Well, everyone, here is my surprise. A remake of yayleo's 'How Did You Know?' I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy. You see, yayleo suffered a severe amount of writer's block with it and so I offered to take it off his hands while he works with the other stuff he has in store. What he works on, I don't know. In any case, let's get started. For the record, I will be using his OC's as well as mine for this. It will be a fun write, I can say. This will not hinder NLA in the slightest.

How Did You Know

Redone By LuxUmbra2012

Permission granted from yayleo

Chapter 1

Beginnings Arc: 1 of 2

Fear… Fear was the only definition I could think of right now… This was beyond anything I have ever done in my life. Here I am, standing at the edge of the abyss, one step sending me straight to my doom and now I'm mentally berating myself for even getting involved in this situation, when earlier, I was oh-so-eager to have fun with my friends. Oh how I wish I could curse them 17 times to hell, but I can't. It's not like I can't, I can. It's just that I'm too afraid right now. A figure stood behind me as I looked down. He spoke in a gruff voice, "Once you go, the others will follow." Not exactly comforting, knowing they'd take the plunge after I did… It would've been funny if anyone, especially Dante took the plunge before me, but no! Me first, the best video game player in Toronto, first! DAMN MY LUCK!

"DO IT, FURBALL!" I heard Dante yell that out.

"You can do it, Leo!" That one was Ronny…

And before long, my other friends joined in a chorus, all of them chanting my name. "Leo! Leo! Leo!"

(They must be out of their goddamn minds if I'm gonna do this… What the heck am I saying? I've braved Hell as the nameless space Marine and as Dante, I've played through the twisted realm of Silent Hill, I've lived through loads of zombie apocalypses such as Raccoon City and New Orleans! This is nothing! I've lived through F.E.A.R so that proves my bravery! Nothing scares Leo Orlando Leonardo the 3rd! Nothing! Yeah! Let's do this!)

Feeling confident after my mental pep talk, I smirked and spread my arms to the side as wide as I could… then… I stepped over the edge God of War style, a shout of confidence proving myself yet again. However, my confidence had instantly disintegrated as I fell to the river below the bridge. Realizing the impending doom, the water and rocks coming ever so closer at a faster rate, I screamed loudly, all frames of my body screaming that I was a damn idiot and that I was gonna die. I swear I could see so many images of my life flashing before my eyes as I was merely a second from impact. But right before I thought it would all end, a sudden tug pulled at my torso along with a sort of weight adding onto mine. I had completely forgotten that I was attached to a bungee cord as I was pulled back up into the air. It took every form of restraint not to vomit my lunch as I was shot back up towards the bridge, all the while flailing like the notorious dork I am. As I came into the view of my friends, all of them laughed hard while I flicked them off and yelled loudly over the whoosh of the air, "I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!"

If anything, my screaming death threat just made them laugh harder for their laughter was still present as I fell again. The descent this time wasn't as bad as the first, but the whiplash still elicited some screams from me as I went up, and down, and up, and rinse, lather, and repeat. After the first 3 times, I actually began to get used to the descent and… It felt like I was flying, but in a small enclosed area. Is this how Mario felt in 'Super Mario World' with that cape of his? Or Wee-Man on Jackass? Or was it Number 2? It felt like I was cheating death, coming closer into hitting the floor, only to spring back upwards and soar in the skies, defying the laws of gravity itself. Eventually the screams became yells of excitement as I enjoyed what time I had on the bungee cord, until the bouncing stopped and I was steadily pulled back up onto the bridge. As I was pulled back up, I was met by cheers and laughter, the laughter overdoing the cheers of support. Dante 'Jeice' Riley and Sam Hunter cheered my attempt, while everyone else, Ternaldo Wilson, Ronald 'Ronny' Blue, Ashley Michelle Moore, Shawn Roy, and Clairissa Richardson simply laughed as hard as their lungs could allow, Ronny doubling over and pointing. "YOU GUYS SUCK ASS!" I yelled at them as they still kept going on. Even the bungee jump operator was laughing hard. "Never thought I'd hear a boy scream that loud! You were louder than all the other girls on their first time!" At that, even Dante and Sam broke out laughing, and it got worse from the others… I blushed, feeling pretty embarrassed about that… Until I started laughing too, because I had to admit, it was funny. I, screaming like a girl…

As I got on my feet and the straps and cables were pulled off, my friends approached me, now congratulating me on my first ever bungee jump attempt. Eventually Ronny broke forward and grabbed my head and wrapped it around, giving me a noogie as I struggled to break free. "Weellll… congratulations for making yourself look stupid again!" He laughed out before continuing, "Next time we come here, you are first again, and this time, I'm recording that shit! It was so damn funny!" Next time? Oh, hell, no! "HELL, NO, THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME!" I yelled out to Ronny after finally escaping his grasp. The others still laughed a little at my very over dramatic response to them.

But… then came the others turn and of course they all chickened. Cowards… I stepped up to the plate, and they cock out. That is until a voice called out. "I'm in." Everyone turned to see Dante stepping forward. He despises heights, so why would he try? "Dude! You have the worst fear of heights! Don't do it!" "Sorry! Already in the gear!" How did he get in it so fast? Well, there was no way to convince him not to do this but everyone was still trying to talk him out of it… Until he walked off of course. His screams then echoed around us until he sprang back up, yelling, "I'M SCARED SHITLESS BUT THIS IS AWESOME!" At least he understood. The others looked a little unnerved. Hopefully this might convince them…

Eventually everyone had a turn. Ternaldo swore he almost hit the water, Ronny countering with a fat joke that got him a small punch in the chest. Ternaldo knew we were just kidding with him. It was our way of expressing our bond as friends. I dragged Ronny into it next. The guy said he could handle it like a pro. I scoffed at it, claiming he'll scream like a girl when he falls. Surprisingly the whole time, he didn't say squat. We were all stunned… until he puked 10 seconds after being freed from the equipment. When that happened, I laughed so hard, my sides were splitting. Serves him right. Then Shawn tried it next, saying it might be fun. It was funny because it looked like he was trying skateboard tricks as he came up, then dove as he fell trying to gain more air time. Of course the guys and I cheered him on, while Ashley looked extremely apprehensive. I knew she cared for him so I told her that he'd be fine. Shawn is nearly as good as a professional so he knows what he's doing. Shawn dismounted a few minutes later and told us that this would be great to practice the motions for skateboard tricks. He seemed really giddy, saying one day he'll come up with his own original legendary trick. And of course, Ashley wasn't so enthused about that…

After all of us had our turn, we were so pumped and primed on what to do next. You see, today, we decided to hit a rather large carnival today and we all were having an awesome time. Shawn shouted, "Food! Let's get something to eat, I'm starved!" Ronny sided with that. Ashley, now giddy, declared that we should head for the nearest big-ass rollercoaster. Eager, I spoke, "Hey, Aeris, what do you want to do?" I didn't get a response. Odd. As I looked around… I didn't see her anywhere. "Oh, sorry, she left 45 minutes ago." Ashley spoke up. I was surprised… Aeris left? Why?" I asked. Not that I was concerned, just curious. "She left for a date she had with Spencer." "Spencer?" Sam asked. On a date? I didn't know she could tame that violent side long enough to even get close to a guy. "You mean that cheetah transfer student?" "The really cute one." "OH! Go girl!" I mentally rolled my eyes as they began describing Spencer. I never even saw the guy but they kept claiming how hot he was, and how he was such a good guy in … I swear… One day, they'll realize that it's the heart that counts, because I bet he's just an asshole inside. Speaking of, I better call, interrupt the date and see how it is going. I whipped out my IPhone 4G, and inserted my unlock code 'pwnd' and prepared to call her until the phone went off on its own. Oh! It's Aeris. Weird. I answered it, wondering why she would call me. It's normally the other way around. "Yo, it's me. How's it going over there with Spence?"

She didn't respond to me when I asked. "Hello? Aeris? It's me-" "I know…" She suddenly answered me. "Whew… for a moment there I thought that you were mad at me or something." I responded, somewhat glad she answered. Hey? She is my first and best friend after all. Isn't that a good enough reason to worry a tad bit, even though she's a master at Wendo? (Female form of fighting, primarily used against criminals and attempted rapists and all that. Explains where the raw strength comes from, huh?) Keeping a grin on my face, I wanted to pester her enough to make her lose her cool in front of Spencer, so I asked, "So? How's it going over there with Spencer, Aeris?" She didn't respond again… but I swore I heard the distinct sound of a very pissed off growl or raw anger. Whoa… I hope I didn't hit anything touchy or I'm dead… But that growl softened, and I heard her continue with, "I've been here a half hour waiting on Spence, Leo. He was supposed to show up 20 minutes ago." "Dick…" "Huh?" I realized that I said that out loud. "Oh, sorry, I meant he's a dick for being late." I replied truthfully. "Oh… wait a sec. I just got a text…" I waited a moment, wondering what it would say. I hope for Spencer's sake, he explains why he was late, because it's not wise to anger Aeris Cole, Toronto's pink fury. My wait was cut short as Aeris answered the phone again. "Leo… can you pick me up from the mall?"

Did she say what I think she just said…?

I heard a sniffle on the other end, followed by more noticeable ones… Was she crying? "Leo, just come and pick me up, please…" "What happened?" "He… stood me up. He went on a date with some other girl. I just saw him after he texted me, saying he couldn't make it…" Son of a bitch! I knew he was an asshole! That's so not cool! I was pretty angry right now. That was so uncool and undeserved. But there were more important matters at hand right now. I was about to say something before I could hear tears on the other end. This is really scaring me. Aeris is the biggest badass I know around the whole city. She never cries… But this bastard who the whole school hardly knows busts her to tears like that!? "Hey… you alright over there?" That was… a really dumb thing for me to say… Of course she isn't! She just got stood up for God's sake and in one of the more horrible methods I know. Before I could apologize for asking such a dumb question, she responded again, somewhat calming down, a few sniffles were still present. "Yeah… I just need a ride… I've had a bad day…" "You sure you ok over there?" "I really feel like punching him… or something really hard." "Would my head count as hard?" I cracked. I know it wouldn't do much but I did get a small laugh from her. It was a good sign, the first step to the road of getting over his lame ass. "Alright, I'll be right over. Just hang tight alright?" "Thanks." With that she hung up before I could say goodbye. Does anyone say good bye anymore? Eh, not caring right now. "Whatcha doing over there, furball?" Dante asked me as I placed the phone into my pocket. I really didn't want to kill the mood, especially since we were all having such a great time, but I had to anyways… "Guys, I'm headed to the mall. Aeris called. Spencer lied and went out with-" "Claudia?" Dante interrupted. "Who?" "I saw this Spencer guy being asked out by Claudia. She's kind of a bimbo." "Never mind, in any case, Spencer stood her up and I'm headed out to pick her up." I hoped that only Dante would hear but I had the misfortune of eavesdropping friends as they looked around the corner of the concession stand, mixed reactions on their faces. And I failed to not kill the mood. As they came from their hiding spot, I noticed all of them looked rather crestfallen about their friends' misfortune, same as I was. But the mood didn't last. Ronny stepped forth from the crowd and gazed at me with a certain steely expression. "So he did, huh?" "Yeah…" "So… that gives us license to do something about it?" Normally, the serious Ronny's face always made me laugh, mainly because I rarely see him serious, but this time round, I was pissed too. "Oh yeah. It does." And I matched his evil grin with one of my own. "Well, since you'll be picking her up, we'll hold down the fort till you get back. There are still loads of fun stuff to do before the day ends." "Right, see you guys in a bit." "Later."

"Wait! Leo! If you see Spencer, slug him one for me, would ya?" Ashley called out as I turned around. The impulse was now made heavy inside my head… "Aeris is really rubbing off on ya, Ash!" I responded, amused by the thought of a violent Ashley. I just don't see it happening. She's just too sweet. "Well, I guess we could do a few rounds on Call of Duty or something after this huh?"



"I'm gonna die…"

"You always die first Dante…"


"No. It's because you suck, noob."

They all waved me goodbye as I headed off from the carnival. As I went past the entrance/exit, I was kind of angry and I allowed a small growl to leave my lips. No one, and I mean no one, deserves that kind of treatment. Except a few douchebags I know… In any case, I got inside my 2013 Jeep Compass, blue colored by the way (a birthday gift from my folks since I gained my license on the first shot), and drove off.

Some time would pass as I drove through the city to the mall to collect Aeris. I saw Schwartzen-Cop being an ass to some kids about the Chronicles of Riddick, even though they had the movie; Johnny's 'pet store' suddenly have a suspicious stain splatter on the window, later turning out to be spaghetti sauce as he was slurping on noodles; And Scott flying way above everyone. Showoff. All in all, another pleasant not weird as hell day, something I know Aeris can truly appreciate, if I can snap her out of this, which I'm confident I can. The time passed and I finally arrived, the entirety of the mall shining in its recently built glory as I parked in the lot a rather fair distance from the entrance. Locking it behind, I made my way inside the mall via the JC Penny's entrance. Jeez. It is crowded here today… All these girls clamoring around since a special is going on today, and a few annoyed boyfriends/husbands following them around carrying things for them… Is that my folks? Hey! That is my folks! HAHAH! Poor dad…. Lugging around all that stuff… he looks like he's gonna collapse. Well, I'll leave my dad to his torment while I go find Aeris. In a mall full of animals and humans, she shouldn't be hard to find, considering the uniqueness of her fur.

Leaving the area, I made it to the center area, calling out my comrade in VG's name. I had to make sure she heard me out above the incessant banter of everyone else in the mall, so I kept doing so. Eventually I skimmed most of it expect the food court and movie theatre. When I got there and called her out, I thought I heard a whistle. Probably someone wolf whistling a girl… I called again. Another whistle. Ok, that was too coincidental… she has to be around here somewhere. I called out her name again, this time a very loud whistle came from over at a table in front of Wendy's. When I got a good look, I noticed a mop of untamed pink hair present there. There's no mistaking it. That person over there is Toronto's red and white mix hurricane. Quickening my pace, I dodged through a few people and made my way over to the table. Taking a seat, I noticed the remnants of a Baconator burger from Wendy's laying in front of her. "Yo, Aeris. How's it hanging?" I spoke casually, but completely unsure of what the hell to say to her after what Spencer did to her. A pit of sadness and anger began to fill my gut because of it.

It was pretty awkward to even say anything to her. So I decided on whatever the hell came to mind. "Revenge?" I blurted looked up as I said that, somewhat intrigued by the thought of it, but her face resumed its current sadness as she spoke up, "Thanks for showing up… It means a lot." At least I did some good in coming. "No problem." She got up, obviously wanting to get the hell outta here after what happened as she hastily disposed her trash… but she stopped after that and refused to turn around. The obvious sound of a sniffle coming from her… This must have really impacted her. I mean I knew on a personal level that Aeris was rarely asked out but guys, and this Spencer person really was gonna get it from me if I saw him. But that wasn't important; cheering her up was. I really hope she doesn't kill me for invading the 'bubble' (her personal space), but she really looks like she needs a hug… I snuck up behind her, and embraced her from behind, taking care to keep my arms at shoulder level… Last time I went lower, which was an accident, didn't end very well for me…

More sobs came from her. Now I was feeling stupid… Was I helping or just making things worse? "Look, Spencer is an asshole who missed out. Don't feel bad. It's not your fault." I spoke out, hoping these cheesy lines might do something into cheering her up. It didn't seem like it would work and I was about to let go, until she spoke up after some time. "Thank you… I feel a little better now… Even though you used the cheesiest line one could ever use in a situation like this." "I thought that same thing, but what else could I say?" I countered towards her. Placing a finger under her chin, she thought for a moment before saying, "Well… There really isn't much else to say, but thank you." YES! Score! I cheered her up from the possibility of a really dark depression! "Heheh! No problem!" I was still happy I succeeded at cheering her up but as I looked at her, she still seemed upset about the situation. "You ok?" "Yes, I'm fine." "Bullshit, are you ok?" "…. I really feel like I need to hit something…" I was about to say 'let's track down Spencer and his date', but honestly, even I knew she'd get in trouble if she did. There's only one person in the whole planet who'd willingly take her blows without causing a fuss about it… whether intentionally or unwillingly.

She turned to leave, ready to just depart from this place, until I stopped her by placing my right hand on her shoulder. She turned around, obviously curious about my intentions. I know Aeris more than anyone else in the whole planet and when she's mad, she has to vent, otherwise, it builds up and when it peaks, she's like a volcano; only after she's done erupting will she be calm and docile… and anyone in the way will be burned alive by her wrath.

"Let's just go, Leo." "Nope. Not yet. There's still something that has to be done first." "And what's that?"

I pointed at my own chest and balled my right paw into a fist, then made a notion of hitting my chest with my fist. She seemed very confused about what I was trying to tell her. I hit myself harder, hoping she might get the message. As a friend, she could vent on me, after all, I didn't really care. It was just Aeris being Aeris, after all.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Vent. Let it all out."

"What are you talking about?"

"You said you wanted to punch something, right? Well, fortunately, your feline punching bag showed up to help out, so vent and let all that frustration out."

I know more so than anyone else how strong she is… But I could take even the most brutal of her blows. After all, I am her best friend since kitten hood. And best friends do anything for each other, right? Yeah… Best friends always help each other out, no matter what. And even though it would hurt like complete and total hell, if she was happy, then that's good enough for me.

To be continued…