Ok it had been two days now and Claire had not said a word on how she had blood stains on her cheerleading uniform nor the wound marks she should have from the bullets from the Terminator still tracking her, all she does is use his computer chatting with a friend or information on this Peter person. Mom walked past the spare room Claire was staying and after Cameron cleaned her uniform then gave it back, Claire thanked her but still refused to speak about what cause the blood stains; now here they were sitting at the table waiting for mom to place the plats of pancakes on the table.

Derek, Cameron, John, Claire and now mom sat at table eating everyone silent waiting for who to speak with first and of course Derek had too "so mind explaining how you had two bullets in you yet have no mark on you or even died?" he demeaned

"Care to explain why I have to stay with you people?! I have a family you know and a life so why do I need to stay here?" she said sternly stabbing her fork in the middle of the pancake to make her point of wanting to go home. "You will be haunted down, and the man in your house will kill you" Cameron replied like it was the most logical thing out their only for Claire to have a smile on her face "you have no Idea how wrong you are about me, I may look weak but I can handle one man" she replied back

Now Derek sick of her tone so he pulled out his gun but John jumped out his seat shielding Claire "no, Derek she is under our protection not target practice!" he said

"I don't trust her John, she refuses to speak the truth and acts like she's indestructible" Sarah said eyeing Claire who got up after receiving what might be a message either from her dad or the Terminator "you should not use your cell like that, it could track you down" Derek warned her which she turned her back to him replying back to the person.

Suddenly the door a knock was at the door, so Sarah went to answer it only to have her pushed back against the wall everyone got up grabbing a gun when the man was in the clearing he wore Black and held out his hand holding Sarah against the wall by some sort of magic or something the shoot at him but he froze them mid air and sent them back at Derek and John both in the chest he turned to Cameron and noticed metal on her face instead of body marks like raw skin Claire saw this too and shock took her he pulled her off the ground after she sent more fire power at him only to send it to Sarah now all three lay there dead bleeding to death since Cameron was unable to die he made it so she was stuck on the roof.

"now for the Cheerleader" he said as Claire grabbed a knife John noticed this as the man walked to her and as he was about to attack her she stabbed him in the chest racing to the stairs but he got to her first holding her still while he was bleeding in the chest that was the last thing John or anyone saw before he died never in his life did he believe his own protector was useless to save him before Judgment day.

"Are you going to eat it?" Claire asked lying their on the Kitchen table surrounded by bodies and the so called human Cameron still frozen on the roof which her head off as he picked for something in her brain if he couldn't get her on Homecoming he sure got her now he lend down to her ear "that's disgusting Claire, no I want what you have" he replied

"And that would be?" she asked scared as hell now so he wasn't going to kill her then what did he want? "a little part of you will let me live forever, AH here we are" he said pulling something out yet she felt nothing the next she knew was he pulled the knife out his chest placing something in it instead and bam he healed himself so he got some of her powers cause she was still alive then he placed her top of her head back on only for it to heal but blood was still running down her face with tears "why…why didn't you kill me?" she asked he turned around half open door.

"even if I wanted to kill you, I can't cause you can never die you're special Claire" and with that he left Cameron dropped so hard she shut down for a long time giving Claire this time to check everyone then call the one person she trust not Peter but Zach sure it would mean him met John but to save the others with her Blood was her only choice.

[Half an hour later]

"Claire are you sure this will work?" Zach asked as he stole three plastic packets from the Odessa Hospital and drips after Cameron woke up and Claire telling her this was Zach not John at least three times did she help put all three on the ground in the lounge with drips and Claire giving her Blood one packet each a liter of her blood then told Cameron to watch them till they wake while Zach and her speak outside.

The stood outside as Zach watched as Claire wiped at her head tears close to coming out "so he got you even after Peter saved you, sorry Claire" Zach said wiping a tear away before pulling Claire in a hug as she cried at what happened sure she couldn't get hurt but to hear she could never die completely killed her inside her.

Not long did Charlie arrive and just as he was going to help with the blood wounds did he see the packets of blood flowing in the three with Cameron watching John most of all she told him everything about the man and Claire he turned and to his shock their stood another John and Claire alive but Cameron told that was not John but Claire's friend from Texas Zach. Not long did bullets come out like they were pushed out and wound holes healed up and John, Sarah and Derek sat up touching where they were shot only to find bullets on the sides of them blood stain shirts and packets of blood put in their arms.

"We're not dead?" Sarah said confused and scared turning to her son who looked at his chest for proof of holes in their bodies but none "yes, Claire Bennet called a friend after the man left and gave her blood to you and it healed you somehow" Cameron answered they pulled out the pipe that gave them the blood and stood up trying to gain balance "where is she now?" Derek asked when Charlie pointed to the porch their mouth dropped open as a boy look a like or twin like John wiped blood clean from her head as tears flow down they just stopped by the door to her the two talk.

"So what about School and your dad?" the boy asked finished the job as Claire wiped the last of her tears "we'll make a plan and as for this thing with Sylar speak to no one or they'll erase your memory again. I can't lose you not again promise me now Zach" she said holding out her hand he took it nodding "promise, just one thing do you think you're blood will heal them oh" he said as he saw them and his so called twin staring like they just had the world spin upside down or something. "Yes" was all she said stronger now.

They all sat in the lounge as Zach had already packed the packets of left blood in his bag ready to head to Texas again hopefully with Claire "so you can heal?" John said unsure of anything anymore

"yeah that is why I can't get hurt now I learnt I can't die either just my luck" Claire said holding her head in her hands when she felt Zach nudge her in the ribs as to say show them "so show us, if you're not lying" Derek said to this Claire looked unsure and insulted "I gave you my blood to save you and now you want me to show you the gross show?!" she stood up hands on her hips Zach stood up pulling out his camera knowing she will ask him.

Fine come on Zach let show them" and with that they stood outside the house after John got the leader she climbed up to the roof standing on the edge while her friend had a camera ready to go. Knowing this must be a all time thing for them "Camera ready?" she called

"ready and rolling" he replied and after he said that she jumped down arms out on both sides falling; it was like slow motion when a loud thud was hear he ran up to her still rolling followed by the others as she stood up a bone shoulder out for show and a large cut across her left cheek she knocked it back in place holding it and smiled at the camera as the cut begin to vanish leaving a long drop of blood down her face "this is Claire Bennet and that was attainment two" she said staring at the camera thinking she felt no pain and that meant Sylar stole the one thing that made her human {PAIN}.

After hugging goodbye Claire got in the car with Zach waving goodbye but that did not mean they would stop watching her as they road away Sarah said bye to Charlie then joined John, Derek, Cameron at the table thinking everything over yet John still touched his chest not ready to acknowledge he was healed had no wound marks so that explained her wounds when she woke up when they had got home.

"Derek is their people out there with powers to heal maybe to help kill the terminators?" John finally asked

"No, we never knew of people with powers only that we needed to save lives in the camps and fight under your orders" Derek replied

"So if we could have people with abilities like Claire we could save lives and use powers like that man to kill the enemies" John said now they needed to know more about these people and hope they'll help us in the war for man kind.

Thank you for waiting for so long…

I have other stories to write but promise to update as soon as possible.