Author's note: Lately I've been trying my hand at romance writing. This is a little piece of fluff born from that. Enjoy and please review!

They were dancing on the sand.

It was a beautiful night. The moon shone in a peaceful, cloudless sky while the water lapped at beach and the stars tried in vain to equal the brilliance of the moon.

Link didn't see any of that, though. He saw the woman in his arms. The woman he loved and the woman whom he had finally won. Zelda, his very own princess, just dancing with him.

It had taken so many years, so many adventures, so many lifetimes, to get to this point. Every time something captured her, be it m Vaati, Ganondorf, or any other force of evil in Hyrule, he would fight for her. Every time he'd rescue her, he would feel their connection deepen. Every time he had to leave her, to continue his adventures and allow her to rule her land in peace, it would get a little harder to say goodbye.

Oh how glad he was that they'd both accepted Master Hand's invitation to join the brawl. At first it had only been him, but soon enough, when the second tournament was called and new characters had been she had joined too. And finally, after the third tournament had begun, after the Smashers had faced Tabuu, he'd admitted to her that he had developed strong feelings for her.

And she'd admitted that she felt the same towards him.

Finally, after that day, they were together. Finally, two people who had for lifetimes been in love knew that that love was reciprocated. Link hadn't thought himself capable of it, but each day he grew to love her more. And he'd decided that tonight was time for the final step. The act which would seal their bond, make it permanent, entwine the two.

So when Zelda finally opened her eyes and smiled at him, Link gently untangled himself from her arms. At first she looked a little confused, wondering why her beloved had pushed her away like this. But then she realized he had gotten down on one knee, that he had taken off his hat, that he was reaching into it.

Bright blue eyes sparkling, he pulled his hand out of his hat with something clutched between his fingers. She looked more closely and realized it was a ring. A silver ring, with a triangle sapphire in the center, just like her Triforce.

"Zelda, queen of Hyrule, bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom and keeper of my heart, will you marry me?" He asked. She could hardly speak, but willed herself to do so.

"Link, hero of Hyrule, bearer of the Triforce of Courage and keeper of my heart, I will."
Nothing else was said that night. Their lips were locked too tightly to let anything escape.