Pandemonium erupts as the gates open up reviling the dense, dark forest. Tobias squeezes my hand as I take a step towards the gate. Thousands of people rush to the opening, excited to get out. I find it stupid, why rush? No one knows what is beyond the woods, for all we knew it could go on forever. Tobias holds one of my hands and in the other I carry a solid suitcase containing three sets of clothes, an old pillow from my home in Abnegation, I was even lucky enough to find a picture of the Dauntless headquarters. Then the basic stuff like a tooth brush and a hair brush. Every Dauntless member also has a gun with three bolts and a pocket knife. I think back to Tobias's comment on how all the Erudite members only backed their bags with books.

"Are you ready," Tobias whispers in my ear. I can barely hear him over the people.

"Never been more ready in my life," I state pulling him towards the gate.


I snap my head around to find Caleb bounding after me. The way he is lugging his suitcase makes me believe that it weighs one hundred pounds.

"Lord, what do you have in there," I ask Caleb looking at the suitcase. Part of me is grateful to see him, thinking he might have been some of the few people to stay, but the other half of me is still angry at him for angry at him for working and actually obeying Jeanine.

"Books," Caleb mumbles then goes on to list them all. I simply roll my eyes and turn back to look at the stampede in front of me. The crowd has started to thin out and go in separate directions based on groups. Tobias and I am in group one which means we keep going straight. The idea is just to keep portions of us together but really you can just go of on your own if you want.

"What group are you in," Tobias asks, directing it to Caleb.

"Uh- one, I think." A look of confusion flashes over my face, this is not Caleb. The Caleb I knew was smart and organized. This version of him is unorganized and messy, I don't like it. I manage to keep my mouth shut as we walk on. I occasionally scan the crowd for Christian, Uriah, Zeke or Lynn. I even loom for Marcus. No luck.

Tobias makes an attempt to start a conversation, but with all the surrounding noise and the lack of ideas he gives up after ten minutes and we end up walking in silence. Finally I can't stand it anymore.

"How could you," I yell at Caleb stopping dead in my tracks to look him in the eyes. I expect to find anger, but all that shows in his eyes is fear.

"Going to answer me," I snap throwing my bag to the ground.

"Tris," Tobias says softly. He runs his hand gently down my arm trying to calm me, but it only irritates me. People seem to be gathering around, but I keep my eyes locked on Caleb, refusing to move. Electricity now replaces my blood and my heartbeat is threatening to pound out of my chest.

"You… you," I can't find a word bad enough.

"Beatrice, I…," Caleb starts, but quickly clamps his mouth shut and stares down at the ground. For a few seconds he just stares at the ground. I turn to Tobias to see him franticly shaking his head.

"You don't even know," I scream. He does not move, not even twitch. Pissed off I grab my bag and push through the crowd of people that have gathered. Behind me I hear Tobias yelling at people to keep walking. I am so angry I can't even think as I walk. At one point I think I trip over a root, but who am I to care at this point.

I hate him.

I hate Caleb.

I hate my brother!