Skywalker: Confusion

Skypaw's POV

I walked back to the ThunderClan camp carrying two squirrels with my mentor, Blackstorm. She seemed satisfied that I'd caught enough prey to ensure I would pass my warrior assessment.

"There you two are!" my best friend, recently made a warrior called from his post just outside the thorn barrier.

"How are you doing, Brambletail?" I mewed. I still had the squirrels in my mouth, so it sounded like, "How arth youth doing, Brahmbletaylth?"

Brambletail gave a long purr. "You sound funny!"

I put the squirrels down and said, "I had a mouthful of squirrel, of course it would sound funny!"

He just purred louder. I licked my chest self-consciously and carried my prey to the fresh-kill pile.

"How did Skypaw do?" Goldenstar asked Blackstorm, his massive form looming over me.

"She did great. I say she's ready to become a warrior."

"Then she will become a warrior tonight." Goldenstar declared.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" I exclaimed.

"You should groom yourself first." Stormcrow, my mother, said behind me. "You look a mess!"

"Alright; I'll be back soon." I dashed off to the apprentice den to groom myself, not noticing Lionblaze and his patrol return until I bumped into a strange cat that was with them.