I lied. This story actually came out to be longer than expected, so it's a five-shot (if such a thing exists). But yeah, here is the last chapter of Real Men, Real Friends! I hope you all enjoyed my first MvA fic, and continue to read and review! Have a nice day to EVERYONE!

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Part Five: Real Men, Real Friends

Oh, how he hated that infernal sound. Snickering. Snickering indicated that someone was being made fun of, and that victim was usually him. He was jolted out of his second peaceful nap that day by the dreadful sound. Sighing to himself, he opened one eye to see the door opened, and three shadowy beings standing at the entrance. Blinking in the sudden light, Dr. Cockroach groaned to himself and turned away, burying his face in something soft and smooth. He didn't want to deal with the immature monsters who adored playing pranks on him. He was far too tired, and he was peaceful and comfortable. It was then that his eyes snapped open, and he realized he had just snuggled himself into Susan's neck. Leaping backwards, his cheeks burning with embarrassment, the scientist coughed and brushed off his front. The sudden movement roused Susan from her peaceful sleep as well. Her eyes blinked open and she yawned, stretching.

"What's goin' on, Doc?" She asked groggily, rubbing her eyes and peering around in the darkness for him. He looked down at the three beings, obviously Link, B.O.B. and Monger. Leaping down from the bed gracefully, Dr. Cockroach turned up to Susan and smiled.

"Why don't you come down, my dear? We have something for you." He called up to her as she raised her head to look at her friends standing at the doorway. Dr. Cockroach then walked over to the three, who were covering their mouths with their hands and continuing to snicker at their insect friend. Even Monger couldn't hide his smug smile. Dr. Cockroach leaned towards them, whispering threateningly.

"You three say one word, and I shall proceed to experiment on you for a month." He hissed, his eyes glowing with fury. Link held up his hands in defeat, and B.O.B. put his hands behind his back. They both still grinned, still struggling not to laugh at finding the scientist all snuggled up with Susan and snoozing together. And in nothing but his turtleneck, even! Poor guy, trying so hard to hide his little secret…

The doctor stood tall, brushing off his front and straightening his collar. Coughing sharply to get the others to focus, Dr. Cockroach turned to Susan. She was pulling back the blanket and slowly lowering herself to the floor. Crossing her legs, she leaned down to the boys, looking at them curiously.

"Alright, Insecto. C'mon in." Link called over his shoulder. The gigantic creature lumbered into view, holding a massive metal tray in his two front claws. Trilling softly, he squeezed himself into the room (which was just tall enough for the largest of the monsters to fit into). Smiling sweetly down at Susan, he bent forward and set the tray down on the ground. He was very careful not to bump into anything or knock anything over. Susan blinked in surprise, and then she smiled widely. On the tray was her mug, full of warm green tea. There was also the biggest chocolate bar she had ever seen, a tiny little bow attached to a corner. On the other side of the mug was a folded piece of paper. She picked up the paper and unfolded it, reading the large printed words. The note simply explained what was in the tea, and what was waiting for her in the restroom. Her smile grew even wider as tears welled up in her eyes. This time, however, they were not tears of misery and frustration. They were tears of happiness. Refolding the note, she placed it down by the mug of tea. Taking the tray, she scooted it to the side, then held out her hands to her friends – to her boys.

"Aw, guys. You are the greatest friends anyone could have. The best I've ever had. I can't thank you enough for helping me right now. This…this is amazing. Really amazing. You five really are the best." She said tearfully, scooping her hands behind Doctor C., Link, and B.O.B. They were literally swept off their feet as the giant woman gently took them into her hands. She pressed them to her cheek, embracing them tightly and tenderly. She smiled happily, closing her eyes and feeling more lucky and thankful than she ever had in her life. How could she possibly think that they had ditched her? They had gone out to get the things she needed and even the items that would make her feel better.

All three of the monsters grinned at each other. They had succeeded, and at least she wasn't destroying the common room anymore. They shared victorious fist-bumps and high-fives with one another before turning to Susan. B.O.B., with that huge, silly grin on his cerulean face, stuck himself to Susan's cheek with utter happiness. Link grinned, shook his head, and then allowed himself to hug his friend as well, patting her nose playfully. Susan wriggled her nose and giggled. Dr. Cockroach merely smiled at her, at her happy face, at her glowing beauty. He too, then leaned forward, resting the side of his head against her cheek and stroking her soft smooth skin gently. Susan opened her eyes for a brief second, and grinned. With her free hand, she gave Insectosaurus a well-earned tummy rub. As she ran her fingers through his soft fur, he purred deeply, and then shrieked softly, followed by a low roar. Link pulled away from Susan for a moment, nodding.

"You're totally right, Insecto. Suzie, it wasn't just us. You see, Doc's the one who arranged this whole adventure. You better thank bug-brain over there double-time. We were just the muscle...and the good looks." Link teased, flashing the good doctor a sharp-toothed grin while slicking back his cranial fin. Dr. Cockroach rolled his eyes, but couldn't get rid of his grin. Link had teased him for almost fifty years, but together, they had made their friend very happy. Susan leaned back and looked down at the three monsters in her hand. She smiled down at her boys with love, before bringing them back up to her face and nuzzling them playfully with her, though proportionally tiny, large nose. They all laughed as she tickled them. Link pushed her away, grinning widely.

"Yeah, yeah, enough mush, Suzie." He said, pretending to wipe his cheeks of the awful girl-cooties. He then turned to B.O.B., who was continuing to grin like everything was right in the world. Link put an arm on B.O.B.'s shoulder. B.O.B. rotated his single eye to peer at Link in question.

"Hey, didn't you do somethin' for Susan, too?" Link asked, raising a brow and winking. B.O.B. just stared blankly at him for a moment, the brainless, adorable pile of gloop looking like he was trying to comprehend what Link was talking about. Then, suddenly, he jumped up with a terrific shout, throwing his hands in the air.

"Aw, yeah! I'll go get it! Wait right here." He said, his expression suddenly going serious. Jumping from Susan's hand, he landed on the floor with a distinct squelching sound. His form wobbled, and then he giggled before scurrying away out of the room leaving a slime trail behind him. Monger sighed, knowing that he would have to call the facility's janitor in here before someone slipped and broke their neck. Link chortled at the ever-amusing antics of his blob of a friend before leaping from Susan's hand and onto the belly of Insectosaurus.

"You were great, Insecto! Who's a good butterfly, huh? Who's a good butterfly?" Link said to Insectosaurus, who gave his best friend a loud, grumbling trill. Dr. Cockroach watched with amusement as Link scuttled up and down the butterfly monster's fuzzy body, tickling him as he went.

"Hey, Doc?" Susan said softly while the others were distracted with their own activities. Monger watched Insectosaurus and Link play, his hands crossed behind his back and a small grin on his old face. Dr. Cockroach looked up at Susan in question. She was smiling tenderly, looking much happier than she was this morning.

"Thank you. For everything." She said softly, raising the hand that the scientist stood on. With her other hand, she touched her index finger to her lips, and then brought it down to Doctor C., tapping the very tip of his nose with her finger. He blinked in surprise, feeling his cheeks burning even redder than they already were. His antennae twitched, drooping and then perking up. He could only stand there for a moment trying to remember his name. It was then he realized that Susan was watching him, and he could swear Insectosaurus was peering down at him with one eye. Out of habit he coughed and fidgeted with his turtleneck collar. He then smiled up at Susan.

"You're quite welcome, my dear. Anytime." He said gently. The two shared a smile as B.O.B. rocketed into the room, moving as fast as an animated azure globule could possibly go. Clutched in his hands was a large piece of paper, almost as wide as he was. He waved it in the air, capturing everyone's attention.

"Hey, Susan! Hey, Susan! Hey, Susan! I drew a picture! And it's for you! Here, Susan! Look at the picture I drew for you!" B.O.B. yelled happily, bouncing around and making it nigh impossible for the giggling woman to grab it from B.O.B.'s waving hands. She finally gripped it between her index finger and thumb, lifting from B.O.B.'s grasp and turned it right-side up to analyze the very special drawing. Upon looking at it, she giggled. It was obviously colored with crayon, but quite good considering B.O.B.'s standards. She could easily recognize her face, with a big smile and snowy white hair. Next to her was the good glob himself, a mere blue cylinder with a rounded head, one eye, and a smile extending all around his face. Link looked like…well, Link, though B.O.B. drew his legs a bit too stubby. Dr. Cockroach had a rounded head and very big eyes, sitting on Susan's shoulder. In the drawing, he looked like a famous extra-terrestrial from an old movie. Insectosaurus was fitted in the background, appearing to be flying high over their heads, as he was drawn quite small.

"Awww, B.O.B. that is so sweet! Thank you!" Susan said as he grinned and puffed out his chest, looking quite proud of himself. Susan showed the picture around to the others. Dr. Cockroach chuckled and Link grinned, pointing to his appearance in the picture.

"I know this handsome devil!" He said, slicking his crown fin backwards and winking at Susan. Insectosaurus trilled something at him which caused him to from and cross his arms. "Hey!" Link said. Susan and the others laughed, and the giant woman placed the picture up on her bedside table. Link scuttled back down to the floor, sharing a fist-bump with B.O.B. and grinning. Susan looked back down at her boys, wondering how she had been blessed with such amazing friends. Oh, yeah. A giant Quantonium meteorite. The giant woman bent down, saying something she hadn't said to anyone in quite a while.

"I love you guys." She said softly, her blue eyes looking at each face. B.O.B. looked simply ecstatic. He grinned like a maniac and leapt around the room, yelling out loud.

"I love yah too, Susan! Hah-hah! Susan loves me! Take that, Derek!" The little blue blob exclaimed in joy, pumping a fist into the air. Susan rolled her eyes, but decided to let this one go. Link put a smug look on his face, crossing his arms and puffing out his chest.

"Well, of course yah do Suzie! And…well, I guess I love you too. After all, what wouldn't I do for the girl who's like my…uh, really big, little sister." Link said, scratching the back of his head. Susan giggled. Insectosaurus roared loudly, his bellow echoing throughout the facility. Susan cocked a brow and looked down at Link to translate the giant butterfly's statement.

"He says 'Ditto.'" Link said, nodding and smiling. Susan giggled and gave her gigantic furry friend a pat on the belly. Suddenly, she felt the gentlest pressure on her right hand, which was resting on her knee. Blinking, she turned to look down at the little cockroach man, who had placed his tiny hand upon hers. Turning her palm upwards, she grasped his little hand gently between her index finger and thumb. He was smiling softly, his large hazel eyes glowing and looking up into her own. She smiled back down at him (noticing that a corner of his moustache was a tad bit messy).

"And I love you, my dear." He said quietly, hoping beyond science that the blood boiling in his cheeks wasn't visible through his dark claret face. Susan's smile grew even wider as she shared a very special moment with one of the greatest friends she ever had. The giant woman and the cockroach man turned to look at Monger, who was walking up to them. Susan reached forward with a hand to thank him as well. He took two steps back, holding up his hands.

"Oh, no. I ain't givin' yah no mush, girlie. But I am givin' yah an order. Get yourself all tidied up and well-rested. I received a call while I was out that there have been some sightings of some sort of dinosaur-fish in some lake out in Scotland. The fisherman I talked to said that the monster was eatin' all the fish he had caught for the market. I want you five to check it tomorrow. Might actually be somethin' this time." Monger said, grinning and winking to Susan before turning around escorting himself out of the room. Susan smiled after him, and then slipped her hands underneath the tray.

"Alright. This chocolate needs eating. I couldn't possibly eat it all. Who's with me?" She asked playfully, eyeing her boys. B.O.B. froze, and then began jumping around Susan's feet in absolute delight, thrilled over getting a taste of the giant treat. He waved his hands in the air frantically. "Me, me! Pick me!"

"I'm in! You, Insecto?" Link said happily, turning and scurrying up to perch himself on top of Insectosaurus's head. He grinned and roared loudly, confirming his partake in the activity. Susan smiled up at the two, and then looked down and cocked a brow at the mad little scientist.

"I'd be delighted." He said, scampering up Susan's arm to alight himself on her shoulder. She stood, carrying the tray with her and walking out of her room. With Link and Insectosaurus followinh behind her, B.O.B. racing around her feet in excitement, and Doctor Cockroach sitting cheerfully on her shoulder, Susan walked out into the common room. As she did so, she couldn't help but thinking that she couldn't be more blessed to have such wonderful friends, uncaring that they were monsters. They loved her, and she loved them. She felt a gentle tug against her head as the mad scientist began to absentmindedly and gently braid a lock of her snowy white hair.

Perhaps this week wasn't going to be so bad after all.