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How Did You Know?

A VGCats Fanfic originally done by yayleo

Now continued by LuxUmbra2012

The New Year and Drifting away from Friends

Part 1 of 1

Unknown Date: Somewhere in the month of January

Leo Orlando Leonardo the 3rd was many things right now... Scared. Confused. Perplexed. Surprised he knew what 'perplexed' meant. As to why? He was walking within his dreams in a large, spacious, and empty hallway filled with thick, heavy fog to who knows where, a sense of dread creeping up his spine as he took silent (well, he tried to be silent) steps through the heavy fog. Each one of his footsteps echoing throughout the area he treaded through... What was waiting for him, he could not say, but the dread in his stomach said something horrible was approaching him. And fast...

"You need to stop lying..." An eerily familiar voice sounded from the depths of the fog before him. Leo froze, hearing this voice, wondering if this someone in the fog was either friend or foe. And sure enough, he got his answer as he stood in the thickest of the fog... A figure, just his size and stature was standing not too far away from him, still masked by the fog. "Stop lying to yourself. It's not healthy. Who knows? Maybe it might just KILL YOU!" The figured yelled out from the mist... before the mist cleared up somewhat, revealing the unknown person itself in full to Leo.

Standing before Leo, measuring 5'11 and wearing a blue shirt with matching jeans and wearing a black collar with a blue bell around his neck, with gray fur and fluffy pointed triangular ears was Leo... Sans the disturbing glowing yellow eyes and slasher type unnerving smile. Yeah, THAT was a big difference...

"Why lie to yourself?" He spoke to his stunned and bewildered other self. "Why lie about how you feel about her? It's painfully obvious as hell how you feel... What you should do is just go over to her place, confess your heart, and then... bow-chicka-wow-wow! Be nothing like animals and do it like on the discovery channel!" The sinister doppelgänger of Leo spoke, giving a very disturbing look when he finished the sentence. "I wouldn't do that crap! And just who the hell are you?!" A flustered Leo countered, a mixture of anger and embarrassment running through his mind. The doppelgänger grinned devilishly at Leo before replying, "I am a Shadow. The True Self. I am your true self. I am Shadow Leo, the manifestation of what lies in your heart... and your desires for that cute looking pinkie... After all, your desires are MY desires. And what I want, what YOU want, is Aeris!"

"No way! She's just my best friend! I don't like her like that!"

"EHEHEHEH! That's not what you really think... You want to sever that boundary! Become something more than just a friend! See what's behind the clothes she wears! Wonder just how soft her flesh is to your touch. Get a good look at-" The Shadow mimic spoke with jest to Leo before the real one cut him off.

"SHUT UP! I DON'T LOVE AERIS!" He yelled in anger and frustration. The Shadow scowled at him, the jesting and joking suddenly shifting to anger.

"You're a goddamn liar to yourself and your heart! Just admit it! ADMIT YOU FUCKING LOVE HER!" The Shadow roared at him, demanding he accept it.

"NEVER!" He yelled right back at it. At which point, the features on the Shadow's face softened, looking disappointed at him.

"... Pathetic... If that's the case... then you don't deserve to live."

Before Leo could ponder what his Shadow self meant, a fist suddenly shot through his chest, right where his heart was located and Shadow Leo stood before him, glaring hatefully at him, the soul-piercing orbs forever being burned into his memory as Leo's body was wracked with unimaginable pain, his body shutting down on him without the pump that kept it working...

"You don't deserve her love for being a fucking coward... You don't deserve her presence for being a fucking moron... You don't deserve to live... So, I'll end the equation that is your life with the anti-equation that is your death. Goodbye, you fucking coward." Shadow Leo spat hatefully at his dying counterpart, before reeling his other hand back, positioned at his head... and thrust his arm forward...


Leo shot out of his bed, screaming as loud as his lungs would allow... After all, he just suffered a horrible nightmare in which he killed his own self for denying his feelings for Aeris, nonexistent feelings as he keeps telling himself...

Lately, these nightmares have constantly plagued Leo. He had been so thoroughly conflicted with his feelings lately ever since Ashley's birthday party that he couldn't make heads or tails of the situation. It plagued him like an unceasing itch on his back in a spot he can't reach... After scratching said itch that was on his back, he came to the conclusion that as long as he stayed nearby his friends during this insane jumble of feelings were welling up in his chest making little... sickie noises... the nightmares would never stop... So to remedy himself of these horrible nightmares...

Spencer Graves roared in anger as My Little Pony novelty items poured out of his locker, Tara Strong's voice ringing out from the Twilight Sparkle (Equestria Girls for that matter)talking doll. Around the corner, a few people snickered, doing what they could to suppress their merriment at Spencer's extreme misfortune... Or rather, their planned revenge against him for the Halloween incident... It was genius level at best concerning the stupidity of Spencer and YET AGAIN, being seduced by Shannon. The stupid fool hadn't even realized she with the same group of people that he had pursued that Halloween, and one of its members he personally thrashed. But oh well for him. His slowness and inability to catch on was his own undoing.

Ronny: Stupid dumbass doesn't even know! Seriously, that was TOO easy! Heheh, his reputation is in the gutter now!

Josh: Well, not JUST yet. We still need to do JUST a little more damage to it, then Spencer will be ruined.

Shawn: Serves the stupid bastard right for all the shit he's been pulling on us.

It's been a hellish war between the two factions ever since school started again, with both sides trading monumental blows against one another. On one end, Spencer and his gang surrounded Josh at one point, and the next, he was hanging from the school flagpole by pink polka dot boxers. On another moment, Jason was soaked in glue, and feathered simultaneously. The culprit was never found for that little stunt... while a certain amber-eyed human chuckled darkly to himself over the spectacle of listening to people squawking and throwing derisive chicken jokes at the dumb bastard. Sure, Dante was attacked even though he never WAS caught, but even then it was brief, as Virgil caught Jason in the act and quickly disabled him before threatening the Chinese Tortures on Jason should he EVER harm his little brother. But even so, this war was still going on, and now, it was another blow in favor of the good guys (as they called themselves...).

Ronny was grinning from ear to ear over this accomplishment and felt the time was now to give credit were credit was due. With that, he spoke up and said, "And lets not forget the woman who made this all possible! Give a round of applause for our big buxomed raccoon, Shannon!"

The raccoon did a mock bow to him, before flipping the bird at him (over the buxom comment) and smirking at his flabbergasted reaction over the situation and responded, "I do what I can. It's fun seeing that boob obsessed moron fall SO easily for these harebrained schemes."

Everyone present laughed a little at the comment before walking off and heading for the cafeteria for lunch... Which was strange since normally a certain gray furred feline would be around them, but lately, he kept his distance for everyone, and looked pretty tired on some mornings. Of course, they asked what was going on, but he just shrugged them off and walked away. Even stranger was that Aeris of all people actually toned down her fury at him ever since Ashley's birthday party. Why she toned down the anger level, no one except herself knew... But in HER case, it was to attempt to repair some of the damage she had caused to their friendship over the years with her less than... admirable qualities. After hearing his confession on his views of their friendship, Aeris had quite a revelation. She, as a result of seeing this, decided to be much nicer to him, and maybe try to understand him a little better than she did now.

She was seen just... talking plainly to him when they were nearby. Hell, just to show she was truly toning it down, Leo stupidly spilt juice on her coat once earlier this month and immediately cowered under the table, fearing retribution. What she did, instead, was utter a small, 'Dammit' before removing the coat, wiping up the mess with her napkin and continue eating while everyone around her had various shocked expressions over the matter. Why? Aeris has thrashed Leo for FAR less than this, but she did virtually nothing over the matter, which in this case was tantamount to a level 6 out of 10 thrashing. It was completely unprecedented that this would even occur. Only silence filled the air when she simply resumed eating her spaghetti, until the silence was broken.

"Looks like I owe you 50 bucks, Shawn. I'll pay by the end of the week." Dante spoke up.

"Damn straight, you will." Shawn replied, but still stunned over the sight he, alongside everyone else had just witnessed.

January was a pretty quiet month for the most part, outside of the occasional clashes between the two factions... Everything was pretty calm for the most part...

"Shawn... I... I think I'm pregnant."

Except when that moment happened...

Poor Shawn was worried sick when Ashley dropped the bombshell on him, and cursed himself for ever having had that little moment on her birthday of all days. Dammit, he wasn't prepared to be a father! And to hell with telling his father, Mike Roy. He'd lose his damn mind over the matter! And now that he was thinking about that matter, her parents, especially her father Jacob Moore, would kill the living daylights out of him! After all, his dad and her dad never did see eye to eye, plus, Jacob HATED Shawn's guts just for being NEARBY Ashley... Hell! If it wasn't for Ashley's mother stopping whatever tension builds up between the two men whenever they're in the same room, a WAR would break out in there. (It was kind of the same between Ashley's father and Ronny's father, Zack Blue. The only difference? Never let those two stay 5 minutes in a room by themselves. Something is bound to be broken, and I'm not talking about nearby items. Jacob's shrewd and conservative nature DOES NOT mix with Zack's open-minded friendliness.)

Short version, Shawn had been worried sick and doing his best to hide it away from everyone around him. Didn't stop the nightmares of either getting torn to shreds by Ashley's parents, or living in poverty and ruining both his and Ashley's lives. Yeah, really didn't stop them...

Despite Shawn's attempts to hide his worry, Ashley spilt first to Claire, then Shannon, Aeris, Samantha, and Tammy...

Then the rift happened. The splitting apart and sides being taken... a small divide between the friends happened once Ashley's possible pregnancy was discovered... While they were still united against Spencer and his goon squad, they were divided over what occurred that Christmas... Of course, it was girls against boys (Except Leo, who shockingly wanted NOTHING to do with the matter) when the matter was brought up, with Sam suggesting Ashley break it off with Shawn until this matter was resolved, much to everyone's shock, while Ronny, on the boy's side, suggested Shawn do the same, but under misguided intentions and just make the kid admit he's not ready for fatherhood.

Tensions rose higher and higher between the two groups, as well as the secret divide between the 'good guys', and it seemed that the divide would finally happen... It all ultimately depended on the results of Ashley's pregnancy test. And at the rate the symptoms appeared... Well, it just didn't look good.

Eventually the results came...

Al three tests she took in private (the tests coming courtesy of Aeris) had come out negative... While the girls were shocked beyond hell, even though Ashley so easily displayed the symptoms of first trimester pregnancy, Aeris decided to look the matter up, after hearing of a


That was the term for what happened to her and answered the question of her mysterious symptoms. It was a weird sickness, but it didn't seem to have any 'extreme' dangers to her health. But still... Oh no… How was she going to explain this whole mess to Shawn and salvage their damaged relationship?

This was gonna be the toughest challenge to date...

As for Leo, January couldn't go by quick enough... He was hoping he could keep his altercations with everyone he knew to a minimum, having become incredibly withdrawn ever since that day... At least only a few more months remained until the end of the year, then he wouldn't have to deal with this crap any longer...

As he closed his locker, a white cat girl wearing a large blue shirt and matching jeans, was closing her locker beside him.

"Oh, hi there. Didn't notice you."

"Same here... Well, I better get going. I've got class in the 100 hall and I don't have a lot of time to get there."

"Really? I'm headed that way now. What a coincidence."

Now normally, Leo wouldn't care for anyone he spoke to, but deep down, he was hoping he could try to speak with someone and just be friends with someone. THis girl seemed to be different from the others, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it... He didn't really care though, mentally calling it 'good vibes' and decided to socialize with this girl... As he grabbed his supplies for Spanish class, he struck up a conversation with the girl along the way, mainly talking about recent events... but eventually, he got to his class first... before he went inside however..

"You mind if we talk later... Uh... I'm sorry, I never caught your name."

"It's Leo. Leo Leonardo the 3rd."

"Nice to meet you, Leo. My name is Robin. After school, maybe? We could meet up then?"

"Yeah, that sounds great. Alright, I'll see ya later..."

With that, he walked inside the room and closed the door and waved farewell to Robin...

He never did notice the eerie smile she had on her face...

As she walked away to her own classroom, she had a thought...

(It won't be long now... Soon... Soon, Leo and I will be together forever...)

And with that, January comes to a close. Sorry i was gone so long, but I'm back and far from dead. I will have February in 3 parts to make up for the short month of January... and as you can clearly see, Leo's secret stalker has finally been revealed... How will Ashley and Shawn cross this border of problems? WIll Leo ever realize his feelings before he drifts too far apart from his friends? And will he avoid Robin's clutches before she sinks her claws in? You're gonna have to read the next chapter to find out...

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