Notes - Here's the first chapter in new story, it's been inspired by several fics that have tried to cross with the X-men, That seemed kind of restricting to me so I crossed this one with the whole Marvel Universe. I plan to have Ranma meet a good number of the various groups and people of the universe as I go along.

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Prime Attitude
Chapter 00
Cory D. Rose
(c) 2002

Ranma sighed and cleared his throat as he stood up and opened the book:

"Hmm...'Throughout time and space there has always been one precedent that reigned over all the others, this is Balance. For every evil deed committed, there is an equal and opposite amount of good deeds performed as well. This is the way it has always been and the way it will always be as the ages pass. This applies to all the different types of realities that exist as well, if an intelligent being can imagine something, it will exist in one reality somewhere no matter how dark or silly the actions were that created it in the first place. This is the power of the ultimate force of creation, the power to bring about the impossible.'

'With nothing but the force of the will any being in the multiverse can create another world, it's that easy. This doesn't mean that they can interact with it in any kind of physical sense, but they can watch in their minds eye, they can predict the possible outcomes of its people, and gain the potential to forge it into a full time world that will survive the ages it takes for a reality to gain a life of it's own. This is how this small story came into existence, why it was penned down and why I believe it will eventually outshine all the other stories in existence for it comes from the my mind, my soul, and my heart. Nothing else is needed to bring it about...'"


"That's enough Ranma." Hinako snapped and glared at Ranma as he closed the odd book he'd been reading from.

"Yes Miss. Hinako." Ranma said.

"Since when can you read English like that Ranma? You never pay attention in class."

Ranma shrugged and sat down. "It's not that hard."

"...but where did you learn, you've never shown you even knew how to read English."

"I've passed the last three tests Miss Hinako." Ranma pointed out casually.

Miss Hinako, in child form, stomped and glared at him some more before stepping up to the chalk board and quickly writing something out.

Ranma ignored her and leaned back in his chair and acted bored, he was so tired of going through this crap day in and day out with no end to it.

From her desk next to Ranma, Akane glared at her fiancée and wondered what he was up to now. She had been struggling though the book Hinako had brought in that morning, no one had ever heard of the thing before and the name was simply impossible to pronounce and Ranma had rattled it off as it wasn't anything difficult. Her eyes narrowed as he pretended not to notice her and sat there as if he was bored again, no matter how much time she spent with him there were times when she just couldn't understand him and it got on her nerves. What was it about this jerk that kept her from just giving him to the other girls and being relieved of the responsibility of this engagement?

Akane snorted and looked back to the odd book on her desk, she knew the truth, but didn't want to admit it even to herself.

Ranma glanced at her and kept his opinion to himself as he listened to Hinako drone on some more, he still wondered why teachers stood in front of classes and did everything in their power to bore the students into learning. The tone of their voices never changed unless something weird happened or Hinako found something to divert her attention, but that second option was always dangerous. The girl tended to obsess on things like discipline and handed it out in her own unique way whenever and as many times as she could with that aura draining technique of hers. He glanced at the chalk board where Hinako had written something down and nearly groans as he notices that she has written down one thing, something about chocolate, and is talking about how important it is to match words with deeds. This was why he had so much trouble paying attention to the various teachers, on top of being as boring as they could, most of them weren't that good at teaching.

The bell rang and the class was dismissed, he packed up his homework and headed out of the room as quickly as he could. As usual Akane made it a point to leave with her friends and leave without him, when at school she tried to ignore him as much as possible while getting mad at him for doing the same. He would never understand her reasoning, it was just to hard to understand her at times. Ever since that damned wedding she had been doing everything in her power to show that he wasn't wanted around as well, that more than anything had driven a wedge between then, but he still tried for honors sake to salvage their relationship.

He sighed as he made his way down the hall and headed for the front doors of the school. Ukyo and Shampoo had accomplished that much when they blew things up, Akane didn't like him anymore and it showed in her every action lately, her mallet was on a hair trigger and he'd been forced to hide the buckets so that Akane didn't drench him with ice water in the mornings anymore. He spotted the one person in the whole school he didn't even want to talk to anymore, Nabiki, the one he blamed for the whole mess blowing up in the first place and hadn't even accepted responsibility for her actions or all the pain and distrust she had caused. Ranma wondered at times if she would ever realize what her actions were doing to her life, even he understood that she was walking a treacherous path. One day she would end up like his old man if she wasn't careful, every day her conscience became just a tiny bit smaller. Eventually she would piss off the wrong person and the pay back would be far worse than she could ever realize.

He walked out of school and saw that Akane had headed home without him, she was in the distance walking with Yuka, this was a new occurrence and he wondered if it was the beginning of some kind of retaliation. Stopping for a second he figured if he went home he would just be leaving within a few minutes as Akane took her misplaced anger out on him with a surprise attack with the mallet, that was getting old too, it had happened to many times. Instead he decided to give her the space she wanted for once, she didn't want him around so he wouldn't be around. He jumped up on top of a nearby roof and used the rooftops to head to one of the local parks, this too had become a habit lately and even his old man had noticed that he wasn't around all that much anymore. The workout that morning had been more brutal than it normally was when his old man had pulled out all the stops in one of his normal attempts to make him do his bidding.

Ranma recalled leaving him embedded in the side of the dojo unconscious, it was the third time this month that he'd had to do this and even Kasumi was getting mad at him for all the damage to the house. She didn't say it in so many words, no, she had started to allow Akane to make his lunch in the mornings. The first one had literally exploded into flames the instant the air tight seal on the package had been removed, it took two days for the burns on his hands to go away and Akane had never apologized for it. According to her and her friends he had brought it on himself and deserved it for all the 'pain' he had caused to others. Akane had raved about this French dish she had stumbled across in Kasumi's recipe library, he wasn't all the surprised that she would mess the thing up and still get the flame portion of the thing right. Everything after that had been a little less destructive, but they had been just as inedible as that charred mass that survived the first lunch.

With barely any sound at all Ranma launched himself off a roof, over a wall, and landed on a bit of grass and looked around cautiously. He noticed something strange over by the lake as the light breeze created waves and distortion upon the water's surface. There was a storm coming, he could feel it and knew that it would mean another of his many changes into Ranko, he had gotten to the point the he could ignore the transformation, but he still hated it more than anything else in his life. Not ten seconds later he sighs as lightning flashes in the sky and one of Nerima's unpredictable storms soaks him through in a matter of seconds. His hair goes red and she has breasts again, oh joy, she's not a man any more. She waits a few minutes for the rain to stop before she shakes her head to dislodge the water in her hair.

"Like I need this." She muttered to herself and had to restrain herself from lashing out at a nearby tree in her anger. She hated her curse, there were days when she wondered if Seppuku wouldn't be all that bad.


The man shaped being known as Galactus was huge, almost three hundred feet tall and decked out in a blue and purple battle armor that he never took off. Upon his head was a helmed crown with spikes rising out from where the ears would have been like a pair of boomerangs, these alone were nearly a thirty feet long from top to bottom and they gleamed brightly in the strange blue light that was cascading around him from the large view screen he was standing in front of. His mind was not that of a mortal, but of a god, he was an aspect of destruction and death that had to consume entire planets to survive and appease his insatiable hunger, even if those planets were inhabited. Living beings meant nothing to Galactus, the meant as little to him as a bug did to most humans. Few beings alive had ever met the great murderer and of those, all were of incredible power, for he was a true god.

Galactus stood on the bridge of his ship, a moon sized machine that he used to destroy and eat the planets the he consumed. Surprisingly he wasn't here to eat a planet, he was here to witness a rare event and take advantage of it, something that had only happened once since the big bang itself. Galactus was old, he was a being that was rumored to be older than this universe and considering this would be the third time he witnessed something like this, it had to be true. Galactus cared nothing for things like good and evil, to him they were a waste of time, his only purpose was to consume planets to stave off his incredible galactic sized hunger for a planets bioenergy. He did what was necessary to survive and nothing more, pray for any one that got in his way though, they rarely survived the encounter. Rarely had he been prevented from eating a planet and when it did occur it was usually because the beings on it were intelligent enough to fight him off.

This of course had nothing to with what he was here to witness, but he was constantly drawn back to his rare failures, it was the nature of his being. Like this event, there had only been three times that he'd actually failed and they were such rare things that he tried to ignore them, and when that was impossible he would learn from them. That was why he was here now, to learn from a mistake he had made ages ago before the stars had become old. He stared out the screen that framed what looked like a blue star of incredible proportions, but this was anything but that, it was a tiny fragment of the energy left over from collapse of a rare celectial event. What made these rare was that the conditions had to be just so for something like this to form, a shard of pure ethereal cosmic matter.

He was here to eat it.

It would give him several years of relief from the constant hunger, it's power was unimaginable to a lower mind, but as a god he could comprehend it easily and knew that it would bring about a whole new level of power for him and allow him to move up to the next level. This blue shard of cosmic energy was larger than his ship and a thousand times brighter than any sun, he had been traveling towards it for several months now at high warp, but even after all that time he was only just now getting close to it, but he would be there shortly and he would feed on the solidified cosmic energy. Even now the energy of the star was assuaging his hunger as his ship absorbed the blue energy radiating from it, soon his hunger would be gone.

Then as his ship was pulling into a low orbit around the shard his pure white eyes narrowed, a memory was surfacing at the back of his mind. From long, long ago from when he wasn't Galactus, but a mortal being known as simply Galen, he concentrated on it but it was older than time itself and just out of reach. He rarely thought about the times when he hadn't been Galactus the World Destroyer, it was so long ago he couldn't even recall what his name would have been, just something he had abandoned during the great collapse. With the press of a button Galactus forgot about the memory and trudged on, he had to get rid of the hunger that drove him even if it was only for a short while.

City sized tentacles dropped out of the bottom of Galactus' ship and started sucking up the energy around the shard of power, it's bright blue color almost too bright for even Mighty Galactus to tolerate, but he ignored it in favor of his mission. This shard, to understand a bit of it's size was larger than a planet but so bright that it filled a whole star system with bright blue light. It would have been considered one of the wonders of the universe if anyone had ever visited this location, but Galactus was the first and once he was gone it wouldn't exist anymore. He reached out a giant finger and tapped another button on console in front of him and frowned at what his instruments were telling him.

"Hmm...oops." Galactus said, it was something his ex-herald had used upon occasion during their centuries of wandering. He had heard Nova, another of his heralds use it as well when they were in a bad situation.

The memory he had tried to ignore was in the for front of his mind now and he recalled what was so dangerous about a shard like this. He didn't budge as the shard shrank down suddenly, he didn't blink as all that light started to grow even brighter as it was drawn in, he didn't budge as his control board shorted out, and didn't so much as move a finger as the shard seemed to explode outward to engulf his ship. It imploded around him and the energies from his own ship mixed with those of the shard and increased it's power enough to rip a hole in reality itself. Galactus' ship exploded in a giant ball of cosmic power that just added to the collapse of the blue shard, this combined to send out a wave of cosmic destruction like a ripple on a pond of water, but this one was spreading out in all directions. The billion lives this would cost meant nothing to Galactus, but as he went up with his ship he wondered what the future would bring and if it would be worth the effort.

He wouldn't die from this, oh no, Galactus is a god and as such can only be removed from existence for a short while. The power of Galactus was awesome and impossible for a mortal to comprehend, within a short time he would be back and have to continue on to his next meal. He wouldn't think about this set back, but add it to the list of mistakes he's made and make sure he didn't do it again. One thing he would wonder about though was what the full effect of the shard would be when the hole he had just created into several different universes finally closed. Only time would tell, but for the moment he was still trying to pull himself back together so he had other things on his mind.


"Well that ruins any plans I had." Ranma mutters as she moves over to a tree and hops up onto a branch, the leaves are thick enough that she doesn't get her clothes dirty. Grabbing a book out of her bag, she had hung it from a nearby branch, she starts flipping through it. One page flipped every four or five seconds until she gets though the book then grabs another one and does the same thing. Due to the insane amount of fights that occurred around her day in and day out Ranma had been forced to learn some skills that would allow her to take care of a great deal of things at once, the faster the better. Or in this case, adapt some already known skills to different uses, using the Amagurican to speed read was a bit of a stretch, but it allowed her to take care of school and still be able to keep an out for any and all attacking morons might wander her way.

Akane still hadn't figured out how he was able to pass all his tests in class with C's and B's on tests, she was to busy blaming him for everything that went wrong with her world view. Ranma sometimes wondered if Akane had the brains of a carrot, at times it seemed like she was quite smart, but when it had anything to with him she absolutely refused to give him even the smallest chance. Instead all she did was look for anything that might even hint that the was doing something odd and use it reinforce her odd view of the world. Reading through several Psychology books had been quite insightful and dull, luckily it had only taken about an hour with his new technique, no one had even noticed he was gone, he still had to fight to stay awake though.

She had been trying to get herself more educated ever since her mother insisted on it, but with all her enemies things had been kind of hard. Training with the old man hadn't gotten any easier since he knew how she fought and when he did go all out the old fart was pretty good. Still, he detested an educated mind for some reason, especially when he realized that she had started to play little games with him. Her mom had pointed out several books that detailed things Ranma had never heard of before, at least things that were written down. Genma had tried to teach them to her through training, but left out explanations for why a good number of them were used. He had always wanted her to act without thought, not avoid a fight by thinking on it to much and lose the advantage.

Thunder rumbled in the distance and Ranma sighed, there were days when she wondered if the universe was out to get her for something she didn't remember doing. She sent her senses out to see when the rain would arrive, at first it appeared that the storm was about five minutes away, but then her eyes snapped open as she suddenly sensed something big happening all around her. Ranma looked around frantically when the hair on her head started to spark with static electricity, and saw the tree was starting to spark with it as well. She gasped as it rolled over her body and left a strange tingle behind, it was almost pleasant, but she ignored this as she dropped her chemistry book to the ground and forgot about it, something was telling her to leave the area before it was to late.

Then before she could even put action to thought, it happened, her mind exploded into fire and Ranma screamed unlike she ever had before. She fell out of the tree and landed on her side in the wet grass with a loud squelch, but this was barely heard over the roar of lightning as it continued to flow from the trees all around her, from the ground all around the tree, and even fall out of a clear sky as every bit of it seemed to focus in on her as she writhed in pain. All she knew was that she was in pain and that it was more than she ever experienced before, even worse than the time Cologne had used pain inducing points in an attempt to make her marry Shampoo. Even the Neko-Ken wasn't this painful. Eventually she was able to force her mind to work around the pain and she had to use every ounce of will power she had to staggered to her feet as it rushed through her without mercy, there was blood dribbling from her ears and nose as she forced herself to work through the pain. It hadn't stopped, instead it seemed to level out at just the point of agony, but not enough to stop her. Ten years of training to control her body allowed her to force herself to do what was needed and not surrender to the pain.

It took everything she had, but she managed after a few seconds to use her Ki to reduce the pain by about half, but it still felt like someone was using an ice pick to divide her brain into tiny little slices. Then it stared to travel down her nerve endings, she moaned in pain and tried to shake it off, but it only made it worse as she fell to her knees. Something inside her twisted and surged like a raging flood and she fell over as the pain intensified a thousand fold, blood started flowing out of her eyes even as she diverted more and more Ki to battle the problem. Whatever it was she knew this was a bad sign, what little thought she could devote to it suggested that this was an attack of some kind, but she didn't have a clue what it was.

Her aura exploded outward as she tapped everything she had, it shattered the ground around her body and shattered the tree she fell out of into a pile of broken kindling. This wasn't even noticed as Ranma scrambled around on the ground and screamed as her aura flared up even more as she collapsed with a groan of agony. Her aura, a bright blue, turned to a bright white and condensed around her body in a kind of cocoon of energy. This energy started to sparkle and spark with electricity in multiple colors, then all of this flared one last time and lit up the entire park with white light. The light was bright enough to nearly blind everyone one in a ten mile radius, to be spotted from satellites in space and alerted a number of people that something was happening in Japan. Then as quickly it happened the flash of light vanished before anyone could do more than pinpoint that it was in Tokyo somewhere.


When Ranma came to, she noticed two things, the first was that she wasn't in the park anymore and that the pain was gone. The second was that she had no clue where she was, opening her eyes didn't seem to work either since there wasn't enough light around her to see things. Sitting up proved to be a bad idea as it caused her to gasp in pain, it felt as if every muscle in her body had been shredded and stitched back together. This kind of pain was different than what she had felt earlier though, it was almost a relief to feel this kind since it couldn't even compare to that agony. She didn't think anything would come close to ever matching that and didn't even want to think about anything that could.

A look within was all she needed to figure out that her Ki reserves were nearly drained and completely inaccessible for a while yet, with her life it didn't even come a surprise really. Nothing ever came easy and she always had to fight for even the slightest bit of good luck, it had to a family curse or something, if it was bad news or and angry weirdo, they always came after her for some strange reason. Gritting her teeth she lifted her hands and started feeling her body to see if there was any damage she didn't know about. From the feel of things she was laid out on a bed of some kind, someone had taken her clothes and tossed a sheet over her, she'd take care of the pervert later. Pulling this back didn't help her with her sight though, it was still dark and a quick feel of her face revealed why as she traced the blood tracks that flowed from her eyes.

A memory of something one of her teachers had said about pain came back to her, something to with people who had been tortured going blind. She seemed to have busted something inside her eyes and it would take a while to repair itself before she could see again, her eyes were useless at the moment and with her Ki all but drained it would be a while yet. Her head started to pound as she moved around, but she ignored the increasing pain and hoped this wasn't a permanent thing. Things like that could wait until she had figured out what was going on and where she was. The old man had taken the time to teach her how to fight without the use of her eyes so she knew how to move around in total darkness, but without the use her Ki things were going to be a lot harder to do.

She grit her teeth as she slowly sat up, her self inspection showed that she didn't really have any external injuries, and let out a loud groan of pain for the effort, then had to spend a few moments gasping for air before feeling along her legs to see if they were injured. Everything seemed to be in working order, so she carefully moved them off the edge of the bed and let them hang. To her surprise this lessoned the amount of pain that was bothering her, but it picked back up as her feet met the floor. Listening with all she had she tried to read the room and was a bit shocked to find that there wasn't any sound to hear, it was completely silent. No beeping, no horns in the background, no one walking along the some hallway nearby, nothing but perfect silence. Where in the hell was she, even at Tofu's clinic she could usually hear nearby traffic and people working out in their yards?

"This is all I need, I have no clue where I am and it looks like I have to do this the slow way. Oh yay." She muttered as she slid off the bed and attempted to stand, every inch of her body felt like someone had just decided to rip her up again and she couldn't suppress a yell of agony as she fell to the floor. This had one interesting effect though, she heard a low level beep just as she screamed, but moving seemed to be out of the question at the moment. Then she heard a door open and close some distance away, some foot steps that eventually seemed to be heading for her. Ranma considered trying to hide, but being blind and in far too much pain to move made that an impossibility. It didn't stop her from trying though.

The foot steps stopped nearby and another door opened, there was a rush of air that lasted about ten seconds, then the opening of another door. "Now you shouldn't be out of bed, Red. You've suffered major trauma to over eighty percent of your body. Most of it is just bruising though." Said a kindly voice, Ranma could hear a bit of surprise mixed in there though.

"I can't see anything..." Ranma slurred out.

"What was that..." The kind voice said.

"Can't see..."

"Your eyes are healing nicely, but we haven't had a chance to look at them yet."

"What happened?" Ranma gasped out as he picked her up gently and lay her out on the bed again.

"We're not quite sure what happened to you Red."

"R-Ranma..." Ranma gasped out, her tongue wasn't working right and it was getting harder to concentrate.

"Hmm?" The voice said and draped the sheet over her again.

"My name is Ranma." Ranma got out.

"Well then Ranma, my name is Dr. Henry J. McCoy."

Ranma nodded, glad to be in the hands of a Doctor but something about her senses were trying to tell her that there was something odd about the guy. "My Ki is out of whack Doc, is there some way you can help me with that so I can heal faster? I'm almost completely drained." Ranma's throat was raw after saying all that and didn't think he could get much more out, he started to cough.

"What's Ki?" Henry said as he placed something on the girl's head.

'Oh yeah.' Ranma thought to himself, there aren't very many people that know about that stuff. "Contact Dr. Tofu Ono in Nerima, Japan..."

McCoy memorized the name, he didn't recognized it so it wasn't anyone that dealt in his specialized areas or wasn't all that well known. He finished applying the sedative patch to the girl and watched as she was quickly fell asleep, he started hooking up some of the special equipment in the room and to monitor her as she slept. The variances of the human drive to survive even the worst trauma never failed to amaze him, the girl was almost healing before his eyes, though nothing like Logan's healing ability. What surprised him even more was the fact that she had been clinically dead not even an hour before, or at least that's what his initial analysis of her had been. He strapped her down to make sure she wouldn't roll off the medical bed if they had to do tight flying, lord knew it hadn't happened before.

He was kind of relived that she was still blind though, she probably wouldn't have cooperated like she did if she had been able to see. Setting up an IV drip to get some fluids back into her system he stepped over to the door, they were currently on the Blackbird flying over the Pacific Ocean. He had a lot to think about, the biggest thing was whether or not to contact the people in Japan that had given him the girl's body. The authorities had retrieved it from the crater that she had left of that park, he had been in the area and lent a hand to those people that needed medical attention. Whatever she had done hadn't registered on his scanners as mutant abilities though, the signature had been familiar, but he'd have to look it up in his computes at the mansion when they landed. He was also cursing himself for not taking the time to check her over more thoroughly than he had, this mess could have been prevented, luckily she seemed to be quite resilient to damage.

A few seconds later he made his way back into the main seating area of the Blackbird where Storm was flying the plane. They had both been in Japan visiting some friends and taking care of a little business when this happened, Storm was visiting Yuriko while he was meeting with a colleague that had come across a bit of interesting research about some of the families that lived in Japan and bred a mutant ability into their children. It seemed they had been doing so for the last several generations, some of the different types had been very interesting. Though there were a couple of families that seemed to have gone completely insane over the years, these were the most common among the specialized breeding programs they used. It had been a fascinating file of information and allowed Charles to expand his database of Mutants a bit more, who knew when the knowledge would come in handy.

"What happened back there?" Storm asked.

"Our corpse just woke up and screamed in pain."

"I thought her heart had stopped?"

" It had, but it started up again."

"So she is a mutant?"

"According to the computers that I just hooked her up to she doesn't even have a mutant gene in her body. She's pure human, though she has a muscle and skeletal development that rivals an Olympic athlete and that takes years of special training to accomplish."

"How can she wake up like that if her heart had stopped?"

"I'm not sure, I either made a mistake when I examined her or she has something about her that we haven't encountered before."

"Did she say anything?"

"Her name is Ranma and she asked about something called Ki."

"Ki? Like Chi?"

"I'm not sure, but she gave me the name of a Dr. Tofu Ono to contact about it just as I was sedating her for the rest of the trip."

"Curious, but it will take a lot more than this to surprise me. I'll contact Charles and let him know we need the med lab ready when we land." Storm said.

"I'm going to try and find something on this Doctor that Ranma mentioned."



Ranma opened his eyes to find himself floating in some kind of fog, there was nothing but white background for as far as he could see. As he looked around himself he noted that his pain was gone and let off a massive sigh of relief, then remembered where he was and looked around a bit more. He had on his normal clothes too, but they felt odd for some reason and chalked one more thing up on the board with all the strange things he had been exposed to lately. "What in the hell is going on here?"

A dark blue arm seemed to reach out of the white fog and grasped his neck before he could even think to defend himself. It was a huge hand and bulging muscles that traveled up the arm as it constricted to cut off his air supply. He gagged and pounded his fists on the arm, but it didn't budge, instead he seemed to be pulled out of the fog and into a metal room of some kind. There was monster attached to the other end of the arm, but it was humanoid, about seven foot tall or so and looked like someone had chiseled this guy from a block of rock. The thing was even wearing this golden armor. Even his face had little crags in it along his chin, he was grinding his teeth together and there were small bits of energy wafting from his eyes as he continued to chock him.

"I've got you now little mortal spy..." The thing's voice growled out and sent a chill down Ranma's spine, the sound dripped of pure evil. Ranma had no clue how he knew this, just that he was starting to black out and his mind was making all kinds of connections.

Using the thing's rock like arm as leverage he focused some of his waning strength and kicked the thing in the throat hard enough to break something. It didn't do a thing, but the monster slammed him against the floor a couple of times and grinned down at him, then it's hands loosened just a tiny amount as the thing threw him across the room like a simple doll. Ranma, his face black from lack of air, couldn't even twist his body around in time to take advantage of the situation as the metal crumpled around his body and he slid to the floor. He tried to make his body respond, but it just wouldn't work as he watched the thing calmly walk over to where he was laid out.

"Your pathetic skills are nothing compared to mine mortal and I'll teach you to try and spy on me again." The monster held up his hand and it flared with a huge amount of energy that nearly blew Ranma off the floor. The thing's hate filled eyes seemed fill with anticipation as it was about to kill him, it's lips curled back in an evil smirk of glee as the energy around it's hand grew in strength.

He grit his teeth and tried to come up with a plan of attack, but drew a complete blank as he lay there in a heap. He had no idea how he had ended up here and he didn't know if he had time to draw in enough Ki to fire off a large blast of Ki, his reserves were to small as it was, doing so now could kill him if he wasn't careful. Something about the monster's power drew his eye though and studied it for a moment, the monster just stood there as if was waiting for him to make the first move. The energy flowing around the thing's arm was a golden white with small balls of energy swirling around on the verge of exploding, he could feel the heat generated by the stuff even several feet away. Even stranger, he could feel the energy clawing at something inside of him as if wanted to devour him into nothingness.

"I will fight you until I destroy you monster." Ranma groaned out and tried to get up, but his body had taken too much damage.

"I should just crush you like a bug you pathetic weakling, how you managed this..." The thing growled out, but stopped as Ranma vanished in a swirl of energy. "Interesting..."

Ranma was surprised to find himself standing at the entrance to a valley full of flowers, he was standing on some kind of over look. There were a dozen or so people down below that were just laying in the grass and enjoying the day, then he noticed that his body was back to normal once more, all his injures gone. He glanced around and spotted someone watching him curiously, the man was quite strong, but about half the size of the monster he had just fought. This guy had golden skin and a thick mane of hair that covered his eyes, he was wearing a black body suit and a red and gold cloak that gave him a look of contained violence. Ranma had seen enough men like this to recognize a man who had seen way too much battle during his life, to much death and destruction.

"Um...Hello, I'm..." Ranma started.

"You are not supposed to be here, go back to the real world before you are trapped here permanently mortal." The man said in a cold and emotionless voice. A beam of green light shot from his forehead just as Ranma noticed the small gem that was stuck there.

Ranma tried to dodge, but it hit him before he could even move and instantly found himself back in the white fog like place again. He grit his teeth in frustration, whatever was going on was starting to piss him off now. He had spent years training to be one of the best fighters in the world and after the fight with Saffron he had earned that right, now he was being thrust into a situation where all his skill seemed to be completely useless. He growled in frustration as he clenched his fists and reached deep within himself to tap his Ki, brought his hands up and fired a massive blast of energy into the sky around him with a scream of anger.

The blast was a bright blue/white color and over ten feet wide as it fired out of his hands, but he didn't noticed this. What caught his attention was that he had just pulled off a blast that would have carved a hole in the moon with ease, he relaxed and let the energy sail up into the white sky and vanish from site. He could barely feel the drain on his reduced energy reserves of Ki, whatever it had been, it sure as hell hadn't been Ki because that still felt out of whack. He relaxed a little and pulled himself into a sitting position and started looking deep within his mind for answers, where in the hell had that energy came from? And why was he having so much trouble controlling his emotions suddenly?


The blackbird was flying high above the west coast when and alarm went off, Henry raised an eyebrow and tapped the button that was flashing. It brought up a bit of bad news, the girl was giving off some kind energy and it was building up to dangerous levels inside the small sickbay where she had been placed. "Storm, there's a problem with the girl. I'm going to go and check it out."

"Alright, be careful, who knows what she could be capable of right now."

"I know." Henry said as he got up and walked out of the large cockpit area, with the girl sedated he thought she would be safe and trouble free, but something was up and he had a bad feeling about this one. He was just opening the door that led to a short hallway when it happened, there was a scream from inside the plane as a wave of blue energy suddenly rushed down the small hallway and blew him off his feet. He heard the tearing of metal and the sky above the plane turned a bright blue as it lit up the night sky all around him.

"BEAST!" Storm yelled as she struggled to control the plane as alarms went off all across the board. The Blackbird wobbled like an injured bird and nearly fell out of the sky as Strom used all her skill to keep that from happening. She could feel the sudden decompression of the cabin that told her that there was now a large hole in outer hull of the plane. Reaching out to tap several buttons on the board in front of her she managed to activate the emergency controls to stabilize the plane. Storm sighed as the Blackbird settled down a bit and turned her head to see that Beast was laid out on the floor behind her. He was struggling to get up, but there was no way she could help him and control the plane at the same time. Storm just hoped he would be alright since there was no one there to help them. She glanced back and saw that he had small gash in his head from where he had hit the floor when the energy blast's back wash had filled the room. It had even managed to crack several of the cabin windows and they were made to be resistant to high amounts of damage.

'Storm, is everything alright?' Professor Xavier asked through their telepathic link.

'Yes Professor, we seem to have lost a bit of the plane though.' Storm though back.

'Do you need help?'

'I think that would be advisable sir, Beast is injured and our guest will need some help as well.'

'Rogue can reach you in just a few minutes.'

'Alright.' Storm thought as Professor Xavier's presence left her mind, she turned to look behind her. "Beast? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, just caught me by surprise. What the hell happened now?"

"We lost pressure when that blast wave moved through the cabin, the computer is showing a large hole in the top of the hull, right above the sickbay area."

"A...Hole?" Henry asked in surprise as he pulled himself into a chair and rubbed his head, there was a lack of decent air in the cabin, but their plane was designed to take just about any kind of damage and survive so he wasn't to worried. He pulled open a small space below the chair and took out a couple of breath masks as Storm struggled to get control of the plane, he noticed that hey had lost quite a bit of speed and altitude.

"Go check on that girl, the Professor just contacted me and knows the situation, Rogue is on her way to give us a hand. Some of the controls aren't working right and we almost fell out of the sky because of it, but I've got the emergency controls activated, but the plane is still sluggish and hard to control."

Henry nodded and staggered to his feet, braced himself and used his skills to make his way to sickbay. He calculated that Rogue would make her flight in a matter of minutes, they had only been about 600 miles from home and when she poured on the speed she could go incredibly fast, he hoped she made it in time to lend them a hand. The computer had already been compensating for things when he left, just it was programmed to do, so he figured most of the damage had to be to the hull of the blackbird itself and it seemed as if most of the redundant systems were still working at least. Boeing International had nothing on the X-men for R & D safety devices, the Shi'ar could make space craft, they had no problems helping them build a plane like the Blackbird.

As he got closer to sickbay he was amazed to see that the coloring of the walls was discolored, and even a bit warped and shredded the closer he got. The airtight door that had separated the bay from the rest of the plane didn't even exist anymore as he wadded his way through the destruction, being careful not to upset things, he wondered if it had been sucked out of the hole and if so, where it had landed. Once past this he got his first look at the hole, it was about fifteen feet wide and clearly showed that the something had fired through it from this side. He looked around and noticed that the girl wasn't anywhere to be seen, for a second he thought she had been sucked out of the hole when things depressurized like that. Then he spotted her crumpled up in the corner, the bed was wrapped around her and pinning her in place.

The wind was beginning to get to him as he stood there and it got worse as he tried to get to her, they were still moving at four hundred miles an hour or so. Moving slowly and making sure his hand holds were secure he finally reached her, the bed was embedded into the floor holding her in place and protecting her from the wind. Her head was lolled to the side and a deep cut on her scalp was bleed freely, he had to get it treated and move her to the main cabin to keep an eye on her now that the bay was completely destroyed. Whatever she had done didn't seem to have affected her, but he figured it had been on par with something Cyclops or Havoc could fire out on a good day. It wasn't an easy thing to blow a hole in the outer skin of the blackbird, the whole thing had systems and devices in it from other planets to make it more effective.


He would worry about permanent injuries later, she seemed to be in good enough condition and getting her out of here had to be done before something else happened. Grabbing the bed he braced himself and ripped it from the floor, dropped it and picked the girl up, she had lost her sheet in the explosion so she was naked, but he ignored that as he slowly moved out of the room. The tone of the wind changed as he was stepping into the hallway so he turned around just in time to see Rogue drop through the hole and make her way over to him. She had a worried look on her face, but that changed as she got a good look at the naked girl in his arms.

"She the one that did this?" Rogue asked with a raised eyebrow. She was wearing one of her usual outfits, a skintight green and yellow body suit, yellow gloves, and a leather jacket. "The Professor said you all might need a'bit more help with her if it happened again."

"We should make it back to the mansion, but Storm figured it would be a good idea if you were around just incase there's more damage than meets the eye." Henry said as they moved to enter the cockpit.

"What kind of mutant power does she have?" Rogue asked as she looked the girl over, she silently wondered where it was that all the women they ran into that had powers seemed to be drop dead gorgeous and really 'healthy', then put it out of her mind.

"She isn't one, the tests show that she is pure human with no sign of a mutant gene anywhere in her body.

"...and she blew ah'hole in the top of the blackbird all by herself?" Rogue explained and took a closer look at Ranma. "Amazing, but you have to take care of something first."

"What's that?" Henry asked, he thought had everything under control.

"Some clothes."

"We don't have any, the sheet I had her covered with was sucked out of the plane when she fired that blast.

"There should be some left in the bay right, in one of the lockers?"

"Well yes..." Beast started, but Rogue was already walking out of the cockpit.

"I'll be back in a second, I just had another idea and it will be easier to reach." He moved to sit the girl down in one of the chairs as Rogue returned with one of the packages from the storage bins where they kept there extra equipment. "Here we go, this should work out just fine and it will be better than a sheet."

Beast took a closer look and grinned, they kept extra uniforms on board for when they needed them in an emergency. There were copies on board of all their costumes, old and new alike, though Storm tended to have more than the others. She was always changing costumes when the old one got worn out or out dated, she was a fashion horse at times. This time Rogue had grabbed one of her costumes, a green and black one that she rarely wore. Beast helped as Rogue trussed her up in the baggy thing, sealed the back, and hit a button on the belt. Like a space suit, it quickly melded to her body and within seconds was as skin tight as all of Rogue's clothing, there were even gloves, boots, and a black leather jacket for her to wear.

"How's the plane feel to you Storm?" Rogue asked as they finished up, sat the girl in a chair, and strapped her in.

"It's a bit sluggish, but it seems to be doing okay so far. We're about forty minutes from the mansion right now, I think it'll hold together so long as nothing happens to cause us even more damage."

"A'right, let me know the instant something goes wrong." Rogue said as she pulled a wet towel out of a nearby med kit, she couldn't count the number of times she had been slimed or dunked in some kind of gunk that had to be wiped off. She used this to wipe the blood off of Ranma's face, as Beast checked her eyes, the whites around her eyes were red and the iris' were unresponsive to the his probing. "What's wrong with her?"

"Some kind of torture, she had her eyes squeezed shut so tightly to block out the pain that her eyes hemorrhaged and started to bleed. She even damaged her teeth a little because of it, but she's healing at a faster rate than a normal human so I think her mysterious power has something to with it."

"Other than the blast, what kind of power does she have available to her."

"We don't know, the bay computer wasn't able to figure out what it was, but initial scans showed something familiar, but it was something we don't encounter very often. What I need as at my main lab at the mansion, that blast she shot off was incredibly powerful and I need to do some research on it to figure out what it was."

"What do you know about it?"

"It was bright blue." Storm called out, the plane was flying a bit better now that she had gotten used to the immense drag the hole in the hull was creating. Fancy flying was out, but she figured they would be able to get back to the mansion without to many problems.

"Bright blue? Ah bet that was a sight considering it's so late at night."

"We don't know where the beam went, but from the looks of things it might have lit up the whole region for a few seconds."

"Incredible, her power must be fantastic."

"True, but with the limited results from the blackbird's computer I still haven't been able to figure out what she can do or even what she is." Beast said, he was a bit disgusted that the computes were barely functional.

"Well there isn't much we can do now, so lets be patient and wait until we land to do anything else." Storm said. "The plane is running a bit differently because of the damage, Beast, could you man the other seat please and keep an eye on things for me?"

Beast sighed. "Of course." He knew when he was being distracted, but moved over to the copilots seat anyway and sat down. He started to adjust the various dials and reading through the damage reports, there was a lot more than he had suspected, but nothing really major that they had to worry about and with the three of them there they could handle just about any emergency that did.


Ranma wasn't sure when she made the transition from deep sleep to waking, but she did know that something had changed. She wasn't sure what it was, but something about her surroundings was making her ill at ease. Keeping her eyes closed she tried to access her Ki again, but it was still quite low and her look inward hadn't revealed much anything either. Just that her body seemed to have been altered in some way, but she had been unable to pinpoint where or even what this change was. Now that she was awake she took stock of her situation again, just like last time and found that she was dressed in something odd, had on a coat, and her eyes were still messed up. Though they were filtering in a bit of light as she moved her head, she could make out the light and dark areas around her.

Whatever she was wearing it was like a plastic skin, she wasn't sure what it was, but it reminded her of something that she had only ever seen on girls in magazines. She also noticed that the bed she was in seemed to be a normal one with a mattress and sheets instead of that padded one from before. Her headache was still there too, though it had decreased quite a bit and movement didn't seem to affect the thing like last time. Sitting up was easier as well, so she pulled herself into a sitting position and carefully pulled her legs in. Surprisingly her odd clothing wasn't restricting her in the least, it was like she was completely nude, but covered. Being blind like this was a pain in the ass, but she had dealt with something like this before when the old man's teaching methods had gotten out of control.

With a growl Ranma remembered that she still had to pop him one for that little incident too, the greedy bastard. She started to get out of the bed to explore the room when the door opened, cocking her head to the side she could hear the ruffle of clothing and the smell of...damp hair? "Who might you be?"

"It's Dr. McCoy again, how are you feeling?" Beast said and adjusted his glasses, he was wearing one of his lab coats and had a clipboard in his hand.

"I'm feeling a bit better, the pain isn't as intense as it was and my eyesight is beginning to come back."

"Excellent. Do you know what happened to you now that you are feeling a bit better?"

"Not really, I was in a tree when I was hit with this overwhelming pain, it felt like someone had decided to inject molten lead into my body from all the angles. I do remember lots of lightning though."

"You did have quite a bit of damage when I found you, but it's healed up quite a bit since then. Anything else?"

"My Ki is out of whack, but I told you that all ready." Ranma snapped.

"I'm still unclear on what that is, do you mean Chi or a bodies life force energy?" Beast asked.

"Yeah, it can also be called Chi, but I've always just called it Ki since all the Masters that I know seem to call it that."

"Good, good, we tried to contact that doctor you told me about, but his phone seems to be unlisted. Do you know of anyway to contact him?"

Ranma shook her head. "I've never had to dial his phone number, it's on the speed dial at the Tendo's place and when we need to go see him his practice is also just down the street from their house so we just walked there."

"Tendo? Is this your family?"

Ranma laughed a little. "Naw, Saotome is my family name, Ranma Saotome." She almost blurted out that she was engaged to one of the girls that lived there, but remembered at the last second that she was in female form at the moment.

"I have an odd question for you, if you don't mind?"

Ranma shrugged.

"Are you a Mutant?"

This time Ranma cocked her head to the side in confusion. "What's a mutant?"

"What?!" Beast yelled in shock.

"What's a Mutant, I've never hear the term before." Ranma said.

"Everyone knows what a Mutant is, they are all over the planet in one form or another." Beast got out.

"Sorry, I've never heard of one before this, but considering I've been on a ten year training trip with my old man my whole life and just recently settled down at the Tendo's place I might not have ever had a chance to encounter one before. We did stick to the back woods and less known areas for most of the trip."

"A mutant is a human with an extra gene, it's different for every person that has one, sometimes this gene doesn't activate and a person is able to lead a normal life. Most of the time they mutate in some way, taking on odd forms or gain powers of some kind..."

Ranma snorted and crossed her arms. "That's ridiculous, even I would have heard of such a thing in school if they were like that."

"Mutant activity is known world wide, I've never hear of it not being taught in school though." Beast said.

Ranma shrugged. "It doesn't matter, they can't be that common if I didn't run into one during the two years I've spent at the Tendo's place..." She trailed off as she recalled Saffron and his claims at godhood. Could that have been a mutant that didn't know any better? Ranma wasn't sure, but Saffron had been the leader of the Phoenix for centuries according to him.

"Do you recall something?" Beast asked.


"Who is that?"

She frowned now and Beast raised an eyebrow, to him it was like she let her emotions out all at once. Everything she felt seemed to be mirrored on her face, she had to be quite innocent for her emotions to be that open. "Saffron is this guy that kidnapped my fia...a friend of mine and came very close to killing her."

"He had powers?"

"He was a Phoenix, he threw around fire balls the size of houses and had enough arrogance to get on anyone's nerves. He used my friend as a pawn in his bid to gain even more power, I ended up fighting him to get to a cure that would keep my friend from dieing. I had to kill him to do it too, I was almost too late at the end." Ranma said, trailing off into silence at the end of her explanation.

"You killed him? When he could throw around fireballs the size of a house?" Beast gasped out.

Ranma nodded. "I had to push my Ki to it's fullest extent in that fight just to survive, even then I would have lost if I hadn't messed up his ascension from a powerful man into his full Phoenix form."

"Where was this?"

"Somewhere in China, in this hidden valley about two hundred miles from the coast." Ranma said as a thought occurred to her. "Why were you asking about these mutants anyway?"

"You've been displaying some odd abilities over the last thirty six hours, when you were handed over to me you were extremely injured and on the verge of death."

"What?! I've never been that hurt in my life and the only person that's ever come close was Saffron..."

"Let me finish, now then, we needed to get you to a place that could treat you and that meant a plane ride."

"A plane?"

"Yes, a good sized one too. That was where you first woke up and we had our talk, I sedated you since moving around was reopening your internal wounds. A little while after that you did something that blasted a hole in the upper section of the hull right above you and nearly took the plane with you."

A flash of his temper tantrum while meditating came back and Ranma froze in shock as she began to understand that her actions there had happened in real life as well. "I remember..."

Beast looked up in surprise. "Remember what?"

"I was floating around in this hazy fog, it must have had something to with putting me to sleep. I jumped around to a couple of places and ended up in a fight with this huge blue guy that looked like he was made out of rock. Then this other guy with gold skin and red eyes blasted me and tossed me away like a useless toy, I was mad and in pain, so I fired off a blast to let off some steam while in that fog like place. Instead of the blast I usually put out, this thing was big and powerful enough to light up the sky." Ranma muttered.

"A dream induced blast of energy? This is an incredibly stupid thing to do and places a lot of people at risk." Beast said as he considered transferring her into a meta human suppression room to keep the rest of the team safe.

Ranma shook her head. "I've never done anything like that before, the dream wasn't like a normal one, I was aware of it somehow. It was like I was there."

Noting some things down on the clipboard, Beast thought about telling Ranma about his findings. They had been at the mansion for several hours now and he'd had a chance to use his specialized equipment on the girl, he had a pretty good idea what had happened to her, but no really easy way to do so. He decided to wait until she had recovered her sight before telling her, she would need to see the differences of this world from her own. Jumping dimensions was kind of common in their line of work and he had learned what to look for, the girl wouldn't believe him unless she had proof.

"You might have been, things like that have happened to me and several people I know over the years."

"I've never heard of anything like it in my life."

"Well with what you described a little while ago I'm not surprised."

"Humph." Ranma muttered, she didn't like being in this form and wanted a hot bath to change back.

"Would you mind talking to a friend of mind?"


"Charles Xavier, he wanted to talk to you about what you did in the plane." Beast asked, hiding the fact that they were currently in the underground lab underneath the mansion, that she wasn't even in a hospital like he had implied, and that his friend was probably one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet.

"Sure, anything to pass the time while I heal. Though at some point today I want to go outside and put in a bit of practice."

"Sure that can be arranged, are you alright doing it with your eyes like this?"

"Oh sure, the old man used to have me do this blindfolded once or twice a week to force me to get my fighting skills down perfectly." Ranma said with a shrug.

"What kind of training were you given?" Asked a voice just as Ranma heard a low level hum of a machine entering the room.

"You're Xavier?"

"Yes, what kind of training did your father give you?"

"Ten years of being taught one of the most deadly styles in existence, Anything Goes Marital Arts."

"Why is it so dangerous?"

Ranma grinned. "Very few people have the ability to learn it because it incorporates the best moves of the other arts and adapts them into the Anything Goes style. It makes us unpredictable and gives us the advantage in any battle, I've actually beaten several fighters that had lots more skill than me because they couldn't adapt to my style as quickly as I did theirs."

Charles Xavier looked a bit surprised, then did a light surface scan of her thoughts as she described one fight she had with a guy named Herb he could tell that she was hiding something and looked a little deeper in case she was a danger to them, he was a bit confused when as he noticed that all the memories she mentioned showed her as a man. Then he stumbled across some thoughts about Jusenkyo and the curse, he nearly fell out of his hover chair, but dignity and respect of the girl's privacy kept him from doing so. Next to his hover chair Beast smiled and wondered what had shocked his old friend like this, it was pretty hard to that, but it usually happened when they brought in a new mutant or student that he just couldn't handle. Jubilee was a prime example, like the day she got the Charles to use his powers to force his legs to work and taught him how to use a pair of roller blades. Beast briefly wondered if this Ranma might have the same effect on his old friend as Jubilee did.

Xavier composed himself and ignored the smirk that Beast was giving him, he decided to keep the fact that he was mutant from Ranma. He wasn't to sure he could trust her and her memories were a little odd, one of the things he did notice was that the girl really had never encountered a real mutant before. He could have probably dug deeper into her mind for more information, but she would have noticed something like that, her mental skills were quite developed from her years of martial arts training.

When the Blackbird had landed they had brought the girl into the underground lab and ran some deeper scans on her and come up with some very surprising readings. The biggest one was that she really wasn't a mutant, Henry had been convinced that his scanners on the plane were broken when they failed to pick up anything on her as a mutant or something else. The scanners here had found why this was happening, the girl was producing a kind of energy field around her body that was slowly growing in strength. The energy field had disrupted the scanner, showing nothing but a blank screen, until Henry had recalibrated it for special test subjects and filtered out the interference.

Several facts had become instantly clear, she was in incredible shape, her entire body was slowly growing more and more dense as the hours passed. Henry figured that it would taper out in a few months and leave her weighing several hundred pounds and quite possiblly a very defined muscular development. This would lead to an incredible increase in strength, invulnerability, and reflexes that were lightning quick. Henry had been surprised to find that these were already quite high already and attributed it to her martial arts training, he shuddered to think what she would be able to do when the transformation stopped. An attempt to block the energy had shorted out their equipment, frying parts that had never been designed to withstand that level of power.

This Ranma was also from another dimension, they were positive of that now, they had records on Longshot, Mojo, Spiral, and a few others that were also able to cross the dimensional barriers and the readings were nearly identical, but just enough to know that she was from a dimension other than the one they came from. The energy field around her was also a clue, it seemed to be emanating from an unknown location, so it was quite possible that it was from her home dimension. It would take time to track down though, the stuff was hard to read, its effects were obvious, but the energy itself just didn't want to register on their scanners. It would take them a few weeks to figure out what it was, so until them he had decided to let the girl stay, let her adapt to her new powers, and get her used to this new world.

"That's quite amazing Ranma, that sounds like some of the fights some of the local mutants have gotten in over the years, though they were a lot more destructive." Charles said.

"I usually try to keep the property damage down when I fight, but most of my opponents don't even bother. One guy, Ryoga Hibiki could care less, I've seen him topple trees, shatter walls, roads, and even cars to get at me. It's a pain sometimes since I tend to get blamed for everything that gets broken, no matter who did the damage it's always blamed on me."

Professor Xavier chuckled at the tired sound in the girl's voice even as he saw some more flashes of memory as they flashed across her mind. "That tends to happen at times, but you don't have to worry about that kind of thing while you're here, we tend to have lots of damage around her as well and we know who to blame for it."

"Well alright, hopefully nothing will show up to cause problems. Things like that tend to follow me around as well."

"Not to worry Ranma, we can handle pretty much anything it if tries to attack us."


"You're at the X-men's base of operations."

"X-who? Sounds like a bunch of exotic dancers if you ask me, pops used to hire these girls while we were on the road, they all had weird names..."

"Nothing like that girl, they're a group of mutants using their powers to help the world." Xavier said with pride.

Ranma snorted. "I've never met anyone that didn't use their special abilities to profit in one way or another."

"You don't believe me?" Xavier asked, for some reason he couldn't get past the girl's surface thoughts anymore and even those were barely detectible.

"How am I supposed to tell you anything when I can't see and someone in this room keeps wrapping my head in a blanket of Ki?" Ranma snapped and glared at Xavier, he blinked in surprise and for once didn't know what to say. "I can feel a couple dozen high level Ki users in this house even with my Ki not working like it should, some are playing, some are practicing, and some aren't even using their Ki. It's weird, I've never met so many Ki users in one place before, even the Amazons were careful to keep their Ki users isolated from those that could do them any harm and to use them as secret weapons when the time was right." Ranma shook her head and wiped the excess hair out of her eyes.

"I don't understand, what is a Ki user? None of the people in this house can use their Ki in anyway..."

"Charles, she might be reading the team members, they do tend to stand out and since she has never encountered a mutant before she might be getting them mixed up, seeing them as only she understands." Beast said and noted a few more thing down on his clip board. "Can you tell where they are right now Ranma?"

"Sure." Ranma shrugged.

"Where is the strongest?"

Ranma cocked her head as if using her ears to 'see' and turned to look at a wall. "That way, there is a large power source of some kind, but it's muted as if someone had contained it with something...there is a second one there who has a really weird Ki signature, female and a depressed out look on life, she has a dark aura of depression around her and it's affecting her Ki in some strange way."

"Can you tell who they are?" Xavier asked, he had a good idea who Ranma was talking about. The Danger room was in that direction, Cyclops and Rogue were in there working on a new program that Jean had created over the weekend.

"I don't know, the girl is familiar for some reason, but I don't know why."

"Cyclops and Rogue are currently working out in our training facility, Cyclops has the ability to fire force beams of pure energy out of his eyes. He might be your contained force, he has a very dangerous power, if he wasn't careful and ever forgot to wear a pair of special glasses to keep the beams in check he would destroy every thing he looked at."

Ranma nodded. "That sounds about right, I've never heard of anyone with that level of Ki ability being unable to control it though, he could level a good sized house with one blast."

"None of the team members use Ki as you term it Ranma, they are mutants that are training to use their powers."

"This doesn't make any sense to me, having these powers, the way you're describing them make them seem like they have no control over then and that having them is something bad. How can skills like this be bad?"

"They can be at times Ranma, I'm a mutant and I my powers are a little hard to deal with as well." Beast said.

"You're a mutant?" Ranma asked as she turned her head towards Beast.

Henry blinked as he felt a force of energy wash over him and he saw Ranma's eyes start to sparkle a bright blue. "What are you doing?"

"Reading your aura. Your aura is odd, as if your body wasn't quite human. I've seen something like this before, though it wasn't quite a easy to 'see' as this was, you seem to be descended from a primate of some kind, lots of hair, and a pair of...fake glasses?" Ranma asked.

Xavier chuckled at the odd look on Beast's face as she mentioned the glasses.

"Um...well, my mutant gene has given me increased abilities, I'm an exceptional acrobat and can can use my feet like hands if I want, I have increased strength fur."

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "Blue fur? Why blue? Did you dye it that color?"

"No, that's just the way my mutant gene made me."

"Weird, never seen anything like that before, but after you've seen a man cursed with the Niuhoomanmaoorenniichuan curse, blue fur is tame."

"Niuhoomanmaoorenniichuan?" Beast asked as he tried to translate the odd word in his head.

Xavier was still trying to figure out how the girl was blocking him when she wasn't using mental shields like he usually encountered among the other telepaths, it was as if her mind had just stopped allowing him access. He'd never encountered anything like this before, using force would probably allow him to get a decent reading, but it would damage her mind and quite possibly turn her into a vegitable if he tried.

"The Niuhoomanmaoorenniichuan means 'Spring of Drowned Yeti Riding Bull Carrying Crane and Eel. The guy that fell in that turns into this winged minatar thing, bad breath and a worse attitude, I've had to fight him several times in the past." Ranma muttered. "He later added some octopus tentacles just to be more effective, he's royal pain in the ass."

"We've seen some similar things over the years." Xavier said, he'd figure out how she was doing this, he didn't like to be blocked and he still wasn't sure she was a threat to his team or not. "Now we've got some facts to tell you that you probably won't like, hopefully we can work together on this."

"Shoot." Ranma said and relaxed a little.

"One of the things we have been able to figure out about you is that you seem to have come from a different dimension..."

Now it was Ranma's turn to be confused. "Another dimension? Anything like time travel magic?"

"It's similar, do you know the theory on alternate universes that they teach in school?" Beast started.

"Sorta, my school wasn't exactly known for being a top center of learning, they usually had their hands full just keeping teachers around, getting them to actually teach was a little hard." Ranma smirked.

"Well moving between dimensions is usually a matter of power, sometimes magical and sometimes something more. The X-men can do it, but we use high levels of technology to go where we want and usually only when we have to because it's so dangerous. All of your damage and injuries are because you jumped dimensions and the process nearly killed you, I'm not even sure you didn't die for a few seconds before coming back to life here. The men that found you and called us for help didn't know what to do with you..." Beast said sadly, only adding a little white lie to keep Ranma from freaking out completely.

"No offence, but with my life almost nothing much surprises me anymore..." Ranma started, but Xavier interrupted her.

"Would you tell us about your curse Ranma?"

"What curse?!" Beast asked, just a little shocked that he had missed something.

"You know about that?!" Ranma gasped.

"Yes, though I'm not sure what it is, just that your cursed."

Ranma sighed. "I don't like to talk about it."


"Of everything that has happened in my life, my curse has been the one thing that has ruined it the most. Almost all of my problems stem from the time I got my curse, all of it can be connected to it on one form or another. There are days that it nearly drives me to despair and others when I just can't find it within myself to take the time to change back." Depressed, Ranma turned away from them and stared blindly at her feet.

"What's the nature of your curse Ranma?" Beast asked.

"I got off lucky, a victim of the Niuhoomanmaoorenniichuan changes into a powerful monster, I've seen a guy that turns into a little black pig, a girl that can turn into a cat with light purple fur, even my good for nothing father can turn into a panda. Me, I'm a man that changes into a girl with the simple application of cold water, hot water will change me back into a guy."

"So were looking at your cursed form now?" Beast asked as he made more notes, at least her mannerisms made more sense now, the way she phrased her words and even the way she was sitting made more sense.

Ranma nodded. "I don't normally tell anyone unless I have to, but since you were being truthful with me..."


"What else did you find out?"

"Your body seems to be generating a strange form of energy, were not sure what it is doing exactly, but it's changing you in someway."


"Your body is getting denser and denser, this will make you stronger, invulnerable to damage, and several other things that are hard to predict at the moment. We do know you can fire blasts of energy, you blew a hole in the plane with it after all. It's going to take us weeks to get that repaired too."

Looking within herself, Ranma thought about McCoy's words, they sounded like she had gained some kind of power that she didn't know about or the move between dimension had given her more power. That didn't sit to well with her, a free power up was a good thing, but she had no idea what had happened to cause this, that meant she had no way to conrol this power or what it was for and that was bad. With her Ki, most moves were hard to do at first, but as time went along she slowly gained more and more control over her internal energies. "Could this power you're reading be my Ki, maybe it was given a boost of some kind as I came across the dimensions?"

"I really don't know, I've never been able to take readings on real Ki before, just the after affects of things that were similar."

"My Ki has been a bit messed up since I got here, really weak actually, I was thinking that the move might have increased them beyond my normal levels of control and I was just having problems grasping very much of it." Ranma's stomach suddenly growled, loudly, she blushed and laughed nervously. "Um...anything to eat?"

"We can come up with something." Charles said as he moved his hover chair out of the room. "We'll be back in a few minutes. If you don't mind I'd like to see this curse in action, maybe we can do something to help you control it?"

"Alright." Ranma nodded, Cologne had offered something similar once and like a fool she had accepted and come within a hairs breadth of ending up in China again for even trusting her. Ranma would bide her time for now and go along with them until they proved themselves as liars.

After they were gone she relaxed and descended into a deep meditation trance and went deeper into her mind than she had in some time, she had to see if what they were saying as true. Her father frowned upon most meditation techniques because he thought they were just and excuse to make person grow soft, that was why he had started making her meditate on her head. Ranma only ever did that when her old man was around though, she had once come across this old priest that had taken her in while the old man was sleeping off a three day binge. She still got a laugh out of that, it had taken him over a month after that to track her down.

That priest had taught her a good number of things, the biggest was that the old man had done everything in his power to make her into a willing slave to his wishes. This was just a few months before they ended up Jusenkyo so she hadn't had a chance to do much with the things he taught her and after falling in that damned spring and going to Japan she had been forced to work on these things when no one was around. These techniques had been what allowed her to tap her Ki in the first place, Ryoga and his Shi Shi Hokudan had forced her to move her plans up a little, but luckily no one knew that she had already been experimenting with projecting her Ki. It had been the only way she could survive that mess in Nerima and still be as sane as she was, by pretending to be something else. Luckily she hadn't had to pretend to be something unbelievable, just more ignorant than what some would expect, all that time on the road had given her ample time to perfect the idiot jock personality.

Now it wasn't working right and she would be dead if she didn't find a way to fix it, she had only been around these guys a little while, but they had done a couple of things that made her distrust them. The Xavier guy was dangerous, he was one of these mutants that McCoy had mentioned and quite powerful, his Ki seemed to blaze around his body, filling the room. Blocking his attempts to enter her mind had been pretty hard, but she had done so by submerging a portion of her conscience deep inside her mind. When she did this it had opened up something inside her that she hadn't been aware of, that was what she was looking for now. To see what it was and if it might be the cause of her strange predicament, eventually she found herself deep within her mind and noticed something a little different.

'Hmm...what is that?' Ranma muttered as she spotted a blue glow below her.


To Be Continued...

Ending Notes - Ranma's change will be explained, no he's not permanently stuck as a girl, and this isn't a make Ranma a god fic. Ranma will be strong, but he will have to work for it and that is the basis of this story, his attempt to get home and the journey he takes to do so. I will be doing this one in a series of episodes three to four chapers long as he explores around and learns more about his powers and this strange new world.

If any of you have anything you would like to see let me know and I'll try and get it doen in one of the episodes. I'm even considering opening this up for anyone to use the story line so we can get all kinds of different adventures.


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