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Chapter 1~ (Peeta's POV)

The boom of the canon sounds in answer to Katniss's arrow imbedding itself in Cato's skull. Katniss and I wait for the trumpets to sound but they never do, then Claudius Templesmith's voice breaks the silence saying that the rule has been revoked, only one tribute can win. Katniss and I stand there dumb-founded. All of a sudden Katniss opens her backpack and takes out a handful of berries, aka nightlock and shoves them into her mouth. Her canon blasts a few seconds later but it only takes me those few seconds to react.

I grab the rest of the berries and eat them just as Claudius Templesmith's voice comes on and announces the winner.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The victor of the 74th Hunger Games is…" He stops short, seeing that I just ate the berries, then everything goes black and I think that this must be what it feels like to die.

Seneca's POV

The whole room filled with gamemakers is going crazy because we don't have a victor. Then, everyone turns around, the scent of blood and roses fills the air and I have to cover my mouth to keep from tossing my breakfast.

Surprisingly President Snow is smiling.

"What should we do with them?" I ask, carefully choosing my words.

"Send them both in." He replies and walks right back out. I am relieved that he hadn't sentenced me to death, yet.

Peeta's POV

I wake up in a room in a bed, it's quite a spacious room, with a desk a TV and door that probably leads to the bathroom. I try and roll over but I can't, there is something beside me. When I turn my head I realize that it is Katniss, breathing steadily. The only thought that crosses my mind is: She's alive! I'm so startled that I fall of the bed, which ends up waking up Katniss in the process. Her big grey eyes stare at me on the floor like she's just seen a ghost. After a minute or two or just staring into each others eyes I ask the question that is probably on her mind as well.

"Are we dead?" She smiles slightly and shakes her head.

"I don't think so, because I feel like a ton of bricks was dropped onto my head. Plus I think that if we were dead you wouldn't stink so bad."

"Thanks a lot!" I say sarcastically, pushing myself off the floor and sitting back on the bed. "Well if we aren't dead, do you have any ideas where we are?"

"In the capitol probably, but I'd love to investigate." I smile at her and go to one of the two doors in the room. The one closest to us is as I assumed, the bathroom, and the other one that would probably get us out of here is much to my surprise, unlocked.

"Come on!" I motion with my arm for her to come and look. I then open the door wider once she's beside me.

We appear in a small house with a furnished kitchen, living room and the bedroom where we woke up. We start to explore the house even though there isn't much to explore. I head straight to the kitchen and start poking around. After about half an hour Katniss is looking extremely bored.

"Let's go check it out outside." I suggest to her. Her face lights up at the idea and runs over to the door swings it open and takes a look around, her jaw drops. I follow her out and see what she was staring at. There are tons of houses exactly the same as ours except for a few numbers above every door, I turn around to see what number we have, it is 12 74. It takes me a minute to realize the significance of the numbers but then it hits me. District 12, the 74 Hunger Games! Katniss and I walk through the houses pointing out which ones are from district 12.

"Does this mean that no one really ever died in the games?" Katniss asks, excitedly.

"I don't know, but it would make sense." I reply.

We don't meet up with any 'dead tributes' during our stroll through the small town so we decide to head back. I don't have as much energy as I used to yet. Soon we come to our house when I hear Katniss gasp beside me. I follow her gaze the house next to us, first I look at the number, 11 74, then I turn my attention to the small person standing on the porch, staring at us, her district tribute stands protectively beside her.

Rue and Thresh.

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