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Chapter 5

Peeta's POV

Katniss' jaw drops, "Are you really Haymitch's fellow tribute?" she asks in astonishment. "Haymitch?" Maysilee asks with excitement clear in her voice, "Was he your mentor?" This time I respond by saying; "Yes, he is also the only victor in district 12." "One of us would've been victors but we both ate nightlock," Katniss explains. "I know," Maysilee replies. "We have TVs so we can watch the games, but it is optional" she says with a smile. "Well, I have to go, but I guess I will see you around," Maysilee says still smiling. "Bye" Katniss and I say and wave as goes on her way.

Katniss and I talk and laugh the entire walk home like we had not a trouble in the world.

When we get "home" I ask Katniss, "Do you want to take a nap?"

"Sure," she replies, "As long as we can sleep outside."

"How the heck are we going to do that," I ask incredulously. "Like this she says a-matter-of-factly," and disappears into the small house only to return a few minutes later dragging a mattress behind her and throwing it onto the porch then flapping onto it.

"Well are you going to sleep or just stand there looking at me like an idiot while I sleep," asks Katniss with a smirk on her face.

In response I walk up the porch steps and lie down beside her on the unmade mattress without a single word and close my eyes. I hear Katniss sigh beside me and after a few minutes her breathing evens out and I know that she is asleep. I don't fall asleep right away but let my mind wander as I gaze at the stars above us.

When I wake up Katniss isn't beside me and I immediately go into arena mode and start to panic. I call her name a few times and don't here her answer so I rush into the house and that is where I see her; walking out of the bathroom.

"What's wrong?" she asks when she sees my panicked then relieved face.

"Nothing," I assure her as I try and lower my heart rate, "I just woke up and you weren't there so I got scared." "I'm fine," she says indifferently. "I have an idea," she says suddenly.

"What is it?" I ask excitedly. "Well, Yesterday I noticed a patch of woods and I thought that it would be neat to go and check them out. I've been dying to get out into the forest with all the animals and trees and familiar scents." She replies, with great longing.

"Sure! Where is it?" Katniss points through the kitchen window straight ahead and I follow her finger with my eyes, "It's over there a bit, not a very long walk."

"Great, when should we go?"

"What about now?" She suggest, excitement dancing in her eyes.

"Okay then, should we bring a snack?"

"Oh Peeta, can't you ever do anything without thinking about food?" Katniss replies jokingly.

"What can I say? I'm a growing boy! And a baker!"

"Yeah whatever, let's get out of here." Linking hands we begin our trek through the lines of houses and on our way to the forest.

Katniss's POV

We pass quite a number of our fellow 'dead tributes' along the way, and of course Peeta has to greet them all. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so social and sweet to everyone and could just ignore them like I do so easily.

About an hour later, although which should have been only about 15 minutes, we arrive at the base of a row of trees. I inhale deeply, enjoying the smells of the plants and trees, and the feeling of the wind in my hair.

"So what do you want to now that we're here?" Peeta asks.

"I want to climb a tree." I state, detaching my hand from Peeta's and running full speed to the nearest tree that looks strong enough to hold my weight. Leaping up I grab onto the nearest branch and swing up to a thicker and sturdier one directly above my head. Once I am seated in the cradle of the large oak I peer down at Peeta.

"Hey! It's wonderful up here, and you can see everything! Want to come up?"

"Are you kidding me? I wouldn't even make it up to the first branch!" He replies, staying in the same spot.
"Suit yourself!" As my eyes scan the treetops I notice something out of place in of the huge trees. In what seems to be the largest tree in sight a small house made of wood is perched in amongst the branches and a thick ladder made of rope is dangling from the top, still about 10 feet above the ground.

"Do you see that?" I call down to Peeta.

"See what?"

"The tree house!" I tell him excitedly.

"I'm on the ground, remember? I can't see what you can!" He calls back up.

"Oh, well I think we should go and check it out!" I say and begin swinging on the nearby vines and branches, getting closer and closer to the tree. I can just barely make out Peeta's form beneath me, struggling to keep up. A few minutes later I am sitting on a sturdy branch of a tree next to the one with the tree house, letting my legs dangle in mid air and waiting for Peeta to catch up.

He finally does and when he's watching I swing over to the tree, landing on the wooden platform and after finding the trap door I let the ladder down the rest of the way for Peeta to climb up. The tree house is about 15 or so feet off the ground so it takes some time before he arrives but he does with only a few scratches on his arms and legs from the branches.

"Phew! You look like a monkey up there! Since when do you know how to swing from vines?" Peeta asks, still panting from the climb.

"On the way." I reply proudly with a smirk on my face.

"Sure." Peeta says sarcastically, "So what now?"

"Let's just climb back down without exploring the tree house!" My voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Fine with me." He replies, making his way back to the trap door.

"NO! Please wait Peeta, I was kidding!" I plead.

He chuckles and walks back over to me, "I know, now, let's check this place out." The tree house is just one large room with a window on either side.

"I wonder who built it." I wonder out loud.

"Probably some of the younger kids that live here."

"Yeah, you're probably right." I reply, gazing out of the small square opening.

"There isn't much to explore." Peeta states, looking around the spacious room.

"I guess not." I agree. Leaning farther out of the window I turn my head around and look up.

"Hey Peeta!" There's a second story above us!"

"Really?" Let me see!" He hurries over to me and looks out.

"You're right! But how do we get up there?"

"Um, I'll just climb out and maybe there is another ladder or something." I tell him.

"Are you sure? It looks dangerous."

"Yes I'm sure." I reply and begin by swinging one of my legs out of the window. Refusing to look down I reach one arm up and grasp the floor of the room above us and start pulling myself up. It is much like the room below but with only a small railing going around instead of walls. Searching the floor I find another trap door and with a hard tug I pull it open, revealing a hole in the floor where Peeta can easily climb up.

"Peeta, over here!" I call down and almost immediately he is standing below the hole. A minute later with a little help from me he is on the top beside me.

"Wow, this is pretty neat." Peeta exclaims, hurrying over to the railing to look out, his fascination like that of a little kid.

"I know! We can come here often and hang out." I suggest.

"Sounds fun."

Just then I hear a low growl from the ground below.

"Peeta, did you hear that?" I whisper, coming to stand beside him.

"Hear what?" He asks. Then whatever is below us growls again, this time louder.

"Oh, that. I'm sure it's nothing." He assures me.

"I hope so." Suddenly a large animal, something that resembles a wolf jumps out into the clearing. I clamp my hand over my mouth to keep in the scream that threatens to come out.

"What is it?" I whisper through my fingers.

"It looks like a mutt from the games!"

"I sure hope not." I whimper quietly and move closer to Peeta and he automatically puts his arm around my shoulders.

We both expect the animal to leave but it doesn't. For over an hour we watch it circle our tree, lie down then get up and repeat the process.

"Looks like we might be up here for a while." I state.

"I knew I should have brought extra food!"

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