Summary: West Genetics gets news that Pandora from East Genetics have been disappearing. They notice that a group of the Pandora from West Genetics has also vanished. They look deeper into the matter and what they find not only shocks them but puts them in a state of fear.

Authors Note: This will focus on Chiffon Fairchild, Cassie Lockheart, and another character but it's a surprise. The main characters will still play a part in this. I love Freezing, so I wrote this. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating this. Comments are welcome and if you're going to criticize do it constructively please. Thank you for reading!

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Chiffon Fairchild woke up to the sound of her alarm clock ringing. She groaned and shut off the device by smacking at it a few times with her numb arm. Once she managed to shut off her alarm clock she snuggled closer to her body pillow causing her to feel comfortable again. The alarm clock rung again which made her to groan and set up. She then wiped the sweat from her forehead letting out a sigh. She stood up, revealing her amazing body that was donned in lingerie. She ran her hand through her shoulder length, brunette hair and stretched. Chiffon looked at the other side of the room and seen that her roommate and best friend, Ticy Phenyl, was still asleep. Ticy had black hair that went below her shoulders and a slightly tan skin tone. She's a very attractive girl. After looking at her friend, Chiffon proceeded to prepare for the day ahead of her.

She grabbed a towel and made her way to the bathroom. Entering the room she hung her towel on the shower door and adjusted the shower water. When Chiffon was satisfied with the temperature and pressure of the water, she got undressed. After discarding her sleeping attire she stood on the tip of her toes and stretched her limbs once again. Relieving her body of the stiffness, Chiffon stepped into the shower. The hot water collided with her fair skin causing her to gasp. Her body stiffened for a moment but then relaxed getting use to the heat. She then started the process of bathing.

She stepped out of the shower, grabbed her towel, and used it to dry her hair and body. Wrapping the towel around her frame she exited the bathroom. Chiffon then walked to her dresser. Opening the top drawer she pulled out a pair of soft, pink panties and the matching bra. She then grabbed her uniform, dropped her towel to her feet, and got dressed. After getting dressed, she walked back into the bathroom to do her hair. She walked to the sink and grabbed her hairbrush and pulled it through her beautiful damp hair. Once she finished brushing her hair she tied a few strands of her hair together so it hung by her ear. She then walked out of the bathroom. The final step she needed to do was eat breakfast, so she grabbed a cereal bar from her nightstand and grabbed a bottle of milk from the mini fridge in their dorm room. She then tore open the cereal bar wrapper and ate it in two bites. After eating her cereal bar she cracked open the bottle of milk and downed it. She then discarded the wrapper and bottle in the waste basket in the corner of her room. Ready for the day, Chiffon walked into the hall outside of her room.

While Chiffon was walking through the hall she heard a few junior girls talking and overheard part of their conversation.

"Did you hear about what happened?" A blonde junior asked her friend.

Her red haired friend shook her head and asked. "What happened?"

The blonde wore a surprised expression and said in a hushed tone. "There have been disappearances at East Genetics."

"What do you mean? Do you mean kidnapping?" The blonde girl's friend asked curiously.

"I don't think so. I doubt a Pandora could get kidnapped." The girl explained to her friend.

"I see what you mean. Maybe they just wanted some time to themselves." The red head said.

The girl nodded and continued. "There's Pandora and Limiters that have been missing for weeks. I doubt that they wanted that much time to themselves, especially without notifying Sister Margaret." The girl told her friend in a snooty tone.

"Weeks!? I hope they're okay!" The red head replied dramatically.

"I know. So do I. But we better head to class now. We can talk more about it later." The blonde told the red head that nodded. The juniors then continued through the hall.

Chiffon was in thought about the subject when she heard her name over the intercom.

"Would the student council president Chiffon Fairchild, please report to the office?" The voice asked. "I better head there right away." Chiffon thought to herself before making her way through the halls and to Sister Margaret's office.

As Chiffon was extending her hand to knock, she heard voices through the door.

"This is unexpected, students getting attacked and disappearing." A male's voice told who she assumed was Sister Margaret.

"Of course, she is Rank 1 in her year. As leader of her year and the president, she needs to know this information." Sister Margaret replied.

Chiffon decided now was the time to knock. She knocked on the hard wood door.

"You may enter." The woman in the room told her through the door.

Chiffon reached for the doorknob and twisted it. Entering the room she saw the head of West Genetics, Sister Margaret, and a man in a black dress shirt, black casual black pants, and a silk white tie. The man had medium length, black hair. His bangs went down to his eyes which were gray and his body type was athletic. Chiffon thought he was a rather handsome man. Sister Margaret was in her all white uniform, as always.

Chiffon looked at Sister Margaret and said. "I was called here."

Sister Margaret looked at her and nodded. "I requested your presence to inform you about important information."

"Would the information be about the disappearances from East Genetics?" Chiffon asked in a casual tone?

Sister Margaret kept a straight face whilst the man merely grinned. "Yes, it would. May I ask how you know this?" Sister Margaret replied.

"I heard a few women speaking with each other on the way here." Chiffon responded.

Before Sister Margaret could talk the man spoke in a silky voice while grinning. "It doesn't surprise me that you know. You know, with what has happened, the news normally does get around quickly."

Chiffon looked at the man and spoke. "I agree. By the way, my name is Chiffon Fairchild. I'm the first rank third year. It's nice to meet you."

The man looked at Chiffon still grinning and spoke while bowing his head. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Chiffon. My name is Genji Fumito. You may address me as Fumito-sensei."

Sister Margaret cut in. "I'm sorry, Chiffon and Fumito. I didn't mean to not properly introduce you two. Chiffon, Genji is a member of the Chevalier and he'll be staying here at West Genetics for some time. "

Chiffon looked at Sister Margaret while Fumito continued staring at Chiffon.

"It's okay." Chiffon replied smiling.

Sister Margaret nodded and proceeded to give Chiffon the details. "Pandora from East Genetics have been going missing. All that's left at the sights of the disappearances are shreds of clothing and blood."

Chiffon's smile somewhat wavered. "How many have disappeared?" The smiling beauty asked.

"Twenty three Pandora and their limiters have disappeared." The older woman replied with a frown.

Chiffon's smile slightly faltered and said. "Do you or anyone else have any idea what happened? It's obviously not a coincidence."

"We're not sure. However, we sent a squad of Pandora to investigate. I know we can trust the leader. The other Pandora is in good hands." Sister Margaret informed Chiffon.

Chiffon tilted her head a bit and asked. "Who's the squad leader?"

The older woman looked at Chiffon, smiled and said. "The leader is the top ranked third year at East Genetics, Cassie Lockheart."

This didn't come as too much of a surprise to Chiffon. She knew under the right conditions, the right decisions will be made.

Chiffon nodded and asked. "Do you think the issue will be resolved soon?"

"I believe Cassie can handle it. After all, along with you…She is one of the top five Pandora." Sister Margaret replied.

Chiffon nodded and said. "Is that all you wanted to inform me about, Sister Margaret?"

"Yes, for now." The older woman responded.

"If I can be of any help, let me know." Chiffon spoke before bowing and exiting the room.

"Will do." Sister Margaret said, returning the bow.

When Chiffon exited the room, Sister Margaret looked at Fumito. He looked at her with a smirk on his face and let out a chuckle.

She smiled at him and said. "Where were we, Genji?"

In the hallways, Chiffon made her way back to her room. When she entered, she saw her best friend Ticy Phenyl lying down on her bed.

When Ticy seen that Chiffon was back, she jumped up with a smile and said. "Hey!"

"Hey, Ticy!" Chiffon said with her normal smile.

"I heard your name on the speaker earlier. What happened?" Ticy asked.

"I'm sure you're already aware of what happened at East Genetics, right?" Chiffon asked her friend.

Her friend nodded and replied. "Yes, I'm aware."

"I was called to be informed of the situation." Chiffon said.

"I see…Anything else?" Ticy asked, tilting her head slightly to her right.

"East Genetics has a squad of Pandora investigating. That's about all I was informed. Oh, except there's a man Chevalier member here now, I met him today." Chiffon told her friend.

"What is a member of the Chevalier doing here? Also…He's by himself?" Ticy asked her friend?

"I'm not sure why, but my guess is it's because of what's happening at East Genetics. Also, as far as I know yeah." Chiffon replied.

"Yeah, you're probably right. I see. Isn't that odd?" Ticy said.

"A bit but he probably had his partner here somewhere or he's here to supervise us for a while." Chiffon said in an unworried tone.

It got silent for a moment but then Chiffon broke it by asking Ticy with a smile. "So, are you enjoying your day so far?"

"Yeah, I'm just thinking about what's going on...," Ticy's voice trailed off. A moment passed and she realized she had not asked Chiffon about her day and spoke again. "What about your day, Chiffon?"

"My day is going great but I'm also thinking about what's going on at East Genetics." Chiffon said in a casual tone.

After some time of silence, Ticy asked Chiffon. "Do you want to do anything tonight since we have the next couple of days free?"

"Yeah, that sounds nice. What do you want to do?" Chiffon replied with her usual smile.

The two girls decided to grab something to eat and watch a movie. After the movie they talked for hours and listened to music. They talked about the situation occurring at East Genetics but they mostly talked about the usual stuff they liked to talk about.

After hours of talking and listening to music, Chiffon and Ticy decided to turn off the music and get some sleep. Ticy disengaged her Volt Texture, leaving her in her orange cotton panties and matching bra while Chiffon got undressed and slipped on a pink transparent sleeping dress.

The two girls got into their respective beds and pulled their covers over them. Chiffon adjusted her pillow to her liking as did Ticy.

"Goodnight, Chiffon." Ticy said snuggling closer to her pillow.

"Yeah. Sweet dreams, Ticy." Chiffon said tightly hugging her body pillow and pulling up her warm and cozy covers.

While Chiffon, Ticy, and most of the other students at West Genetics were getting ready to go to bed or already overtaken by slumber, at East Genetics…Cassie Lockheart and the rest of the patrol squad were finishing their patrol investigation.

"Alright, we can all go back to our dorms." Cassie told the other Pandora.

This got a "Yes!" And a few others let out a squeak of relief which made Cassie smile.

The girls started walking towards the female dorms when they heard footsteps. They turned to see a teenage boy approaching them. They couldn't make out much of his appearance with just the lights from the buildings. He wore a dark grey buckle hoodie and a pair of black pants. His hood had black and white fur. His shoes were black with cyan blue bottoms. He didn't look familiar nor did he look like a Limiter any of them has seen before.

After analyzing the boy for a moment, Cassie asked in a loud 'In charge' tone. "Who are you and what are you doing out here this late?"

"I'm just a boy simply passing through." The boy said putting his hands up as if he were surrendering and let out a chuckle while stepping further into the light. Cassie got a better view of him and looked him over again. He had black, wavy medium length hair. His skin had a tan tent and his eyes looked blue. His body was slim yet muscular. She realized he was rather attractive which caused her cheeks to get a pink tint to them. After looking him over a second time, she focused her eyes back on his hazel orbs.

All the girls put their guard up and took a step back when the boy took another step. They had to be cautious because of the circumstances.

"This is private property. Only Pandora, Limiters, and other members of Genetics can be here." Cassie said.

"Whoa, you girls are so jumpy. It's almost as if something happened." The boy said while taking a step forward, which caused the girls to tense up more.

The boy spoke again. "Anyways, how do you know I'm not a transfer student that arrived later than expected? Maybe I'm just lost. That or maybe I know something about these Pandora and their Limiters disappearing."

All the girls' eyes opened wide in shock. Some of them deployed their Volt Weapons in an in vain attempt at intimidating him into telling them what he knew.

A short and slender girl with blonde hair stepped forward from the squad and shouted. "How did you know that!? What do you know about that!?"

"Do you really expect me to tell you? I mean, you ladies didn't exactly give me a warm welcome." The boy said in a sarcastic, yet joyous tone.

"Forget that! Tell us what you know, and how you know!" A brunette Pandora from the squad demanded whilst holding up her Volt Weapon.

"Relax." Cassie ordered the girl.

The girl backed down and gave a. "Humph."

Cassie then continued to speak. "Please tell us what you know. Do you know who did this?" Cassie asked the boy.

The boy looked at Cassie. She had Blue-Green hair, beautiful red eyes, and a magnificent body. He blushed a bit. He got an odd feeling when he looked into her eyes. He was mesmerized by her.

"Do you?" Cassie asked while blushing a bit. She saw his eyes roam her.

The boy blinked a few times before answering. "Yeah." His voice dropped.

"Will you tell us who did this and what happened!?" Cassie asked, somewhat frantically.

The boy regained his composure and said. "I did. I'm happened and I'm the one who did this."

Her mouth dropped and she said. "How's that possible!? You don't have any special abilities! I don't' believe-"

The boy immediately replied, cutting her off. "Sorry to be rude but you're wrong! Volt Weapon Deploy: Mitsuki."

The boy held his right hand out to his side. Purple honeycomb shapes formed a red bladed katana. The handle was wrapped in faux black leather and had gold dragon emblems in it. On his other hand appeared red anodized finger claws. All of his blades shined beautifully in the moonlight.

The girls eyes got wide and their jaws opened wide in shock.