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I thought about doing a story but decided on doing one-shots instead. It starts sometime after Emily and Aiden show up to the wedding together. Enjoy (:


My eyes popped open letting in the morning light. I could hear someone moving around downstairs and immediately shot out of bed. I grabbed the gun I kept in the dresser beside my bed and snuck down the steps to the kitchen where the noises were coming from.

Aiden. He was dressed in jeans and a fitted tee while he stood over the stove flipping what I assumed was meant to be breakfast.

"Good morning, how'd you sleep?" He asked not even bothering to turn around to look at me.

"What are you doing here?" I shot back at him frustrated. Why was that he always did the opposite of what I asked him to do? I set the safety back on the gun before sticking it on the top shelf of my desk.

"What does it look like? I'm making you something to eat." He pointed out the obvious.

"I thought I asked you to leave?"

"I thought that was more of a suggestion then an order." He answered shrugging his shoulders with a laugh. He flipped what was in the pan once more before plating it and setting it on the counter for me.

"I don't need your help nor do I want it." I replied before turning to go back up the steps. "And I certainly don't need you cooking for me." I added as an afterthought when I turned back to grab the gun.

"Are you ever going to forgive me?" He asked, suddenly very serious.

I looked up at him swallowing nervously.

Would I forgive him? I thought as I fled up the stairs. Or have I already?

xxxxxxXxxxxxxXxxxxxxXxxxxxxX xxxxxxXxxxxxx

"You're still here." I scowled realizing Aiden was waiting for me on the couch.

"Hello to you too Love." He smiled back, checking me out head to toe.

"What?" I questioned trying hard not to grit my teeth together.

"I'm not going to lie, I preferred what you were wearing this morning." He winked at me referring to the boy shorts and tank top I slept in.


I was interrupted by a knock at the door. I glared at him before turning to greet another uninvited guest.

"Daniel." I greeted him expecting anyone but him.

"Hey." He smiled wide when he saw me.

"Daniel, what a surprise." Aiden said coming up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder.

"I didn't realize you had company." He responded, his smile faltering.

"He was just leaving." I replied, elbowing Aiden in the stomach.

"Watch the hands there Love." He stifled a cough.

"I'm sorry." I smiled at him before nudging him again.

"Well, I best be on my way." He surrendered kissing my cheek. "Daniel." He nodded goodbye to him before heading out.

"What can I do for you?" I asked curiously, caught off guard by his sudden visit.

"Are you two serious?" He asked jumping straight to the point. So he was here because of Aiden, because he was jealous.

"You must be if he's already spending the night." He continued. "How long have you known him?" He added bitterly.

"We've gone out on few dates." I answered, ignoring his last comment.

"One date with you was all it took for me to fall in love with you." He admitted, stepping closer.

"Daniel, what are doing?" I stepped back.

"I miss you Em." He sighed closing the distance between us.

"And what about Ashley?" I asked, reminding him of his girlfriend.

"She was your friend. I thought dating her would make you jealous." He informed me, reaching a finger out to stroke my cheek.

"Daniel." I spoke his name as a warning, a threat for him to step away.

"Do you ever think about us? What we could have been?" He asked ignoring me. He must have taken my silence as yes because before I could stop him his lips were pressed against mine. He tangled his fingers in my hair pulling me closer to him. When he was done he pulled away to catch his breath with a happy grin spread across his face.

"Daniel, I think you should go." I suggested turning away from him.

"You're going to throw away what we have for a guy you barely know?" He scoffed.

"You did that when you turned to Ashley." I pointed out gently.

"Right, when you kissed Jack." He shook his head angrily and then stormed out, slamming the door on his way.

"Well, it's about time."

I turned around to find Aiden leaning against the staircase. "I thought he'd never leave." He added.

"You mean like you? What are you still doing here?" I groaned shouting louder than I meant to.

"Do you still love him?" He questioned, ignoring me. Something that everyone seemed to be doing today.

"What?" I asked surprised.

"Daniel. Do you still love him?" He asked saying each word one at a time.

"No. Daniel and I would never work." I replied frustrated.

"What about Jack? Do you love him?" He went on.

"Jack is just someone from my past. Someone with a son and a family of his own." I told him. There was a time when I thought we were Romeo and Juliet, star crossed lovers. But that was when I was ten, which I certainly wasn't anymore.

"And what about me? Am I just another before? Or could I be a now? A forever?" He asked looking up to see my reaction.

"What are you asking?" I questioned, wanting to make sure I understood him clearly and correctly.

"I'm asking you to pick me. Forget about what I did and start over fresh."

"You left me."

"I know, it's something I've regretted doing ever since. I thought I was protecting you but instead I hurt you just like everyone else." He admitted walking over to me. He grabbed my hands before continuing. "I'm not going to hurt you again." He promised looking me in the eyes. "Let me show you I've changed." He pleaded with me.

I pulled him close, throwing my arms around his neck to pull his face down to mine. The spark that was missing with Daniels kiss was on fire with Aiden. He put his arms around me resting on my lower back, pressing me closer towards him. I could feel the smile forming on his face as he kissed me back.

If this was a mistake, it was one worth making.


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