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Orihime Inoue thought she had everything figured out. But, she could've been more wrong. The red haired girl decided to drop out of college before her sophomore year. Her best friend and roommate Tasuki tried to convince her to keep trying. But, her pleas fell on deaf ears.

"So when are you going to tell Sora about this?" Arisawa asked a bit sadly. She sat on her bed across from Inoue. Orihime did the same on the opposite side.

"When I go home for summer break." Her gray eyes were filled with disappointment. She never wanted her brother to be ashamed of her. But, the young lady didn't want to be in college anymore. It just wasn't for her.

"Well, summer break starts in three days. You just dropped out a month ago. Do you want me to be there when you tell him?"

"No. I need to do this on my own Tatsuki-Chan." She said with new found determination.

The brunette smiled. "I think he'll support you no matter what."

"You're right. I should finish packing."

Orihime picked up where she left off. There were only a few things left for her to pack.




Three days passed by quickly. It was time for her to face her brother. She had to be at the airport by 10:00am.

Inoue waved goodbye to Tasuki and her other friends that went to see her off. Tears fell down her face. She hugged her best friend twice before boarding the plane.

"Don't cry Hime. We'll see each other again."

She looked back one last time. Orihime was also excited to see her brother again. He was the only family she had. He raised her like she was his daughter. Sora ran away from home with his little sister at the age of eighteen. Their parents were abusive. He wanted a better life for her. It was for the best.

Orihime arrived in Karakura two hours later. Her brother was there to pick her up. The red head ran to Sora when he came into sight. He smiled genuinely at his sister. Of course he was glad to see her.

"You're finally home. How's school life?" He asked eagerly.

She looked at him blankly for a moment. "Everything's fine." Her voice came out a bit shaky.

"Are you sure?" Sora asked with suspicion.

"I'm sure. Everything's fine. How's the book coming along?" Her brother's a writer. He just started writing his first book.

"Okay I guess. Just a small case of writer's block."

Orihime flopped on the bed as soon as she walked in her old room. "It feels so good to finally be home."

"Orihime. When are going to start unpacking?" He stood in the doorway.

"Pretty soon. But, I'll be here for a while so there's no rush." Her eyes focused on him.

"If you need me, I'll be in my office."

"Um hum."

The brown haired guy walked to his office. His cell phone began to ring.

"Who is it now?" In a slightly irritated tone. But, he answered the phone anyway.



"What's up?"

"I heard that he will be back in town soon?"

Sora's face scrunched up into a frown. He knew where this conversation was headed. To be honest he was glad that one of his best friends would be in town. It's just the upcoming lecture he didn't want to endure.

"I know. He's your friend too you know? It's not like the end of the world."

"You're right. You just need to be careful. Where would he be staying?" You could hear the sliver of guilt in his voice.

"He will be staying with me until he gets back on his feet."




He counted mentally before his friends expected outburst.


"Shut up. I would never put Hime in danger. He's doing better now anyway. Ichigo wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone. Besides he's got nowhere else to go."

". . ."

"Goodbye Uryu!" With that he hung up the phone.




"HIME, DINNER'S READY" Mister Inoue yelled from the kitchen.

Orihime shot up in a flash. She ran to the bathroom to wash her hands then headed to the kitchen.

"What are we having for dinner?"

"Miso soup with wasbi."

"So, how's your friend?" He wanted to break the awkward silence. Sora placed the bowls on the table along with the drinks.

"Tatsuki-Chan is fine."

"That's good." He wasn't sure what was going on with her.

It was very quiet at the dinner table. No one uttered a word for five minutes straight. The two siblings was already halfway through with their meal.

". . . Hime I need to tell you something. My old friend will be living with us for a while. He has nowhere else to go."

"Really brother? How old is he?"

"Thirty-three. Why did you ask?" The gray eyed man asked curiously.

"No reason. I just asked. Which friend? Have I met him before?" She was a little curious.

"Nope. This will be the first time."

"Oh, Okay!"

Orihime helped Sora with the dishes. She missed times like this. "How do I tell him that I dropped out of school?" She thought to herself.

He decided to get ready for bed. "Please don't make me regret letting you stay here, Ichigo."




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