A/N: Still testing the waters with writing. Trying to get my word count up; maybe on my holiday break I could write a story with more substance. I don't know.

When Tommy McNally first laid eyes on his daughter, it wasn't what he expected.

Her tiny body was limp and blue when she was pulled free from her mother. She didn't cry. For a long while he felt his heart drop into his gut. He thought that his baby was stillborn. The nurses whisked her away, working on unraveling the umbilical cord from her neck; breathing life into her. His whole body gravitated to where his baby was held.

He didn't remember how much time had passed. It could have been a life time. But in reality it was probably only a few minutes, but there were no words to describe the instant wave of relief he felt when he heard tiny mewling sounds leave her mouth. He laughed until he cried.

She was perfect. From the downy brown fuzz on her head to her tiny clenching toes; it was love at first sight. He had a strong desire to protect this tiny baby, strong paternal instincts surged through him.

He was a father.

Tommy vowed to protect his little girl from all the hurts in the world the day that she was born. He didn't want her to face the harsh realities that he witnessed everyday while working the streets with the city's finest.

He remembers spending quite some time sitting with his newborn daughter, holding her and absorbing every little thing about her. He admired her tiny face, finding a blend of both his and Claire's features and he was in awe when she up at him with innocent doe eyes. He didn't realize how long he had been with his daughter until nurse came in to check in on 'Baby McNally', and she reminded him that his wife was upstairs waiting to see her daughter. He had felt awful for disappearing for so long without any news. Claire named her Andrea. He hoped that she would be as her namesake; strong, courageous, valiant.

Little did he know then that she was much greater than her namesake.