Joker's past

Summary: Becoming Joker is a strange experience for Jack, especially if he finds out he had a look-alike to deal with, a rude one at that. As he goes on with life he one day meets a foreigner locked up inside a cell. Being stubborn and all he manages to ignore his counterpart's warning. He finds out himself why it is so dangerous around the fragile little girl, will his life ever be the same when he finds out he was falling in love?

After quitting my last attempt of writing this story, a friend of mine had been troubling me in ways that you would not understand just because I didn't finish it...and so I will do my best to finish this! If it cost me my liver.

Basically, this story will be White Joker's past and how he started being Joker, so don't go thinking that Jack's an OC…other roleholders will be mentioned and such. And some of the stuffs in the story will be twisted, so if you read something that discriminate the real h/c/jnkna otome game, just please remember that it's a twist. Or AU.

Disclaimer;I don't own H/C/J no kuni no alice and characters. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'M SAYING THIS.


These kinds of days were what Jack hated the most. Faceless whispering behind his back, gossiping until it was all over the dang world!

At the age of ten he was chosen for the role Joker. Gifted with two wine red eyes. At first he was proud, but soon found out that because of it people who cared about him abandoned and left him.

He saw it with his own two eyes, one night his mother and father attempted to leave him when they thought he was finally sound asleep. But as they were just about to leave, the mafias from the Hatter's mansion barged in and without hesitation…killed them. And was about to kill him as well if he hadn't ran as fast as he could.

Three time spin had passed and he found himself strolling inside the Clover Tower. A kid about two years older than him, or so it seemed, was leading him to who knows where. After all he'd been through; he began to care less at where he was.

His name was Jack. Forget his last name; he was disowned a few hours ago.

With a sigh he gazed up at the boy in front of him. The boy had such a nicely combed black hair, making the red-head quite conscious of his own messy and sweaty red locks. When was the last time he combed his hair? He frowned as he realized that his mother was the one always doing all those un-manly stuff for him.

"Look at that boy." Jack looked over at some faceless workers, their backs facing him as they began to whisper to each other. "I heard he's the Joker's replacement, how sad…" Jack's eyes widened as the other faceless gave him a pity glance.

He clenched his fists as he glared at the ground. How he wanted to strangle every single one of them to their deaths…

He was surrounded by gossipers. He wanted to run away and bury himself into the ground so that he will never have to look at their faces stare at him in disgust and pity again. If it was possible seeming as though they had no faces what-so-ever.

"We're here." Jack looked up surprised at the boy, who was standing in front of the huge double doors.

"Where exactly?" Jack raised an eyebrow, as he stared with curiosity at the lizard tattoo at the boy's neck, his previews thought long gone.

"The meeting." the boy answered back as he pushed open the door without much struggle considering he was four times smaller than it was, before he walked ahead inside the room.

This finally got the red head's attention as he followed behind immediately. As he did so he examined what was inside the room. What he saw made him gap for moment. He'd never seen so many people with faces in one room.

Strange people with faces all sat around a huge table as if they were in a meeting. Most of them were kids he noticed, as he stared at the pink haired cat boy who was sitting on the table instead of the chair, while his legs and tail swished back and forth.

Jack looked over at the teenager standing in front of the cat and shuddered suddenly at his bright clothing. The teenager had brown hair and bright green eyes which seemed to be glaring angrily at the pink boy as he scolded him. Jack stared at the whole scene with dull eyes. Ahh…it wasn't his business. He grumbled mentally before he let his eyes to roam somewhere else.

There was a sleeping mouse boy under the table, hugging himself while he sucked onto his thumb. Jack stared at the boy with narrowed eyes, before shook his head and turned away slowly to look elsewhere. There sure were a lot of weirdoes these days…

The red-headed sighed, starting to feel like an outcast as he looked at the other kids. What was he doing there?

"Boy…" Jack turned his attention to a man wearing an eye patch; eyes arched questionably when he saw the man staring right to him. "Come over he-AGH!" Jack shrieked when the man vomited a great amount of blood.

"My lord!" The boy with the lizard tattoo pushed him aside and rushed to the bloodied man. "A-Ah, Gray…" The boy sighed as he gave the man his handkerchief. "I find it necessary to go to the hospital with you're condition my lord…" The man's visible eye widened as he grabbed Gray by the shoulder. "You know how I feel about hospitals Gray~!" Jack sweat-dropped at the whole scene. The heck…?

"Haha!DIE OLD MAN!" the room roared with laugher as the pink cat boy announced this. "Don't be rude you brat!" The teenager yelled at him. "Shut up!" the boy spitted the older teenager a raspberry before he sat down at his chair.

Jack screamed suddenly when someone grabbed him by the shoulder. After a quick thinking, Jack closed his eyes and elbowed whoever it was from behind as hard as he could.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" A loud shrieked followed. "My lord!" Jack opened his eyes as he recognized the voice, which was the lizard-boy calling out.

"What is up with kids and violence!?" Jack narrowed his eyes at the man before.

"My bad…" he muttered an apology as the man rose to his feet before sighing."I am Lord Nightmare Gottschalk, the Lord of the Clover country and who might you be?" the man questioned, staring down at the red-headed boy.

Jack blinked. "My name is Ja-." He started but was rudely cut off.

"You're name is Jack of course! What a strange name!" this man was mocking him or something!? Why did he ask if he already knew! Jack's eye twitched, gritting his teeth as he glared up at the man.

"What a short-tempered boy." The man said, bringing his hand on top of the boy's head. He chuckled when the boy swatted his hand away rudely.

"My Lord, your hands are dirty." Gray gave Nightmare another handkerchief. "Don't worry Gray." The man smiled down at the boy.

Jack glanced at the boy, so his name was Gray.

"You've been to quite an adventure haven't you boy?" Jack blinked in surprised at Nightmare who smiled at him. He scowled. How…creepy. "Would you like to clean up?" Jack arched a confused eyebrow at the question, before he stared down at his appearance.

He was dirty! His white button up shirt was nearly ripped; you can practically see part of his chest. Where was his vest?! His brown short-shorts were covered with dirt and broken up pieces of grass. His socks were falling apart with cuts. He was missing a shoe.

He felt really dirty.

"You may go ahead and clean yourself." The incubus gestured at Gray, who stepped up in front of the dirty red-headed. "Follow me." Gray said before leaving the room with a confused Jack following behind.

Several minutes later, Gray finally led him to one of the guess room of the Clover Tower.

Gray turned to the red-head. "The bathroom is around the corner on the left." he explained pointing at the direction.

Jack frowned at the boy's stoic tone. It reminded him of his father, who barely talked to him when he was still alive. "I don't owe you just so you know, don't expect a thank you." he muttered at the lizard boy, who blinked once in confusion. "For what may I ask?" Gray questioned, turning fully at Joker.

"For saving me, from those mafias…" Jack responded nonchalantly, as he took off his shirt and his shoe. He hissed when he brush against a scratch on his knee as he was taking off his socks. "Damn…" he muttered.

Gray nodded in understanding "I do not expect any gratitude, I was ordered to do so from my Lord and nothing else." he explained, walking towards the door to leave.

Jack nodded, as he stripped off his last piece of clothing. "I see…"

Gray turned to him to say something, but whatever words he had to offer faded quickly when he saw the boy naked. "Aren't you at least a bit ashamed that you're naked in front of me?!" Gray turned around immediately as he blushed bright red, muttering something about 'indecency'.

Jack turned to him, arching his eyebrow. "Does it bother you? Were both boys you know?" He arched a brow.

"I-It's indecent and shameful!" the lizard boy ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him. "Hah?" the Joker to stared at the door as he was left alone. "What's with him?" he grumbled, before shrugging.

Several minutes passed, Jack stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. All his scratches and wounds fixed with a few bandages and a few tapes that he found inside the bathroom.

Sighing, Jack made his way towards the bed and sat. "What am I suppose to wear…?" he frowned while he dried his hair with another towel.

"Hmm?" The red-headed blinked when he felt thick cloth against his hand. "Must've been lizard boy…" he muttered to himself.




"Oh HECK NO." Jack's eye twitched as he stared at himself in the mirror. There he stood, wearing a jester outfit. A vein popped on his forehead as he roughly grabbed the jester top on his head. There was even a hat to go with it! He threw the hat across the room in pure frustration. "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!?"

His new outfit only made him more irritated about everything so far.


After running for what seemed like hours, Jack finally stopped his track as he panted heavily. "I-I think I lost them…" he collapsed, letting the gravity take him down straight to the ground, before he rolled over to stare at the dark sky. Way to run away in the middle of the night. How he hated the random time changes.

He was all alone now. His Mother and Father were gone. Killed.

He really didn't care, they abandoned him anyway. He knew it from the start, every since they heard all about the news, they treated him differently from the beginning. Of course, being the next Joker had its own side problems. It was only a matter of time before mafias would eventually start barging in to hunt for him.

Sighing, he closed his eyes while he listened to the silent night that was the forest. He was indeed in the middle of the forest. Lost… hungry…and cold…sad, damn his negativity…he deadpanned when he shivered and at the same time, his stomach grumbled in hunger.

He knew he could rely on no one anymore; his friends made it clear that they didn't want him around them anymore; they avoided him and shunned him. They weren't true friends. Even his best friend Ace was taken away. The shock he felt when he heard that his brunette friend was picked, as the Knight of hearts. He hadn't heard from the boy ever since when guards from the Heart castle took him from his home.

It didn't surprise him when they picked him for the role, it was said that Jokers were only killed by a foreigner's hand, and then they were replaced immediately. So…why were all the roleholders replaced, when it was only the Joker that died?

Jack grimaced. Ah…it was all confusing.

He really was alone now, and there was nowhere for him to go. What was he supposed to do now…?

"THERE YOU ARE!" His eyes snapped open immediately at the voice, followed by several footsteps. He rose to his feet before he grabbed for a stick he noticed laying on the ground beside him. It was those faceless mafias again! "What do you want from me?!" he shouted glaring as his hands trembled in fear.

He didn't usually fear death but…somehow, the thought of it suddenly made him afraid, afraid that if he died, his corpse will rot and no one would care. Ace was always there to protect him, saying something ridiculous about being a hero. But he was alone now.

'Ahahaha, they were weak!' he can almost hear his best friend saying.

He was going to die there, alone and-his stomach grumbled once again as he deadpanned-hungry…

He closed his eyes as he saw one of the faceless mafia cocking their gun before pointing at him. "Bye, bye brat."

He waited for the pain. Damn he was hungry…he thought honestly as he clutched his stomach. Well at least he could die while thinking of food. He looked cool with a stick in his hand and goosebumps on his arms…it was a perfect moment to die!




Who in the hell died like this?!

He opened his eyes to face the killers and was surprised to see them all bloodied on the ground. Seeming like they were dead. "Whoa what happened?!" his eyes widened at the boy before him.

He had black hair, while he posed with his badass looking twin swords.

"Come with me…" the boy lowered his weapons.

Jack dumbly pointed at himself.


Jack barged inside the meeting room and glared as he spotted Gray, who was serving pastries to the other children in the room. "YOU!" the red-headed pointed his index finger at the lizard boy. "WHAT IS THIS?!" he motioned at his outfit in disgust.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-OH MAN!HAHA-my stomach!WHO THE HECK DRESSES LIKE THAT?!HAHA!" Jack gritted his teeth, his face turning red in embarrassment and anger. He glared at the pink cat who seemed to be falling apart on the floor as he laughed hysterically at his outfit. It didn't help the fact that almost everyone else in the room started laughing as well.

Gray turned to him, face expressionless as he responded. "Your clothes…" the boy said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

A vein popped on the Joker's forehead. He called these clothes?!

Before he can argue back at the lizard boy, the dream demon stepped in between the both boys preventing anything violent. "That suits you well Jack! Or I should say…Joker…" The red-headed boy shuddered at the old man's cold tone.

He was right. He really had to get use to things from then on. Or he could commit suicide. Nah…he wanted to live.

"Everyone's attention please." Gray interrupted, silencing the room immediately. All eyes turned to the lizard boy. Gray cleared his throat before speaking. "We all stand here in this meeting for an important purpose." The boy stepped off to the side to let the dream demon to take charge.

"All replacements will be assigned to their new 'home'" the man explained, a wide grin on his face as he stared at the roleholders one by one. Some of them scoffed at the idea of being 'home', while some stayed silent through it.

Jack nodded frowning. Well now he understood why he was there. Of course he knew it had something to do with his role from the beginning. But he hated to admit the fact. That or he just didn't care…the second option was more like him.

"Why should we listen to you!?" All heads turned to the pink cat, who stood from his chair while he pointed his index finger at the man. "You're old and stupid!" the boy finished proudly, as he crossed his arms against his chest.

Gray narrowed his eyes at the boy, and looked up at his lord questioningly. The lizard boy frowned when the man shook his head. No. he wasn't allowed to annihilate the cat boy. Gray gripped one of his sword behind his back. It was a waste indeed.

"You must be Boris Airay, the Cheshire cat I presume." Nightmare smiled at the younger boy while he leaned back in his chair comfortably.

The said cat blinked, before he smugly grinned at the mention of his role and name. "I must be popular!" the pink boy exclaimed to himself proudly before he sat back down in his sit.

"Boris!I told you not to be rude to your elderly!" The teenager beside the cat scolded loudly. "Shut up old man!" the cat shouted back as he stuck his tongue out rudely. "Why you-"

"Now now…" Nightmare started sweat dropped "You must be Mar-"

"GOWLAND!my name! Is Gowland…" The teenager interrupted frantically, earning confused looks from everyone.

Nightmare blinked. "Yes, his name is in fact…Gowland." the dream demon's face twisted into a strange smile, as if he was holding from laughing.

There was a moment of silent as everyone stared at the brown haired teen in suspicion. Everyone finally turned away from the blushing teen as Gray cleared his throat.

"Uh, RIGHT!right…"Nightmare straightened up while he cleared his own throat. "Ze boy's name is Gray Ringmarc." Nightmare motioned to Gray at his side. The boy nodded in everyone's direction as he was mentioned.

"Ze?" Jack whispered to himself.

"Ze e-um meeting-what do I do Gray?!" Everyone sweated drop as the older man, who was apparently the Lord of the Clover country, bent down and whispered a question to his boy assistant.

"First of all my lord, there is no need to build an accent, you were doing just fine awhile ago." The lizard boy didn't bother to whisper this out as he spoke to the older man, who blushed as everyone gave him a disapproving look. "Second of all, please…wipe your mouth, there is blood drooling my lord." Gray took out a piece of tissue out of nowhere and gave it to the older man politely.

"G-GRAY!Couldn't you had whispered it?!" the man hissed at the boy who rose an eyebrow questioningly. "Whisper what my lord?" Nightmare roughly grabbed the tissue from the boy's smaller hand and grumbled out a 'nevermind' before he leaned back down on seat.

The lizard boy blinked in confusion, before he shrugged off the older man's attitude and continued. "I think that it would be necessary to know everyone in the room if we are to announce their place to live." Nightmare blinked at this, and nodded as a smile made its way on his face. "That's right! It's only polite to know each other since we're going to be honored roleholders of the country!" the dream demon exclaimed excitedly to himself.

"That's not what I-"Gray was cut off when a purple haired girl stood up suddenly. She looked just about Gowland's age as she stood proudly before everyone. "We are Vivaldi, the Queen of hearts." said the girl, as she knocked the floor with her purple staff. Jack raised a brow when everyone started groaning and yelling out complains for Vivaldi to sit back down and to shut up.

The young queen gave a glare before she sat finally, muttering something about rude boys.

After that, silence filled the room suddenly. And as if on cue the door slammed open earning attentions from everyone. Nightmare woke up startled as he lifted up his head from the table, drool dripping down his mouth before he gazed up in surprise at a boy with brown hair. "W-wha whe—"

"I think I'm in the right room this time! Ahaha! I got lost while trying to find the bathroom!" Jack deadpanned when he recognized the boy by the door. It was his best friend Ace. The jester boy backed slowly when said best friend spotted him immediately. "HEY JACKS!I didn't know you were here—how's it going?!" the brunette made his way to the red-headed and took a sit beside him, all the while grinning at him happily.

Jack smiled and sighed. "I'm a roleholder remember?" the brunette boy blinked to himself. "Oh yeah, you're Joker now." Jack face palmed himself at his friend's stupidity. "So how's it coming along with you these days?" the red-headed sweated drop when the boy brunette questioned this. Did he really need to ask? Of course it was coming along like hell.

The boys turned suddenly as Gray cleared his throat, stopping their dialog immediately. "This is a meeting, any outside conversations are not necessary." Jack scolded himself mentally as he realized everyone staring at him and Ace. On the other hand, the knight of hearts gave the lizard boy a deep glare. Jack shivered at the sight of it, but Gray merely shrugged off the look he was getting.

There was something wrong with his friend. Ace wouldn't usually glare just because someone told him to be quiet. Jack pondered on this for a bit before he sighed in defeat and turned his attention back to the 'meeting'. He never did get Ace.

"It seems that no one else wants to talk so let's move on shall we?" Nightmare smiled nervously as he changed the subject, sensing the dangerous atmosphere that was the knight of hearts. The dream demon took the piece of paper on the table and began to read. "Prime minister of the Heart Castle, Peter White." The older man started and smiled as a boy with snow white hair stood up and glared up at him.

"Oh hey Peter! You're here too?!" Ace wailed across the table startling Jack. A boy with white hair and rabbit ears scowled at Ace's direction.

Nightmare watched the whole thing amused. "The Queen of Hearts, Vivaldi." Said girl rose from her sit. "And last but not least, the knight of hearts, Ace" the brunette boy stood excitedly from his seat. Nightmare smiled at the boy and nodded. "All three of you are to reside within the Heart Castle." The dream demon explained.

"I already live there!" Ace exclaimed happily as he raised his hands up in the air, this made Nightmare chuckle. "I see."

"The Hatter, Blood Dupre." The incubus turned to the boy with raven hair, who raised his hand in response. The boy seemed uninterested with all that was happening.

Jack's eyes widened. It was Blood! He knew Blood because the kid made his life a living hell. He and Ace hated him. That Blood was once his friend, but the boy ditched them when they were in trouble one time. Ever since then he hadn't heard from the raven-headed boy. Jack glared from across the room.

Blood glanced at the red-headed and glared.

"Hey BLOOD~!YOU'RE HERE TOO~?! Wow—all my friends are here!" Jack gapped at Ace as he waved happily at the new Hatter. "What are you talking about?! He ditched us remember?!" Jack punched the brunette boy in the head, and his eye twitched when the boy rubbed his head and stared at him confused. "Blood ditched us? When was that?" the boy questioned. "Never mind!" Jack shouted and crossed his arms. Sometimes…he worried about Ace. The boy was just plain stupid.

Nightmare sweated drop. "Er…T-the March Hare, Elliot March?" Silence filled the room and Nightmare frowned. "Where is the March Hare?"

"My Lord." The incubus gave a yelp as Gray grabbed him by the elbow and pulled him so that he could whisper to the man. Nightmare paled at the information he was given. "I-I see…" Everyone looked up at the man, suspiciously. "The Tweedles, Dee and Dum." The dream demon turned at one corner, where sat two toddlers playing the nice game of tag of war but it wasn't a rope they were pulling, it was a gun.

Joker stared in curiously. Babies?

At the mention of their names the green-headed twins turned to them with innocent eyes. Jack noticed that their eyes were different from each other. The other had red eyes and the other blue.

Nightmare looked over at the sleeping mouse next to the red-headed. "Sleeping mouse, Pierce Villiers."

"Are to reside at the Hatter's Mansion." Nightmare informed. "Hmm, Boris Airay." The pink boy from before stood. "You're a liability. The Cheshire cat. There's a saying that the Cheshire cat role is none but a lucky freedom…at first." Nightmare narrowed his eyes at the pink boy. "You may choose where to reside." The boy named Boris frowned while he chewed on his thumb as he thought things through. "The Hatter's Mansion! No wait-the Amusement park! People say it's fun in there!" the boys shouted, grinning childishly.

"Is this your last decision boy?" Nightmare questioned smiling suspiciously. "Yup!" The boy nodded his head vigorously.

Jack sighed from his seat. He always dreamt of one day living at the amusement park. All children did. Why couldn't he live there instead? He looked over at Ace and found the knight whining over the same thing beside him.

"Mar-Gowland." Nightmare cleared his throat and looked over at the brown-headed teenager who beamed at his name. "You will reside at the amusement park as the territory leader." The dream demon finished as he smiled at the younger teen.

"NOOOOO!Can I change about the amusement part thing!?" Boris shouted in despair as Gowland smirked at him.

"You cannot, it's a rule. " Boris' face fell apart and he began to get teary eyed.

Nightmare was laughing hysterically to himself. That wasn't true; in fact, the Cheshire cat was able to move territory when or where he wants. There was no rule about it in fact. But this should teach the boy to respect his elderly.

"NOOO!" Everyone sweat dropped as Gowland began to gloat to the pink cat. "I'm your boss now brat~" the teen smirked.

Joker sighed, good to know he wasn't the only one suffering. The red-headed jester glanced at the mouse named Pierce beside him, as said boy woke to a startle. "Wha-where! Where am I?!" Jack frowned as the boy turned over to him questioningly. "You're at the Clover Tower and you were assigned as part of the Hatter's family." Jack explained to the younger boy bluntly while he gazed straight ahead. When he got no response, he raised an eyebrow and stared at the mouse. "Did you hear me?" he asked.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH!" all heads turned to where the mouse boy had shouted.

"WOULD YOU SHUT UP!" Jack punched the mouse on the head with his other hand while the other clamped his ear. "What's the big deal anyway?" he glared at the boy who began to cry. Jack sighed.

"Shut up mouse…" Pierce's teary eyes widened as he spotted Ace glaring at him from across the red-headed. "EEEK—K-K-K-KNIGHT!" the boy shrieked before he fainted. His head landing on the table with a thud as his soul flew from his mouth.

Jack's eye twitched and deadpanned at Ace's direction. The knight caught his look and grinned almost deviously "What? It was funny." The knight began to laugh. He took it back; there was nothing wrong with Ace whatsoever. He was the same ol' idiot kid who liked to mess with even more idiotic kids.

"Please stay on topic here." Nightmare grumbled as he looked over the sheet of paper once again. "Gray—." Said lizard boy looked up at his lord as if he was already aware of his own information. "You are to stay here in Clover Tower." The boy nodded in understanding and the incubus smiled warmly at his response.

"The clockmaker." Everyone tensed at the mention of the role. Nightmare frowned at everyone's reaction and thought worriedly if it was best for everyone to know of the boy who was to take the role.

The dream demon sighed. The boy was there so there was no choice. He took a deep breath and announced the name. "Julius Monrey." Everyone turned to a teenager with short dark blue hair who had raised his hand in response.

Jack blinked. Julius Monrey? He felt as if he'd heard of the name before.

"JULIUS!" the red-headed jester sighed for the umpteen time that period. Of course, now he remembered. Julius was Ace's 'home- mate'. Or babysitter.

Ace and Julius lived at an orphanage. Julius took care of Ace as his 'little brother'. The teenager hated meeting new people according to Ace.

"JULIUS!WE SHOULD HANG OUT SOMETIMES, HAVE YOU MET MY BES JACKS?!" Jack gave a shriek when the slightly taller brunette boy swung his arm around his shoulder in a friendly manner. The teenager blunette turned to Ace and glared his face red from embarrassment. It was bare but Jack heard the teenager reply with a 'no'. The red-headed blinked at this. Surprisingly, this was the first time he saw the 'mythical brother' as Ace would say, considering that he knew the knight all his life.

"Marbi Jacks—or was it Jacks Marbi?" The red-headed's eye widened, he knew his full name?!he knew it—they've been stalking him!

"It's MARBI Jacks…" The red-headed jester gritted his teeth and Nightmare shuddered nervously. "My last name goes first because it just sounds odd the other way don't you think?" The dream demon nodded. "M-Marbi Jacks it is!"

After the cold tension that built in the air, Nightmare managed to talk once again. "The Joker jester will reside at the circus as his realm as well as his counterpart's."

Jack frowned. Counter…part? He was going to live with someone else?

"The Joker warden." He had a bad feeling in his gut at the mention of the role. It was great that he wasn't alone. Right?

[HAH! That…was…long…for me anyway. I hope you all enjoyed it, I don't blame you if you didn't.]

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Corrected Mistakes:

1) Pierce is part of the Hatter family and not the Amusement park. He also lives at the Forest during Clover. Pierce only lives at the Amusement park during Joker(I think) because Blood banned Coffee at the Hatters and Pierce can't stay awake without his coffee.

2)Gray is an assassin(It'll be explained in the later chapters)and was out to get Nightmare at first before he became Nightmare's assisstant.

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