Zim stared at Dib for a long time, and neither of them could look away from the bite. Zim sighed and looked away, unsure of what to do. Dib got up and walked over to Zim. Zim looked up at him. Dib held out his hand, "Zim, can I have the gun that Molly gave you?" He asked. Zim looked at his PAK where it was stored then back at his friend. "What? Why?" He asked. "I need to end this. I don't want myself to turn and then attack you. And I don't want to have you to put me down when the time comes. So please, give it here." He said. Zim stood up and backed away. "Are you out of your mind, hyooman!?" Zim roared. "Please Zim! You said it yourself; you'd never be able to put me down." Dib said reasoning with him. Zim looked to the side, "Well, yes, Zim did say that … but only because I didn't think it'd happen that soon!" He said falling to his knees. "Zim doesn't want you to die …" He said quietly.

"Molly said I'd get sick and symptoms would start occurring. When that happens, you need to let me have the gun. Please Zim; I don't want you to shoot me!" He called out. Zim looked up at him, and stood up. "Let's go somewhere safe … you don't need to be out here when you …" Zim closed his eyes tightly and walked ahead of Dib. Dib followed him, still holding his wrist. He got closer to Zim, and reached for his hand, taking it. Zim looked down sadly, and Dib relaxed his head on Zim's shoulders.

After an hour of walking, Dib started getting tired. He let go of Zim's hand and felt his head. He had a really bad migraine for the past hour now. And suddenly, without warning, had a flash go through his head of a zombie killing something. His eyes suddenly widened and shook it off. He feared he was thinking too much of it. But after walking, there were more flashes, and they became more violent and reoccurring.

"Zim, we need to stop." Dib said, holding his head. "Wait, we're almost to the house! I can see it!" Zim said full of hope. He then noticed a few walkers surrounding the house.
"Damn it!" Zim cursed. He looked back at Dib who was getting worse with the headache and the flashes. Zim went up to him and felt his forehead, "You're burning up …" He said quietly. "It's getting worse …" Dib replied.

Zim pulled out the gun from his PAK and gave it to Dib, for he lost his weapon when he and Clementine fell off the building. "We'll take out those few stragglers around the house, and Zim will take care of you inside." Zim said. "Ok?"

Dib nodded, becoming red and drowsy because of the cold. Both of them snuck up on the zombies. One of the zombies turned to Zim and came at him. Zim showed no fear, and severed the head from the body. A zombie then came after Dib and he raised the gun up to the zombie and shot it. They took out a few more, and they were finally gone. The zombies were dead, and they smiled in victory. Zim raced up onto the porch and called out to Dib,
"Alright, let's get you inside!" He yelled. Dib smiled, but felt sad. Zim meant to be doing him good, but he'd end up leaving him in the end. If only things were different, maybe things would've been better for them. He started walking towards Zim, who was already in the house. Dib thought he heard something and looked over. A zombie was right next to him! He screamed and rasied his gun, but the zombie toppled on him and his gun flew out of his hands.

Zim, upon hearing Dib yell ran back outside and saw the zombie on top of him.

"Dib beast!" He yelled running off the porch and running at the zombie with his hatchet. In those seconds that Zim was running at him, the zombie had already started gutting Dib. Dib screamed in terror and agony. The zombie pierced Dib's skin and tissue, and started at his intestines. Zim finally managed to slice the zombies head. The zombie fell sideways, and Zim pushed him away from Dib.

Dib, in shock, tried gasping for breath. He tried saying Zim's name, but only little breaths came out of his mouth. He then looked over at the gun, and tried saying Zim's name again. Zim looked at the gun that Dib had dropped and picked it up. Dib stared up at Zim, smiling. Zim's hand shook violently as he pointed the gun at Dib's head. He then broke into tears and collapsed next to Dib.

"Damn it Dib … I can't do it!" He yelled, pounding his fist into the ground. Dib looked sadly up at the sky and sighed. He finally had another zombie flash, before his eyes widened, and stopped blinking.

"I should've listened to you, hyooman. Zim should've killed you when you got bit. Zim was a fool, and now I can't do it!" he looked up, as tears poured from his eyes. He saw Dib's eyes, wide, and saw blood oozing from the gash in his stomach. His ribs stopped moving, and he was dead. Zim sighed and bent down, kissing Dib on the mouth. Knowing he'd better get that out of the way before he turned. He backed up and continued crying.

A few minutes passed, and he heard Dib sit up. Zim smiled; "Hey …" He managed to whisper.
This Dib looked different than the one he knew ten minutes before. This Dib had lifeless black eyes, blood oozing from his chest and mouth. And he made grunting noised. Dib stood up and walked over to Zim who was a good 10 feet away from him. Zim stood up and held the gun out to shoot.

Dib walked closer, and eyed Zim as if he knew who he was. But then again, that monster going towards Zim … that wasn't Dib.

"I always knew, my conquest for Earth would fail. You knew that two, right Dib?" He asked the zombie. The zombie growled in anger coming after Zim. Zim backed up a bit. "You always knew Zim would fail. We could've become friends if we set aside our differences …" Zim whispered.

Dib was now a few inches away, "But now look at us. We tried doing that hyooman romance thing in the middle of the apocalypse." He pulled the trigger, and Dib fell to the ground. Zim looked down at his friend and close his eyes. He threw the gun to the ground and sobbed, "I'm sorry!" he yelled. He kicked at the dirt and pouted. Zim then heard noises in the distance. He wiped his eyes and looked back, and saw the herd from Crawford coming his way. Zim glanced down at Dib for another moment, and took his backpack. He pulled it around his arms and over his PAK and started running. He then stopped and glanced back. He walked back, and picked Dib's half broken glasses from his face, and put them in his PAK. The zombies came closer and he ran for it. Some stopped to feed on Dib's body, and others ran after Zim.

As Zim ran, he never looked back, in fear that there'd be a zombie right behind him. For now, he knew he wouldn't be conquering the planet this time. Instead, it would be the Walking Dead.