Alex Rider was no ordinary boy, sure he was a superspy, sure he had save the world 9 times and counting but Alex had always avoided one thing that had seemed to never be able to catch him and it was Death. But Had He?

3rd person Pov

Alex was in his usual dark cellar locked tight by a metal door, it had an eerie silence so quiet that if Alex concentrated enough he could hear his own strong heartbeat. The things he had to go through for his country he thought, having nothing much to do he began to remember his happier times like the time he and Sabina kissed or the time Jack had gotten him his valued bike. He had gotten it on his 13th birthday as Jack knew he had trouble getting to school on time.

" Now that I think about it, I think it's probably because my teacher always called her when she was trying to go back to sleep whenever I was late, " Alex thought. A tear forming in his eyes when he was remembering Jack which quickly disappeared.

Having been tortured time and time again made him form an emotionless mask whenever he wasn't tortured, his food and water comes in a three day span. Being in the darkness and blindfolded for so long heightened Alex's senses so he could detect people even when he couldn't see. For him today however, it was Judgement Day straight and simple. The mysterious man had said it was his execution day and told him to enjoy his last meal he would ever eat.

It was a medium rare steak with a side of coleslaw and mash potatoes but as much as Alex wanted to eat it all, he couldn't. The fasting from his two months in this hellhole made his stomach as shrivel as a prune and he could only stomach down a quarter of it before he was about to puke and stink up his already stuffy cell.

He than began to think back again how this simple reconnaissance mission changed into his own funeral.

Flashback Alex's Pov

Mrs. Jones had called me back a few days after i had pleaded her for me to return to my career field, this time with my own salary and break periods after a mission."Alex its nice to see you in this office again" Mrs. Jones said.

"Cut to the chase Mrs Jones whats the new mission this time?" I said rolling my eyes.

" Well there is this new organization that has come out of nowhere, its name is Aeternus Perpessio. It means Eternal Suffering, it's made up of all the assassins that used to work for Scorpia but is quickly gaining recognition around the world as even America requested for our assistance because their insider was found out and killed".

" Mrs. Jones I mean no disrespect but I just returned to the field, isn't it dangerous for me?" I said questioningly." I'm sorry Alex but the Prime Minister is pressurizing me to help to stabilise relations with Britain and America," Mrs. Jones said sucking on her peppermint." Go see Smither's, he has your gadgets and weapons ready."

Without replying, I went to see my old friend. When I saw Smither's he was in his fat suit again and I actually prefer it more than his real form."Smither's!" I said with a big smile in my face hugging the man.

" Hello there my boy, it's been a long time, look how much you've grown," the big man said slapping my back. I have grown a few inches in height and my body was much tone than before i thought. " Come my boy, lets check out your new gadgets. Got to say this though, schoolboy gadgets are much more fun to make" I frowned at imagining what kind of gadgets Smither's has now.

" Here is your first gadget, this is one of your oldest gadgets the explosive ear studs though this time its not second gadget is this wallet, don't be fooled in it is a credit card that can hack almost any kind of locks that required it. The coins inside are hollow, they produce a poisonous gas when activated and also the wallet itself has a GPS tracker and also a panic button. All you have to do is pat the wallet in an order of a S.O.S morse code." Smither's said with his eyes sparkling.

In this mission, Mrs. Jones said I had to have a gun so I quickly asked Smither's what gun he was gonna give me." Well since you asked for it here you" Smither's gave me the gun then proceeded to explain what kind of gun it was." This is the Welrod Mark II with a built in silencer and supplied with subsonic shells coming complete with my very own attachable knife making it one of the most silent and deadliest weapons on earth" Smither's said.

I kinda liked it. It had a nice feeling when in my hands. Smithers told me that if I really need to kill, I have to aim for the head as it isn't that powerful. One of the best guns for me he said as my aiming was top notch, the gun is also made to be undetectable in the I had to pack up my belongings to go to meet the agent I got partnered up with, when I returned to my temporary home, I packed all my stuff and kept all the gadgets with me and took one last look at Jack's picture muttering my last goodbyes to her before heading off to the airport.

To Be Continued...

A/U Sorry if it was short guys but it just sounded good at the last part so I decided to end it off. Anyway hope you R & R but let me tell tell you that the Mind**** part hasn't come yet maybe in chapter 4 or 5 and yes I will update regularly or at least till January cause thats when my school starts. I don' t mind harsh critism, just give it to me I can handle it like a man

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