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"Well, not right now. May I ask who you are?"

"Lilit." The girl offered no last name. "Where is she?"

"Ah…we're not exactly sure. She…she sort of got kidnapped."

Lilit's eyes widened fractionally. "Are you serious?"

Alek nodded. "Quite."

Lilit pushed past him into the house, without even bothering to ask permission. "I don't suppose Jaspert was kidnapped too?"

Alek shook his head. "He's safe, but not here right now. Why are you here?"

"I'm Deryn's friend. I found a note that said she was in danger and came here immediately."

"Did you come from very far away?" Alek asked, glancing at the suitcase.


"Turkey?" When Lilit nodded, Alek asked, "Isn't that a bit…far away?"

Lilit shrugged. "Only a few hours by plane."

Alek's eyes widened even more. "You took a plane?"

"Of course. I wasn't exactly going to walk."

"…So, you woke up, found the note and hopped onto a plane?"

Lilit nodded. "That would be correct."

Alek shook his head in amazement. "Well maybe you can help us find her."

"Oi!" Newkirk called. "Where'd you go?"

"We have a visitor," Alek shouted back.

Newkirk came out of Deryn's room and upon seeing Lilit, leaned against the wall, putting his hands in his pockets. "Hey there, beautiful."

Lilit rolled her eyes. "Good morning, Newkirk."

Alek blinked in surprise. "You two know each other?"

"Of course," Lilit said matter-of-factly. "Although, sometimes I wish I didn't know him."

Newkirk laughed fakely. "You are so funny!"

Lilit glared at him. "Just stop it. This is getting creepy."

Newkirk gave her a wink that ended up looking more like a demented blink. "You know you love me."

"I really don't. Now, what's going on with Deryn?"

"Let's sit down," Alek said, beginning his way to Deryn's room.

Once they were seated, Alek began. "Well, to state it simply: My evil, possibly psychopathic cousin kidnapped her."

Lilit raised an eyebrow. "You have an evil cousin?"

"I…" Alek sighed. "Yes."

Lilit didn't dwell on that any longer. "Any idea where he took her?"

"No clue, as of now. Someone who might have some information should be calling soon."

Perfectly on queue, Newkirk's phone rang.

"Who is it?" Alek asked.

"It's Fitzroy! I'll put him on speaker! Hello?"

Fitzroy's voice came over the phone. "Hey."

"Did you find anything out?" Alek interjected.

"I checked the records, but the owner and destination of the helicopter were classified."

Alek's heart sank. "Oh, um, thanks for checking, I suppose."

"But wait. I asked around a bit, checked some other records, and found some stuff out. The helicopter's tank could only hold enough fuel for 2525 kilometers, and they set off south-east."

Lilit quickly pulled a map and a ruler out of her bag and after a moment, she had drawn a center being around Glasgow. She pointed at it with the eraser of her pencil. "This is where he could have gone on a single tank of gas, and this…" she divided the circle into quarters and pointed to one of the sections. "And this is the direction he headed off in."

Alek inspected the various cities in that quarter, looking for a place where Alex may have thought to hide. Then he found it. Alek murmured, "Mmm, Constantinople."

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