What? No Scare Tactics fandom? That's a shame. Well I just had to write this fic or I'd rip my tongue out or worse..see Breaking Dawn! In this hopefully amazing story Each member of our favorite gang will be sentenced to a scenario on Scare Tactics. Some may have already been used others will come from my own sadistic imagination. (host narrator) TAKES PLACE IN 2012

First up: The funny, outgoing, Micky Mouse fan. Two-bit Matthews.

Hey Everyone! Meet Keith. He likes Micky Mouse, drinking, and cracking jokes. Sounds like my kinda guy! Anyway his friend Ponyboy set him up with a job at the local Disney store. Late at night, closing time, what could possibly go wrong?

Ponyboy: I really want to put my friend Two-bit on Scare Tactics because he's a big joker, usually to someone expense so why not give him something new to joke about. He can laugh at himself. Hopefully I won't get my face pounded in.

Beware Keith! you about to make one sale that you will not soon forget...

Two-bit walked into the local free standing Disney store and met with Josh, his co worker.

"Hey man." Josh called hi-fiving Two-bit who reached for the last part of his uniform from the cashier desk. The Micky Mouse ears.

"So what am I doing?" Two-bit asked.

"We have to finish stocking the snow globes on that rack." Josh said walking over to a shelf that was already adorned with Cinderella, Toy Story and Lion King snow globes. Two-bit loped over and picked up the first glass globe that his hand touched. This process continued for a little over twenty minutes Him and josh talking about some TV show then music, then what schools they were in. They didn't stay on the same topic for more than four minutes.

They were standing by the Tinkerbell tee shirts as Josh taught Two-bit how to fold them. Until Josh brought up an interesting topic.

"Yo, have you ever heard of the phantom robber?" He asked.

"Nope." Two-bit said.

"Apparently there was a guy who had come in on black Friday about twenty years ago who wanted a tee shirt for his daughter. He had no cash on him and this store didn't take credit cards or checks at that time so he tried to just walk out of the store unnoticed. Sure as hell was busy enough. Hid the shirt in his jacket and started walking out. But he bumped into this black lady who was there with three kids. She blew up on him, started cussing him out, he was trying to apologize as she went on about how disrespectful it was that he dare touch her, he didn't though." Josh said. Two-bit was entranced by this story.

"What happened then?" He demanded.

"Well, some say the lady punched him in the jugular, others think he smashed a snow globe and slashed his throat because he was so upset. Whatever it was there was blood. It's still here." Josh led two-bit to the pillar at the entrance and sure enough he hadn't noticed it earlier but there was a red tint in the sparkly pillar.

"None of us could clean it up. They say as long as his blood is here he will always come back and try to lift that tee-shirt for his daughter."

"Spooky." Two-bit said. All of a sudden Josh's cell phone rang.

"Yello," He said. "Oh! Hey baby." It was evident within a few sentences that he was talking to his girlfriend. He hung up and turned to Two-bit.

"Look man, I gotta go. Can you cover for me, you can close at eleven." Before Two-bit could protest, Josh ran out.

Two-bit drummed a short, jazzy beat on the desk and adjusted the mouse ear headband on his scalp. He reached for his own phone and dialed a familiar number.

"Yo dal, what's up?" He asked. "Nah man, I'm working, Boss just left. Says this place is haunted." Two-bit looked up slowly as a middle aged man sauntered into the store.

"Look man, I gotta go."

"Can I help you sir?" He asked. The man stopped to look at the bouncy balls. He picked up an orange one and bounced it a bit , put it back and with his back still to Two-bit he walked over to the Tee-shirts.

"Excuse me sir, we're bout to close." The man never turned around. Two-bit started to get a little nervous. He noticed his hands were shaking he continued to drum in an irregular beat. He wasn't just nervous anymore.

"Sir, if you're going to buy anything, please make it quick." Two-bit said

"I'm sorry ma'am."The man whispered sheepishly. "What? I didn't touch you!" The man made no sense and frankly two-bit reached out his phone to call the police.

"Don't you dare call the cops." The man yelled with such a venom that Two-bit dropped his phone. He scrambled under the desk to get it. When he looked back up, there was a sound of glass breaking. The strange shopper had dropped a snow globe and Once Two-Bit saw this, he dove back under the desk.

"Don't make me angry lady." The man shouted. Two-bit dared another peek at this man with a shard of glass there was a slow motion, a loud scream, and blood. It got everywhere. The pillar, the shelves, even Two-bit's face. The eighteen year old greaser screamed. The man turned to face him. Blood oozing out of the ugly red slash of his throat.

"You boy, are you scared.." He choked.

"What the Hell!" Two-bit roared, horrified tears in his eyes.

"Are you scared?" He demanded. It sounded ugly, scary, and dead.

"Yes!" Two-bit shouted falling to his knees.

"Well you shouldn't be." The dying man chortled.

"!" Two-bit didn't even have words for this.

"Your on Scare Tactics!" The man suddenly sounded normal, if not happy. Two-bit's eyes widened and he choked on the curses stuck in his vocal chords.

"Your friend Ponyboy set you up."

"What? Hell No! That twerp ain't my friend anymore." Two-bit roared as a laughing ponyboy emerged from the back. Along with Josh."

"We cool Man?" Josh asked. Two-bit punched Ponyboy in the face, Not hard enough to hurt the boy, Ponyboy laughed.

"You had this coming man." He snickered.

"Don't worry kid, I'll get you back." Two-bit warned. Taking a long sip of the water ponyboy had handed him.

Well folks The horrors are just getting started. This one wasn't as scary but seriously if this were you, you'd probably be screaming like a schoolgirl or worse. Two-bit's an ol' trooper. But don't worry it'll get worse.