I shriek as I am caught off guard and pulled back into the frozen waters.

When I come up gasping for air I turn around and smack who ever did that. I end up smacking Uriah.

"Whoa, calm down Tris," He laughs splashing water on my face.

"I don't know how to swim," I mutter at him, glaring daggers. I can feels Tobias's eyes widen and fix on the back of my head.

"You said you did," Tobias states. I really wish he did not say that so loud.

"Well I can teach you," Uriah suggests before looking up at an angry Tobias. "Or Four can, that's good."

I laugh under my breath as Uriah sinks under the water so only his eyes show and swim off towards Christina. I think for a second to warn her, but I also really want to see her get scared. Uriah does the same thing he did to me, grabbing her at her waist, making her fall backwards on to him. The whole time all I can hear is Christina screaming that there is a shark.

Still laughing, I turn back to Tobias who is smirking at Uriah's cleaver prank.

"So how do you know how to swim," I ask him wrapping my arms around his back so I can feel his muscles. He looks down at me and smiles again.

"Dauntless, they had a small swimming pool. Would have taken you, but..."

I don't let him finish his sentence; I already know what he is going to say. I press my lips to his and just stay there for awhile enjoying the excitement in my body.

He breaks away for air and takes my hand, leading me deeper into the water until I am about to my stomach.

"Ok, float up and I will hold you."

I take a deep breath and let my body sink into the water. Tobias slowly lifts me so I am floating on the surface of the water, his gentle grip still under me.

"You can let go now," I mumble trying to keep my balance as he pulls his arms back and smiles at me.

"There, you are getting it. Now flip over on your stomach and push the water away with your arms, you should move forward."

I do as he says and I can slowly start to feel my weight shifting forward, it is an odd feeling. It is almost as if you are flying. I love it. Tobias is soon propelling beside me, I have never seen him smile so much. L laughs at how much of a ninny he looks like with a grin on his face.

"What you laughing at?"

"You," I answer laughing harder. His mouth drops open and mocks a reaction might give.

"Then you will hate this," He states pulling on my waist so we are both propelling on spot. He presses his lips to mine and moves his hands to my waist.

"Your right, I did hate it," I laugh kissing his cheek.