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Jack was finally at his own realm when his apparent counter-part, whose voice was from a belt, led him to his prison realm. The two didn't get along and caused an argument. The 10 years old Joker warden explained his committed murder upon the March Hare who was supposedly breaking the rule and tried to escape from the meeting. Jack, aka Jester and Joker, blacked out due to shock, and so the story continues…

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Chapter 3

It was dark. And Jack felt like his own stomach was eating himself alive due to his hunger. He HAD to eat something. Anything. He thought.




What happened anyway? Where was he?

"I SAID-GET THE FUCK UP!" suddenly he felt hot liquid hitting him in the face with great impact.

"AAAH!" the red-headed jester sat up from where he lay, coughing and rubbing on his face at the great amount of heat raging into it. "WHAT IN THE-"

"Tch, awake yet you fxxxxxx idiot." He heard a mocking voice saying.

He turned his head to the boy warden who stood upon his figure, his hand holding onto a mug. He glared realizing his situation. "WHAT'D YOU POUR ON ME?!" the red-headed jester screamed, though it came out more like a shriek as he glared up at his counterpart.


"WHAT?!GROSS!"Jack's face twisted, as if he had just eaten something really sour and then he began vigorously wiping his face with any article of clothing he had. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!" he stood to his feet.

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME-WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?" the warden poked him in the chest roughly to prove a point. "Fainting like an idiot, leaving ME to clean up on your mess!?"

"WHAT MESS?!" the jester argued, his hand rubbing the spot he was poked on.

"YOU'RE THE MESS!" at this both the Jokers glared at each other.




Sighing Jack gave up, "What happened anyway?" he questioned, his eyebrows pushed together, pondering on what had happened in the first place.

"You really are an idiot aren't you?"

The jester gave him a glare. "Just tell me!" he snapped.

"Tch, I'm not going through all that trouble of explaining it to an idiot…" at that, boy walked away, leaving Jack to gap at the insult.

"I'M NOT AN IDIOT!" he clenched his fists at his side.

"IF YOU AREN'T AN IDIOT THEN YOU WOULD KNOW I DIDN'T POUR FXXXXXX SPIT ON YOU-IT WAS COFFEE!" the red-headed warden argued back, his back facing the jester boy as he resumed walking away from his 'idiot' counter-part

"HOW WOULD I KNOW THAT YOU DRINK COFFEE!? YOU'RE 10 YEARS OLD!" The boy smirked as he heard this, before he vanished from sight.

After a few time cycles, the boy warden was nowhere to be found, so Jack decided to explore the circus by himself, which he struggled finding with the entire cell maze blocking the hidden exit.

But as soon as he found his destination, he beamed happily to himself.

The place was…colorful, and he liked colorful things, because back at his former home, his parents never let colors adore their sanctuary, or the outside for that matter.

"Wow…" he stared amazed as he reached the stadium, though the seats were empty, the faceless workers were already there practicing their tricks here and there. All were oblivious of his presence so he decided to just watch from the background.

Gasping every now and then at the seemingly impossible tricks.

Until one finally took notice of him.

"Mr. Joker sir?"

Shrieking, Jack turned to the faceless boy, who tilted his head in confusion.

"Uh-yes I-I believe I'm the new Joker…" he stuttered, placing both his hands in his hips boldly, before he cleared his throat. Maybe if he acted mature, these professionals wouldn't look down on him. He admitted hesitantly to himself. "Uh-what exactly am I supposed to be doing?" he questioned bluntly.




The faceless boy smiled, grabbing him by the wrist and began dragging him outside the circus.

Surprised, Jack gasped. "Where're we going?" he rose an eyebrow.

"Somewhere~" the boy singed as they turned to walk towards another tent.

Jack blinked as they walked inside. He was back in the prison.


The faceless boy faced him, a wide grin on his face. "This is your room Mr. Joker sir!"

Jack stared at the boy in disbelief. "Are you kiddi-I beg your pardon—Is this what you call a room?!"

The area was as you would call...an old man's undergarments.

The room was filled with used tissues everywhere, from the window, to the bed, in front of the door steps. There was dirt everywhere. Haft eaten food on the floor. Ect…


The faceless boy tilted his head and if he had eyes, he would've blinked. "If I remember correctly, this was Mr. Joker sir's room before he decided that it was too disturbing and then he left. Hmmp…OH! And those tissues were from Mr. Joker sir when he caught an awful cold!" the boy explained gleefully.

Wasn't HE Mr. Joker sir?!

Jack's eye twitched. "I will not reside myself in this-this animal habitat!"

"But why not?" the faceless boy questioned innocently.

Jack deadpanned, before placing a pitying hand on the boy's shoulder who seemed to be a bit shorter than he was. "Why don't you leave right now and ask a LION the reason why?"

"As you wish Mr. Joker sir!" the faceless boy gave him a salute with his hand on his forehead before he left the jester alone in the room.

Jack sighed, slumping back on one of the single chair he found sitting in the area. That boy was an idiot…

"Ahahahaha!You're-You're such an idiot!" it came from the belt that was making itself comfortable against his tiny waist.

"HOW THAT GET HERE AND ON ME?!" Jack's eyes widened at the sudden appearance of the familiar belt.

After the laughter gone down, Jack heard his counter-part speaking. "You're an idiot."

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