Gir sat on his couch watching the tv, like any other day. Except, instead of the Angry Monkey Show, all of his cartoons had news broadcasts instead. Gir was becoming bored with this and changed it to another channel, only to have the news on it once again.

Zim came up from the lower part of the base on a rising elevator. He walked over to Gir who looked at the tv with lazy eyes. "What's the matter with you Gir? You're less energetic than you usually are. ZIM DEMANDS TO KNOW WHATS WRONG!" Zim demanded.

Gir sighed, "The Angry Monkey Show's been replaced by the talking guys." Gir said pointing at the TV Zim glanced at the tv, which showed two worried looking news people reporting on something bad happening.

"Everyone is required to stay indoors, and stay away from sketchy looking people. If someone you know has been bitten, stay away from them or call the authori-"

The Tv signal was cut off.

"Eh? What do they mean "bitten?" Zim asked. Gir shrugged not knowing either. Zim, who was intrigued by what the newsman said on the television glanced outside and saw a human walking outside. The human seemed to limp along in the middle of the road, and when it turned to face Zim's house, its face seemed like it was rotting.

Zim, fell backwards and backed away from the window.
"Whaddya see, mastah?" Gir asked cocking his head.
"Somethings happening to the hyoomans. Their faces are all, bleh..."

Suddenly a though came to him. The school's been closed for a week or so, and he hasn't seen Dib. He wondered if he knew anything about what was happening. He put his contacts in and put his wig on.

"Gir, stay here. I'm going to check on the Dib-beast." Zim said opening the door.

Gir's eyes turned red and he saluted Zim, "Yes sir!"

The door closed with a thud, and Gir repeatedly tried turning the tv on.

Zim, realizing how loudly the door had closed looked around, making sure none of what he saw outside was around him. The only one he saw was a couple hundred yards away from him. He quietly crept behind trees, buildings, and bushes, still staying aware of the zombie.

Zim peeked out from behind a tree and noticed the rotting human right there. He ducked back behind it and waited. He heard moans coming from the human and the moans got quieter.

He went to look around the tree, and the zombie saw him, lunging at Zim! Zim backed away, running towards Dib's house. Running out of options quickly, he called Gir to come to him. His Robot came up from behind the zombie, and hit it hard in the head, landing next to Zim. "Mastah, I hit it, see!?" Gir said loudly.

Suddenly, zombies started coming out of the alleyways and woods. Enclosing Zim and Gir, trapping them. Zim took Gir in his arms, and robotic legs extended from his PAK carrying them over the dead humans. They landed on Dib's roof safely out of the humans' reach.

Zim sighed in relief and looked angrily over at his minion. Gir just made a smiley face at him, not realizing what he had done.

"Gir, you have to be quiet. Something's going on, and those hyoomans out there... something happened to them. Our mission might be in jeopardy. So shut up!" Zim whispered. Gir realizing the severity of what was happening, nodded quickly.

Zim looked over the roof and saw the zombies banging on the walls of Dib's house trying to get in. Zim sighed, "They're just as stupid as ever... Come Gir, let's get in here somehow." He whispered. Gir then pointed to an open window right below them. The robot legs extended from his PAK once again, and they climbed in through the window.

They both landed in a dark room. Inside, magazines were scattered all over the floor, the TV was blue screened and sitting on a dresser. Zim looked over at the wall and noticed a banner that said "Mysterious Mysteries" across it. No doubt, this was Dib's room.

"Dib-stink! You here?" Zim called out.

No one answered back.

Gir started looking around the room for the big-headed boy, finding nothing but magazines or paranormal stuff. Zim suddenly smelled something in the air. It smelled of rotten flesh and he began to hear moans coming towards Dib's room. Zim grabbed Gir and they hid under the bed in the room. There was a banging on the door and suddenly, Dib's sister, Gaz barged in. Gir smiled in relief and almost went out to see her, but Zim held his minion down. Gaz's head rose and her face was rotted away, her eyes were white with a hole in her neck. She limped around the room, followed by Professor Membrane, who was also a zombie.

Zim quietly snuck out of the room with Gir in his arms and ran down the stairs carefully looking for signs of Dib.

"Dib-stink! Answer Zim!" Zim called out.

No one answered.

Finally figuring that Dib ended up like his scary sister and father, Zim went to leave out the front door with Gir. Suddenly there was a yell coming from upstairs, and both Zim and Gir rushed up to the sound of the screaming. They watched in horror as Dib was stranded in a corner his zombie with his family going towards him. Zim, thinking of the only thing that came to mind, used the legs in his PAK to stab Membrane and Gaz. Blood spurt everywhere, and the two turned, growling at Zim.

"What!? But... they should be..." Zim, obviously terrified now, held the zombies still with the legs going through their backs. Dib, although confused, ran over to Zim. His eyes were wide and he seemed to be shaking, but then again, who wouldn't be. Gir tried comforting the big headed boy, and Zim shook his head in disbelief and retracted the robotic legs back into his PAK. The zombies, with gaping holes in their stomachs limped towards Zim and the others.

Dib looked down sadly, "You need to go for the head..." Dib explained.

"Huh?" Zim asked.

"THE HEAD, ZIM, THE HEAD!" Dib shouted.

Without thinking, Zim pulled out a strange Irken gun of some sorts and aimed at Prof. Membrane's head. He shot, and the Zombie fell to the ground. Gir screamed at Gaz who pinned the robot to the ground. Zim aimed the gun once more at Gaz and shot, killing the zombie girl too. Gir, who had been bitten, stood up.

"W-was he bit...?" Dib asked shakily.

"He's a robot, Dib, nothing's gonna happen..." Zim replied.

Dib then looked over at his dead family members and sunk to his knees, tears forming in his eyes. Zim stared at his gun, still trying to figure out what he just did. He then heard banging on the front door, and looked down at Dib.

"Dib-stink, you gotta get out of here. Zim will take you to his bas-"

"Go away Zim..." Dib whispered.

"Eh? You dare disobey Zi-"

"GO AWAY ZIM!" Dib yelled, sobbing now. "This was all you're doing, wasn't it!? The Zombie outbreak, its all you're fault!"

Zim looked at Dib nervously, "Zahm-bee? Whats a Zambee?" Zim asked.
Dib turned to Zim, rubbing the tears out of his eyes, he obviously didn't do it, not knowing what a zombie was. Finally, the door downstairs broke and the rotting humans flowed into Dib's house.

"Dib-smell, we gotta go!" Zim argued.

"But..." Dib looked down at his dad and sister's carcasses and sighed.

Dib sighed and nodded, and they all got out of the house, which was overun with zombies at that point. Both Zim and Dib, stood atop Gir, who was floating in mid-air. Dib got one more look at the dead bodies and saw the zombies kneel down and started eating the carcasses.

The trio then headed off to Zim's base, which was their safe haven for now.