Loonakids: Here We Go Again

Alright, I got this up! Fast, huh? Right, the rest of it and the next story should be. Anyway, behold the season finale! ...behold, I say... Please enjoy, review, and thank you for reading!

Chapter 1

On the planet of Acmetropolis in the year 2791, there was a dark, empty building. One day, two people came into the building.

"Here we are," said the male, "Dark, lifeless, no hope. It's perfect for us."

"I love it, Sean," said the girl.

"And the best part is," said Sean, "this section of Acmetropolis resides on top of the Hell-Mouth. Tons of dark magic will happen here, Damiana."

"But, Sean," Damiana said, "the Loonakids. What if they know the Slayer? They will stop us."

"I'll make sure they won't."


Sean walked over to a more lit place in the building to reveal himself as a tall Vampire wolf. "I've got a plan."

"You're always prepared, my love." Damiana walked closer to show herself as a skunk, shorter than her boyfriend. She was a Vampire, too, but she was weak. She groaned in pain.

"Don't worry," Sean said, walking over to her, "we'll get your strength back. Wolfe lives here. He is friends with the Loonakids."

"Austin lives here?" Damiana smiled evilly at her boyfriend. "He will pay."

"You bet he will. What are the Loonakids up to right now?"

Damiana closed her eyes and looked for them in her mind. "They are doing nothing. Their services are not yet required. But I know who they are and where they live."

Sean smiled evilly. "Perfect."

Meanwhile, in a tall tower a few miles away, the Loonakids were in the living room, distracting themselves until something interesting happened. Jack Duck was upside-down on the couch, playing paddle-ball. Nadine Bunny and Kelly Coyote were playing Uno with Benny and Lucy Bunny. Ryan Coyote was helping his dad, Tech, and his uncle, Rev Runner, to put together…something. Michael and Sarah Coyote were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. Ace and Lexi Bunny (Nadine, Benny, and Lucy's parents), Sophie Coyote (Tech's wife and Kelly, Ryan, Sarah, and Michael's mom), Daniella Runner (Rev's wife), and Wendy Duck (Jack's mom) were taking care of the little kids, Gabby, TJ, and Polly Coyote; Dakota Duck; Rebekka Runner; and Buddy, Penny, Oliver, and Virginia Bunny. Robert Runner (Rev and Daniella's son), Slam Tasmanian, and Danger Duck (Jack's dad and Wendy's husband) were just lying around doing nothing. Some nothing, huh?

Jack broke the silence. "When are we going to do something interesting? Nothing has happened for two weeks!"

"I know, Jack," said Nadine, "and nothing is going to happen if you keep complaining like this." She laid down a blue 3 on a green 3. "Uno."

"Yeah?" Kelly laid down a blue reverse card and a blue 5 and went out. "Ha! I win!"

Nadine dropped her spare card. She couldn't have done anything with it, anyway, it was a red 6.

"Look on the bright side," said Benny, putting together the cards in the deck and shuffling them together, "that's the most exciting thing that's happened all day."

"'All day'?" asked Lucy, "Try all month." She put down her three cards into Benny's deck. "As much as I hate to say it, Jack's right."

Jack smirked. "You bet I—Hey!"

"I wouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly."

Kelly smiled at hearing that voice and turned around to see her boyfriend, Austin Wolfe. He was a grey and white wolf and also (get this) a Vampire with a soul. Luckily, Kelly was half-Vampire, so he wasn't alone.

"Exactly what do you mean by that?" asked Kelly.

"Hey, you're the psychic, you tell me," said Austin.

Kelly smiled again. She closed her eyes. "I see…nothing. I don't think it's been very easy to do this ever since I turned half-blood-sucker. Wait a minute, wait a minute…nope, nothing."

"Told you," said Jack, "nothing interesting ever happens around here anymore. Not since Game-Boy got thrown out of business almost a month ago."

Sarah laughed. "Game-Boy. That's funny."

"Why is that funny?" asked Michael.

"Well, it's just that the Game-Boy was one of the first video game systems ever made back in the 20th or 21st century," Sarah answered.

"Oh no," said Jack, "Is every coyote a know-it-all?"

Sophie scoffed. "The three kids over here wouldn't necessarily be considered know-it-all's being only one-and-a-half."

"Point taken." Jack turned himself right-side-up. "But I believe I was trying to say that nothing interesting happens here lately."

Benny's watch beeped.

"Now I told you," said Austin.

"Ha ha ha," said Jack, sarcastically.

"It's not Zadavia," said Benny, "It's Brenda." He pressed a button and they were linked to a phone-like connection. "What's the problem now?"

"I'm the Slayer, I slay Vampires, what else could the problem be?" Brenda was in a graveyard. "Hold on a second." A Vampire was coming up behind her, but she stabbed it in the heart with a wooden stake and it turned to dust. "Five Vampires come out of the ground, six come out next to them before I'm able to slay one, and then another seven come out of nowhere and I've now stacked it up to over 25." She slayed another one. "It's like some Vampire came in a few hours ago and went on a killing spree and then sent in a bunch of cronies because he didn't think it would be enough to get rid of me." Stake to the heart, turn to dust. "Please help."

"OK, we're coming," said Benny, "Where are you?"

"OK, since you can't see me, I'm just going to let you know that I'm giving you a really dirty look right now considering the fact that there's only ONE GRAVEYARD WITHIN FIVE BLOCKS OF YOU!"

"We get it!" Kelly yelled, "Don't rush us. Come on, guys."

Ace, Lexi, Daniella, Wendy, and Sophie put Gabby, TJ, Polly, Buddy, Penny, Oliver, Virginia, Dakota, and Rebekka to bed and rushed out the door with the rest of the team to meet Brenda Sanders at the graveyard.

Brenda slayed another Vampire just as they got there. "About time you showed up."

"Behind you," Wendy said.

Brenda held the stake up and stabbed him without effort or interest. "Thanks. Ace." She tossed the stake to Ace, who turned around and stabbed another. "That's the stomach."

Ace then realized his mistake. "Uh oh." The Vampire grabbed him and tossed him onto the sidewalk. "That hurt."

Nadine turned to the Vampire and took out the stake and put it where the heart really was, slaying him and turning him to dust. "That is kind of fun."

Ace walked over. "Speak for yourself. I was hurt so badly that…uh, Benny, head's up."

Benny ducked and a Vampire went right over him and slammed into a light pole.

Nadine ran over and stabbed him. Same results. "And that's how you do it."

"Uh, Nadine?" Lucy pointed over to at least 15 other Vampires on the other side of the graveyard.

"Better leave this to me, Austin, and Brenda," said Kelly. She got down and the ground and turned into her Vampire form. Austin did the same.

"I can never get used to them doing that," said Tech.

Kelly and Austin jumped at some of the Vampires, knocking them back to slay them with Brenda.

"OK, OK, knock it off."

They stopped, just as another Vampire died. Sean was standing a little ways away.

"Forgive me for asking, but who are you?" asked Brenda.

"Well, Slayer, why don't you ask him?"

Kelly turned back to normal and turned to Austin.

Austin changed back to normal as well. "Sean."

"Uh, who…how…what's going on here?" asked Tech, confused more than ever.

"Why don't we explain that after you're dead?" Sean turned into his Vampire form.

Brenda withdrew another stake. She ran at him. He grabbed her hand before she could stab him and took the stake from her, snapping it in half (the stake, not her arm). He kicked her in the stomach, knocking her onto the ground.

Austin went to her side.

"Oh, don't tell me you're on the Slayer's side now. You're weaker than I thought you were. Of course, I guess that comes with having a soul, doesn't it?" He picked up a shovel and knocked Austin into a tree.

"Austin!" Kelly went to her boyfriend's side and helped him stand up. He was already in Vampire form.

Austin groaned. "OK, that hurt!"

"So now my grand-sire is the complainer on the good side?" Sean scoffed at him.

"Hey, that would be my job!" Duck said, "No, wait a minute…"

"You know what?" Kelly interrupted her uncle, talking to Sean, "Why don't you just go crawl into your coffin for another 50 years, blood-sucker?"

"Hey, last time I checked, your boyfriend here was a blood-sucker. And I don't accept insults from a filthy half-breed like you."

Kelly began to go after him, but Austin held her back.

"And this is no concern of yours," said Sean, "Damiana and I merely want the Slayer and your boyfriend dead."

"Oh, so your girlfriend is here, too?" asked Austin, "Last time I checked, she was of so little threat that she was too weak to even turn into Vampire form."

"And again I ask, what's going on?" Tech asked.

"And who's this Damiana he's talking about?" asked Nadine.

"I'll tell you later," Austin said, "Right now, we—where'd he go?"

They all looked around. Sean wasn't there now.

Sarah walked over to a bush and pushed back one of the branches. He jumped out at her and had her cornered. "I think I found him."

Sean jumped at her, but Austin jumped on him in midair, pinning him to the ground. "Back off, Sean."

"What are you going to do about it?" Sean smirked in return.

"Austin!" Austin and Sean turned to Kelly. Kelly pointed to the horizon just beyond the trees. Sunrise was coming.

Sean got out of Austin's grip and started to walk off, out of Vampire form. "We'll get back to this later." He ran off to meet Damiana at the place they had found not even an hour ago.

"OK, Austin," said Kelly, "We're getting you inside and then you're going to explain to us who that was and why he was after you."

"Fair enough."