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Paige, Rose and Rachel were getting ready backstage. Rose was wearing a blue leotatd and orange leg warmers, with street kicks. Rachel was wearing a long purple frill top and quarter length jazz pants with black kicks and Paige was wearing a skirted red leotard, ballett tights and point shoes. All girls had their hair tied up in either a bun or ponytail, with half a bottle of hairspray, a gazillion bobby pins and hair gel. Paige was helping Rachel with her stage make-up so she didn't look like a ghost under the light, when Rose made a horrified noise.

" what's wrong Rose? Pre-show nerves?" Paige teased. Rose groaned again and sat down to fix the heel of her shoe.

" No...Bart and the boys are right at the front" Rachel started to laugh, almost making Paige smudge the dark orange lipstick.

" just look at the back of the hall, you'll be fine" Paige reasoned, finishing her friends make up.

They were to go on seperatly for the first few dances, then one all together, then Paige had a solo contemprary dance at the end afterthe other compitition had done theirs.

Rachel was the first one on, dancing to ' do your thing' by basement jaxx. Rose and Paige watched from the sidelines and saw the boys at the front doing a mini hand jive to the music, they laughed and sniggered and could see that Rachel was also cracking a grin as she danced.

Then it was Rose's turn to go on dancing to ' Low' by Flo Rida. She kicked ass in her dance and by the end Bart looked like he was hypnotised.

Then finaly it was Paige's turn dancing to ' fly' from the movie peter pan. She spun on her left foot then right then a high kick and lots of twirls. She loved every minute of it and when she finished she spotted Tim in the crowd and winked at him, grinning as she praced off the stage.

They got changed into their next costumes: pirate themed since they were dancing to ' he's a pirate' from Pirates of the Carribean. They laughed because Rose had the excuse to wear her eye patch.

Then after that they waited an hour until the other schools had gone and It was Paige's last chance to impress. She chose a sentimental song. It might have been an updated version but the lyrics were the same.

' The power of Love' by Gabrielle Aplin was her mom's favorite song. Paige wanted to do her proud. She stepped onto the dark stage and found her way to the middle, getting into position and waiting for the music...

The lights came on, casting her shadow onto the back of the stage, she started to move.

She did light ballett steps at the begining, a few turns, slow leg movements and arm moves. It was only her, everyone else in that room disappeared, the critics and Judges, Rose, Rachel, the audience, everyone faded until the only thing left was hwrself and her shadow moving in cinc with her. The music contined and so did she, letting the music fuel her every leap, bound and twirl. Lights became a blur as her heat soared higher and higher, she pushed herself, panting. The souls of her feet started to hurt, but still she didn't stop. Then finaly the crecendo hit her, she twirled on the spot holding her hands out in front of her, her left leg gradualy getting higher until it was over her head and she was still spinning. Out the corner of her eye she saw a glipse of her mom standing in the corner smiling proudly, her imagination of coarse, but it felt real st that moment. Then as the music slowed she turned to the side, slid into splits and placed her head on her knee as the music finished. There was utter silence then, complete noise as whoops and hollars filled the room, clapping from everyone as she stood and took a bow smiling with a tear rolling down her cheek. Tim gave her a thumbs up and she almost laughed at Bart who was jumping in his seat. She turned and left the stage. Rose and Rachel grabbed the poir girl and squeezed, making her cough and gasp through some tears. Selina who had popped up out of nowhere offered her a tissue and laughed.

" Your, mother would be so proud of you, if she was here," she said.

Paige looked at her aunt and bit her lip ducking her head down then back up. " that's the thing Selina...she was me she was dancing with me..."

the announcer broke their conversation. It was time for the winners call.

" Ladies and gentelmen the judges have decide the places would you settle and sit in your seats," he collected an envelope from the pannel and opened it.

" In Fourth place we have...Danica levesque!" The girl collected ger trophey with a slight look of snobbish dissapointment.

" in Third place...Rose Wilson!" Rose's jaw dropped and she went to collect her trophey.

" That's my girl!" Bart yelled happily, getting a slap on the back of the head from Tim.

" In second place...moira sage!" another girl went up to get her trophey. Then it was the moment they had been waiting for.

" And the winner of this dance competition, who is to be given a scholarship for the acadamy of dance in LA is..."

Paige felt her blood pounding in her ears, Rise and Rachel squeezing her hand and then..

" ...Paige Kyle!"

Her head shot up, clapping and whooping from the front row snapping her from her daze. She had won. She had won.

She accepted the trophey and flowers from the announce who offered his congradulations to her. She could see Selina practicly dancing with joy in the background. She took a minute to close her eyes before looking to the ceiling and whispering.

" Thanks mom,"

They were back at the cave in no time at all, still buzzing from the victory. Rachel who hadn't won anything reasured Paige that she had fun and didn't really want a trophey; she needed the space for her books on her shelf Anyway.

They also found Bart on a kitchen stool with an Ice pack on his face.

" what happened to you?" Tim questioned.

" I got my kiss, but then Rose slapped me," he revaled a red hand print on his cheek. " it hurt but it was soooo crash," Just then Rose walked past him. " hey Rosie can I get another kiss and get matching slap marks?"

Rose whipped around " how about no, and if you try it I'll knock your teeth out!" She stormed off down the hall.

" Arrrrrhhh, I like my ladies fiesty," he purred before darting off in a red blur after her.

Tim and Paige sat down on the couch. Paige snuggled into his side and Tim drooped an arm around her, holding her perfect silece, however, was broken by a thud from down the hall.

" Hey guys, I am going to need another Ice pack...and a good dental surgeon's number,"

The pair just laughed. Life could not possibly get any better.

The End.

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