I just want to let you know how nice it was walking you home in the rain last night. That was truly a unique experience. I'm waking up a bit now. Just remembering.

Can you tell I'm really stoned tired? I am. But I'm soft, sleepy-eyed, and I have an ache deep within me where I can't reach. Wishing you were here.

I'm thinking... If I just lay back down and close my eyes, you'll be beside me again. Here waking up with me after our night together. So I do it. I stretch back out full length, the only light in the room a soft glow from my computer screen. I make myself comfortable on my left side, and to my surprise, you are there, right next to me on my bed, still wondrously naked from last night, still fast asleep.

Your dirty blonde hair is disheveled from our love making but it frames your soft features in such a wistful yet playful way that I must brush my hand through it. I just want to drink in you appearance right now and remember it always. That full forehead, the mark of a man with so much knowledge to share with me. Those perfectly arched eyebrows ruling majestically from the heights above your closed eyes that hold such sparkle, joy, and enjoyment when they are open.

But I can see now ... here in the morning with you, that your face is defined by the attuned combination of nose and slightly raised cheek bones that give you a look that can switch from naughty child to serious adult lover in a moments time as the mood strikes you. I watch and remember how you did that so very often last night. Now I've learned your secret.

I marvel also how your cheeks flow down around your mouth and into the solid structure of your chin, adding so much strength to your appearance. I smile quietly at this, having experienced your strength for the first time the night before. The thought gives new meaning to my name, Happy.

Then, finally, I fix my focus on your mouth. My heart beats faster as I remember the joy those gently curved, beautifully formed, and wondrously soft lips created in me all through the night. My whole body thrills as I recollect that luscious naughty little muscle hiding behind those innocent lips that brought me arching into you as it explored every part of me then finally touched off spasm after spasm of lust and fulfillment like I've never felt before in all my life.

That lust began to silently consume my mind and body again and I want the magic behind your lips to do its work one more time. But even more so I want to give myself over to you first. So you can recall all that we were the night before to your last breath on this planet.

I watch your face. Then draw one thin finger across your lips ever so gently, barely touching them. Your body shudders only slightly at my touch and your head shakes just for a second. But you don't wake up. Moving closer, I allow my finger, still carrying the delicate fragrance of our love upon it, to draw one more time across your lips, adding the touch of my scented breath as it traces its path.

Your head shakes again and your eyes shoot open. You realize instantly who I am and wrap your arms around me in quiet yet strong embrace. God woman, your nipples feel so good against me. My lips find your own with the accuracy of a sniper's aim, my left hand supporting me and my right running through your hair.

I close my eyes and we push our lips into each other firmly searching, gently biting, softly flexing, always aware of the other yet able to selfishly enjoy for ourselves. You sit up and I return your embrace, never removing my lips from your own. I want more of your life, more of your smell, more of the wonder you possess in your touch, in your heart, in your mind, in your body, in your soul.

At that moment I realize I am kissing my pillow.