Chapter 2


I was looking out towards the land scape, all the tall buildings were in the way of a perfectly good sunset. I could still here all the noise from the streets below even from all the way up here. Well what did I expect from New York City.

I felt a rush of air behind me, which means that Lily was done finding a snack or more like she was done eating the junk humans call food. "Hey, Maria. I have been looking all over for you. Why are you up here?" Lily asked me as she sat beside me with her feet hanging off the side of the building, like mine were.

I laughed, even though me and Lily have been best friends for a long time we are completely different.

Just take in the way we dress, she is wearing a white sundress and I'm wearing a black and red tube top with black short shorts and fishnet stockings. Our outfits go along with our personalities. Lily is the nicest and sweetest person I have even known.

And me? Well let's just say that I could be nicer to people.

I don't trust people easily, the only person who has always had my back was Lily. Ever since I was born I had to take care of myself because I'm half vampire so my mother died giving birth to me and my dad? Well I think I'm better off not knowing him.

The only people I ever got close to were other vampires, I could not be close to any humans because I had grown very fast and now I don't age at all so that would raise some questions. When my powers started to come in, the other vampire got scared of me and left me all alone.

So I think I have a very good reason for being bitter and cynical now. My power is that I can manipulate the elements, but it is much stronger than any other vampire who can do that. I can pretty much move anything because everything is made up of the earth in some way shape or form.

The reason me and lily clicked so well is because, one she is also a half vampire with no one to help guide her and two she also has a stronger than average power. She can read peoples' minds when touching them and read their emotions that go along with what they are thinking. Her power is not that destructive but it is different.

"Hey, Maria? Did you hear what I said?" Lily's voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked over at here to see her concerned look.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking. What did you say?" I asked her.

"Well first I said why you are up here, and then I said that we should move on. I think we are pretty much done here. Also I have this strange feeling like something is pulling us toward then beach. Oh, I love the beach!" Lily rambled. She also gets these feeling sometimes too. I don't even know where they come from, but then again we are half vampire so nothing about up is normal so it makes sense that we would have weird powers.

"Yeah, you're probably right." I said as I looked out over the city one last time before we got up from our spots and started running toward where ever it was that Lily's gut was telling us to go. I am guessing the beach.


(still Maria's pov)

Lily was walking along the beach and the sun was shining and it mad her long brown, curly hair glow like she had a halo. She was wearing a simple white sun dress.

"Hey Lily. Hurry up I am starving." I said to her, as I looked down at my boots, they are so not meant for the beach. And I guess it's good that I don't get cold because my tube tope does not cover my shoulders and the sun is not shining in this small town/place we are near.

Well, I don't think it matters since we are just passing through, I hope.

I had my arms crossed and I taped my foot and I was wearing my impatient look on my face.

Lily laughed, "Okay I'm coming, Maria. Do you want to eat at the cute dinner in this small town or do you want to catch your own food?" Vanessa asked her friend.

"Really? You have to ask? I mean I know we can eat human food, but where is the fun in that?" I said with a smirk on my face. I know I just eat a few hours before we got here, but that seemed like forever ago.

With that thought I ran into the forest without looking behind me to see if Lily was following.

I didn't hear Lily follow me right away, she was probably thinking about getting her dress dirty. She cares too much about useless things.

I then heard Lily say, "Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted. I am never going to be able to get the blood out of this dress unlike my other one", proving my point. Then I heard her footsteps coming up behind me, so I speed up and started looking for my prey. I loved the chase.


(still Maria's pov)

After we were done with our meals I meet up with Lily back at the beach. She had some serious explaining to do about why we were here.

"Okay, so explain." I said to Lily once we were sitting on a rock at the beach where we came from.

"Well, I'm not sure exactly, but I think that we need to stay here for a while. I just know that it will change our lives for the better. Especially yours." Lily told me with a big smile on her face. She definitely knew more than she was telling me.

"Whatever, well since we are here we might as well take a look around." I said to her then before she could respond I ran into the forest and just kept running, looking at all the scenery around me.



I got up from the Cullens couch in their living room, toward the widow that was facing out towards the forest in front of the house. I could feel that new comers were near. I looked out in the forest tying to see if I saw any movement.

It was so rare for one of my visions to come true so soon after I had it. It had only been a week since the bon fire and the nice wolf boy asked me about his imprint. I could tell that his friend wanted to ask the same question but was a bit nervous about the answer.

Good thing I had a vision with two girls in it. I will bet anything that the blonde girl was his imprint and since I saw the burnet girl first and the Embry boy, I think that was his name, had asked me the question so that girl must be his imprint.

My powers must have sensed that the other boy, Seth, had been looking for answers too, so it showed me two girls.

I closed my eyes and let my senses take over.

I smiled, there close.

Probably the beach where I first saw them.

I must go introduce myself to them, before they decide to leave without seeing the nice boys.

I have a feeling that this will change their lives for the better, especially the blonde girls. She looks like she could use a nice boy to love her unconditionally.

With that thought I went running out of the house, telling the Cullens who lived in this house, which means not Edward, Bella or Renesmee, that I would be gone for a while. I can't tell them what's going on yet.

They might tell the Seth boy because he always comes over when Jacob comes to see his imprint/girlfriend Renesmee.