi tilted her head slightly as she gave Naruto a thoughtful look, "I think to be on the safe side it should be as much as I can hold."

Hanabi gave Yuuchi a critical look, "You don't look like you can hold very much."

"Do not worry about me, my body is quite malleable," Yuuchi said as she dismissed Hanabi's concern.

"Hmm," Hanabi said thoughtfully, "Byakugan!"

"Hanabi?" Naruto asked in concern as he saw his wife's bloodline activate.

"I am interested in how Yuuchi-san is capable of molding her body," Hanabi said and raised one of her hands in front of her face. A thin sheen of chakra suddenly sprang into life around her fingers. "I think I'll help things along."

"I don't think that's necessary," Naruto said as he eyed Hanabi's hands warily.

"Do not be such a child, Naruto-san," Yuuchi said, causing Naruto's head to whip around to stare at the small Sekirei. She was now leaning back on her elbows with her legs spread wide across the edge of the bed. "We all have things we must do before today's events, stop delaying."

"Don't I get a say in this?"

"No." The two powerful women said simultaneously.


"You seem a bit upset, Naruto-kun," Miya commented lightly as she stared out into the front lawn from the veranda, her feet firmly planted on the grassy yard.

The front lawn had undergone quite the transformation since Naruto and Hanabi had first purchased the place. It was now a well-manicured work of art. The grass was routinely cut, the rock pathways were fixed up, and new ones added in. The once weed choked gardens were now free of weeds and blooming with bright flowers. The trees were neatly trimmed and the vines cleaned off the perimeter wall and the walls of the house.

All in all it was very pleasant to look at.

"Just a little tired," Naruto said as he sat beside Miya, his head resting lightly against a pillar. He reached down for the cup of tea that Miya had prepared for him. He breathed in the sweet fragrance and took a small sip, "Yuuchi used me as a chakra battery and Hanabi decided to help out."

They had left him completely drained in a matter of minutes. Hanabi had certainly learned new tricks. Yuuchi had looked several months pregnant by the time his balls had been emptied.

He was refilled now, but it sure had come out fast then.

"I am surprise Yuuchi-san has developed such an interest in you, I would have thought she'd prefer someone with some refinement," Miya said with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Hey! I'm plenty refined!" Naruto protested.

Miya simply looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay, maybe I have a little work to do in that department," Naruto grudgingly admitted.

"More than a little, but your heart is always in the right place, perhaps that is what attracted her. It's what attracted the rest of us," Miya said.

"I just try to do what's right," Naruto said softly, "Things however tend to spiral out of control sometimes."


"Miya…" Naruto groaned in exasperation.

"My apologies, Naruto-kun," Miya said with a light laugh. "Just keep doing the right thing, I'll be here to make sure you don't get out of hand."

"Thanks Miya," Naruto said with a smile.


Taking one last look at Miya sitting quietly on the Veranda he softly closed the door and headed inside. There was still much to do before the end and he wanted to meet with his other Sekirei a bit before then, just to make sure everyone was ready for what was to come.

"Ah, Naruto-san, good, I need to speak to you about something," Yuuchi said.

Naruto looked at the small Sekirei Pillar in surprise, "I didn't expect you to be on your feet so soon."

"I'm old, not invalid," Yuuchi said as she bopped him on the head with her fist. Her hand gently caressed the significant bulge in her stomach, "this will hardly slow me down."

"Oh, ah, I see, well what did you to speak about," he asked.

"I have something for you. Circumstances didn't allow me to retrieve it until now," and she didn't want Hanabi to know about it either hence why she hadn't mentioned it before.

"Retrieve what?"

"This," Yuuchi said as she reached into her voluminous sleeves and pulled out a small ball that had seals delicately engraved all over it. It was an incredible complex and powerful three-dimension seal designed to seal a powerful being.

Naruto took the ball from Yuuchi and instantly his eyes widened in surprise. "This is…"

"Yes, it belongs to you and you alone. It's been in the Uzumaki's care for the past ten thousand years, Orochimaru does not know it exists."

"How could he have missed it?"

"Because you will not see what you believe does not exist," Yuuchi replied.


"You wanted to see me, Yume?" Naruto asked as he came up beside her. She was standing in front of Musubi's grave, staring down at the markings engraved upon her tombstone.

Beside it was another grave, one that belonged to Haruno Sakura.

Yume seemed to hesitate slightly before she responded, "Yes."

Naruto frowned, he noticed the hesitation, and the hint of worry and fear inside her voice.

"What's wrong?"

"What is the real Naruto-kun?"

"I'm not sure I follow," Naruto said carefully. He had a feeling he knew where this was headed. He had honestly expected it earlier, what with her unique eyes and everything. Hanabi knew, she was very similar to him in this regard, but because she knew she didn't need to ask.

If Naruto had his way, none of the others would ever find out.

"Your emotions… they're not real, are they? None of them are, even your love for us."

Naruto let out a regretful sigh. With anyone else he would be able to lie his way through this, but not with Yume, she'd literally be able to 'see' through the lies.

"The emotions, they're real but..."

There was a reason his mind was an empty grassland filled with nothing more than gentle rolling hills. It looked beautiful, peaceful, and was utterly empty.

"You don't really 'feel' them do you?" Yume asked softly.

"I don't know…" Naruto replied as he focused internally on his emotions. "As Hokage, I wasn't allowed to let emotions rule my decisions… I had to take control of them, turn them into tools to be used to gain an advantage." Naruto looked over at Yume. "The emotions themselves are real, when I want to feel sad, I feel sad, when I want to be angry, I'm angry but they're like a switch or a mask. I 'feel' the emotion, but I can rid myself of it in an instant."

"So you've detached your emotions from yourself?"

"I guess that's as good a way of describing it as any. The emotions exist, they've just been cut away and held at a distance until I need them."

Yume nodded and rounded on Naruto. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss.

"I will find a way to make you feel again, really feel," Yume promised as she pulled away.

"I'm going to become Hokage again after this war, emotions will just be…"

"I don't care," Yume said as she stepped back and gave Naruto a bright smile, "I will make you feel, whether you want to or not."

Naruto sighed and shook his head helplessly, "how did I end up with a bunch of women that don't listen to me?"

All those stories about Sekirei obeying their Ashikabi without question must be myths, he was sure of it, because none of his obeyed him unquestioningly.

"Perhaps you're drawn to women like us because deep down inside you know you can't take care of yourself without us," Yume said teasingly.

"I can more than take care of myself!" Naruto protested.

"I haven't seen any indication of that yet," Yume said as she started to make her way back to the house. Halfway there she stopped and glanced back over her shoulder at Naruto, "I'll give you until after we're finished with Orochimaru. Then I'm not holding back, I will make you feel again." With that said Yume started up again and headed back into the house.

A small smile crossed Naruto's face.

"I hope you succeed Yume, I really do."


"Are you ready Hanabi?" Naruto asked as he stood in the front yard of Epsilon. The two of them were standing at the edge of a complex two-part sealing array. It would contain whatever was within it and transport whatever was inside it to a second seal far above the atmosphere of the planet. Around both of those seals was a second seal designed to hide the presence of the first and the people standing in them.

"Of course," Hanabi said as she drew upon all the power within her Sekirei core. Naruto had already given her a kiss to unlock her Norito so she had full access to everything in her core.

"I so hope this works," Naruto said as he stared up into the sky.

"It will," Hanabi said confidently carefully manipulated all of the Sekirei chakra through her body to her hands.

"You realize this will guarantee that we all die if my plan doesn't succeed," Naruto pointed out.

"Your 'Plan X' would guarantee that anyways, this is just secondary insurance," Hanabi said as she struggled to keep her power contained. Her hands began to glow red as the blood and flesh began to heat up. "I want to send Orochimaru a little… present for all the 'wonderful' experiences he has put me through."

"Alright," Naruto said as he got down on one knee and placed his hands against the edge of the seal, "let's send him a present he'll never forget."

"Right!" Hanabi shouted as she thrust her hand into the inner seal, "Oh blackness without beginning or end!" All light within the center of the first seal seemed to disappear, as if something sucked it into the center and refused to let it out, "On eyed god imprisoned there now hearken to my call!" The inky darkness began to expand as streams of light began to funnel towards it. The very center of the darkness began to pulsate with a dark red color. "GRAVITY BLESSING!"

The moment Hanabi finished her Norito, Naruto activated the second part of the two-part inner seal.

The inky darkness disappeared as it was transported above the planet. The seal up there activated and the Gravity Blessing was shot out into the distance at one percent of the speed of light.

"Well, there's no going back now," Naruto said as he stood up.

"No there isn't," Hanabi agreed.

Now, it was either victory, or death, regardless of what Orochimaru had in store for them.


A tense hushed silence blanketed the city as a short brown-haired girl with burgundy eyes wearing a white and blue female school outfit scurried quickly down the sidewalk. Saki kept her head down, her eyes firmly fixated on the pavement in front of her and nowhere else. The few people she saw on her way to her destination did the same, kept their heads down and hurried quickly from place to place.

She had been walking the streets of Shinto Teito for almost an hour now and she had seen a total of fifteen people and four vehicles. That in and of itself was very odd for what was supposedly the center of Japan, even more so when one considered the fact that it was middle of the day during the week.

Shinto Teito had changed a lot recently, although 'emptied' would be a better term, at least in most places. If she wanted to find people, she could find them readily enough. The Church of Kurama was larger than ever, even with the absence of their High Priestess.

People had always been rather disgruntled by MBI buying up the capital, it was just no one cared enough to do anything about it so long as their own lives weren't affected.

Then the Sekirei Plan started and things had gone downhill from there.

People could deal with the random bouts of property damage, flashes of lights, rumbles, and screams of pain and agony in the night. It had scared a few people away, those that had been too close to the source and had witnessed things they would have been happier not.

But most people moved on.

Then the Civil War happened.

That was the first major event that caused people to question their desire to remain in Shinto Teito. Between the deaths and those no longer willing to take the crazy that was happening around them, nearly five percent of Shinto Teito packed up and left, most of them were from the south.

Then Kurama appeared. His appearance emptied an entire section of the city instantly. Between the sudden appearance of a Demon Lord and the rise of his following, almost fifteen percent of the population of Shinto Teito bolted from the city after.

After that, Higa Pharmaceuticals collapsed. While those that lost their jobs had to look elsewhere for work, and took their families with them, it was the storm of pranks that followed afterwards that convinced another ten percent of the population to leave. The incident by itself wouldn't have made that many people leave, but it was enough to cause most of the others that had borne witness to other events to throw their hands up and leave.

Between those three events, the population of Shinto Teito had dropped almost by a third. The city had begun to struggle then, finding people to fulfill jobs, but it managed and coped.

Then the meteor happened. Needless to say, that was the straw that broke the camel's back for just about everyone else. While the Emperor may have sealed Japan and prevented people from leaving the island nation, it didn't stop some from trying, or at least heading to the furthest reaches of the country.

Now the only people left in Shinto Teito were those that couldn't afford to leave, or those too stubborn to leave.

The city was a veritable ghost town.

And even those that had stayed had begun to disappear. There were rumors about abductions in the night. Entire blocks disappeared at a time with long lines of black vans seen driving out of the area.

Which generated an atmosphere that was almost oppressive despite the lack of people. There was this feeling that at any moment you would disappear and never be seen from again.

Saki began to feel a bit more at ease as she turned the street into a suburb filled with small homes. No strange men had approached her and no vehicles had driven past her which had been quite a relief.

She quickly made her way down the side streets, heading to a home at the end of a cul-de-sac. It looked no different than any number of other houses that lined the streets, all with their tiny front lawns, haphazardly taken care of with cars parked outside causing the small street to feel even smaller.

Speeding up Saki quickly slipped past the small dirty fence that surrounded one of the houses and made for the door, wanting to be in off the streets as quickly as possible. A small mouse dropped from under her skirt and scurried away. The wooden steps leading up to the front porch creaked as she made her way up them.

She lightly knocked of the door a few times, to most it would seem innocuous enough but there was a pattern hidden in it. She waited a few moments, a small poof sounded near her and the door opened up.

"I'm home!" Saki called out cheerfully as she walked into the house.

"That is one dangerous ability," A large man in military fatigues said as he closed the door behind Saki.

The large military soldier was the same one that Naruto and Yume had met at the restaurant and again at the cottage out in the wilderness. Councillor Naoki seemed to be keeping him and his men close by.

"Of course it is, Major, probably the most dangerous out of my repertoire, if used correctly," Saki said with a grin.

"The councillor is this way," The Major said as he beckoned Saki to follow him further into the house. He wasn't too concerned about Saki not being the right person. Unbeknownst to her she had been watched almost from the start and the knock was something only she should know.

"Ah, just a second, Boss should be arriving soon," Saki said as she held her hand up in protest.

True to her word a moment later Naruto appeared beside Saki with Blanc at his side.

"Naruto," The Major tilted his head.


"If you would follow me, the Councillor is waiting," The Major said as he made a crisp turn and headed further into the house.

Naruto and Blanc followed in silence. Saki made herself comfortable on the ground floor, heading into the living room to watch some TV. While it was unnecessary she wanted to put on the appearance of a normal household instead of something much different. Just in case someone had seen her enter the house.

Naruto didn't pay any attention to the house as he made his way through. There wasn't anything special to it, it wasn't even particularly well furnished. It was just one more hideout for Naoki to go to ground, complete with two different sets of underground escape routes. Saki had been the first person to walk through the front door in almost two months.

Naruto would have preferred to come through the escape routes but Naoki hadn't bothered to tell him where the exits/entrances were to it. Naruto couldn't entirely blame him either, what he didn't know he couldn't expose.

They found themselves in the heart of Naoki's forward outpost as they made their way down a set of creaky stairs into the basement. Here they found a bustle of activity as men and women of the armed forces moved around the room with hurried purpose.

In the center of the room, gathered around a round table, was Councillor Naoki. In front of him on the table was an open laptop surrounded by a host of printouts. He seemed to be in deep concentration as he went over the information on the screen, barking out the odd order or three as he reacted to news or changes in information.

The Councillor looked as if he had seen better days. His normally immaculate suit was rumpled with the top two buttons of his shirt undone, the coat nowhere to be found. It was dirty as well, with the odd splotches of food stains. His hair was messy and his dress shoes had been exchanged for a pair of heavy duty work boots.

But more than that he looked absolutely exhausted.

To either side of him stood his Sekirei, Alayna and someone he had never seen before but he would bet his money on being Naoki's second Sekirei, Neptune. Although it was more accurate to say that Alayna was standing as Neptune was anything but.

Naruto took a second to give Neptune a once over. She looked like a young teenager, about as small as Blanc, but if Naruto knew anything about Sekirei it was that their appearances had no bearing on age. Neptune had vibrant purple eyes and short purple hair with long side burns held back by a pair of hairclips on either side of her head in the shape of directional pads. Her clothing consisted of a pair of purple sneakers, thigh high blue and white stripped socks, and an over-sized white hoody with purple and pink striped fringes. The hoody was definitely custom made as the zipper was enormous and emblazoned with a large purple N, the pockets on either looked like miniature round pink and white medical bags, and the elastic band used to tighten the hood were capped off with USB connectors.

Naruto also idly noted that she didn't wear any pants. The young looking Sekirei was sitting in a chair, draped over the back of it with her legs spread wide and her arms dangling limply at her side. From his view point he could see up her hoody and noticed the only thing beneath it was a simple pair of blue and white striped panties.

Alayna glanced up as Naruto and Blanc entered the room and nudged her husband with her toe. As he paused in his work to glance up at his wife, she pointed in their direction. Shifting his gaze to them a smile crossed his face.

"Ah, Naruto-san, good to see you," The councillor said as he straightened. Smoothing out his clothes somewhat Naoki moved towards Naruto, "You're as good as you said you were, half of Minaka's Sekirei are gone."

Councillor Naoki still didn't know that Minaka was actually Orochimaru and Naruto planned to keep it that way. He wouldn't understand anyways. If Naruto had his way not even Minato and his Sekirei would know. Hopefully when this was all over Minaka would be viewed as nothing more than an egomaniacal madman.

"Of course, but the hard part is still to come," Naruto pointed out. They'd had the element of surprise in those early engagements, they wouldn't anymore. If Naruto's sources were correct all of Orochimaru's Sekirei were now gathered back at Shinto Teito, even the one that had been out of the country.

"Ah! You're Naruto?!" Neptune asked excitedly as she jumped up from her chair suddenly animated by his arrival. She ran over to Naruto and began to circle him, "Nako said that you knew Darui!"

"Nako?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow as he kept a wary eye on the suddenly hyperactive Sekirei.

"Her… nickname for me," Councillor Naoki said hesitantly.

"Ya! Nako! He makes amazing custard pudding! You should try some."

"Ah… right?" Naruto replied, thrown off guard by Neptune's attitude. He was beginning to realize just why it was that Naoki didn't marry Neptune.

Regardless of her actual age, her personality matched her looks.

"Neptune-san, we have business to discuss," Naoki said as he looked at his smallest Sekirei with a hint of disapproval.

"Oh don't be such a party pooper! Nothing will happen until 'I' the main character says so!" Neptune said proudly as she thrust her non-existent chest out.

"Main… Character?" Naruto stared at Neptune in total confusion.

"Fine! I will explain stuff in a convenient manner so that the readers can understand!" Neptune said as she did a backflip and landed on the table. She placed a hand on her hip and pointed into the air with the other. "I'm cute!"

Naruto just stared at her, waiting for her to say something else, anything to justify her rationality. But when Neptune just stood there in a room filled with silent people expectantly waiting for them all to accept her statement as fact, Naruto came to the startling realization.

She had played too many video games.

With a groan Naruto palmed his face and shook his head, "Cute? Sure, but Blanc is cuter," Naruto said as he pointed at his Sekirei.

"Blanc?" Neptune asked as if remembering an old memory. She dropped her pose and blinked owlishly at the blue-haired Sekirei. "Blanny!" Neptune shouted in joy as she leapt from the table and tackled Blanc.

"What?" Was all Blanc had time to say before she was knocked back several feet by a flying purple-haired projectile. "The hell? Get off me!" Blanc shouted as she twisted this way and that to try and throw Neptune from her.

"Nuh uh! Not happening! Oh I missed you Blanny, my flat-chested compatriot!" Neptune said as her hands dove beneath Blanc's wetsuit.

Blanc's eyes went pure red and she began to twist and turn violently. "Let go of me you jackass!" she snarled as she struggled more violently to free herself from Neptune. The small purple haired Sekirei just laughed as she was whipped back and forth through the air, clinging onto Blanc like she had been glued to her, "I'm gonna rip your god damn tongue out!"

Sweat drops rolled down the backs of everyone's heads as they stared at the antics of the two Sekirei. Neptune was literally horizontal as she clung onto Blanc for dear life, laughing like she was having the greatest time of her life. While Blanc bucked like a raging bull and looked as if she would tear Neptune into tiny little pieces the moment she could get her hands on her.

Neptune's eyes widened when she suddenly realized something, "Hey! They're bigger than before!" she shouted in surprise.

"Damn straight! You have the smallest tits now bitch! Now let me go!" Blanc snarled in anger.

Naruto sighed and slowly shook his head in exasperation. As humorous as this was, this was hardly the time or place for it. He waited for Neptune to be whipped towards him and quickly snapped his hand out. He grabbed the small Sekirei by the back of her hoody and ripped her from Blanc.

"Ahehehehe, hi!" Neptune said and waved with a cheeky expression on her face as Naruto held her suspended in the air at arms-length.

"They're my tits," Naruto stated.

"We're buddies right? Friends? Pals? And pals share things right?" Neptune said cheerfully.

"I don't think you have anything to share that is equal to Blanc's tits," Naruto said dryly.

"Hey! Don't talk about my tits like they're some tradeable commodity!" Blanc protested loudly.

"I have some hard candies I can share! The flavor is asskickery, I can guarantee it!"

"HARD CANDIES!" Blanc roared, her eyes flaring bright red once more, enraged that her tits were worth nothing more than some worthless candy.

"Fine, I guess I can share some of my pudding too," Neptune relented remorsefully.

"It would need to be something 'I' consider of equal value," Naruto said dryly. He wasn't about to let this rambunctious Sekirei molest Blanc's tits that easily, although if that was all he had to sacrifice to get her to reveal the secret of transforming then he'd allow it.

To him that was a fair trade.

Neptune however had something else in mind. Her eyes widened and she let out a sharp gasp, "No! You want to molest me?" she asked in an almost horrified voice as she covered her chest with her hands.

A sweat drop rolled down the back of Naruto's head as he turned to Naoki, "Is she always like this?" he asked.

"Yes, you understand what I mean now?" Naoki asked, referring to the time when he had mentioned Neptune wasn't wife material.

"Yes, yes I do," Naruto replied. Neptune was more childlike than most children. He turned back to stare at Neptune, "No, I don't want your tits, I have Blanc's," that elicited a small squawk of embarrassment from blue haired Sekirei, "but I wouldn't mind letting you molest her from time to time, if you help us with something first."

"Hey! Don't just trade me away like that you bastard!" Blanc snapped at Naruto.

"I'm not, it's just your tits, and only for a short time," Naruto said as he patted Blanc on the head with his free hand, "And I think you'll like this trade."

"It better be good!"

"Ohhhh, you want something from little ol' Nep Nep? Sorry, but I can't help you, the games are only two players and Miyuki is too cute to leave out!" Neptune said as she folder her arms and nodded her head.

"I don't care about your games," Naruto said as his eyebrow began to tick in annoyance.

"Oh! You want to play an adult game? I'd have to ask Naoki first!"

"Don't even go there you frickin bitch! He's mine and I'm not giving him to you, you little shit!" Blanc shouted at Neptune.

"Ah, don't sweat the small stuff, Blanny! You can join in! We can even make an AV together!" Neptune said cheerfully.

"No! No damn AV! Don't make me kick your ass you shit!"

Naoki palmed his face and sighed, "After this war, you can have her," he said with in a pained voice. She was useful as she was right now, and great to have around his daughter but she was a serious liability afterwards. It would not be good for the Emperor of a nation to have someone as childish and unpredictable as Neptune at his side.

He didn't dislike her, Neptune definitely brought much needed cheer and relief even during the darkest of hours.

But she was a political headache. He could just imagine the political shit storm she'd cause the moment she opened her mouth at a political convention.

"Done, I'll take her," Naruto said as he accepted Naoki's offer. Neptune was a gray area that he wasn't sure how to deal with. Alayna was exempted from his control, being Naoki's wife and all it made a modicum of sense.

Neptune however wasn't his wife, but she was his Sekirei. That put her smack dab between the two of them and it was unclear who would have control over her. Konoha would need individuals of all types and stripes. While Neptune was certainly not one to send out on assassination missions he could definitely see several roles she could readily play in the grand scheme of things.

And if Yuuchi was to be believed, she was immortal like Blanc; best to keep her under tight control.

"You're giving me away!" Neptune gasped in disbelief, "But I'm your Sekirei! Don't you love me anymore?"

"Love doesn't really have anything to do with it," Naoki said as he rubbed his forehead. "I'm not giving up the bond, just giving control to Naruto-san, he's going to be in charge of all the Sekirei after this war." Alayna was excluded of course but no need to tell Neptune that.

"What about Miyuki?" Neptune protested weakly. The expression on her face mimicked that of a kicked puppy.

"I can give you a bunch of D-rank Missions that have you at Naoki's place, taking care of Miyuki," Naruto said.

"Oh! Well that's fine! We still need to capture Shadow Zapdos!" Neptune said, her cheerful attitude back once more.

More sweat drops rolled down the back of everyone's heads.

Coughing to clear his throat Naruto spun Neptune around so that she was facing Blanc, "Anyways, what I want from you isn't your hard candies, your pudding, or your body. It's… actually for Blanc. I know you, Vert and Noire can transform, Blanc, she can't, she's stuck like this," Naruto said as he waved his hand at Blanc.

"Wait, Neptune you can transform?" Naoki said as he stood up in surprise. Even Alayna had a surprised look on her face.

"You mean you didn't know?" Naruto asked in some surprise. If they didn't know she could transform they most certainly didn't know she was immortal. He'd have to watch what else he said, he had assumed Naoki already knew of all Neptune's abilities.

"Ah, don't sweat the small stuff!" Neptune said as she waved away their question, "I'm much cuter in this form!"

"Just tell me how to undo my transformation! I can't… I…" Blanc trailed off, her hands clenched into tight fists as she glared at the ground impotently.

The look in Neptune's eyes as she stared at Blanc was far different than anything before. There was a maturity in them that seemed out of place for someone who had been so rambunctious only moments before. There was a look of pity and concern in her eyes as she stared at her flat-chested compatriot.

"So do you kno—glargh" Naruto almost choked as Neptune suddenly stuck her finger in Naruto's mouth. Her finger curled around under his tongue, lathered itself in his saliva and was gone an instant later. "What?" he said in surprise as Neptune stuck the saliva coated finger in her own mouth.

There was a bright flash of light and Naruto's hand was ripped from Neptune's hoody. The small purple haired Sekirei floated several feet off the ground, her body slightly arched back with one hand extended out above her head while the other was curled over her shoulder. Her entire body shimmered with a faint purple energy as lines of purple seals erupted around her, surrounding her body with several concentric circles.

The seals began to spin rapidly as they closed in on Neptune. The small Sekirei arched back even further and thrust her arms behind her as the seals wrapped themselves around her body. Her body glowed brilliantly and with the sound of shattering glass, her clothes detonated into tiny shards that quickly disappeared into thin air.

Before their very eyes Neptune grew twenty centimeters, her bust ballooned from a tiny A to a D instantly, putting all of Naruto's Sekirei save Akitsu and Hanabi to shame. Her hair shifted and grew as twin calf-length pony-tails formed.

Her body glowed one last time and a black skin tight suit wrapped itself around her body. On her feet were a pair of anti-gravity boots, much like Blanc's save black, and a pair of latex stockings that went up to her thighs. Wrapped around her chest was a wetsuit, similar in material to Blanc's, that went down the length of her arms and ended at a pair of black gloves. The stomach, underarms, and rear-end were covered with a see-through purple mesh while the top portion was open at both the back and front to expose skin, including an ample amount of Neptune's newly acquired cleavage.

"Behold my transformation and my power!" Neptune said, her voice now much deeper and more mature than before.

"How is this frickin fair?! Why the hell do you get thunder-tits when you transform!?" Blanc shouted at Neptune.

"I am certain your Ashikabi would have fixed that problem for you by now if you were truly upset about it," Neptune said kindly as she laid a gentle hand on Blanc's shoulder.

"What?" Blanc said as she reeled back in surprise.

She wasn't the only one surprised. More than a few eyebrows rose at the sudden personality change that Neptune underwent. As major as the physical changes were, they paled in comparison to her personality swap.

If this was what Neptune was like after she transformed, she had more uses than Naruto had originally thought.

"No trade-backs," Naruto said to Naoki hurriedly.

Naoki grimaced. He had been too hasty in giving Neptune up, he was just glad he had managed to hold onto the bond, that gave him at least some control.

Neptune gave Naruto and Naoki an amused glance and turned her attention back to the blue-haired Sekirei. Her expression became serious and somber and as she gave Blanc a once over, "The knowledge is instinctive, you should know how," she said.

"Well I don't, so tell me!" Blanc demanded.

"It's not a matter of knowledge, it's a matter of doing," Neptune said softly.

"Well I can't do!"

"You can, unlike most Sekirei, you and I and the others, we are full blown clones of the originals. The Frist found it impossible to replicate our powers otherwise. He was even forced to embed our bodies with our original souls," Neptune explained.

Naruto found something odd in that statement, "How did you die in the first place?" he asked.

"The dead are easier to control that the living," Neptune said sadly.

"Oh." That statement explained everything.

"I feel like I'm missing half the conversation here," Naoki mused as he glanced back and forth between Naruto and Neptune.

Neither of them responded to that.

Deciding to head the conversation in a different direction he turned his attention fully to his Sekirei, "Why didn't you transform when I activated your Norito in the past," Naoki asked Neptune, there was a rather stern and serious expression on his face.

There had been more than one occasion, such as when his daughter was attacked, that her transformation would have been useful.

"Because the transformation is not the Norito, it simply requires the power unleashed by the Norito to be activated," Neptune said. She suddenly began to glow and within moments she had returned to her old childlike self, "besides this form is SOO much better! I'm much cuter like this," she said with a cheerful smile on her face.

"And… she's back," Naruto said sadly. He really much preferred her transformed self but it seemed Neptune herself preferred her childlike appearance and personality.

It was going to make handling her very difficult.

Naoki just let out a long sigh, it was useless trying to get any serious responses out of her when she was like this. In the end it didn't matter as the two of them, Neptune and Alayna, had been more than enough to kill that Sekirei.

"Blanc…" Naruto started as he approached his Sekirei.

"What?" Blanc shouted as she whirled around to glare at her Ashikabi.

"Just relax," Naruto said as he placed his hands on either side of her head and brought her face close to his, close enough for their nose to touch.

He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against hers as he began to channel chakra through his fingertips. He gently pushed his chakra through her mind as he searched for, something, anything. He had no idea what it was he was looking for, but he had a good grasp on what was 'normal' and what wasn't. Between analyzing Yume, Akitsu and Hanabi and transferring the core from Uzume's ruined body to Chiho's, he knew what 'should' be there. There were differences between them, but more in the configuration than actual content.

Which was why he noticed that something was wrong almost immediately.

"Interesting, it's very subtle, I never would have noticed it if Neptune hadn't mentioned that Blanc's ability should be instinctive," Naruto said as he tried his best to analyze the odd anomaly inside Blanc. He almost wished he could bring Hanabi here to peer inside Blanc's head but she was already out and about trying to bait Hiashi into the open.

"Is this going to take a while?" Naoki asked Naruto, they had things to discuss before the mission.

"It shouldn't take too long, I almost have it figured out," he said.

His eyes widened as he realized what it was he was sensing within his Sekirei. He recognized it for what it was; he should have figured it out instantly. After all, he and Hanabi had similar things in their own minds.


"Something happened to you in the past, it made you subconsciously fear your normal form," Naruto said quietly as he poked at the artificial scar with his chakra. "like a trauma or scar. Neptune is probably right, you know how to transform, you've just hidden that knowledge from yourself, that ability, out of fear."

"That's ridiculous! There's no frickin way I'm scared of anything!" Blanc protested.

"Hmm, I wonder…" Naruto murmured as he began to mould his chakra. He didn't exactly know how he was doing it, but he knew what he wanted to accomplish, as he began to imbed his own sealing array into Blanc's mind, attaching it to the bond that connected the two of them.

The lesson he'd had with Yuuchi was definitely coming in handy here.

"Wait, what are you…" Blanc trailed off as her eyes glazed over.

Naruto felt a soft presence enter his mind as he finished the last touches of the seal in his own mind. The concept of the seal was pretty simple, executing it had been mildly difficult for him however.

Of course for anyone but Naruto, it would have been more than 'mildly' difficult. Nigh impossible would be what most would have considered what Naruto had done.

"What did you just do?" Neptune asked curiously.

"I built a mindscape for Blanc, based on her personality, and connected it to my own using the bond as sort of a gateway between them," Naruto said simply.

That drew nothing but silence from everyone in the room as they looked at each other in confusion. They hadn't understood a single word he had said, although mindscape was a word not known by very many even in Naruto's world, and completely foreign in this new world.

"I'll just be a second, I need to see the memory that caused Blanc to subconsciously block her ability to transform," Naruto said as he closed his eyes and slipped into his own mindscape.

"Wait, we don't…" Naoki started to protest. He let out a small sigh seeing Naruto already gone, "have time for this," he finished lamely. There was still last minute planning to take care of prior to the assault. He muttered a few choice words under his breath and sat back to wait for Naruto to finish whatever it was he was doing.

Hopefully he wouldn't be long.


Naruto didn't bother looking around as he arrived at the now empty landscape. The green grass and rolling hills went on for as far as the eye could see without anything to break the monotony of it. Kurama, and more recently the Jinki, had once occupied this place but no more.

He didn't so much as run, or even fly, across the landscape. He simply willed himself to move and he did. The landscape flashed past him in an instant and he found himself at a pair of large white gate that stood at the top of one of the many empty hills. The gates were intricately carved with a whole melange of characters in various poses. It was done in such a way as to make it appear as if the characters on the left gate were facing off against the ones on the right.

He had no clue who or what any of the characters were but the designs were interesting none-the-less.

Sparing the gates one last glance he placed his hands on either side and pushed on them firmly. There wasn't a sound as the gates easily opened at Naruto's touch to reveal a winter wonderland beyond.

That was the only way Naruto could describe it.

There was a giant island floating in a sea of clouds. Snow-capped mountains ringed most of the island and what wasn't mountain was covered in a lush coniferous forest. A lone lake sat at the edge of the island, nestled between two mountains, and a small waterfall spilled over the edge into the clouds below, leaving a rainbow in its wake.

And in the very center of the island, taking up half of the available landmass and backed up against the tallest of the mountains, was a vast city filled with wonders that Naruto had never seen before. The splashes of colors and light were simply beyond anything he could imagine. It almost didn't look real. It looked like a Disney movie come to life, but even those paled in comparison.

The large island wasn't alone however. It was ringed on all sides by smaller islands. The islands looked like miniature versions of the main one, incorporating certain elements but not others. One island would have a small settlement nestled up against a mountain, but no forest or lake, while another would have a forest, city and a lake but no mountain. The islands came in all shapes and sizes, and they each connected to the main island through a series of cable cars.

And across everything was a thin, soft layer of snow. Enough to enhance the natural beauty of everything it laid upon, but not so much as to hinder one's ability to enjoy it or go anywhere.

The gate into this beautiful world was situated at the top of a mountain on one of those small islands. Naruto didn't even notice the door close softly behind him. He was awestruck by the beauty of what he saw before him. He couldn't remember a time in his life when he had borne witness to something like this.

For the first time in many years, Naruto felt the faint stirrings of emotions long since thought dead.

Shaking his head he snapped himself out his stupor and focused on what was important, finding Blanc and making her relive that painful memory that caused her subconscious block.

Thankfully finding her turned out to be a rather trivial task. Like when she had been accidentally brought into his own mindscape all those months past, there was a thin white strand here connecting him to her. The white strand went towards the largest building in the large city in the center of the primary island.

Know the general location Naruto willed himself across the empty space between islands and over to the large fairy tale castle. He stopped as he reached one of the outer most parapets, from here he could pinpoint Blanc's exact location. With another flex of his will he disappeared and reappeared next to Blanc.

Or at least he thought it was Blanc.

He frowned as he stepped back and carefully looked around the room. He was in a small enclosed room, the walls were white and completely unadorned. The concrete floor was devoid of everything as well with one exception.

In the very center of the room was a large cylindrical test tube. Countless tubes and wires broke through the concrete floor and hooked into the metal base while even more sprouted from the top and disappeared into the ceiling. The back half of the cylinder was a machine of some kind that extended the height of the tube. The front half of the tube was made out of a clear blue tinted glass that allowed Naruto to peer at the person who floated in the liquid that filled the tank.

Aside from a breathing apparatus the individual was completely devoid of any other form of cover.

Naruto's eyes went flat and hard as he stared at the small woman floating in the gel. He was certain he had never seen her before but he was just as certain he knew who she was.

"NO!" A shout rang out as the door to the room was ripped off its hinges and hurled across the floor. The door bounced harmlessly off the test tube as Blanc rushed in and jumped at Naruto. Her hands were stretched out towards his face as if she wanted to cover his eyes.

Naruto flowed around Blanc and gently caught her in mid-air, one arm wrapping around her chest while the other caught her wrists and held them together.

"Blanc…" Naruto started.

"Stop! Don't look!" Blanc shouted as she struggled against Naruto with all her might. Had they been in the real world she may have had a chance to break free, but here, all that mattered was strength of will and Naruto's will was far stronger than her's.


"Let me go! Get out of here!" Her struggles grew a little weaker as Naruto held onto her with an iron grip that no amount of struggling could loosen.

"Blanc… who mutilated your body?" Naruto asked with a tone that hinted at the desire to unleash unspeakable horrors upon the ones that did this to her.

The woman floating in the test tube was Blanc. The reason it had taken Naruto awhile to recognize her was not because she was all that dissimilar to Blanc, no they had a great many similarities. The issue was seeing past all the damage done to the body. He had thought what had been done to Ibiki's head had been horrible, this made that seem pleasant.

It was fairly obvious to him why Blanc didn't want to revert to her normal form. He doubted anyone would want to revert to a form like that when they had a perfectly good one, even if it couldn't bear children.

Blanc mumbled something under her breath.

"What was that?" Naruto asked in a deathly calm voice.

"My adjuster…"


"I don't know, I killed him when I transformed," she never did find out why he had done all of that to her. She had fled the lab after that and had wandered aimlessly around Shinto Teito for a while before she had been forcefully winged by Mikogami.

"Pity, he got lucky, I was looking forward to having a long… talk, with him," Naruto said in a cold, dead voice.

Blanc couldn't help but shiver at the darkness hidden in the depths of Naruto's voice.

"Thankfully the damage is not irreversible," Naruto said as he approached the test tube.

"What are you talking about?"

"Your transformation isn't normal, it is similar to one I myself created when I was younger, but more advanced. You don't simply slap a new coat of paint over the original, you transform every part of your body into something different, hence the reason why you are unable to bear children in this form," Naruto said as he stopped just before the test tube. "As a result when you revert back to your original form, the same process is applied. You're not simply 'stripping' the new coat of paint off, you're reforming the old body based on your mental image of yourself."

"I don't understand," Blanc muttered bitterly. Her original body was ruined beyond repair, there was no point in going back to it ever.

"What I mean is that these injuries and scars, they only exist in your mind. If you erase them from your mind, you will erase them from your body when you revert. When you return to your original body you become what you 'perceive' yourself to be, and that perception floats here before us," Naruto said as she set Blanc down beside him and let her go.

"So…" Blanc trailed off, her eyes hesitantly rising to look at her ruined body. She wanted confirmation that Naruto was actually saying what she thought he was saying.

"So if I fix this body, here, in your mind, it's the same as fixing your body in the real world," Naruto said as he placed a hand on the glass. Taking a deep breath he pushed through the glass and stepped into the adjusting machine.

Naruto gently took Blanc's original form into his arms and held it tight. The liquid in the tank began to bubble and thrash as Naruto's chakra erupted around him. With expert ease he directed his chakra across Blanc's body and into the wounds that covered it. He started first with the smallest of injuries, covering them in chakra.

Slowly but surely they began to close. At first it was an incredibly slow process, but with each injury healed, the next healed faster, until multiple wounds were closing up at the same time. Eventually even the largest and most gruesome of wounds began to show signs of repair.

If this was anyone else, in any other situation, with any other ability, this wouldn't have worked. Naruto wasn't a healer, but he knew how the mind worked, especially in a place like this. Having lived with Kurama all his life he knew how injuries of the mind happened, and how to heal them.

He wasn't actually doing anything, he was simply making it look like he was. It was Blanc's belief in his unshakable confidence that he could fix her, that did the healing. In essence Blanc was healing her own mental image of herself because she believed Naruto had the ability to heal her.

And the only reason the healing here would have any effect on Blanc's body in the real world, instead of just her perception of herself, was because of the unique properties of her transformation.

Naruto didn't know how long it took, but he let out a mental sigh of relief when the last, and worst, injury, a gaping hole where her left breast had once been, healed up, leaving behind a small, perfectly healthy breast.

Gathering up the now healed body in his arms he stepped through the glass enclosure and back out onto the concrete floor.

"Am I…?" Blanc asked hesitantly.

"Of course," Naruto said without a hint of doubt in his voice. He glanced behind him and with a thought slammed a powerful psychic blast into the test tube. The entire room shook and shuddered as the representation of Blanc's horrific adjustments were shredded into a million pieces. "Let's go somewhere more pleasant," Naruto said as he turned to the small Sekirei at his side.

"Ah, right, I'll be glad to be out of this damn room," Blanc muttered.

Naruto smiled slightly, that was the Blanc he knew.

The room around them blurred and the two of them found themselves in a circular bedroom with windows spaced evenly across the room. A large circular rug dominated the center of the room and there was a spiral staircase against the wall that headed down.

They had arrived at the foot of a large four-post bed that was situated between two large windows.

"Really?" Naruto asked Blanc with an arched eyebrow.

"Oh shut up and put me down," Blanc muttered.

"Right, right," Naruto said as he walked around to the side and gently laid Blanc down on top of the duvet with her head resting on a pair of pillows.

"Now what?" Blanc demanded.

"Now, we return to the real world and I get to play with your real body," Naruto said with a lecherous grin.

"What? Hey! No-hrmph!" Blanc's half-hearted protests were cut off as Naruto bent down and kissed the prone form on the bed passionately.

A bright flash of light filled the world and when it subsided only one form remained.

That of a blue-haired, red-eyed Sekirei in a white wet suit sleeping peacefully on the large four-post bed.


Naruto blinked as reality came rushing back into view. The face of the woman he held in his hands was different. Instead of blue hair and red eyes she had short brown hair and blue eyes. There was even a small white fur hat with blue frills on the top of her head.

The rest of her clothing had undergone a similar transformation. Instead of the wetsuit she was now wearing a short dress with black edging. The dress was pleated and ended just above mid-thigh and was held up by a pair of thin straps that went over her shoulders. The dress was armless and would have exposed a lot of cleavage, had Blanc any to expose. Her breast size had shrunk several sizes during the transformation. Her breasts now were smaller than her transformed state before Naruto had made the modification to her.

While the dress was sleeveless, Blanc's arms were covered as a pair of sleeves that looked as if they had once belonged to a coat that was too big for her ran up her arm and ended just below her shoulder. The ends were lined with warm looking fur. The entire outfit was finished with a pair of normal looking blue and white female boots.

All in all, Blanc actually looked pretty normal. No one would be able to guess that she was a Sekirei based on her appearance.

"Yay! Blanny is back to her normal self!" Neptune cried out in joy as she tackled the now brown haired Sekirei.

"Hey! Let me go!" Blanc shouted as she tried to shake Neptune off.

"Nuh uh! Naruto said I could play with your breasts!" Neptune said as her hands wormed their way under Blanc's clothing.

"No he didn't!"

"Oh don't be such a poopy head! You can play with mine as well!"

"I don't want your damn breasts! Hey! Stop that! Those aren't my breasts!"

"Oh, whoops! Hehehehe."

Naruto only shook his head in amusement as he turned to regard Naoki, "Sorry about that, how long were we out?"

"Only five minutes," Naoki said in an annoyed voice. He didn't like being kept waiting like this, especially at a time like this. Thankfully he hadn't be kept waiting very long but it still irked him greatly. "Don't do that again, we don't have time for you to deal with the personal issues of your Sekirei."

Naruto frowned slightly as he returned Naoki's annoyed look with one of his own, "A soldier's mental and emotional condition is as important, if not more so, than their physical. Blanc wasn't in any condition to fight in the upcoming battle before, she is now."

The air grew tense as the two leaders stared at one another in a battle of wills. Neither were willing, or even able, to back down. To do so would to admit that they were subservient to the other, and that wasn't a position that either of them could accept.

"Gentlemen, I believe our enemy is out there," Alayna said as she pointed towards the ceiling, stepping between the two of them.

"Ya! No fighting!" Neptune said as she jumped onto the table, suddenly disinterested in Blanc, "I don't want a game over before we even begin! That would totally suck more than Alayna's blow—JURGLE!" Whatever Neptune was going to say was violently cut off as Alayna clamped her hand around Neptune's mouth.

Naoki sighed and rubbed his temples as he felt a headache coming on, "Are your Sekirei in place?" Naoki asked Naruto as he brought up the entire point of their meeting.

"Yes, Hanabi is luring Hiashi out where Yuuchi will ambush him. The other two, Miya and Yume are standing nearby with a clone. Both are ready to teleport into battle the moment a target presents itself," Naruto said.


"And your own people?" Naruto asked.

"They're in position, the fleets are ready to storm into Tokyo Bay on my signal and I have more armies ready to march in from land. Most of the residents of Shinto Teito have been evacuated, those of them that stubbornly remained here even after your little meteor stunt," Naoki said.

Although he would never admit it, the meteor had unnerved him more than a little. He had always known Naruto to be powerful.

But powerful enough to wipe out all life on the planet on a whim?

That made Naoki doubly glad he was working with Naruto, instead of against him. It would certainly shift the balance of power between nations once the other nations got wind of Naruto's association with him.

Publicly, of course, Naruto would be a completely separate entity. But the world powers wouldn't be fooled, not for a moment.

"So we're all ready…" Naruto trailed off.

"Yes, we just need to… wait what's wrong?" Naoki asked in alarm as he saw Naruto's eyes widen in surprise.

"INCOMING!" Naruto roared as his chakra flared around him brightly.


An instant later the entire house exploded as an enormous sword ripped through it like it was nothing more than tissue paper. Mortar, brick, wood and stone were thrown far and wide as the house was thoroughly demolished.

Before the sword had even finished tearing through the house Naruto reappeared half a block down the street. All around him dozens of clones flashed into existence carrying with them a multitude of individuals including Blanc, Neptune, Alayna and Naoki.

"Holy cow, what was that?" Neptune asked as she stumbled around in a daze, her eyes swirling around, "are we under attack? Did a boss suddenly appear out of nowhere? I don't remember setting any flags!"

"Yes it's a boss," Naruto snapped as he stared at the hulking beast of a man standing on the hilt of the enormous sword that had just plowed into the house they had been in. It was hard to make details out as dust, dirt and other assortment of debris had filled the air concealing all but the most obvious of details.

This was no ordinary Sekirei.

"Naoki! You need to go, now, Blanc and I will hold him off," Naruto snapped as he flashed to Blanc's side and gave her a deep kiss.

A pair of brilliant white wings erupted from the back of Blanc's back as her Norito was activated.

Blanc was momentarily engulfed in a brilliant white light, when it dissipated she was back in her blue-haired transformed state. Her giant axe was out and held at the ready as she glared at the man standing on the giant sword.

"Neptune-san, back Naruto-san up, take him down," Naoki barked.

"Do I get a Norito as well?" Neptune asked excitedly.

"Just stick your damn finger in Naruto's mouth again," Naoki shouted. He needed to get out of here. It wasn't that he was a coward or wanted to be rude, it was the simple fact that he was human and everyone else there was inhuman.

He wasn't able to stand on the front line like Naruto, he needed to get to the secondary command outpost in a hurry and send the signal to begin the assault.

"PANTIES!" the man on the sword roared. The sheer force of his words knocked everyone that wasn't a Sekirei off their feet and cratered the ground beneath him, reducing the already ruined house into nothing more than pulverized dust.

Naruto disappeared as hurricane force winds whipped past the lot of them. A second later a sonic boom flattened those already on the ground further into the asphalt roads and concrete sidewalks. Cries of pain and shock filled the air as the regular soldiers were slammed with several G's worth of force.

When the pressure disappeared the man was no longer on the sword, but behind them and down the street, a wide trench had been dug through the road, caused by his passing. It was then that everyone was finally able to get a good look at the man.

He was a six and a half foot tall hulking brute with more muscles than they thought was possible for a human to have. His long platinum blonde hair framed a dark skinned face and platinum colored eyes. He wore nothing more than a undone bright red vest, a pair of jeans and some boots.

"Oh ho... I'm glad I came back, it seems you're as interesting as I had heard," the man said with an excited grin on his face as he held his hand up to his face. There was a long, shallow gash down the back of it. He turned and stared at Naruto and his grin grew wider, "this is going to be fun!"

Naruto swiped his kunai through the air, splattering a small minute amount of blood on the ground, as he stood protectively over Blanc. "I take it you're 'Jack?' You're not going to be very amused once I rend you limb from limb."

"Hahahaha! Got it in one man! Jack Rakan is my name, the man of a thousand blades!" Jack shouted boisterously as he thrust his chest out proudly.

"Kyah!" A sudden cry of shock rang out. Everyone glanced over at Neptune who had her hoody pulled up to her stomach, "He took my panties!" she cried out indignantly as she stared at her now bare bottom, "Those are my favorites! Give em back to me!"

"Not just yours," Jack said as he brought his other hand up for everyone to see. In them were four pairs of panties, including one that belonged to Neptune. He had stolen panties from every female in the area, including two soldiers.

"I'm going to kill the pervert," Alayna said as her eyes grew dangerous. She too felt a little breezy beneath her skirt.

Naruto frowned and flared his chakra once more.

"Mmm! I love panties!" Jack said as he brought the delectable garments to his nose and began to sniff them vigorously.

"A-Actually I don't think I want those back anymore," Neptune said as she stared at Jack in shock and disgust.

"Oh! You don't want these back?" Jack asked as he licked Neptune's white and blue striped panties.

"Eww, that was definitely a ten on the gross-o-meter scale."

Jack Rakan was at Neptune's side in an instant, "PANTIES!" he shouted as he threw the now slobbery panties at the small Sekirei.

With a yelp Neptune hurriedly jumped to the side and began to run away, "Ah! He's a creepy pervert! I knew my cuteness would get me targeted, help me Naoki!" Neptune cried out as she glanced everywhere for her Ashikabi.

She didn't find him, or anyone else for that matter.

In fact she was all alone save for Naruto.

"What? They just left me here to get eaten by this monster? This is so totally not cool," Neptune complained.

"Oh hush," Naruto said as he appeared beside Neptune and gave her a quick kiss to unlock her Norito. "This isn't the time to be cracking jokes."

Neptune's chakra spiked and she was momentarily engulfed by a brilliant purple light. It disappeared a second later to reveal Neptune in her transformed state once more.

"Yes, you are quite right Naruto, this man is definitely something else. Thank you for evacuating the others," Neptune said as she materialized an enormous sword from thin air and held it aloft.

"They would have just been in the way, and Alayna needs to stay with Naoki to keep him alive."

"I agree."

"You really are fast, I never noticed you evacuating them," Jack said with his confident grin still firmly planted on his face, "Not that I care much about those small fries, you're much more entertaining," he said and turned to face Neptune. He gave her a wink, "And she's much better like that, children aren't really my thing."

"Pig," Neptune snapped.

Naruto's hands suddenly blurred and a dozen kunai streaked towards Jack. His hands blurred again as they flashed through a series of hand signs. "Kage Kunai no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted.

Suddenly there was no longer a dozen kunai flying towards the dark skinned behemoth.

It was a wall of steel.

Jack whistled lightly, "Impressive party trick," he said as he sprung into motion. He effortlessly weaved through the wall of steel as it reached him, catching blades in his hands, fingers, arms, between his legs and even in his teeth.

"Yes, yes it is," Naruto agreed, "And here's the fireworks to go with it," he said as he flared his chakra and activated the explosive seals attached to the kunai.

The ground heaved upwards, anyone or anything not firmly attached to the ground was hurled into the air. The concussive force of the blast totaled the street and annihilated all of the surrounding homes. A miniature mushroom cloud rose up into the sky, generated by the fire and heat from the explosion.

Naruto was unphased through it all as he stood tall, peering straight towards where his target had been. His hand outstretched before him, a sealing barrier spread out from the center of his hand and stretched all around him, encompassing Neptune as well, in a protective bubble.

"Is he dead?" Neptune asked as she tried to pierce the smoke and fire with her eyes.

"No," Naruto said. He could still sense Jack.

"You have got to be kidding me," Neptune said incredulously. That explosion would have taken out anyone else.

There was a loud roar and the smoke and fire was instantly blown away. There, standing in the center of a crater looking no worse for wear than before, was Jack Rakan.

"WAHAHAHA! This is great! Now it's my turn!" Jack shouted out in joy.

"No, it's not," Naruto said just as another Naruto appeared above Jack with Blanc in his arms.

"EAT SHIT AND DIE YOU BASTARD!" Blanc roared as she hammered Jack in the back of the head with her fists as hard as she could.

The area shook once more as Jack was cratered into the ground face first. The hard packed earth cracked and splintered and enormous slabs of rock were torn from their foundations and forced to stand on end.

"Attack him," Naruto commanded Neptune.

"Right!" Neptune agreed as she noticed Jack beginning to stir from Blanc's attack.

She shot forward, using her anti-gravity boots to propel her to just below super-sonic speeds. "Critical Edge!" she shouted as she got within range. Just in time as her blade slammed into the back of Jack's head, right in the same spot where Blanc had hit him. Much to her surprise her sword didn't penetrate his skin but it did viciously knock him down. She quickly followed up with a vicious upward slash that sent Jack flying into the air. She crouched low and finished the attack by flashing past the airborne man, cutting him in half.

Or at least that was what was supposed to have occurred. Instead her blade barely penetrated the skin and instead cut a thin gash around his body as he deflected her blade with his abs.

Twisting in midair Neptune pointed into the sky as she fell back the ground, "32-Bit Mega Sword!" A large blue and green sword coalesced in the air above them. With a wave of her hand the sword screamed through the air and slammed into Jack, tearing through his body and slamming him back into the ground.

Neptune turned on a dime and flashed back across the open space towards Jack, "Victory Slas—"

She never got to finish her attack as Jack back handed her into the next city block with one hand and snapped the sword impaled through his stomach with the other. Naruto could hear walls exploding and houses collapsing due to Neptune's impromptu trip.

"You're just too much," Jack said with a happy smile on his face as he pushed himself off the ground.

"More than enough for you," Naruto replied as a dragon of earth tore from the ground beneath Jack clamped its jaws around the man's torso. The jagged teeth of earth snapped off the man's abdomen, which for some reason seemed completely uninjured despite having a huge sword rammed through it.

The dragon however wasn't there to cause damage, but to carry Jack upwards into the air where a half dozen water dragons and wind dragons were screaming towards him. Jack simply laughed and rode the dragon of earth into the impending attacks.

He smiled gleefully at the onslaught and cracked his knuckles.

Naruto's jaw actually dropped slightly as he watched the platinum haired behemoth punch his attacks away. He had a feeling that Jack was beyond ridiculous but he had been unprepared for just how far beyond he truly was.

But Naruto wasn't anywhere near finished.

A Naruto clone appeared in behind Jack and slammed two wind-enhanced kunai into his back, severing his spine.

Jack seemed completely unperturbed by the attack, and seemed to ignore the fact that his spinal column was severed, as he whirled around to face Naruto, "You're not going to let me—"

His speech was cut short as the clone disappeared, only to be replaced by a meteor the size of a small car moving at speeds greater than thirty kilometers a second. He reacted in an instant and caught the meteor in his arms. There was a loud boom and another powerful shockwave ripped across the city block. The few houses still standing were ripped to shreds by the force of the shockwave.

The force of the meteor still tore him from the top of the earthen dragon and sent him hurling back down to earth in a massive ball of fire. The ground shook again as he cratered into it once more.

"HURAH!" Jack shouted as he pulverized the meteor into dust.

Just in time to be hit by a massive beam of white energy that plowed him further into the ground. The ground heaved and buckled again as Jack was driven half a mile into the earth.

The next thing Naruto knew Jack rammed a his arm through his chest. There was a look of absolute shock on Naruto's face. Jack had just taken a direct hit from Kurumi and had shrugged it off like it was nothing.

"You are one tricky bas—" he was cut short as Naruto exploded into trillions of razor sharp shards of air.

Jack hurriedly jumped backwards as he felt pain lance up his arm. Glancing down he noticed blood gushing from his forearm, it had been reduced to nothing more than bone and sinew. The skin and muscle fibres had been torn to shreds. The attack had been so powerful and concentrated it had eaten through even his invulnerable body.

Jack stared at his ruined arm in amazement, "This is—"

Another car sized meteor hit him from behind.

This time Jack wasn't prepared for it. There was a massive boom as the meteor exploded upon the titan's back. The ground quaked and shook, a shockwave of air and dust rippled across the ruined landscape and a massive cloud of smoke and fire erupted from the epicenter of the impact.

Amidst the ejecta that was thrown into the air from the impact a large man shaped projectile hurtled through the air, across the ruined landscape and into the neighbouring city block that hadn't yet to be completely destroyed by the titanic struggle.

"Do it," Naruto said as he watched Jack rocketed past the house he was hiding in.

"This axe that represents my pledge, obliterate the enemies of my Ashikabi!" Blanc shouted from the rooftop of a building directly in Jack's path.

She whirled her axe through the air and pointed it behind her. She crouched low and shot off the rooftop on an intercept course to Jack. The roof behind her was ripped apart as Blanc instantly broke the sound barrier.

"I'll give a smashing super dreadnought war axe blow!" Blanc shouted as she closed the distance in an instant. Stopping just shy of airborne monster Blanc wound up and swung her axe with everything she had.

There was a massive boom as she knocked Jack Rakan back the way he came, sending the large man tumbling wildly through the air. Blanc let the momentum of the axe spin her around three hundred and sixty degrees. As she came back around to face Jack she slammed her axe on the ground and pumped an enormous amount of earth based chakra into the earth. The ground glowed a bright yellow at the point of impact as a dozen bright yellow cracks splintered the earth and streaked towards the airborne man.

The cracks crisscrossed one another until the caught up and coalesced under Jack. A massive earthen spike reared up from the ground and slammed into the powerful Sekirei. The tip of it broke off but it did manage to elicit a painful grunt from the main as it knocked him vertically.

Before Jack could even begin to regain his bearing a spinning axe slammed into him, cutting into his skin in multiple places as it spun around him like a buzz saw before it spun off into space.

"These kids are frickin amazing," Jack said as he spun helplessly in the air. "This was definitely worth coming back for!" his eyes widened as he saw Blanc charge towards him, ripping her axe from the ground along the way, it had boomeranged back to her after she had thrown it, "Is she seriously not done yet? She might actually hurt me!"

"This will do it!" Blanc shouted as she leapt high into the sky above Jack Rakan. She began to spin so rapidly that she became nothing more than a blur, of white and blue. "TAKE IT TO YOUR GRAVE!" the blue-haired Sekirei roared in fury as she swung her axe down at Rakan with all the might and momentum she could muster.

"Oh shit!"

A massive shockwave rippled outwards from the two as Blanc slammed the bladed edge of her axe into Jack's face. The force of blow the carried the two of them into the ground below. The earth buckled under the force of the impact, a crater spread out from under them, cracks spider-webbed in every direction, and massive slabs of rock and earth were uprooted from the ground.

"Just kidding," Rakan said through clenched teeth as he winked up at Blanc from his position in the center of the crater, her axe impossibly caught between his teeth.

"What the f'in hell!" Blanc shouted as she gaped at him in absolute bewilderment.

A massive fist slammed into Blanc's stomach, lifting her off the ground, a second one slammed into her face a moment later. A sonic boom exploded outwards from the impact zone as Blanc's body was propelled away from Jack at super-sonic speeds. Her small body tore a trench through the city as she flew off into the distance.

Jack didn't have time to finish his swing before Neptune appeared behind him with Naruto.

"I'll end this with Neptune Break!" Neptune shouted as she unleashed her Norito, having been given a second power up courtesy of Naruto.

"Yah!" Neptune shouted as she swung her sword, cutting through space and time.

"Whoa!" Jack said as he jumped over the attack. That one was seriously dangerous. He watched everything behind him split as the cut in space and time severed everything it touched.

"Not yet!" Neptune shouted as she disappeared, moving faster than anyone was capable of perceiving, reaching speeds beyond hyper-sonic.

Jack wasn't even able to respond as he was cut a dozen times in a single moment. Thin red lines appeared all over his body as Neptune's blade bit into his body far enough to draw blood.

But unfortunately not far enough to do any real damage.

Neptune reappeared behind Jack and leveled her sword at him, "Finishing strike!" she shouted and disappeared once more, moving at blistering speeds.

"Oh no you don't!" Jack replied as he matched her hyper-sonic speeds, and surpassed them. There was a massive explosion as Jack slammed his first into the tip of Neptune's sword, and shattered the blade. "Now it's my turn!" Jack shouted as he swung his fist at reality defying speeds.

Only to hit a giant spinning ball of green chakra with wicked looking blades rotating around it as Naruto teleported in and left with Neptune faster than he could blink. The surprise Naruto left behind exploded, engulfing the entire area in a massive dome of razor sharp wind chakra.

Another city block had just been completely annihilated.

"Damn…" Jack whistled in admiration as he stared at the devastation wrought by that attack. He had seen how damaging concentrated wind chakra could be and he hadn't waited around to see if he could survive that attack. He had fled the moment he realized that wasn't Neptune he was trying to hit. Jack slapped his forehead and laughed, "This is so—"

The house he was on exploded.

"Let me fin—" Jack started as he jumped away only to quickly clamp his mouth shut as he was hammered from all sides from countless different elemental attacks. Everything from bolts of lightning to balls of fire, tornados of razor sharp wind and jagged razor sharp earthen spikes all coalesced on him.

And interspaced between the attacks were countless kunai, some enhanced by chakra, others tagged with seals of various kinds. The onslaught was relentless, Jack was given no time to prepare are sort of counter-attack. Most of the attacks were harmless against someone like him, but those harmless attacks were very good at hiding the really scary ones.

And through it all a single voice spoke up, one cold and emotionless.

"Do you honestly think I'm stupid enough to give you enough time to regain your bearings and actually make a counter-attack?" Naruto asked through the onslaught of attacks, "I've seen too many people lose fights and wars they should have won by doing that, and I myself have suffered through that mistake. I'm not going to let up, I'm not going to go on the defensive and I'm most certainly not going to wait for you to power up any big moves. You think this is all fun and games? It's not, there are billions of lives at stake and I don't have time to play with you. I'm putting you back into the grave, where you belong."

"So I guess I should get serious!" Jack said with a grin. With a flex of his indomitable will power he forcefully negated all the attacks on him through sheer force of will.

"Did you not hear what I just said? I'm not going to give you time to counter-attack. It's too late for you to get serious," Naruto's voice floated in. Suddenly there was a massive flare of chakra, one strong enough for everyone to be able to feel, even those who couldn't normally sense chakra.

A large seal erupted around Jack and froze him in place. The air shimmered and became visible. That was the only way it could be described, you could literally 'see' the air, each individual particle was visible.

Then Jack began to melt. His skin, bones, tissue, organs, muscles and ligaments all started to liquefy and collapse into a puddle of goop on the ground.

"This is an interesting seal I developed just recently," Naruto said as he appeared on the outskirts of the seal, showing himself for the first time in the flesh. His yellow eyes, rimmed with red, had a solid horizontal bar in them. Blue chakra rippled off his body in waves, encasing him in an aura of pure power almost a dozen feet high.

If Naruto hadn't concealed his presence through the use of another sealing array Jack would have been able to find him easily, anyone would have been able to find him.

"This seal, it takes some time to set up, but once completed, it changes the state of everything within it. Gases become solids, solids become liquids, and liquids become gases," Naruto explained, "Seventy percent of the human body is made out of water, that seventy percent is now escaping your body as a gas, and the solid part of it? Liquefying. In a few short moments, if you aren't already, you will be very much dead."

One downside to the seal was how chakra intensive it was, even with the enormous amount of chakra Naruto had poured into it, it only kept going for another thirty minutes. Thirty minutes however was more than enough to finish reducing Jack Rakan into nothing more than a useless puddle of slime.

Satisfied that Jack Rakan wasn't going to make any more miraculous recoveries, Naruto turned his back on the puddle of goop and disappeared.

Had Naruto remained behind however he would have borne witness to a truly disturbing scene. Not five minutes after he left a fist broke through the puddle of goop, followed by a second, and then the arms. The puddle of goo began to bubble and boil as a head began to form, followed by a body and then legs and feet.

Jack Rakan was back, revived through sheer force of will.

"Damn that was one serious move, and people called ME a monster," Jack said as he cracked his arms and rolled his neck, "Maybe I should let him finish his business before I ask for round two, perhaps I'll go see if I can find ORT-chan again." He glanced down at his body and grinned, "I should go find some clothes first though."

Whistling a jaunty tune Jack Rakan went off in search of a department store.

Author's Notes: Now we have the reason why I created the scene between Blanc and Noire. Basically I wanted Blanc to have the ability to transform back into her original self. It was never planned originally, but my story never actually excluded the possibility of it happening so I went ahead and incorporated it in.

It wasn't meant to be very 'dramatic' but I had to figure out a legitimate reason for her not being able to revert her transformation. I figure a trauma during adjustments would do the trick.