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2 Weeks Later, June;

It had been two weeks since Santana offered me the choreographer position at SnixxJuice, but I hadn't actually had my first day there yet being that I had to give Mike some pointers in teaching my dancers since our teaching styles were pretty different. I wasn't worried though, Mike and I have danced together and taught classes before so I know they'll be in good hands. But today was my final day at Showtimes and I couldn't help but find it bittersweet. I knew with Santana's help, I could really show off my talent with but I'd really miss working at Showtimes.

"I hope I don't cry.." I mumbled as Santana and I entered the double doors of the building. She smiled over at me and brought our clasped hands to her lips and kissed my knuckles. She didn't have to come with me today, but after telling her how hard it is for me to say goodbye, I couldn't get her to stay home. That's good though, I think its better that she's here with me anyway.

"We'll visit often, B, it's not like you'll never see them again." She shrugged with a lopsided grin. I nodded with a weak smiled and headed for the dance studio where Mike should be practicing with the rest of the dancers. "We'll come watch all the big performances and we'll be here for open mic night too!" She added and nudged me a little with her shoulder.

"Yeah, you're ri-" I was cut short when we turned the corner and entered the room to find that it was filled with all the dancers, Mike, Kurt, Rachel, Noah, Sugar, and even that one girl that I swear I know her from somewhere but I just can't place her name.

"SURPRISE!" They all screamed in unison causing me to take a step back with wide eyes.

"Wh-What the?" I stammered as Santana smiled to me and pulled me into the room as everyone started to greet me.

"I couldn't let the reason why this place is so successful go without a proper going away party, we're all going to miss you!" Noah said as he pulled me in for a big hug. "You can have your job back whenever, I'll double whatever she gives!" He teased as Santana shot him a death glare.

"Nice try, Puckerman, but you can't give her anything as close as good as what I can." Santana teased and wrapped her arm around my waist. "Or just gave her just before we came here."

"Ha! I doubt it," He laughed and shook his head.

"I've definitely got it covered, thank you." She replied with a smirk then winked at me.

"I've got a funny feeling we aren't talking about money anymore, are we?" I asked with narrowed eyes and a smirk. The two just laughed and shook their heads.

"Alright, let's get this party started!" Rachel yelled and turned the volume of the music back up. Everyone began dancing and snacking on the food that was set out on the side tables. I found myself casually wondering around, subconsciously trying to memorize every detail of the studio like I wasn't ever going to set foot inside again. I slid my foot across the slick floor, "I'm going to miss these floors," I thought. I thought the same thing as I glanced over at the mirrors then the counters, even the stools where Kurt and I shared so many talks trigged my emotions.

"Hey Britt, over here!" Kurt called as he waved from the other side of the room. I nodded then weaved my way through the crowd to get to him. "I can't believe it; you're going to be working for SnixxJuice!" He cheered as he pulled me in for a hug. "It was just yesterday when you first auditioned here, you were so nervous!" He teased and pinched my cheek.

"Yeah, I remember." I laughed at the floor bashfully. There were so many memories, so many deep conversations shared in the very room, it was no surprise that I was starting to get a little emotional."I'm gunna miss you, my precious unicorn." I pouted and dropped my head on his shoulder.

"Awh, Britt, don't cry." He cooed and began patting my back soothingly. "We'll hang out whenever and I'm sure I'll see you around SnixxJuice sometime because I am still a co-owner."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that.." I mumbled into his shoulder and slowly picked my head up to see that I had gotten eyeliner on him. "Oh, I got makeup on you.." I said apologetically and started brushing at his shoulder.

"That's alright," He smiled. "I don't even like this shirt all that much, besides I could sell it on eBay and probably make a fortune!" He laughed with squinty eyes. "I can see it now, authentic tear smudges of one Brittany Pierce! I'd make millions!" I found myself laughing too and soon I didn't feel so sad anymore. "We're all so proud of you, Britt, you really deserve this."

"Awh, thanks Kurt." I answered bashfully then sent him a shy smile. "You always know the right things to say to make a girl feel special." He gave me a wide grin before going out to dance with Blaine just as Santana walked up behind me.

"Just coming over to remind you that we've got one more stop to make," Santana said sweetly as she set her hands on my hips. "We can leave whenever you want though." I nodded then pulled her out to dance.

"I'm gunna miss these floors..is that weird?" I mumbled as I spun her around then pulled her back to me. She smiled and shook her head.

"Not at all, babe." She said and rolled up on the tips of her toes and gave me a chaste kiss.

After a couple hours of socializing with the dancers and watching a routine that they had made just for me, Santana and I were on our way to The Coffee Shop.

"Well, here comes round two." I sighed and snuggled around Santana's arm as we walked the short distance to the shop.

"Hey, you're doing good, I only saw you tear up like twice." She teased making my lips pout as the sad thoughts reentered my mind. "Oh no-no, no pouting." She said and went to kiss my shoulder. "Think happy thoughts, B!" She insisted as she opened the door for me and gestured for me to walk through first. I braced myself for another surprise, but nothing came. I knew someone had to be here since there were still a couple customers seated at the tables, one group being that of Heather and her friends.

"Wait, babe, you go first." I whispered hesitantly and pushed Santana in front of me.

"So if someone jumps out at us, you'll use me as protection?" She laughed at me over her shoulder as I hid behind her then started to walk forward a bit. "I feel the love." Suddenly I heard what sounded like tin cups fall to the floor.

"What was that?!" I whispered and clung to her waist and peeked over the back of her shoulder. "San, I'm scared."

"Baby, just calm down." Santana laughed as we got closer to the counter. "It's probably Quinn or something trying to-"

"SURPRISE!" Christy, Jacob, and Quinn yelled from behind the counter as Santana and I inched closer. The two of us froze as the three seemed to have popped up out of nowhere.

"Holy fu-" Santana began as she clutched her chest until a familiar little blonde scampered from around the counter.

"Surprise, Britty!" Bella squeaked and hugged my legs then turned to Santana with a big smile. "I scared you!" She teased and poked at Santana's thigh.

"You really did, little one, I thought we were on the same side!" She pouted down at the blonde who in turn pouted too.

"Hey, don't be putting my daughter through a guilt trip over there!" Quinn joked as she came around from the counter and scooped up Bella in her arms.

"Oh boo, you guys couldn't hold off till I got away from Britt?" San laughed as she turned to face me.

"You were in on this?!" I gasped, "You're never on my side.." I feigned a pout which only made Santana drop her arms around my shoulders and pull me into a hug.

"I just got the shit scared out of me for you, that should count for something." She replied sweetly.

"It doesn't." I huffed, trying my hardest to keep up my being hurt act. She just smirked and leaned in close to my ear.

"I'll make it up to you later then.." She whispered in her sexy voice that sent shivers through my body. She pulled back and winked before Christy came over to me with a small coffee cup shaped cake with the words 'good luck' written over top with pink icing.

"This is for you, Jacob and I pitched in to get it." She smiled and set it down on one of the empty tables before pulling me into a tight hug. "I'm surely going to miss your quirkiness.."

"Oh no, here comes the waterworks!" Jacob laughed as he pulled me into a hug too. "I can't wait to see you on tv or something, you'll be the first famous person I've ever met!"

"What about me?" Santana joked but Quinn just laughed.

"Britt's outshining you at the moment," She winked and handed Bella to me. "Deal with it."

"I'm totally going to miss coming in here and making you guys do all the hard work while-"

"While she sits staring out the window waiting for her precious Santana to walk in." Christy cut in with a giggle. "God, did you know she had your schedule down so she knew exactly when you'd come in?" I felt all the blood rush from my face. Why are all my friends so damn embarrassing?

"Oh my God, Christy.." I groaned and tried to shield my blush with my hands. "You've spent too much time around Quinn."

"Awh, that's cute." Santana giggled and pulled my hands away from my face. "My little creeper.."

"I-I wasn't- I'm not a creeper!" I stammered only making Santana and everyone else laugh even more. "Geez, you guys suck." I groaned and went to sit down when I realized someone was standing behind me, that someone being Heather. "Hey Heather!" I said cheerfully.

"H-Hi." She stammered with a nervous smile. I looked up to see her friends sitting in the corner watching her anxiously. Kids these days are so weird!

"What's up?" I asked when I saw she was holding onto something. "What's that?" I gestured to her hands.

"I-uh-could I-uhm-could you sign this?" She asked nervously and unraveled a magazine that she had put the death grip on. "No one at school believes me when I tell them that I knew who you were before you were famous.."

"Oh yeah, totally!" I answered happily. I looked over to Quinn who was now standing next to Santana, both wore a smirk. I rolled my eyes at them and directed my attention to Heather. "Got a pen?" I watched as she searched her sides frantically but came up with nothing.

"Uh, hold on.." She muttered and ran off back to her table where her friends probably teased the crap out of her for not bringing a pen with her then jogged back over. "Uhm, here." She said and held up a purple pen.

"Nice!" I reached for her pen and sat down at the nearest table. She walked over to stand next to me and hovered over my shoulder. "Can I draw a fish?" I asked and looked up at her with a smile.

"Oh, yeah sure!" She replied a little less nervously. "Do whatever you want." I nodded and turned back to drawing.

"You've probably heard that it's my last day today," I said without looking at her.

"Yeah.." She mumbled and even without looking at her, I could tell she was a little sad. Poor kid, I totally felt for her because she probably only came here to see me just like I only looked forward to Santana coming in for her coffee.

"You know, I'm gunna miss you too." I shrugged and filled in some lines of my picture absently. "You're a super sweet kid, always polite when ordering and you never leave a mess!" I laughed and capped the pen and spun around to get up to find her still smiling up at me. "You better stay in school," I said and handed back her magazine. She nodded furiously."And don't do drugs either!" She nodded again but this time with a big grin and clutched the signed magazine to her chest. I smiled down at the girl seeing how happy she was just because I drew a picture on her magazine. Then again, if Santana drew something for me I'd probably keep it forever. "Well, see you around kid." I said and leaned in to give her a quick kiss on her cheek. I knew she'd find it way more meaningful than I did, but hey, why not make this girl's day with just an innocent little kiss? The whooping and hollering of her friends broke the girl out of her daze and she quickly shuffled back to her table with beet red cheeks. I smiled to myself knowing that I probably not just made her day but probably her whole freaking life!

"What the hell was that?" Santana asked with her hands on her hips and a scowl. I looked to her nervously and watched as Jacob and Christy slowly backed away, Quinn even scooped Bella up and went to go sit down as far away from us as possible.

"Nothing, I just wanted to be nice." I shrugged innocently, but she kept her eyes narrowed on me. "What? What's wrong, are you jealous?" She cocked her head to the side, you know, the way she usually does when she feels jealous.

"J-Jealous?!" She gasped with her hand on her chest. "Of some love sick teenager who's got the hots for my girlfriend?"

"Yes.." I smirked, she was definitely jealous.

"Of course not!" She laughed nervously. I looked over at Quinn who was trying her best to stifle a laugh then directed my gaze back on to Santana who almost looked fuming.

"Then why are you getting so flustered for?" I teased and brushed my thumb over her pouty lips. "Don't worry, baby, some 16 year old girl poses no threat to you. Promise." I winked and pressed my lips to hers. She didn't make a move to kiss me back. "Kiss me!" I whined.

"Nope." She said shortly and looked away from me. "Go kiss your new girlfriend."

"Oh, don't be like that!" I laughed and pulled her hips to me then cupped her chin so that she had to look at me. She stared back, at first with a fiery gaze but then it slowly melted away the longer she stared into my piercing blue. Her shoulders finally dropped in defeat as the wrinkles on her forehead vanished before a weak smile appeared on her lips. "It's cute when you're jealous." I cooed and pressed my lips to hers, this time she kissed me back.

"Alright guys, let's not forget you're in public." Quinn sighed as she turned Bella away from us. "I know how quickly those kisses can escalate!" Santana and I both rolled our eyes at her.

"Whatever, let's just eat this cake before I throw it at you."

June, Brittany's Birthday;

"Happy birthday, babe!" Santana yelled as she crawled over top of me and straddled my bed sheet covered legs then leaned in to kiss my forehead. I groaned at her loudness and tried to roll over, but she had me pinned down. It's my birthday, can't I sleep just a little longer?

"Too early." I mumbled with my eyes tightly shut. "Must sleep more."

"No, wake up! We've got stuff to do!" She whined and started kissing all over my face, my cheeks, my nose, my eyes, my lips, my forehead, everywhere. It was hard not to break into all smiles when that's how she wanted to wake me up.

"Meh, fine." I groaned and lazily opened my eyes to find her smiling down at me, her long dark hair cascading around her face as her eyes twinkled with delight. I felt really sleepy still, but nothing woke me up quicker than having a sexy lady straddling my legs and hovering over me low enough that I could practically look down her shirt.

"Subtle, babe, real subtle." She teased and tilted my chin up so that I was looking into her eyes and not down her shirt. She narrowed her eyes down at me playfully then shook her head.

"Hey, it's my birthday..I can do whatever I want!" I smirked and sat up on my forearms so that I was just inches away from her lips. "Plus, you did wake me up when it's your fault I didn't go to sleep till like what? Four hours ago?"

"Hey! I recall you enjoying yourself very much, so don't blame me cause you can't keep your hands off me." She giggled then dropped her hands to my thighs. "But, that is very true." She winked and leaned in ever so slightly that our lips were barely grazing each other's. I wasn't even looking into her eyes anymore, just watched her lips move as she spoke. "Well, we've got lunch with Quinn, Bella, and Sam at 2:30." She said, her cool breath tickling my trembling lips. I swallowed thickly and tore my eyes away from her lips and looked into her smoky brown eyes only to find that she was actually staring at my lips too. "So, what the birthday girl like to do in the meantime?" She poked her tongue out and swiped it across her full lips then her eyes found mine.

"Mm, I-I don't know.." I stammered suddenly forgetting how to speak properly with the way she was looking at me. I didn't realize how heavy I was breathing already and she hadn't even kissed me yet! She narrowed her eyes at me playfully then gave me one of the sexiest smiles I had ever seen. If a smile could turn me on, it would be that kind of smile.

"Hm, well I've got a few ideas." She smirked and slowly traced her fingers up my arms to my shoulders, the way her nails dragged up my skin sent the hairs on the back of my neck to stand, then lightly pushed me back down to the bed. My head hit the pillows with a thump as my hands slid up her thighs and landed on her waist. Nothing turned me on more than a dominate Santana, I mean, who wouldn't when there's a smokin' hot Latina on top of you smiling down like you're the greatest thing in the whole world? Exactly, no one, even blind people probably would've gotten a little hot if they were in my position. Her hands found their way under my loose shirt then slid up slowly like she was trying to memorize every detail of my stomach before she began palming my breasts.

"Mmm, San.." I groaned as she lowered herself so that she was littering my neck with open mouth kisses while her hands still furiously worked at my chest. Words couldn't describe how much I loved the way she kissed; always so gentle and soft yet filled with such passion and want. She kissed a line across my jaw line then poked her tongue out and licked up the trail of kisses she just made. I found myself giggling a little, being licked always tickled to me which Santana took advantage of at every moment possible. I brought my hands up to her cheeks and found her lips. I felt her smile against me as our tongues swirled around each other's and teeth grazed lips. My body was on fire and she still hadn't even touched me yet, I mean like really touched me which I found surprising, because she could never last more than 10 minutes of pure making out before her hands started to wander into my pants.

"I-uh-I wanna try something.." She mumbled into my lips as she broke away and stared down at me, her hands pressed into the mattress on either sides of my head as she held herself up. Her eyes were filled with such a mixture of desire and love that it made my heart skip a few beats. I could tell she was a little nervous for some reason the way her eyes flickered between mine, so I brought my hands to her sides and leisurely glided them up and down a couple times in hopes that it'd calm her down a little.

"Consider me your test subject then, babe." I grinned sweetly up at her. She smirked the pressed herself back into me so that her boobs were pressed into mine while she connected our lips briefly before working her way down my neck. I bit down on my lip and involuntarily bucked my hips into her as she moved lower and lower down my body. It didn't take long for me to realize what she wanted to try and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely excited for it. Her hands landed on my thighs as her lips grazed past my belly button. I could feel her unsteady fingertips shaking against my skin, so I reached down and cupped her cheek as I ran my thumb over her cheek bone. "No need to be nervous, I'll love you no matter what." She looked up at me with softened eyes and nodded. I withdrew my hand and tucked it behind my head as I watched her move closer to my dripping center. She looked up at me through her thick lashes as if to ask for permission. "Go ahead, baby." I said softly and let her slowly push my thighs apart.

"Uhm, don't laugh at me if I mess up.." She muttered nervously. I felt my breath hitch as she inched closer to my core with lips parted, even her soft breathing sent a whirlwind of nerves through my body. Laughing at her was the last thing on my mind right now.

"Mmm, I doubt you'll mess up." I groaned trying to keep from bucking my hips into her. "J-Just do what I do and you'll be fine." I answered as I bit down on my bottom lip to keep from sounding too aroused. She needed time to feel me out, as Santana would say, "Wanky". Yeah, I finally figured out what that word meant.

"Okay." She mumbled and gave me one last look before she dipped down. It felt like a million years before her tongue finally slid up my slick folds. "Holy shi-" I whined when I felt the warmth of her tongue slipping through me. For it being her first time, she was very good at this. Maybe it was all the buildup that had me already aching for more, but I had to control myself for her sake.

"Is this okay?" She whispered, the lost of her tongue on me instantly made me pout.

"Ooh, yeah-don't stop.." I groaned and hid my face in the crook of my arm. Soon I felt her tongue back on me, lapping at me juices, before she explored further and twirled the tip of her tongue around my throbbing clit. "Oh, r-right there!" I whined as I unintentionally bucked my hips into her. She was quick to pin me down though, both hands curled around my thighs to keep me from moving. Once she found my spot, she created a groove and worked furiously at making me moan, alternating between sucking and licking. "Mmm, San-so good.." I husked; little droplets of sweat starting to form on my forehead and between my boobs. I could feel myself getting closer and closer the more her tongue glided through my increasingly wet folds; I'd be coming in no time. I needed more of her though, but as much as she wanted this to be about me, I wanted to make sure she was comfortable as well. And as if she had read my mind, because I'm pretty sure I didn't say that out loud, she entered me with her tongue. "San, ooh!" I huffed and fisted my hands into her hair. "Right there-" I squeaked dipped her tongue into me and circled my sensitive nub with the pad of her thumb. She peeked up at me for a quick second before she went back to pumping her tongue in and out of me. My heart raced, my body was shuddering, and thighs struggled to close on her. "S-So close, baby, don't st-stop!" I panted as my body squirmed beneath her. She began humming into me as her slick tongue continued to work which sent my walls to tighten around her. "I'm-I'm gunna- Santan-ahh!" I yelled as I uncontrollably thrashed under her hold, my body arching at each move of her tongue. She kept me pinned, or tired to anyway, with all her strength as I toppled down from my high. She lapped at the rest of my juices as I slowly relaxed back into the mattress then crawled back up to kiss my lips.

"How was that?" She asked, her breathing a little ragged as she stared at me with hopeful eyes. "That was okay, right?"

"Okay?" I asked with a little giggle before I wrapped an arm around her waist and tugged her to me. "Baby, that was perfect." I said and kissedthe tip of her nose. "You sure you've never done that before?" She smiled back and shook her head.

"Nope, I just had a really good teacher." She smirked and let me roll her over on her back for another round.

Same Day, 2:07pm;

"Was it this shirt you were looking for?" Santana asked as she raised a baby blue v-neck in the air as I sat on the floor digging through a pile of clothes. I looked up at what she was holding and shook my head.

"No, I'm looking for that teal one." I said and threw a couple more shirts out of the way. "The one with the stripes."

"Well, have you checked your drawer?" She asked and nodded to her dresser on the other side of the room. "That was the whole purpose of even giving you a drawer.." She laughed when I shook my head.

"Can't I just wear my birthday suit?" I asked playfully as I hopped up and jogged over to the dresser. "I mean, why call it a birthday suit if I can't even wear it on my birthday?"

"Because, you wore it already," She giggled. "You wore it pretty much the whole morning." I sent her a wink over my shoulder before I pulled open the third drawer, my drawer, and sure enough what was neatly folded at the very top of the pile?

"Found it!" I called as I yanked out the shirt and threw it on.

"I still don't understand how you can never find your clothes, B." She laughed as she helped me tug down the hem of the shirt. "You have your own drawer and section in my closet." She kept her hands on my hips after the shirt was completely on then stared at me. "You might as well move in, I've already got all your clothes here." A wide smile spread across my face as she slowly realized what she just said.

"You asking me to move in with you, Lopez?" I teased and slipped my fingers through her belt loops.

"Hm, is that what it sounded like?" She smiled coyly and tilted her head to the side. I wiggled my eyebrow at her which only made her giggle. "Then I guess I am." I grinned back at her, my tummy filling with all those cracked out butterflies, when I realized I had never lived with anyone else but Quinn and Bella. For practically 6 years, it's just been Quinn and Bella, and for some reason it made my smile falter a bit thinking that I'd be leaving them. "Oh, you don't have to give me an answer now babe." Santana said quickly probably noticing my quickly fading smile. "If it's too soon, I totally get it." She nodded and sent me an affectionate smile.

"It's not that," I answered with a weak grin. I never realized how considerate she's gotten of my feelings lately, but I loved it. "It's just, I've always lived with Quinn and Bella, I don't know how I feel about leaving them.." She gave me a lopsided grin then nodded.

"Yeah, I could see that." She shrugged, "Maybe Sam will move in with them, things are getting pretty serious between Ken and Barbie, don't you think?" She teased causing me to smile again.

"Ha! Quinn living with Sam? Unless they're married, I highly doubt that." I laughed. Quinn likes her privacy, no way she'd actually survive sharing a home with anyone but me and Bella let alone her boyfriend.

"Huh, you never know!" She winked and pulled away from me. "But we better head out now, we're supposed to be at Route 66 in like 10 minutes." She called over her shoulder as she headed out the bedroom. "And you know how Quinn gets when we're late!"

"Oh, don't I know it." I laughed to myself and quickly caught up to Santana.

Same Day, 2:39pm;

Santana and I ran up the side of the restaurant hand in hand noticing Sam waiting outside. As we neared him, he spun around with a big smile and pulled me into a hug.

"Happy birthday, Britt!" He cheered then waved at Santana, "Hey Santana!" He dropped his hands from around my waist and nodded to the restaurant doors. "They're waiting inside already." Santana and I nodded then followed him inside where we saw a super excited Bella peeking over the top of the booth and Quinn with her eyes narrowed.

"Why even schedule a time when you guys never show up on time?" Quinn sighed as she stood up and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a hug. "But I'm not gunna get mad since it's your birthday!" She teased and pulled away so that she could narrow her eyes on Santana. "I'll just blame your girlfriend. Santana laughed and scooted in next to me as I sat next to Bella who threw her arms around my neck.

"Happy birthday, Britty!" She squealed and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks, Peanut!" I said happily as the little blonde pulled away and sat down properly. I planted a kiss to the top of her head then looked to Quinn and Sam who sat across from us. "Soo, where's my presents?" I teased but to my surprised Quinn pulled out a brightly wrapped box with a red ribbon wrapped around it. "Oh, I was joking but okay!" I said with a big smile and reached for the box.

"It's actually sort of for you and Santana.." Quinn smirked making my eyes go wide.

"Uhh, is it okay that Bella's here when I open it?" I asked nervously. Sam and Quinn just looked to each other and laughed.

"Woah, what do you think is in there?!" Quinn laughed as she gestured to the box.

"I don't know, maybe a stra-"

"Okay, baby, just open it." Santana quickly cut in as she cupped her hand over my mouth. "I don't think Quinn would give you something like that." Santana said awkwardly.

"Oh gross, yeah no. Definitely not that." Quinn answered with her cheeks tinting a shade of pink. Santana withdrew her hand as I nodded so I could rip away the wrapping paper. I tore off the lid and stared down at what was inside with a questioning look.

"What the?" I gasped as I held up the magazine.

"Really, Q?" Santana sighed equally confused. Like always, Santana and I were somewhere on the front cover with some off the wall caption printed above our picture.

"Go to page23." Sam suggested as he sent Quinn and knowing look. I did as I was told and flipped through the pages.

"No freaking way." I gasped as my eyes scanned the top line of the page.

Brooke Petterson leaves NYU Lagone Medical Center for Johns Hopkins Hospital located In Balitmore, Maryland. Any relation to the short dinner reporters saw her sharing with Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce? We think so!

"Did you know about this?" I asked Santana after scanning through the short article."

"Nope, no clue." She answered with wide eyes before looking up at me with a grin. "Guess she actually took your threat seriously." She winked and pressed her lips to my cheek.

"Hm, guess so." I whispered and read through the headline again to make sure what I read was what was actually written before I let it really sink in. Brooke was gone; no more run-in's, no more interruptions, no more anything, there wasn't even a chance that I'd see her walking down the street because she's freaking gone! I looked up from the magazine and scanned the faces around me before I a huge smile broke across my face. "Best. Birthday. Present. Ever."

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure." Santana winked making Quinn roll her eyes. "Easy Q, I'm not talking about playing Uno." Santana laughed when she caught Quinn's expression.

"Oh, I love Uno!" Bella exclaimed excitedly making Santana and I blush fiercely.

"Oh no-no, you will not play Uno until you're at least 30 years old and you better be married too!" Quinn answered with her finger wagging at a confused Bella. The little blonde sat back down as she stared at me with her brows furrowed but I just shrugged and patted her head. I doubt Quinn would appreciate me telling her that we were most definitely not talking about the card game.

Later That Night, SnixxJuice;

"Uhm, as much as I love my new job here, I kinda don't want to spend my birthday at work." I said as Santana pulled me through the halls of the building past the many recording rooms and past her office.

"But this is part of your birthday present." She called over her shoulder as we turned down a hall that I don't think I had ever been down. My eyes trailed the walls as we passed a long line of framed records until we stopped in front of a big orange door.

"Hm, has this door always been here?" I asked with my eyebrow quirked up. "I think I'd remember a big orange door.."

"It hasn't." Santana smirked then gestured to the door. "Your surprise is in there." I looked to her skeptically.

"Babe, if something jumps out at me I might not forgive you." I said as I reached for the knob.

"I promise, nothing will jump out at you." She laughed from behind me. "Wait, let me get the lights." She said and wiggled in front of me. "I know how much you hate the dark." I nodded and let her pass as she entered the mysterious room. She wiggled her fingers into mine and pulled me behind her as she searched the wall for the lights.

"Oh my God." I gasped when the room filled with light. I glanced around at the mirrored walls, the beautiful hardwood floors, the orange ballet barres on one side of the room, the giant orange speakers that were welded to the corners of the room, the little break area with a flat screen tv on the dark gray painted wall, an orange couch nesseled in the corner, a little silver fridge sitting next to it, orange cubbies that lined another wall off to the side of the dancing area, until I finally landed back on Santana who wore a proud looking smile. "Oh my God." I gasped again.

"So you like?" She questioned as she showed me around. "We've never had our own choreographer and I thought it was a little inconvenient to rent out a studio down the street when you should be practicing here." She shrugged still looking away from me. "So I thought, hey, why not build a studio here!" She said cheerfully then spun around to look at me.

"Babe, you built a dance studio for me!" I squeaked excitedly. "A freaking dance studio!"

"Yeah, I mean, what kind of boss would I be if I hired a dance choreographer and not have a place for her to dance?" She winked and gestured to the orange couch. "Like my color scheme?"

"Yes! I love everything about this," I cheered and looked around the studio. "It's like a little bit of you and a little bit of me, like a baby!" Santana shook her head with laughter. "I mean, one of your favorite colors is orange and that's like the first thing I ever found out about you when we first met and I love dancing and I just-" I stopped my rambling when I saw she was just smiling at me. "I love you so much right now it's crazy." I laughed as I closed the distance between us and crashed our lips together.


"Britt!" I heard Santana yell from the living room. "Britt, hurry up, it's on!" She yelled a little louder. I quickly grabbed the bag of chips and two cans of soda before running out to the living room.

"What? What is it?" I gasped as I set down our snacks on the coffee table.

"Look, babe, you're on tv!" She answered and pointed to the screen where my first choreographed music video was playing. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw my name in big white letters in the corner of the screen.

"No freaking way!" I yelled then jumped up and down. "I'm on tv! I'm on tv!"

"What the hell is with all the screaming?!" Quinn countered as she ran out with Bella on her hip.

"Q, I'm on tv! Look!" I pointed to my name on the screen.

"Wow, I can't believe my best friend is on tv." Quinn gasped as she set Bella down to the floor.

"Britty's on tv?!" Bella squeaked as she ran around the couch to look at the tv. "No she's not!" Bella pouted, "Those are girls aren't Britty.."

"No, Peanut, my name is on tv." I said with a laugh and pointed to my name.

"Ohhhh.." Bella sighed then broke into all smiles. "You're on tv! You're on tv!" She cheered with me.

"Oh, babe, you're phone!" Santana called as she wiggled my phone in her hand. "It says Bryce."

"No way, toss it here." I said and held out my hands ready to catch the phone. "Hey, baby sis, sorry I haven't called in awhi-"

"It's cool, I know you're busy with your new super hot and famous girlfriend.." Bryce teased; I could practically hear the smirk on her lips. "Oh by the way, mom's super pissed that you haven't introduced us yet."

"Woah, kid, language." I laughed and went to sit down next to Santana. "And I know, I can't wait for you guys to meet her." I said and sent a smile to Santana who probably guessed I was talking about her. "She's really great. You guys would like her."

"Yeah, I bet." Bryce answered. "Well, I was just calling because I just saw your name on tv. I can't believe you're dating the owner of SnixxJuice and the only choreographer there! So freaking awesome!" I found myself smiling at the title and my little sister's enthusiasm. "Just don't let the fame change you, that would totally suck.."

"Fame change me? Please, I just hopped around my living room with Bella just because I saw my name on tv..I don't think it'll change me." I joked.

"Well, don't forget about us and dad says 'hi' but I've gotta go now." Bryce answered, "Make sure you call, you know, at least once a month or something? It's weird seeing what's going on in my big sister's life through magazines.." I felt my shoulders drop because I really haven't been talking to my family as much as I should be. That'll change for sure!

"Yeah, okay..maybe me and San will visit you guys sometime or maybe I could fly you guys up here?" I replied hopfully and shot Santana a smile. She wiggled her fingers into mine and brought our clasped hands to her lap. "Well, I'll try to call more. I love and miss you all! Bye." I hung up the phone and tossed it aside before dropping my head on Santana's shoulder.

"What's up, babe?" She asked as she untangled her fingers from mine so she could drape her arm around my shoulders.

"I feel bad." I shrugged and wrapped an arm around her waist and nuzzled into her neck.

"And why do you feel bad?"


"Because why, B?"

"Because I don't call my parents and sister as much as I should.." I sighed and looked up at her.

"Well, you've been super busy lately. I'm sure they understand." She answered with a smile and rubbed at my shoulder. "From what you told me about them, I'm pretty positive they'll forgive you." I felt her kiss the top of my head and for some reason it was like all the bad feelings washed away.

"You're right." I mumbled then lifted my head off her shoulder. "Do you talk to your sister often?" I asked lightly but she just shook her head.

"Uh, not really." She muttered as her eyes flickered away from mine.

"Oh, how come?" I asked hoping that she wouldn't shut down again like she usually did when I'd ask about her family. "You guys not close?"

"Uhm, something like that.." She sighed then licked her lips as she kept her eyes on the tv but I could tell by her blank expression that she wasn't really watching whatever was on. "We used to be."

"Oh..well, what happened?" I got a little confident and asked further and to my surprise she actually answered me.

"Well, my parents didn't like it very much when I dropped out of medical school. They pretty much hated me for a few years and my sister was kind of put in an awkward position after that whole thing so we just slowly stopped talking. It's whatever though." She shrugged and focused on the tv screen with a set jaw. That was about the most she's ever said about her parents and I hadn't even known she'd gone to medical school before! I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but I know Santana, my questions will be answered in time. So, not to press my luck, I quickly kissed her jaw and laid my head on her shoulder.

"Well, my family will totally love you just as much as I do!" I said cheerfully.

October, Santana's Birthday;

"Ready, Peanut?" I called as I slipped on the knit sweater Santana bought me a couple days ago. "We've got to get to the jewelry store before the dinner!"

"Oh we can't be late, Britty!" Bella answered as she padded towards me with one arm through her jacket and the other blindly searching for the opening of the other sleeve.

"Geez, you're just like your mom." I laughed and helped her into her jacket. "Ready?" The little girl nodded and soon we were out on the streets quickly walking towards the double doors of the closest jewelry store. "Alright, Peanut, we gotta find the most prettiest thing in here." I said to Bella as she hooked her fingers into my hand and followed behind me. I scanned the brightly lit display cases, glancing at all the necklaces and rings and bracelets. Nothing was popping out at me and I was getting a little worried because Santana's birthday dinner was in an hour and I procrastinated way too long to find her the perfect gift. I stared down at this one heart shaped necklace and instantly thought of Santana. It was a simple silver heart shaped pendant but down the middle was this twist that held two square cut diamonds. It was pretty, not too flashy, but still looked good.

"Oh Britty, that's so pretty!" Bella chirped as she pointed down at the same necklace I was looking at.

"You think so?" I asked and she nodded. "Yeah, me too. Let's keep looking though, just in case."

"Okay!" She said happily and followed behind me. Right next to the necklaces were the rings. I wasn't quite sure what Santana's ring size was so I doubt I'd get her one, but that didn't keep me from browsing anyway.

"Wow, look at that one Bella." I gasped as my eyes landed on silver ring with diamonds along the band and a little heart shaped cut one in the center of the ring. This too also screamed Santana, what's up with me and wanting to give her hearts?

"Would you like to take a look at it?" The salesman asked politely as he unlocked the display case and pulled out the ring and held it under the light. He went through all the specs or whatever they're called for the ring as it sparkled beneath the light.

"Santana would love this, don't you think?" I asked down at Bella.

"Oh, Miss Pierce!" The salesman gasped with wide eyes. "I didn't realize it was you. Wow, I'm so honored to be helping you pick out the engagement ring, I knew you two were a lovely couple." He replied happily.

"Wait, what?" I huffed. "Engagement ring?"

"Well, yes." He replied confused. "This is the engagement ring section.." I pressed my lips trying to suppress my laughter. Oh God, I would accidently pick out an engagement ring.

"Oh man, I'm just trying to find her a birthday present." I sighed with embarrassment. "I mean, I'd love to marry her and all, but I think it's a little too soon for that." He nodded in understanding and put the ring back in its place.

"My apologies for assuming." He bowed and followed me back to the necklaces. "You too do make a lovely couple though."

"Yeah, thanks." I replied happily and pointed to the necklace I had my eyes on first. "I'll take that one." He nodded and wrapped up the necklace and after paying, he handed over the little bag that held the necklace.

"It was a pleasure to help you pick out something for the lovely lady." He bowed again and gave me a charming smile.

"Yeah, totally." I replied before leaning in a little to him. "Would you mind not saying anything about me accidently picking out engament rings? If one day I worked up enough courage to propose I'd want it to be a surprise, I don't want the media or Santana thinking I'd been thinking of marriage already."

"Oh but of course." He answered sincerely. "When that day comes, I'll be here anxiously awaiting."

"Thanks!" I said and pulled Bella behind me. "Come on kid, mustn't be late again or mommy will kick our butts."

One Week Later, October;

After a super long and tiring day at SnixxJuice it felt so good to finally lie down. I had already took a shower and slipped into some sweat pants and a tank top and was lounging on the couch when Quinn came in with Bella.

"Wow, you're actually home!" Quinn teased as Bella scampered over to cuddle with me on the couch. "Where's your other half?" She asked with her hands on her hips.

"Right here!" I laughed and pulled Bella to my chest. "But my girlfriend is still working."

"Ah, right." Quinn nodded and went to sit down at the little space at the end of the couch. "You know, you might else well move in with her Britt." I sat up a bit and stared down at her.

"Are you kicking me out?" I asked with wide eyes but she just shook her head laughing.

"No, I was just saying." She shrugged. "You're always over there anyway and I mean you guys have been together for what like a year?"

"No, a little over ten months." I corrected her with a chuckle.

"Well, whatever, seems like a year." She huffed. "You guys ever talk about you moving in with her?" I bit down on my lip and stared back with narrowed eyes.

"You're trying to get Sam to move in, aren't you?" I asked and watched as she parted her lips but nothing came out. "If you want me out so that he could come in, you could've just said so, Q." I laughed, "Besides, me and San just talked about this like a few months ago but I was just worried that I'd be leaving you and Bella and I didn't want that.."

"Oh Britt, you don't have to worry about us all the time." Quinn sighed and patted my leg. "It's time to experience life without us being around 24/7. I actually like the idea of you living with Santana, less mess for me to clean up after."

"What? I clean up after myself!" I replied feigning offense. "You're just saying that so you can get your boyfriend to move in." She shook her head with laughter.

"Whatever, all I'm saying is that if you wanna live with Santana you can. You don't have to worry about Bella and I forever, we'll be alright." I looked down at Bella who was now sleeping peacefully in my arms then back at Q who just smiled reassuringly.

"Well, I guess if Sam's moving in I can talk to Santana about it again." I replied and brushed my fingers through Bella's blonde hair. "Did you hear that Bella? This is your mommy's nice way of kicking me out so that her boyfriend can move in."

"Britt!" Quinn whined as the two of us began laughing.

One Week Later;

"Alright, I think that's the last box." I said to Sam as he picked up a cardboard box and headed for the front door. "Thanks for helping me move stuff, Sam, I totally owe you a beer or something!"

"No problem, Britt." He smiled and walked to the elevator. I spun around and gave the apartment one last look over. I don't know why it felt so sad, it's not like I won't be over tomorrow or the next day. I mean, I spend most of my nights at Santana's anyway.

"Hey, B, you alright?" I heard Santana ask as she walked through the doors of my used to be bedroom. I nodded and gave a weak smile. She smiled back and ran her hand over my back. "This is a big step for you and I'll be right beside you the whole way, okay babe?"

"Yeah, I know." I smiled and pressed my lips to her cheek. "I guess I'm just being silly." I shrugged with a genuine smile on my lips. "Speaking of silly, where's Bella?" The two of us looked around the whole apartment before I finally found her sitting in the corner of her room clutching the picture she drew me for Christmas. "Awh, Peanut, come here." I cooed and kneeled down and pulled her into my lap. She buried her face in my chest and I could feel her hot tears soaking through my shirt. "Don't cry, Bella, you know I don't like it when you cry.."

"B-B-But you're going away, Britt.." She stammered as she threw her arms around my waist. "You won't see me no more.." My heart broke at how upset she was and when I saw Santana poke her head into the doorway I just gave her a weak nod. She took the hint and disappeared so that I could comfort Bella.

"I'm not going anywhere, Peanut." I cooed and started rocking the girl in my arms. "I'll always visit and Santana and I will still pick you up from school whenever you want."

"R-R-Really?" She muttered and looked up at me with red eyes. I brought up the pad of my thumb and wiped her cheeks.

"Totally." I said cheerfully. "I promise to have our Britt/Bella night at least once a week, that way you'll be guaranteed to hang out with me!" That seemed to please her as she shot up from my lap with a bright smile and hugged me tight. "I'll never forget about my little Peanut." I cooed as I hugged the little blonde back.

Minutes later, Santana had joined Bella and I as we met up with Quinn and Sam downstairs where one of Santana's cars was loaded with all my boxes.

"What did you do this time, Lopez?" Quinn questioned as she saw Bella's redden eyes. "You make my daughter cry?" Santana just rolled her eyes with a laugh and shook her head.

"No, that was all me.." I answered confidently and wrapped my arm around Santana. "But it's okay, Bella and I made a deal so it's all good!"

"Oh okay.." Quinn shrugged then directed her gaze on Santana. "Careful with her, she likes to leave empty soda cans everywhere."

"Not-uh!" I argued and looked to Santana. "I really don't.."

"I know, babe." Santana laughed then turned her eyes on Quinn. "Q's just mad because she's going to have to deal with a boy leaving up the toilet seat and she'll probably fall in when she gets up in the middle of the night to pee."

"Oh, Quinn does sleep walk to the bathroom too!" I laughed to which Quinn just rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry, babe, I'm really good at remembering to put down the seat." He cooed and pressed a chaste kiss to her cheek.

"Yeah, you better hope so." Quinn joked and bumped him with her hip. Santana and I exchanged loving looks as we watched the way Quinn and Sam interacted with each other and how Bella smiled up at them affectionately. It made me feel so happy to know that Bella and Quinn would be in good hands. They were really a cute little family. "Well," Quinn sighed and turned to face us, "Now that you guys are moving in with each other, you know what the next step is..marriage." Santana began coughing uncontrollably while I just stared wide-eyed. No filter Quinn strikes once again! "Geez, I was just kidding!" Quinn laughed and pointed to the distressed Santana. "Britt, please make sure I didn't just kill your girlfriend." I sent her my best Oh my God do you realize you almost ruined all my plans for the proposal to be a surprise? Whose side are you on! When I told you not to say a word I meant DO NOT EVEN JOKE ABOUT IT! Geez, Quinn! look and went over to pat at Santana's back. I couldn't but rethink about my idea of proposing to Santana considering the way she reacted to Quinn just joking about it. Maybe I should hold off a few more months..

New Year's Eve, Showtimes, December;

"Brittany! Santana!" Kurt called as he held his arms open side and ran over to engulf the both of us in a big hug. "You too look flawless like always, I'm really glad you guys made it!" He said as he pulled away and motioned to the stage. "Rachel's a freaking mess, her and Finn are on the rocks again, but let's just hope she doesn't burst into tears on stage."

"Oh God, that would be hilarious." Santana laughed making me poke her in the side and shoot her a disapproving glare. "I-I mean, that would be unfortunate.." Kurt eyed the both of us then laughed.

"We wouldn't miss the New Year's special performances here, they're pretty meaningful." I smiled then sent Santana a wink. "Right, babe?" She just nodded at me dreamily.

"Who knew Satan could be so whipped." He teased before excusing himself to check on the dancers. I smiled after him then scanned the place, it really hadn't changed one bit! Everything seemed the exact same!

"Can you believe it?" I sighed as I took her hands in mine. "Just a year ago we were both standing in this exact same spot sharing our first kiss."

"We've come so far, B." She replied with a softened expression.

"We've been together for a year, babe, that's so crazy! It feels like just yesterday when you almost broke my nose with the door at The Coffee Shop, remember that?" I laughed at the memory.

"Oh, I remember." She smiled, "I also remember you being a nervous wreck every time I'd walk in. You didn't even want to make eye contact with me! I thought you hated me or something, who knew you were actually madly in love with me." I felt my cheeks heating up as I remembered that memory as well. "Yup, and you'd blush just like that!" She teased and cupped my cheeks.

"Yeah, and now you're stuck with me!" I said as I closed the distance and crashed our lips together.

"Forever, I hope." She smirked then pulled away at the sound of Noah's voice.

"Hey ladies!" Noah called as he strolled up to us looking as handsome as ever. "Glad you guys could make it; I know New York's beloved lesbian couple is super busy beating up paparazzi and winning awards and shit." He teased and pulled Santana into a hug first and whispered something into her ear then pulled me into a hug next. I was beginning to question their whole exchange when the lights started to dim in the building. "Oh, here's the first act!" He cheered. I focused on the stage, but no one came out. I guess everyone was starting to get confused as well because the audience began to chatter the longer the spotlight focused on the empty stool on stage.

Suddenly the band began playing an upbeat sounding song but I was still confused because no one was on stage prepping to sing. That was when the spotlight left the stool on stage and made its way to land on Santana. She had the biggest of smiles on her face as Noah handed her a mic he had stashed in his jacket.

"Uhh, what's going on?" I gasped but I wasn't answered. Noah just patted my shoulder and gave me one last smirk before backing away while Santana just brought the mic up to her lips and began singing.

You're stuck on me and my laughing eyes
I can't pretend though I try to hide
I like you, I like you

"Oh my God, what's going on?" I gasped as my heart started racing. All eyes were on us as she took my hand and started slowly making her way through the crowd.

I think I felt my heart skip a beat
I'm standing here and I can hardly breathe
You got me yeah, you got me

The way you take my hand is just so sweet
And that crooked smile of yours
It knocks me off my feet

"Santana, what the hell is going on?" I asked frantically but all she did was smile back at me and pull me closer and closer to the stage. A million thoughts were running through my head, I just didn't know what to think.

Oh, I just can't get enough
How much do I need to fill me up?
It feels so good, it must be love
It's everything that I've been dreaming of

I give up, I give in, I let go, let's begin
'Cause no matter what I do
Oh, my heart is filled with you

We walked past Sam and Quinn, who I didn't even know were here, and then passed by a proud smiling Kurt. "Babe, I need to say hi to Sam and Quinn! They didn't even tell me they were going to be here!" I blurted as we passed them but Santana just kept singing and shook her head a little as she tried not to laugh.

I can't imagine what it'd be like
Living each day in this life
Without you, without you

One look from you, I know you understand
This mess we're in, you know is just so out of hand

I gave up asking her questions because there was no way she'd answer any of them, I knew Santana long enough to know that by now. But I did get a little nervous when she began pulling me up the steps to the stage with her eyes still glued to me as she sang happily to me.

I hope we always feel this way
I know we will
And in my heart I know that you'll always stay

Oh, I just can't get enough
How much do I need to fill me up?
It feels so good, it must be love

She directed me to sit down on the lone stool in the center of the stage as she continued to hold on to my hand. I tried to keep my cool up until now, now is when I start really freaking out.

I give up, I give in, I let go, let's begin
'Cause no matter what I do

Oh, I just can't get enough
How much do I need to fill me up?
It feels so good, it must be love
It's everything that I've been dreaming of

She swayed back and forth as she sang out the chorus in such a sweet way and stared down at me with such love in her eyes that it made my heart melt. And just when I thought this song was just some type of happy one year anniversary baby this is me declaring my love in front of everyone, she plucked a little black box out from her boobs, earning herself a laugh from the crowd then popped it open as she sang the last of the song.

I give up, I give in, I let go, let's begin
'Cause no matter what I do
Oh, my heart is filled with you

"Oh my God, Santana, what the hell is that?!" I gasped as she held the ring out to me with a bright smile on her face. The lights of the stage weren't the only thing causing me to sweat as she chuckled a bit and reached for my hand.

"This is an engagement ring, silly." She said a little out of breath from all the singing.

"Holy shit, what?!" I gasped as I felt my eyes beginning to water.

"Stop talking, baby, I'm trying to propose to you." She laughed. I nodded and pressed my lips together in hopes that I wouldn't interrupt anymore. "I don't think words could ever describe how much you mean to me, if it wasn't for you I'd still be trapped in some toxic relationship blind to what real love is." She said softly and it was then when I actually heard how nervous she was, it only made me smile even more. "You taught me how to love again, like really love. You were so patient with me, even through my worse, you were always there to help show me my best again. I could always count on you no matter what and I'm still sorry that I didn't realize how much I loved you until much later. But I plan to make up that time for as long as you'll have me." I felt the hot tears begin to stream down my face as she continued to speak. "I love you, so, so much, Britt. Will you marry me?"

I could've sworn my heart stopped at hearing the words finally leave her mouth. I was so overjoyed that all I could do was kiss her. I pretty much tackled her with kisses that she almost dropped the ring. All this time I was thinking that she wasn't ready and her she was, planning this for who knows how long!

"So is that a yes?" Santana laughed nervously.

"That's a hell yes!" I cheered as the audience began to clap. "I love you, Santana, so much." I held out my hand to her so that she could slide on the ring that I hadn't even looked at yet. "No freaking way, what the?" I examined the ring, this couldn't be! I ran my finger over the side of the band and over the heart shaped diamond in the center. "H-How did you-this is the-what?" I looked up to find her smirking.

"Bella might have helped me picked it out.." She shrugged.

"That traitor.." I laughed shaking my head at my ring. "Is it weird that I thought about proposing to you today too?"

"Why didn't you?" She said as we walked off the side of the stage and joined Sam and Quinn at their usual booth.

"That day when Quinn joked about marriage you got like super freaked out, I thought you almost died you were choking so bad!" Santana nodded knowingly then kissed my cheek.

"All part of the plan, babycakes." She smirked leaving me completely shocked.

"Quinn was in on this too?!"

"Oh of course I was!" Quinn laughed, "Remember what I said, B? I give it a year and what's today? A whole year!" I shook my head at her enthusiasm. Damn that Quinn and always being right about everything..

"I can believe Quinn doing that, but Bella?" I laughed as Santana wrapped an arm around my waist. "That was the ultimate betrayal! She was like a double agent, so sneaky!"

"Hey, what Bella wants-"

"Bella gets."

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