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"Awh, Quinn.." I cooed as I patted Quinn's hand across the table, "That was a really nice thing to say." I looked over at Santana who was trying to keep from showing how relieved she was that Quinn was actually siding with her rather than against. "Isn't that nice, Peanut?" I ask nudging the little blonde with my elbow. "Sanny and mommy are gunna be best friends, I can feel it." Bella giggled as she shoved more of her sandwich into her mouth.

"Whatever, Britt." Quinn huffed as her cheeks began turning a super light shade of pink. "Just be glad I'm not tormenting you on how freaking blinding your special glow is right now.."

"Special glow?" I gasped and looked to Santana with wide eyes. "Am I glowing? Is that normal?" Santana's cheeks bunched as she revealed a toothy grin.

"Yeah, well after what we-"

"Before you finish that, Lopez, let me remind you that my 5 year old daughter is sitting right next to you.." Quinn cut in making Santana roll her eyes. She sat back in her stool with her arms crossed then looked to me.

"Uhm..You're glowing from all that Uno, babe," Santana said as her lips curled into a devilish smirk accompanied by a seductive wink. "Completely normal." I felt my cheeks heating up as my mind went back to the shower we shared and how incredibly hot it was. But I also thought about how she didn't want me to go down on her. Was she afraid? Maybe she's never done it before, I mean, she's never had shower sex so it's possible. Or maybe it's not her thing? Maybe it's too personal? Maybe she's shy? Wait, Santana being shy in bed? That's not possible. Maybe she's-

"Oh gross, you guys would corrupt an innocent children's game!" Quinn laughed; breaking me out of my thoughtful daze, as she set a glass of lemonade down for Bella then gave me a glass of Dr. Pepper.

"Sooo I don't get a drink either?" Santana sighed with her eyes narrowed at Quinn.

"Get it yourself." Quinn teased as she brought down a fourth glass from the shelf.

"She's still a guest, Q." I warned as I brought the cup to my lips.

"I know, that's why I'm getting her a glass too." Quinn groaned as she walked over to the fridge then looked over her shoulder. "What do you want?"

"The same as Britt is fine." She answered as her phone buzzed on the table.

"Alright, here." Quinn said almost bitterly as she slid a half full glass towards the Latina. San looked up through her thick lashes and smirked.

"So hospitable, you should really work in hotel management." She teased as she brought the cup to her lips. Quinn let out a laugh as she cleaned up Bella's empty plate.

"Can I watch tv now, mommy?" Bella chirped as she climbed down from her stool.

"Sure thing, baby, what are we gunna watch?" Quinn said as she came out from behind the kitchen counter and followed Bella towards the couch. My eyes followed them then back to Santana who was glued to her phone.

"Is everything okay over there?" I asked as I took the last bite of my sandwich. She licked her lips and nodded, not breaking eye contact with whatever she was reading on her phone. I moved over to the empty seat that was between us and looked over her shoulder. "You sur-"

"Look at this, B." She huffed and directed the phone to me revealing a picture of her, Bella, and I surrounded by paparazzi. I didn't really find it that bad until she swiped her thumb across the screen to show another picture, one of her shoving away a man with a camera in his hands. She scrolled down revealing more pictures of her yelling at people, the veins in her neck bulging and the fire in her eyes very evident. "They make me look like I'm fucking crazy!" She whispered angrily trying to not bring attention to herself.

"Crazy?" I asked innocently then leaned closer to her. "I think you look sexy."

"B, I'm serious.." Santana whined then showed me another picture, this time one of her prodding a guy's chest with her finger. "Look at that!" The way her voice came out so weak sounding told me that this was no time for teasing, these pictures were really bothering her.

"I don't see why you're getting so upset, Kurt said you're always in the magazines for being mean to paparazzi.."

"Yeah, I am..I-I just, I guess I don't want people to think-for Quinn to think- that I'm crazy especially when there's a kid involved."

"Babe, you weren't acting crazy though. You were protecting Bella and me." I said softly as I brought my hand up to rub gently at her back. "You did a good thing.."

"I-I know, but if Quinn sees these and how Bella was crying wouldn't she think bad of me? Like I put her daughter in danger or something?" She asked hesitantly, her dark eyes searching mine for answers. "I've already fucked up with her once, I don't want it to happen again.." Her voice came out in a soft whisper, almost like she didn't want me to hear. She tore her eyes away from mine and stared down at her phone again.

"Well, we might as well tell her now before she sees it on some filth magazine where what really happened is twisted into some random story about an alien abduction or zombies." I continue rubbing at her back as she keeps scrolling through the pictures and shakes her head.

"The things that those vultures are writing.." She sighs with such frustration. "Complete garbage!"

"Exactly," I say and cup her chin so that she's looking at me and not at her phone. "There's no use in getting all upset over something that isn't true, right?" My eyes flicker back and forth between hers, waiting for an answer. "Right?" I asked again, this time a little more forceful. She nods weakly with her eyes closed and a pout on her lips. "Uh-uh, use your words San." I teased and squish her cheeks together with my thumb and index finger making her lips poke out like a fish. She giggled as I kept squishing her cheeks with my fingers. "Awh, babe, you're so cute!" I teased.

"et oh mm ee itt!" She muttered as her hands swatted at mine on her chin.

"Sorry, Nemo, didn't catch that." I giggled until she lunged forward and crashed our lips together in a sloppy kiss. I immediately dropped my hold on her cheeks and rested it on her shoulder as she deepened the kiss. Surprisingly, I was the one who was humming as she took charge of the kiss and delved her tongue into my mouth. But as quickly as it happened, the quicker it ended and she was pulling back with lust filled eyes and a devilish smirk on her lips leaving me dumbfounded.

"Did you catch that?" She winked then patted my thigh. I looked at her with half lidded eyes and a lopsided smirk. "Well I see someone's got their I'm super horny now face on." She laughed then leaned forward for short kiss.

"I-I do not!" I huffed as my lip involuntarily jutted out and my brows began to furrow. "Besides, we've got something more important to do."

"And what's that?" She replied sweetly as she traced patterns against my thigh with her fingertips.

"QUINN!" I yelled after smiling back at her. "Come here!"

"Oh, right! Good thinking, B, I almost forgot. Geez, what would I ever do without you?" San replied as she withdrew her hand from my thigh and straightened up in her seat. She looked over at me with such love, or so I thought it was, in her eyes then smiled.

"What's up, Britt?" Quinn called as she walked over to us in the kitchen.

"Uhh," I looked to San wondering if she wanted to do all the talking. She nodded subtly then smiled. "San's got something to tell you."

"Oh great.." Quinn groaned playfully as she walked around the counter so that she was facing both San and I. "Is this going to make me want to hurt you?" She asked as she leaned on the counter with her elbows. I looked over at San seeing that she was already becoming nervous again just by how she was ringing out her hands in her lap.


"I was just joking, Britt, I know if I ever physically hurt her you'd hate me forever.." Quinn sighed as she replaced her scowl with a welcoming smile.

"I could never hate anyone.." I muttered quietly to myself then reached over to keep Santana's hands from fumbling. She looked over at me with this worried expression but I just nodded with a smile.

"Oh God, you guys aren't getting married already are you?"

"Wh-what?" Santana and I both stammered with wide eyes.

"Oh, guess not." Quinn laughed, "I give it a year though." I glared at Quinn with my cheeks tinting a shade of pink. And to think that I was the one who didn't have a filter sometimes."Anyway, go on.." Quinn said, her hand gesturing towards Santana.

"Well earlier today when Britts and I were picking up Bella from school, we-uh-sort of ran into a few paparazzi guys.."

"Are you trying to rub this whole Quinn's getting cropped out of pictures but Bella's okay to be in them thing in my face or something?" Quinn asked with narrowed eyes.

"Q, just listen.." I warned and squeezed a little on San's hand to tell her to continue.

"Well, things sort of got out of han-"


"Q, listen.."

"Don't worry, I handled everything. A few guys tripped and some pushed into Britt who was carrying Bella. It was pretty crazy so it was only natural for Bella to get scared.." Santana was trying her hardest not to look Quinn in the eyes, probably afraid that if she did she'd reach across the table and slam her head into the counter for putting Bella in danger.

"So you put my child in danger, okay.." Quinn's voice came out smooth and even, no hints of rage at all, but that was the worse tone of voice.

"No, it wasn't intentional." Santana tried to reason as she finally made eye contact. "I would never ever put Bella in danger, I love that little girl just as much as I love Brittany and, knowing who Bella's mother is, I'd use everything in me to protect her before I let anything bad happen." I stared at Santana with such adoration and by the look on her face; I doubt she really knew what she just said. I pressed my lips together trying to keep from smiling any wider, but I couldn't contain my joy. She loves me, Santana Lopez loves me. Me! My heart's skipping beat just thinking about it. I glanced up at Quinn and the smirk on her lips told me that she caught it too, but I didn't want to change the subject just yet.

"Which was exactly what she did," I cut in seeing that Santana was getting all caught up in her thoughts and the nerves of facing Quinn again getting to her. "She pushed guys out the way and yelled at everyone, it was crazy." I said with a hopeful smile. "She was very protective." Quinn looked from me to Santana with an unreadable face.

"We just wanted to let you know what really happened before you see your daughter with us on some magazine scared shitless." Santana said softly, not wanting to set off the quiet storm that is Quinn. The two of us sat there and waited anxiously for a reaction.

"Well, I can't really get pissed at you because you didn't let anything happen to either of them. I guess it's just that natural motherly instinct, you know? Anyways, I'm definitely glad you guys told me first." She shrugged. "You're right, if I would've seen that tomorrow or something I probably would've beat the crap out of you." She smiled genuinely at Santana then to me. "Good thing you told me ahead of time though!" She teased and walked back over to the couch. I turned to Santana just in time to watch her let out a shaky breath.

"Well that wasn't as bad as I thought." She smiled and turned to me with her brown eyes sparkling. "Thanks for being there for me." She said and pressed her lips to my cheek, leaving my skin tingling from the touch. She was relieved that Quinn didn't want to kill her, but what I got most was that she was oblivious to what she had said about me.

"Of course, babe." I answered sweetly before replacing my smile with a mischievous smirk. "So, I'm guessing you didn't catch what might've slipped out earlier.." She looked at me with furrowed brows.

"I'm not following."

"You know, how much you love Bella." I smirked waiting to see if she'd remember her words.

"Well yeah, of course. I love Bella jus-"

"Just as much as.." I coaxed, all the giddy feelings in my body threatening to overwhelm with happiness. I watched as the confusion left Santana's face and it was like a light bulb went off in her head as the widest of smiles spread across her face. Oh yeah, she definitely remembered.

"J-Just as much as..I love you." She finished then smiled into my lips. For some reason, this kiss was different. It was soft and gentle and sweet like normal, but this time there was love involved. This time I knew she loved me just as much as I have always loved her. She pulled away but just by an inch and kept a smile on her lips. "I love you, Britt." She said again making my heart race and the hairs on the back of my neck stand. The words left her lips so effortlessly, like she's been rolling the thought around in her mind waiting for the right time to say it just like I had been doing. Who know it would just casually fall out like the way that it did, who knew it would be her to voice her true feelings first?

"I love you too, San."

One Hour Later;

"Come on, Bella, hold mommy's hand." Quinn cooed as the four of us piled out onto the bustling street. Bella scampered past me and San's legs as she quickly latched on to her mom's hand then smiled lovingly up at her. I found myself grinning goofily at the pair; they were just so damn cute together! I think I'm getting to that age where I really can't wait to be a mom. I mean, I've sort of always been a second mom to Bella or more like an aunt, but I wanna get called mommy too.

"Come on, Britt-Britt, hold my hand too." Santana whispered playfully as she slipped her cool fingers between mine. As always, her touch warmed me and left my skin tingling beneath hers. I directed my smile to her then snuggled around her arm as we trailed a few feet behind Quinn and Bella. "What are you smiling at?" She asked with her head tilted to the side, examining the grin I didn't know I still had as we followed closely behind the other blondes.

"Nothin," I shrugged. "I'm just really happy I guess." She scrunched up her face in that adorable way then snuggled into my side.

"Me too, baby." She replied softly then pressed her lips to my shoulder.

"Alright you two, hurry up!" Quinn called over her shoulder as Bella skipped next to her. Santana and I quickened our pace so that we were almost walking side by side the other pair. "Is she there yet?" Quinn asked just as San's phone began ringing.

"Speak of the devil." She laughed when she showed me who was calling; Brooke. "Hello? *pause* Yeah, okay, we're about a block away. *pause* Alright, see you." She slipped the phone back into her purse. "Yeah, she's there already."

"Let's just hope she doesn't kill our happy mood.." I muttered beneath my breath.

"You just call me up if she does, Britt." Quinn teased as she swung Bella over a puddle on the ground. "Me and Bella will take care of it."

"That's not necessary, Quinn, if she starts making Britt feel uncomfortable then we'll just leave." Santana cut in. "There's very few ways of getting Brooke to listen and threats aren't one of them, I think we all know that by now."

"Well look at San being all mature and what not." Quinn joked as we all crossed the crosswalk. "That's a first!"

"Oh, shut up Q." San laughed causing me to smile because the two were back at teasing each other and that was always a good sign.

"You two are ridiculous." I sighed then patted on the top of Bella's blonde head as she walked next to me. "Right, Peanut?"

"Right, Britty!" Bella squeaked cheerfully but I doubt she knew what she was agreeing with me about. I smiled down at the girl then looked back in front of me to see a familiar petite girl with long light brown hair leaned up against the wall staring down at her phone.

"Well, here we go." I exhaled as we got closer. Brooke broke her trance on her phone and looked up at us as we neared then gave us a genuine smile. It was weird not getting a smirk or a flirtatious grin from her; she must really want to keep this as civil as I did. That's good. Her piercing hazel eyes scanned over us then finally fell on Quinn who, I didn't realize, had replaced her sweet smile with her well rehearsed Queen Bitch scowl.

"Well I see you've brought your bodyguard." Brooke said sarcastically as she looked at Santana and I then nodded to Quinn. I couldn't really tell if she was just trying to joke playfully or if she was really trying to get a rise out of Quinn, either way, Quinn didn't let her get away with that.

"Look, I don't approve of this whole dinner thing because to me it kinda sounds like they're asking for your blessing or something which, in my opinion, is complete-cover your ears, Bella- bullshit. You've put Santana through enough which in turn has put Britt through enough as well. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if they get hurt by some stupid shit you say to them then there will be hell to pay." Quinn's voice stayed even and low which was always the most threatening. Santana and I just stayed silent off to the side watching what we knew we couldn't keep Quinn from doing. Quinn took a small step back just as Bella dropped her hands from her ears.

"Chill out, Blondie, I'm not-Ow!" Brooke yelped as she grabbed for her shin.

"Don't call my mommy names!" Bella snapped as she set her hands on her hips and cocked her head to the side in a very Quinn-esque way. I ended up bringing up my hand to cover my mouth from letting a laugh escape. Remind me to make Bella millions of banana splits later, because that was perfect!

"Well, I definitely see where she gets her-uh-feistiness from." Brooke huffed as she withdrew her hand from her sore shin. "But I will be on my best behavior, Santana and I have talked about this and I know it may not seem like it, I do still care about her happiness, even if that means it's not with me." There was a long pause where we just stared at one another, not sure what should be said next. Thankfully, Santana spoke up first.

"Right, well, see you two later!" She said towards Quinn and Bella then directed her gaze on me then Brooke. "Let's-uh-eat."

After a short wait, we were already seated and had given are orders to the waiter and were now staring at each other awkwardly. Santana and I on one side, Brooke on the other with her arms folded on the table top.

"So, I see that you two are the new hottest couple of New York." Brooke said as she played with the straw in her cup. "Weird seeing you in my place.."

"Yeah, I'm still getting used to it all." I said as Santana curled her fingers into my hand under the table and pulled our clasped hands to her lap.

"Oh right, I forgot you aren't used to the fame." Brooke smirked then quickly replaced it with a soft smile. "Sorry. I'm trying.." She said abruptly, mostly to Santana though.

"It's alright, you get three strikes." Santana shrugged. "But if you piss Britt off, we're gone, and I won't stop her if she decides she wants to punch you in the throat." She added then smiled over at me seeing that I was growing a little upset at what Brooke had said since Santana knew how I felt about not fitting into her life.

"I wouldn't do that." I said with a smile. "I'm going to follow the rules and be civil." Santana chuckled then directed her gaze on Brooke.

"I got it, I'm gunna follow the rules too." Brooke answered her unspoken question. "Sorry, Brittany, once I figure out someone's weakness it gets pretty difficult for me to not use it against them."

"Weakness, what weakness?" I ask with my forehead wrinkled.

"Uh, you know, having to compare to me." She said lightly. I felt Santana tensing up, but I squeezed her hand a little to let her know I was okay. "I mean, I'm a head surgeon at one of the best hospitals and you're-you're just a choreographer."

"Brooke, strike-"

"No Santana, that's not how I meant that to sound," Brooke quickly cut in shaking her head. "I'm just worried I guess about how your parents are going to handle this." Her parents? Santana never talks about her parents, and when she does it's very brief and she always has that weird expression on her face. How would Brooke know anything about her parents if San doesn't even like talking about them to me? Brooke directed her gaze on me with softened eyes. "Don't get me wrong, I think it's awesome that you're a choreographer and you do what you love but I don't know-I'm just worried that Santana's parents won't-"

"That's enough; I'll deal with my parents later." San cut in with her jaw set. Brooke stopped and looked between Santana and I.

"You haven't told her, have you?" There was silence again.

"What is it?" I asked quietly. "I mean, if you aren't comfortable with me yet to tell me then that's okay too."

"Damnit, Santana, just tell her." Brooke sighed. "I mean, look at her..she'll love you regardless."

"That's tr-wait." I stopped and looked to Brooke. "How did you know?"

"Oh please, I've known the first time I ever saw the two of you in the same room." Brooke joked. "You were like a love sick puppy dog, it was great."

"Whatever." I huffed, not wanting to be made fun of for being in love.

"Yeah, back to more important things." Brooke said and turned to Santana. "Just tell her.."

"Brooke, stop." Santana said angrily.

"You really don't have to if you don't want to, babe." I said softly and patted her thigh.

"No, just tell her already!" Brooke said with her voice raised a little higher. "That's not something you can hide from and push away like you do everything else that scares you, just say it!" I watched as Santana grew more and more distant, like the way she usually does when she gets lost in her thoughts.

"You have no say in what I feel like telling my girlfriend. Remember why we're here, you're supposed to be apologizing." Santana replied.

"Fine!" She huffed then turned to me with one of the fakest smiles I'd ever seen. "I'm sorry for being a bitch and not taking a hint. You're way better for Santana and I know you could give her that happiness that she never got from me. So, I'm sorry." She said then directed her gaze on Santana with her eyes narrowed. "Your turn, stop being a coward." I could practically see the smoke spewing from Santana's ears and I knew that this is when I should take charge and cut this dinner short.

"Alright, Brooke, that's enough." I cut in as I began pulling Santana with me out of the booth. "She can tell me whatever this is about whenever she feels like it; I'm not going to force her if she's not comfortable." I said with an even voice. "And waiting to tell me something as important as I think that this might be does not make her a coward." I dug in my pocket and threw down some cash on the table to pay for our drinks and appetizer. "Apology accepted, now leave us the fuck alone. Goodbye." I said then entwined my fingers with Santana's and headed for the exit. I didn't realize how fast I was walking or how angry I was becoming until we were out of the restaurant and were walking back to my apartment.


"I can't believe she had the nerve to say all those mean things-"


"Right in front of me when this was supposed to give you some-"


"Closure! Instead she goes and tries to force you into telling me-"


"Things that you aren't comfortable telling! Who does she-"

"Brittany!" I paused when I heard Santana call my full name. She never says my full name unless I'm in trouble..

"Yeah?" I asked hesitantly but instead of a lecture, she cups my cheeks and presses her lips into mine for a very passionate kiss.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love you." She smiled affectionately as she pulled away from my lips. I found myself staring at her speechless; I probably won't ever get tired of hearing those words leave her mouth.

"I-I love you too." I replied shakily then pressed my lips to hers one last time before heading back to the apartment.

Once back to the apartment, we were surprised to see Quinn and Bella sitting on the couch sharing popcorn.

"Well, you guys are back early." Quinn teased as she craned her neck to look over at us.

"Told you it would be a short dinner." Santana replied as she followed me to the couch and sat beside me.

"It was that bad?" Quinn asked, taking another handful of popcorn and popping pieces in her mouth.

"Eh, it was okay." I said with a shrug. "I mean, it started off okay but then she started pressuring San and I didn't like that so I made us leave." I added but before Quinn would start asking the question I knew she was going to ask, I quickly spoke again. "Aren't you two supposed to be at Sam's?"

"Yeah, we went but we were just stopping by." Quinn shrugged. "He had to work again." Sam's always working now a days, but he always finds the time to see Quinn and remind her that he still thinks about her and stuff. Suddenly, I felt the cushions vibrating.

"Oh, that's me." Santana said and dug in her pocket for her phone. "Ugh.."

"Brooke?" I asked, "I'll answer it." She smiled lovingly at me and shook her head.

"It's my work, they've already called three times, it must be important if they're calling me on my day off!" She huffed then began getting up from the couch with her phone to her ear. "This better be good.." She said before trailing off as she left the room. I pouted at the loss of contact then caught Quinn staring over at me.

"So what exactly was Brooke pressuring her to do?" Quinn asked quietly. I knew she wouldn't forget something like that even if I tried covering it up.

"I think it's something about San's parents." I shrugged. "Brooke kept talking about how her career and my career are so different and that she's worried about how San's parents might react I guess?" The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. She told me a long time ago that her dad was a doctor and that he wanted her to be a doctor, obviously that didn't happen. Maybe dating someone like Brooke pleased her family or something? Who knows, but it sort of made sense.

"Huh, well you know Santana.." Quinn sighed and brushed through Bella's hair as the little girl napped on her mom's lap. "She'll come to eventually."

"Come!" I squeaked as another thought resurfaced in my head.

"Uhh, what?"

"Q, I need advice." I said softly. "Uh, sex advice.." Quinn's eyes bugged out as she froze.

"Britt, I'm straight..I-I don't really know what goes on and-"

"No, not like that.." I sighed. "Just listen, okay?"

"Alright, go ahead." She said. I looked around making sure Santana was still on the phone and out of hearing range.

"Well, it's no secret that me and San have pretty amazingly hot lady sex."

"Oh God, okay, go on."

"We can't keep our hands off each other, no biggie." I replied nonchalantly. "But earlier, I wanted to go down on her a-and she wouldn't let me." Quinn's lips parted as she tried to wrap her mind around what was going on. "I don't understand why she didn't want me to."

"Uh-well, maybe she's just shy?

"Santana? Shy? I-I just don't see it."

"Well, some people find that sort of thing super intimate and they want to hold off until the most special moment."

"Hm, I guess that makes sense." I sighed.

"Or maybe she's never done it before." Quinn said, "Has she ever tried doing that to you?" I tried to think back, but I drew blanks. I mean, I think I would remember if her tongue was slipping along my folds but I couldn't picture it. Come to think of it, I don't think she's ever kissed me lower than my belly button! Even when I would kiss down her body, she'd always pull me back up if I got past her hip bone! Wow, maybe she is a little shy?

"Huh, she's never tried with me." I replied with a blank expression. "Maybe she is a bit-"

"Everyone's lost their mind!" Santana groaned as she reentered the living room then looked to me. "I've got to head into work to check on something, wanna come over later?" She asked with a smile as she walked back around the couch. I looked to Q who just nodded then back to Santana.

"Yeah, sure." I replied and leaned forward to give her a kiss goodbye. She left in a flash and soon I was just left with Quinn, a sleeping Bella, and my jumbled thoughts.

Later That Night;

"The only way you'll find out is if you ask, Britt." Quinn shrugged as I got ready to go over Santana's. "Just talk it out, maybe she really wants to and she just wasn't feeling it that time?"

"Yeah, okay." I nodded and reached for the front door. "Thanks Q, you're the bestest!" She rolled her eyes playfully at me.

"You know it." She teased, "Now go get it on with yo'woman!"

"Bleh, don't say it like that." I laughed as I began the walk to Santana's. It got there in about 10 minutes and tapped at her door three times like I normally do.

"Hey baby, I've got some really good news to tell you!" She cheered as she pecked me on the cheek and pulled me into the apartment.

"Oh? What's that?" I asked genuinely surprised. I could tell she was really happy about this by the way she kept skipping around and how fast she was talking. "San, sit." I said and patted the spot next to me on the couch. She nodded then slowly moved to the spot and turned her body to me.

"Well.." She drawled out. "How would you feel about choreographing for someone else that's not Rachel Berry? Maybe, I don't know, someone with a lot more star power?"

"Wait, what?"

"My management team came across an upcoming singer who's already gotten favor of the younger generation and they suggested that I hire you as a choreographer for the music video as well as any other dance related aspect of the company." I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor at hearing what I thought I heard.

"Wh-What? You wanna hire me?" I stammered in awe. "B-But what about Showtimes? Who's going to-"

"Your friend Mike will take over your duties at Showtimes." She stated. "Britt, I really think this would be a really good thing for you." She said then reached for my hand. "You're so talented, let me help you show that off."

"Wow, I'd be working for SnixxJuice.." I said dreamily.

"Yeah, but it would be a lot of work." She added. "I don't think you would be able to work at The Coffee Shop anymore.."

"That's okay, the only reason I stayed there was to make sure I got to see you." I winked, "But I've got you already, so who needs it!" She laughed and nudged me with her shoulder.

"Soo, you're in?" She asked hesitantly with a hopeful smile.

"Totally." I answered. She hopped in her seat and clapped before I crashed my lips to her. She couldn't do that kind of thing looking all adorable like that and not get kissed for it. But, like always, our innocent peck somehow transformed into a full on, hot and heavy, make out session.

"Mm, San.." I groaned as she pressed her body against mine on the couch and trailed wet kisses along my neck. I felt her hands sneak under the sides of my shirt and caressed the warm skin there. I loved how she touched me, always so gentle and soft. I tangled my hands into her hair as our lips worked together in a rhythmic way, our tongues battling for dominance, and our breath hitching at each deep kiss.

"Ooh, Britt!" She squeaked when I slipped my thigh between her legs as she began to straddle me. I smiled into her lips as she pressed her core into my leg and started rocking. Soon, shirts were flying, pants were being kicked off, bras landed on the floor, and ruined panties were thrown carelessly away.

"I wanna feel you." I husked from beneath her as her hands glided up and down my stomach. She smiled seductively at me, her eyes clouded over by lust, as she slowly dragged her nails down my abs. I found myself shivering at the gesture, but I couldn't help but get extremely turned on. I involuntarily bucked my hips into her when I felt her fingers slide along my slick folds. At first, it was slow and sensual and I found myself getting hotter and hotter by the second.

"You're so wet, B." She said in that low super sexy voice she normally had when she was turned on. She picked up her pace and started rubbing at my clit with her thumb. I rolled my head back on to the arm rest, the friction was just too damn good. At this rate, I'd be coming undone within minutes!

"Sh-shit, ooh, San don't stop." I whined and started rocking into her hand as she pressed her body against mine, our sweat glistening skin slipping and slide against each other's. "Just like that, baby, ohh yeah!" I felt my walls clenching around her fingers and with one last thrust, I felt my whole body get washed over by euphoria. "I'm coming, San, I'm com-" I couldn't finish the sentence as my body got completely taken over. I was breathing so hard while Santana just held me close and brushed the matted hair away from my face.

"You're beautiful." She cooed and began kissed my cheeks as I came down from my high. I was still a little out of breath, but my body wasn't completely spent.

"Your turn." I said sweetly and flipped our positions so that I was now between her legs and had my body pressed into hers. I connected our lips again as my hands roamed her perfect body and stopped at her chest to give her breasts the much needed attention that they deserved.

"Ooh,fuck me.." She moaned as I trailed kissed down her chest. I spent a little time on her chest, she really loves my tongue on her boobs, before I slowly tried to make my way down her stomach. I kissed her flat stomach, licking and sucking a little on the skin there before taking the next step closer to what I was really aiming for. Just as I was about to cross her bellybutton, she stopped me.

"What's wrong, baby?" I asked sweetly as I kept pressing light kisses along her hip bone. "If you don't want me to, I won't, just say the word." She ran her hand across my cheek as she looked down at me.

"It's not that I don't want to, it's just-I'm..it's embarrassing." She said as I watched how flustered she got and how pink her cheeks went.

"That's okay, you can tell me." I replied and ran my hands down her sides. "I won't judge.."

"No one's ever.." She whispered.

"Seriously?" I asked with wide eyes. " "No shower sex, no oral, I bet you've never done it in the car before either!" I teased and kissed near her belly button. "Well that's okay, maybe you just never felt comfortable with the person? It happens."

"I-uhh..no car sex too.."

"No way, no car sex either?" I asked. She shook her head. Damn, what did her and Brooke do? Actually no, I don't wanna know. "Baby, you have been missing out!"

"Well," She began a little coyly. "How about you catch me up?" She was back to being her usual lusty sexy self.

"Are you sure?" I asked softly, "I've got no problem waiting, you know I don't."

"Yeah, I know..but I really want you to be the first." She answered with a smile. "I want this, really bad." I stared down at her, my blonde hair cascading down the sides of my face.

"Alright, but if you want me to stop just say so and I will."

"I doubt I'd want that to happen." She smirked before letting me kiss my way back down her tanned body only this time, she didn't stop me once I got past her hipbone.

"Are you sure?" I asked once I was nearing her core. She nodded quickly then swiped her tongue along her bottom lip in the sexiest way that I doubt she even meant to do it on purpose. I placed my hands on her thighs and pushed the apart as I kissed lightly along her inner thighs, slowly making my way inward to where she needed me most. I made sure I was gentler than I had ever been with anyone as I flattened out my tongue and let it slide against her wet center.

"Ooh, babe, that's so-mm-good!" She whined as I twirled my tongue around her throbbing nub before sucking hard. She let out a high pitched squeak as her hands entangled in my hair. The more I lapped at her juices, the harder it was for me to keep her still and keep her legs from clamping down on my head.

"You taste so good, San." I cooed between licks as her moaning got louder. I took that as I sign that she needed more of me, so I entered her with my tongue.

"Britt!" She moaned and fisted in my hair as I pushed in and out of her. Her breathing grew ragged and her body was beginning to tremble as my tongue worked at her throbbing center. "Oh fuck me, B, shit that feels-mmm!"I felt her tightening around my tongue and I knew it was only a matter of time before she came tumbling down her high. I gave her one last suck on her bundle of nerves before I sent her over her edge. "Br-Britt!" She whined as her body thrashed beneath me. I tried my hardest to keep her waist from bucking into me and to keep her legs from putting my head in a death lock.

When it she had completely come down from her high, I crawled my way back up and cuddled into her side watching how she tried to even out her breathing. "Was that okay?" I asked softly.

"Baby, that was better than okay! I think that is going to be my like new favorite thing or something"! I found myself laughing at her enthusiasim.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." I winked. Even with her hair all tangled up and her skin all sweaty, she still was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I draped an arm around her stomach and nuzzled into her. "Damn, I love you." I muttered against her neck as exhaustion began to over take me. "Always have and I always will." I blurted, too tired to even think that my words were a little too serious sounding.

"I love you too, Britt." She replied sweetly and brought up her hand to brush through my hair. "Thank you for being patient with me. You're the best girlfriend ever and I can't wait to experience more firsts with you." I found myself smiling hard at that, but I was too sleepy to even form words after that. All I kept thinking of was how nice it would be to live happily ever after with such an amazing person as Santana Lopez. We'd have a super nice house together with a whole bunch of cute babies that Bella could play with, fans that would love us as a couple, our wedding would be the greatest wedding of all time, we'd cry buckets of tears when we'd have to send our kids off to their first day of school, we'd grow old together on those rocking chairs telling our grandchildren about our epic tale of love. It all sounded pretty nice to me, and it was in this moment that I knew I was in trouble.