A World Not My Own: Chapter 1

"If thou fearest to leave me in our cottage, thou mightest take me along with thee. I would very gladly go! But, mother, tell me now! Is there such a Black Man? And didst thou ever meet him? And is this his mark?"

"Wilt thou let me be at peace, if I once tell thee?" asked her mother.

"Once in my life I met the Black Man!" said her mother. "This scarlet letter is his mark."

Hester Prynne lay in her bed, gazing at the ceiling above while subconsciously tracing the scarlett letter that forever dirtied her bosom. How be it that young little children be so astute with their inquiries, she wondered.

She looked over to her Pearl. Her sweet, dear, precious little Pearl who was fast asleep in a fetal position. Looking so vulnerable. So innocent. Hester looked away and felt remorse. No matter how much of an amazing child Pearl was, no matter how many warm feelings Pearl brought to herself, she, Hester had ruined Pearl's life. She was an adulterer's child. Not even aware of the name of her father.

And it was all her fault.

The amount of guilt that she felt couldn't be explained in words, just silent tears.

Yes, she did go into town wearing her scarlet letter and many people thought she wore it proudly. But she didn't. She didn't when she thought about Pearl and the life of isolation she would suffer leaving, because her mother was an adulterer.

Hester thought about the answer she had given Pearl about meeting the Black Man, earlier. In all truthfulness...she'd never seen him. She simply felt compelled by him. Compelled to cheat on her ill excuse of a husband. Compelled to fall in love with a man who many others looked up, even worshipped. Compelled to committ a sin with him that would forever be carved into her life. The Black Man wasn't the devil...In fact, the Black Man was simply a feeling. The Black Feeling. The darkness that every human being held inside their heart. She was simply too weak to fight her desires.

The woman sat up in bed, being unable to sleep. This was night was like many other nights that she had gone through.

Hester crawled out of her bed and went to go get some water.

The life of an adulterer is something ye cannot take pleasure in.

As Hester moved to get a cup, she suddenly felt a little dizzy. The dizziness started to overtake her eyes with a huge black cloud. And before she knew it, she was on the ground, unconscious.


Throbbing pain in her head.

Hester blinked her eyes, the blackness starting to fade away slowly. She opened her eyes to find herself in a forest.

A forest?

She scrambled to get up and took a better survey of her surroundings. How in the world did she end up in a forest? Had it been the Black Man? Had she been kidnapped?

Hester quickly looked for a way to get out of the forest, and found a cemented path leading out. She quickly shuffled out, thinking of Pearl and wondering if she was okay. However, the sight that greeted her surprised her.

In front of her she saw a woman inside of a gigantic white bug, steering it like she would a boat.

"Hey, Tom, I got the car!" a blonde woman said, clad in shady spectacles, a white hat, and a rather revealing white dress.

What is a car? What sorcery is this?

A/N- Hey guys! Haven't updated in a long time. So, this story is for an English assignment that I had to write. I really enjoyed the Great Gatsby and I enjoyed the Scarlet Letter, and I wanted to compare Daisy's character to Hester's. There'll be more of that in the next chapter...If I find time to write it. The requirement for the assignment was two pages (which makes me laugh because fanfics are usually so much longer. In two pages, you barely get in the exposition of the story.) Anyhow, please enjoy. Oh, and hello Sir English teacher, who is going to be reading this!