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Chapter 2

Binding Ties

"How is that even possible!? A male using a volt weapon!? That's ridiculous!" Cassie said to herself.

"I don't believe it!" The blonde Pandora from earlier shouted while the other girls just stood there with their mouths gaping.

"Obviously it's real. You see it with your own eyes, don't you?" The boy said dispersing his Volt Weapon.

Cassie jumped back in the conversation by shouting at the boy. "Why would you hurt all of them!? What did they ever do to you?"

She wore an angry expression while the boy looked bored.

The boy raised his eyebrow. "Why does Pandora do what they do? It's because they're ordered to by their superiors, correct? I do what I do for the same reason." The boy said in a dull tone.

This made the squad angry. Some of them gritted their teeth while others growled.

"Pandora do what they do not only because it's their orders, they do it for the good of humanity!" Cassie shouted in retaliation.

"The good of humanity, you say? None of you Pandora know what goes on behind closed doors when it comes to the Chevalier or Genetics." The boy responded in an emotionless voice.

"What are you blabbering about!?" The blonde Pandora from earlier shouted.

"I've said too much." The boy said.

The petite girl glared at him while grinding her teeth. He stared at her as if he wasn't the least bit intimidated which made her eye twitch with rage.

"All that anger can't be good for your health. Although, I guess it doesn't matter considering what I came here for isn't good for your health either," The boy paused for a moment before continuing. "You're annoying. Do you know that, girly?" The boy said.

"Shut your mouth! How dare you talk bad about the Chevalier and Genetics!?" The Pandora shouted, while deploying her Volt Weapon.

Her Volt Weapon was a shiny War Hammer with a spike on the top. It had an emerald honeycomb shaped gem in the middle of the head of the hammer.

The girl then lifted her Volt Weapon as high as she could and lunged at the male. "I wasn't talking bad about them but if you really want to go, let's do this!" The boy said in a loud and ecstatic voice.

"That was a quick change of demeanor." The blonde thought.

"Wait!" Cassie yelled to the girl but it was too late.

The girl didn't hear her squad leader's order. She swung down at the boy letting a growl pass between her lips. The boy dodged her attack by smoothly gliding his feet. He then countered by slamming the palm of his right hand into her abdomen and charging her into a wall.

"Aargh!" The girl shouted in pain. She could hear her bones cracking by the force of being slammed into the wall.

"Ahahaha! Let's see how much of me you can take." The boy said laughing sadistically.

The boy then clenched his hand into a fist and hit the girl in the gut, causing her to fly upwards. The boy then hit her in the abdominal area again causing her to go higher. After the second shot, he put his foot on the wall and pushed himself up and struck her in the same spot again. He got a pattern going with his hits. Right, Left, and then repeat were the pattern of his shots. After each hit he landed, he ran up the wall even higher. Each punch caused blood and saliva to spew from her mouth, which made it look like it was raining blood in that spot. When the two reached the top of building, he grabbed her by the face.

His hand covered most of her face but she managed to muffle out. "Please…Stop!"

"Hey!" Two of the other girls yelled while jumping up to distract him.

It didn't work the way they hoped. Instead of it benefitting them, it just got their friend hurled at them. The brunette Pandora from earlier got took down by her friend getting tossed at her. Her Volt Weapon which was a kukri knife flew out of her hand and landed on the ground. The second girl got hit by the Volt Weapon which flew from the "Annoying Girly." This left the three girls prone on the cold and grass padded ground. This left Cassie as the only one standing.

The boy landed in a crouching position, after free falling from the height of the building. Cassie just stood there in utter shock thinking to herself. "How is any of this possible and what's with him?"

The boy took a standing position. "I'm sorry; it has to be like this. I don't necessarily like beating girls down. Look at it this way; at least I didn't kill them." The boy said looking down towards her feet.

She looked up and thought. "What did he say?"

When she looked up the boy had vanished and she smelt and felt someone's warm, raspberry-scented breath on the back of her neck. Her eyes got wide and before she could turn around she felt a cold hand come in contact with the back of her neck. Her vision darkened and she fell unconscious. The boy caught Cassie and gently laid her on the ground. He walked a couple feet away and looked at her.

The boy scratched the back of his head and gave a nervous laugh before speaking. "I was lucky to catch you off guard and surprise you like that. It would have been much longer and more challenging if we engaged in a battle.

He took another step before halting and spoke in a serious tone. "I almost forgot. Another thing, tell your friends at West Genetics that what's coming to them…Is going to go further than this…"

The boy then disappeared into the chilly, early morning atmosphere.

Several hours later at West Genetics, Chiffon awoke to the sound of running outside her door. She sat up and stretched her numb limbs. She then rubbed her eyes and leaned back on her hands. Chiffon looked to see if her friend was awake yet. When she turned, she saw Ticy looking at her.

"What's going on?" Chiffon asked her friend, Ticy in a tired voice.

"I'm not sure. I just woke up too." Ticy replied while trying not to yawn.

"I don't think there's anything special going on." Chiffon said while hopping out of bed. She then equipped her Volt Texture to get dressed faster and made her way to their dorm room door.

"I don't think so either." Ticy said, joining Chiffon.

Chiffon opened the door and looked down the hall with Ticy that was peeping her head over her friends shoulder. She saw a crowd of Pandora rushing down the hall. Chiffon and Ticy exchanged a look and gave each other a nod. The girls then walked to the group with each other.

Chiffon asked them. "What's going on?"

"Chiffon! It's something big!" A small blonde Pandora exclaimed.

"What is?" Chiffon asked with her brows furrowed.

"East Genetics sent out a Patrol Squad last night and they were attacked!" The short girl shouted.

Chiffon had a worried look on her face and asked. "Are they alright?"

"Yeah. Cassie was the leader and she's not hurt. As for the others, they are in the infirmary with minor injuries." The blonde replied.

"I'm glad they're alright." Chiffon said, relieved.

"There's also a warning from Cassie. The attacker was a teenage boy and he's very skilled." The petite girl said.

"A teenage boy did this to them? How's that possible?" Chiffon asked.

"I'm not sure but there's more..." The girl said in a low tone.

Chiffon nodded and motioned for the girl to continue with her hands.

"The boy has black hair, hazel or blue eyes, a slim yet muscular tone, and a slight tan. The most important detail is..." The girl paused because she didn't think they would believe her.

Chiffon and Ticy leaned in close as if she was telling them a secret. They got closer and closer, causing the girl to sweat. They stopped when they were about to touch noses with the girl.

The uncomfortable girl then squeezed her eyes shut and shouted. "He can use a Volt Weapon!"

Ticy's eyes got wide and her mouth opened wide while Chiffon's eyes didn't waver but her mouth also dropped.

The girl then added the rest of the known information. "He knocked her unconscious and told her that "Warn your friends at West Genetics that it's going to go further than what happened here. Or something like that."

Chiffon and Ticy stood there still surprised.

"He can use a Volt Weapon?" Ticy asked in a low confused voice.

"Yes, Ticy-sempai." The girl said.

"I don't fully understand." Chiffon said.

"None of us do." The girl responded.

After a moment the girl spoke again.

Chiffon and Ticy both had a questioning look on their faces. The two looked at each other, gave a nod and started a fast pace walk down the hall.

"Thank you!" The girls shouted to the small girl.

"You're welcome...be careful!" The girl shouted back while waving.

"You too!" Chiffon and Ticy shouted turning a corner.

Once the two of them turned to the corner, they continued to walk fast down the hall.

"There has to be more we can hear about from Sister Margaret." Ticy said.

"I know. This is serious so I'm sure that there's more to it." Chiffon said.

Ticy nodded and they continued to their momentary destination. While turning another corner they saw a familiar white robe. They knew who it was, wearing it too. It was Sister Margaret.

"Um, Sister Margaret!" Ticy shouted.

The older woman turned around to see who shouted her name and wanted her attention.

"Chiffon, Ticy, I was on my way to call for you. By now I'm sure you heard that the Patrol Group led by Cassie Lockheart was attacked." Sister Margaret said.

Chiffon and Ticy nodded.

Sister Margaret continued. "They're all okay. However, the person that attacked them told Cassie to tell us that "It's going to go further than this." Which means we're next. I know we're capable by ourselves, however, there's other Pandora that's going to join us."

"Who is going to be with us?" Chiffon asked.

"Cassie Lockheart of East Gentics and Charles Bonaparte from the Genetics in France." Sister Margaret said.

"I see. We should be good with three of the top five Pandora in the world. Even though he did get the better of one of us." Chiffon said biting her finger nails with a agitated look on her face.

"Please don't worry, Chiffon. I'm sure everything will be fine." Ticy said, comforting her friend.

"We need to be ready for this. The boy didn't even use his Volt Weapon to defeat them." Sister Margaret said.

The girls gave a worried look and looked to each other.

"Well, it's a good thing we have time then." A dark green haired woman in a lab coat said, walking up and putting a hand on Chiffon's shoulder and her other hand on Ticy's shoulder.

"Ms. Elise." Chiffon said looking over her shoulder.

She was surprised when she turned around to see Ms. Elise with the man from yesterday, Genji Fumito, instead of the trainer Kim Yumi.

"Hello, Chiffon." The man purred in a silky tone.

He looked over and seen a long, black haired beauty and before Chiffon could reply he added. "Oh, who might your cute friend be?"

Ticy blushed and pointed to herself in a questioning manner. Chiffon was too surprised by the "cute" remark to speak yet.

"Uh, I- I'm T- Ticy Phenyl, the Vice President." Ticy replied, her face still pink.

"Ticy. I like it." Genji said while slightly bowing.

"Um; Thank you, sir." Ticy said turning towards Chiffon with an awkward smile.

"You may call me Genji, Ticy." The man purred.

Ticy blushed even more before replying. "Okay, G- Gen-"

Before she could speak further, Elise interrupted and in a joking voice, said. "You're still a pervert, I see."

"Your words hurt me, Elise-chan. I'm just a friendly person." Genji defended himself in a half-hearted tone.

Elise just gave him a look and said. "A little too friendly."

Before anyone could say anything, Sister Margaret spoke. "Now that we're all acquainted, perhaps we can get back to the main thing at hand."

"Yeah. Sorry about that." Elise said.

"Sorry, Sistet Margaret." Genji said hanging his head down.

Chiffon and Ticy just stood, awkwardly next to the group of adults. Sister Margaret made sure she had everyone's focus before speaking.

"Wait. You two know each other?" Chiffon asked looking at Elise and Fumito.

Sister Margaret just exhaled and let them speak.

"Yes, we do. That's a story for another time though." Elise replied with a smile.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything. It's just, I caught on and words came out of my mouth." Chiffon said laughing.

"It's okay. I will tell you sometime." Elise said still smiling.

"Okay. Thanks, Elise-sensei." Chiffon said with a smile.

"Now then, Sister Margaret. Please, inform us what we are to do." Elise said.

"Very well. We just need to prepare for what's coming. We are going to use a similar formation like we did when the four Nova attacked the most recent time. That's all for now. I'll fill you all in more later." Sister Margaret responded.

"Yes ma'am." Chiffon, Ticy, and Elise said in unison while Genji nodded.

"Until then, rest well." Sister Margaret replied.

The group nodded.

"See you later, Elise-sensei." Chiffon said in a cheerful tone.

"Later!" Ticy said.

"Later girls. Nice to see you again, Chiffon. Nice to meet you, Ticy." Genji said.

"Yeah." Chiffon shouted walking down the hall.

"You too." Ticy said walking next to Chiffon.

Once the girls turned around the corner, Elise looked at Genji and in a casual tone said. "Pervert."

"Come on, Elise-san. I told you, I'm friendly." Genji said, in an playful voice.

"Whatever." Elise said before taking a drink of hot, steamy tea and walking.

"Hey, wait! Elise!" Genji said in a playful tone chasing after her.

The pair of adults went through the hall. Their voices faded the further they went.

Chiffon and Ticy walked down an empty hall.

"When do you think we're going to have to battle?" Ticy asked Chiffon.

"It could be at anytime. Whenever it is, we'll handle it." Chiffon said reassuringly.

"Yes, you're right." Ticy said with a beautiful smile.

Chiffon smiled and spoke again. "Do you want to get something to eat, go back to our room, and hang out?"

"That sounds great, Chiffon." Ticy said in a cheery voice.

Chiffon and Ticy made their way to get something to eat and drink, and then they headed to their room.

When they arrived they opened the door and entered. Chiffon jumped on her bed with a bag of Burger Queen in her hand and Ticy laid down on hers with the drinks in her hand.

"I think it's time for a nap. What about you, Ticy?" Chiffon said yawning and stretching her arms.

"We haven't eaten yet, though." Ticy said, confused.

"You're right. We should do that first. Maybe some food would make me more energetic." Chiffon said leaning back on her arms.

Ticy nodded.

"Here's your drink." Ticy said extending her hand with a large Burger Queen cup, towards her friend.

"Thanks. Here's your food." Chiffon said smiling and extending her hand with a Burger Queen sandwich to her friend.

"Thanks." Ticy said returning the smile.

The girls sat in their warm dorm room, ate their food, and drank their beverages while speaking about the mysterious boy that attacked East Genetics.

"It's hard to believe that one teenage boy defeated Cassie and the other members of the Patrol Squad, let alone a Pandora." Ticy said in an uneasy tone.

"I know what you mean." Chiffon said, taking a bite of her delicious, juicy, and crisp chicken sandwich.

"We should just relax tonight. You know, enjoy it and talk about other things." Ticy said before taking a bite of her juicy Burger Queen hamburger.

"Yeah, we will be busy soon so we should enjoy ourselves now." Chiffon said taking a drink of her soda.

Ticy nodded while Chiffon sat there silent for a moment. The two sat and enjoyed their food for a while.

"Mmm, this is good." Ticy said taking another bite of her juicy, thick Burger Queen burger.

"I know. It's so delicious but unhealthy." Chiffon said in a false dramatic tone, eating a few fries.

"Yeah. But, if you exercise, you'll be fine." Ticy said using a 'matter of fact' voice while pointing her index finger in the air.

Chiffon nodded before talking. "A good thing about Burger Queen that makes their food so good, is the way it's made."

"Yeah, their fries are really good." Ticy said before grabbing a few from the bag.

"Yes, I agree their fries are good. The best part though, is their sandwiches are always juicy and crisp. They're great!" Chiffon squeaked.

"I know!" Ticy agreed, loudly.

"They're the greatest fast food restaurant." Chiffon said.

Ticy nodded in agreement.

"So, do you want to watch movies like last night?" Chiffon asked.

"Yeah, that sounds fun." Ticy said smiling.

Chiffon smiled and continued eating.

After a few minutes Chiffon and Ticy finished eating their meals and drinking their beverages. After they finished eating, the girls watched a couple movies.

When they finished watching some movies, the two friends changed into their sleeping wear. The girls took off their Uniforms and put on what they hunted out of their dressers. Chiffon put on a pair of purple, silk sleeping shorts and matching purple, belly button tank top. Ticy wore green, semi-transparent lingerie.

After changing, Chiffon and Ticy crawled into their beds.

"Good night, Chiffon." Ticy said in a sleepy voice.

"Good night, Ticy." Chiffon said while yawning.

Meanwhile at East Genetics, Cassie Lockheart laid in her bed thinking to herself. "How could I of just let that happen last night? I was the squad leader and I let them get hurt..."

She sighed before continuing.

"I just stood there... So why would Sister Margaret want me to help protect West Genetics? It's probably a chance to redeem myself. Maybe…" Cassie thought before turning over and hugging her pillow, tightly.

"I go there tomorrow. I should get some sleep." Cassie thought, closing her eyes. After a couple minutes she fell into a deep slumber.