ok so here is one of my oc fanfics. Basicly i was watching catwoman the other night and had an idea, all of or most of the justice league have sidekicks, so why can't the vigilanties have sidekicks too. oh and i do not own, i was not the absaloute genius that came up with dc comics if i was i would not be talking to you now soooo... on with the story! xox water wish

It had just gotten dark, and Gotham's sky was a deep purple, the black silouettes of the tall buildings stood out like spilt black inc on purple cloth. On one of these buildings, stood a lone figure, his black and yellow cape billowed out behind him from the light breeze. The white slits on his domino mask were narrowed as he spied the figure, creeping into the alleyway below. He backed up before taking a run and jump to the next building so he could climb down the fire escape. He heard russling in a dumpster and carefully crept over to it, batarang drawn and ready to throw, he looked inside. suddenly a slender black shape jumped out, startled he stumbled back turning to see the creature now facing him. Its bright eyes trained on him, it meowed. 'just a cat' he thought. he straightened up and put the batarang back into his belt.

"well well never thought i'd see boy wonder cower because of a little kitty" a voice said Robin turned, nothing.

"who's there?" Robin asked the darkness he heard a clang above him, the sound of heels hitting metal, sure enough when he looked up he saw a pair of metal heeled boots attached to long black leather clad legs and a curvy nylon black top. when he reached her face however his heart rate increased it was her, Her hair was longer and tied back in a ponytail, but he knew thoes eyes. Coverd by a black mask, but clear as day, her violet eyes shone back at him, her red lips quirked into a seductive smile.

"hey there birdie" she said she hopped down until she was on the floor, straightning up she cracked her fingers, which were clad in cloves with silver tipped nails.

"nice to see you again too Paige" said robin crossing his arms and pushing out his chest.

"you have change since last time I saw you"

"likewise" he said looking her up and down, she raised her eyebrows at him when his eyes returned to hers.

"like what you see?" he laughed. she stepped forward putting her hands on his arms and rubbing up and down.

"huh looks like you realy did hit puberty early. boy wonder" He gulped and turned red she saw this and laughed. he turned redder. then his com went off

'saved by the bell he thought' he answered, it was Nightwing

"robin, robbery down 24th meet you there" said the former boy wonder

"ok, see you in 10" he said

"was that your brother checking on you? aaaww how sweet" said catgirl giggling

"Uh Paige I have to go..."

"ok robin, I will leave you to it" and with that she climbed the fire escaped got onto the roof and

"maybe I'll see you some time" robin called his voice ecoing in the alley.

"yeah maybe in another of my nine lives" she said looking over she cracked her wip and then was gone.

Robin sighed.

He ran all the way to 24th only to find the bad guys tied up or unconsious, Nightwing shook his head at the approaching boy.

"and were where you?" he said Robin smiled

"I got...distracted" Nightwing knew that look. catgirl was back on the scene.

" ok lets get these guys to the cops and go home and talk about it" the older boy said Oh thing are going to get interesting around here. The cats are back, maybe for good.

the end

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