This is destiny!

Chapter 1 the meeting


Sarah was still dreaming of those three dots but also worrying about her son John with Cameron who went out for groceries as for john's uncle Derek he was out somewhere when he called her "Reese what is it?" Reese was Derek and Kyle AKA John's father who died to protect her and her unborn son who would be one day mankind's leader in the retinas against the machines.

"I got a hint on someone that is target for a Machine somewhere in Texas" Derek said

Not long did John, Sarah, Cameron drive to Teas in Odessa to find some girl named Claire Bennet John had to find where she lived and found more then he bargained for like the Homecoming and how some person named Peter Petrelli saved her still unknown the other man. But what disturbed them the most was she survived while the other did not and lost the top of her head.

"Derek is watching the house for anyone who wants to break in again while we save this girl" Sarah said to her son and his protector a Machine but looked as lovely as a normal girl that fooled John first then learned what she was but still treated her like she was human in some way. John closed his laptop as they came in the town that looked old but everyone found that it was normal.

"We here, now we need to find the girl" Cameron stated

[Somewhere in Odessa, Texas]

Claire lost her friend thanks to her dad but now she was going to repair their friendship even if it meant breaking every bone in her body not that she hadn't. she had to make things right again but keep it a secret between them "ok switch the camera on" Claire said walking to the old rusty building "is this for some fashion show" Zach joked which she smiled on the inside "you said that the last time, just don't freak out ok" she warned he smiled.

"I won't" he said hold the camera up

"you said that the last time too" she told him as she climbed the stairs then climbed over to the edge then before he could said anything she let her body drop messing her white and red cheerleading outfit his face was in shock in relation on what had then raced to her as she got up pulling her body up pushing her arm back in place and her side of her face healing up "this is Claire Bennet as far as you know that was attempt one" ass she sighed still holding her arm.

After their walking back he watched his camera over again then turned to Claire "I know you told me this before but why do we need to record this?" she stopped then turned "actually I never told you that, I just wanted my real parents to see what I am and what I can do" she let a sad sigh then walked on with in Zach following when they were on the train tracks she turned asking for the tape which he handed her it then pointed out her rubs were sticking out.

Meanwhile in town John asked a lady town if they knew a Claire Bennet, she nodded then pointed straight and like on cue here came the girl a little blood stained on her shirt with a young boy talking to her. When both Sarah and Cameron came out the car ready to take her home with them for protection when an eclipse slowly covered the town both the girl and the boy looked up.

Not everyone looked up only them when John saw her say goodbye to her friend she walked home frowning as if the world fell on her shoulders when the eclipse was gone so was she. "I could have sworn that boy looked like me" John said

"Cameron can you track her down?" Sarah asked

"Yes, she is heading home 12 miles from here" Cameron replied

"Long way to walk" John added

They got in the car then headed to her home in which she just closed her door and headed up stairs, she like having Zach back but she wanted to talk with her hero Peter in New York which apparently was in hospital the day she left and no one knew what to do to help him or what was wrong with him. She began packing when suddenly Mr. Muggles came in backing like something was wrong as far as she knew the threat known as Sylar was imprison so her dad said.

Then she was down stairs a tall man with no life in his eyes looked down at her "Claire Bennet?" he asked as she dropped her bag in fear looking for an exit "y…yes" she replied next thing she knew he pulled out a gun pointing to her head when she closed her eyes a shot went off but not the one from the shooter but another behind. She opened her eyes as saw a young girl with brown hair with a reveler or some kind, not wasting anytime she grabbed her bag and ran to the back door only to be shoot in the back she knew it would come out but it still made her fall to her knees in pain but got up still looking behind to see the brown haired girl out her front door with the man coming after Claire again.

'No time to freeze now, oh Peter where are you?' she pleaded when she ran to the street a car came in front of her and a door opened revealing Zach? "Come with me if you want to live" he said with out question she grabbed his hand and in the car she got in the back feeling the built got threw her body so she could spit it out.

"Mom, she shot in the back" he said to the raven head women who looked "I'm fine" she told them just as Cameron came in they drove off but again he shot Claire in the chest causing both bolts to hit each other causing her great pain the only word she could say was "Peter" and fell in to the darkness.

John could not believe that the machine almost had her if Cameron had not got there but she still got shot and what amazed him was she was still breathing and only uttered one word before passing out 'peter' who the hell was that? Not long were they at home and called Charlie as Claire was placed on the kitchen table even Derek asked what happed and how was she alive. No one had the answers but when she was in the car the bullets came out so nothing was proven to show she was shot; Charlie arrived and began to look at the built holes but was shocked calling everyone to the kitchen.

"there's no shot holes in her look, [they all stared in disbelieve] and there are blood stains on her uniform dry sand blood all hers" Charlie exclaimed and on cue Claire sat up frowning trying to remember when looking around she noticed the brown haired girl from her house, the raven haired lady from the car two unknown men and beside her was Zach her friend came to save her but when did he cut his hair and the bad boy look what was going on?

She threw her arms around john who stood in shock like the others "Zach! You saved me but what's with the bad boy look? And who are these people? Where are we Zach?" by the time she finish he pulled her back confused "um…sorry my name is John" he said almost throwing the Connor part in but tears came on her face shack him by the shirt "no, no, no you are Zach my friend we just recorded my personal freak show" she cried out all he could do was hear not understanding when she stopped wiping the tears away when Sarah asked her something.

"How are you still alive and where are your shot marks?" she asked confused and angry if this must be a new kind of Machine Derek was way ahead of her pulling out his gun when John stood in front of her with one arm around her to her confusion when they lowered their guns why would they have guns in the house?

Looking down at her shirt all full of blood she probably looked almost as bad as when at the homecoming just thing of Jackie having her head cut off with just the killers finger and only her telling Claire to run after she recovered and healed then found out peter was there and was saving her from Sylar only to find out he was like her maybe a little different that was probably why he was in hospital in New York.

"I can't answer that, I need to go to New York to save my Hero" she said

"Your Hero?" they repeated even Zach who knew about her almost death, "peter, I need to help him" she told them hands on her hips now wanting to leaving and was just doing that when Cameron grabbed her arm stopping her "hey let go, this is kidnapping Zach tell her!" Claire pulled as much as possible but the girl was like steal with her grip even with her movements that caused her pain showing clearly on hr face.

"Cameron let her go and I'm john not this Zach we came to protect you from that machine" John said walking up to her she folded her arms when Cameron let her go the only thing going through her mine was the person who needed to protect her was Peter from Sylar. It made her shiver which John thought she was cold. "Hey why not take a shower and head to my room to rest, it's the one on the right" Zach/John said she nodded then went for the shower while John took her bag to his room.

Charlie left while Derek and Sarah stood cleaning up the table in silence when John came back in from cleaning the car with two bullets showing his mother, his Uncle and Cameron who stood staring at them confused when they looked at the bullets they notice it was covered with little blood "what is this?" Derek asked that was when the little blond came in drying her hair wearing a green ruffled top and jeans. She walked in just enough to hear what they were saying.

"This is not normal Sarah she probably is a Machine" Derek said

"Then why hug me inside of shooting me or you guys for that matter?" John said

"She is human; I saw that there is no metal with my senses meaning she is something else" Cameron

Sarah just looked at the dry bullets in her hand frowning then knew only one why for the girl to tell them what she was when she heard a soft thud it meant she heard but made no attempt to go look. "John I want you to find out more about her and this Peter character" knowing his mother she should obey so he headed to his room to find the girl laying on his bed wet hair crying a little "hey you okay?" John asked closing the door as she sat up not attempting to stop the tears as she held a phone in her hand frowning then looked at John as he sat on the bed "you're not Zach are you? Figures my best friend just start remembering everything we went through only to find a double who thinks I'm okay with this being held against my will and a damn family that thinks I'm a piece a metal or robot" she replied holding the picture closer to her lap.

"sorry but we need to know how you survived and sorry I'm not your Zach" John said looking at her when she handed him the picture shock took him seeing her in her cheerleading outfit golden curls and all with her friend with head phones on his shoulders smiling he looked more like a outsider and she was the insider which made the picture all the more funny like seeing himself in the photo need to her back to back.

"is this…"he couldn't find the words so he was right back in Odessa seeing the boy and her talking his mind was going wild when she called him by his real name "are you freaked out John?" she asked when John shook his head she smiled but it was a small sad one. For once in his life since Riley's death he felt a liking to her and her want for his protection against his family and Cameron.

To be continued…