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Deep within the Fenton household, buried underground, lay the soundproof walls and floor of the family's basement. The Fenton adult's, Jack and Maddie, had transformed the bleak concrete settlement into a tech-filled ghost research lab over the years. Faded explosion marks from failed inventions covered the walls, as well as small amounts of ectoplasm that had left glowing green traces behind.

Jack Fenton, the man of the household, kneeled over an invention in said lab with a blowtorch and wire-cutters in hand. He was currently attempting to improve on an already completed device. This device had the ability to separate humans and objects from ghostly influence. Standing tall above his haunched body was what could only be described as a dream-catcher of sorts; a large, round hula-hoop of metal, containing an intricate spiderweb design of glowing strands of pure ecto-energy; the whole thing balancing atop a thin metal pipe.

Snipping one final wire, sealing a panel over its inner mainframe, Jack stood up to survey his work. The Ghost Catcher outwardly appeared the same as it had before- but the inner mechanism was completely changed. If it now worked as Jack had intended, the new-and-improved Ghost Catcher 2.0 would not only split any and all forms of ectoplasmic energy from real-world items. It would also split the ghost itself into numerous, weaker versions of itself.

"Only one way to find out." Jack said aloud as he walked over to a lab table. On the desk, sealed inside a glass cube, sat an annoyed-looking formless green blob. The green entity was about the size of an apple. It growled slightly when Jack picked up the box, but otherwise ignored him. Jack walked back to the Ghost Catcher.

"Alright, ghosty," he grinned, "Time to help me with a little experiment." He tossed the box into the net.

A luminescent glow surrounded the invention for a brief moment as the container passed through; then both ghost and glass clattered onto the floor.

At first, nothing happened. Jack's proud smile faltered for a moment, then fell completely when he saw the ghost was still in one piece- albeit outside the container.

"Darn... I really thought that would work..." he moaned, shoulders lowering, clearly upset.

Suddenly, the green glob sputtered and bubbled. Jack's head shot up at the sound. The green ghost glob screeched a quick, high-pitched shriek. It began stretching into odd contortions before making a final 'pop'.

Jack Fenton smiled at his success: There was not one, not two, but ten of them: tiny, ant-sized, jelly-like blobs on the floor. They scuttled about aimlessly at first. After a few moments, Jack gathered them up back into the glass cube. The ghost- or, now ghosts- were too confused and disoriented to protest.

He placed them back onto the same lab table as before. Giddy with excitement, Jack stumbled up the stairs to tell Maddie of his success.

Unknowingly to him, the separate blobs each squirmed in, oddly enough, unique ways compared to each other: one was intensely angry, another scared and confused, and yet another looked rather tired with it's eyes half-lidded.

The glob-ghosts continued to squirm inside the box, forgotten overnight.

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