Chapter two

the poor, sweet, little Johnnycake.

What's up everybody! Say hello to Johnny. His friend Jazmine got him a job babysitting a little girl.

Jazmine: I love Johnny and I want him to know that he can sometimes trust me. I may be a girl but I can pack a punch. Metaphorically. I do feel bad though, He doesn't do well under pressure and he isn't the bravest. I want to see how he'd react without someone to help him. Please forgive me for this baby!

Watch out Johnny this little girl has a bit of an obsession with dolls...and death.

"Hello, You must be Johnny." A woman of middle age said.

"Yes ma'am." He chirped. He sat down on the couch across from the woman, Cheryl.

"Tonight you'll be watching my youngest. Rosie." She said. "The emergency numbers are on the fridge and feel free to have a snack if you'd like. I coupon." She grinned.

"Thank you ma'am." Johnny said politely.

"I should warn you about my little girl," Cheryl said. "I recently had a miscarriage, and it's been pretty tough on Rosie. She was looking forward to her little brother or sister." Cheryl said tragically.

"I'm so sorry." Johnny said.

"But she has taken to carrying a baby doll and acting like she's the doll's older sister." She said. Johnny didn't think that needed to be worried about. Little girls enjoyed dolls didn't they?

"I'm sure it won't be a problem ma'am." He smiled. She smiled back and stood up.

"Well. I am going to be late if I don't go now. The meeting should only be a few hours." She assured him. Before he could say another word of assurance she was gone. Johnny sauntered up the carpeted staircase to the first door where he heard the sound of humming. He knocked lightly on the door and the answerer was a little girl with raven hair and big brown eyes. She had pale skin and looked to be about seven or eight.

"Hi, are you Johnny?" She asked.

"Yup that's me." Johnny said.

"Did mom tell you what happened to Billy?" She asked.

"Billy?" Johnny asked.

"My little brother." She said. Johnny sighed.

"Well she said the baby died before he was born, and he's watching you from heaven now." Johnny assured the little girl. He didn't have much experience with girls, except for his friend Jazmine, but they understood each other perfectly. He didn't know how to handle a seven year old girl.

"Can we go downstairs?" She asked. Johnny nodded and she led the way down the carpeted stairs. The young girl disappeared into the kitchen and johnny sat down on the couch, eyeing the issues of Good-Housekeeping on the coffee table. Rosie emerged again with two tall glasses of lemonade. Neon blue straws rolling around the rims of the glasses. She set it down on the table next to the magazines and took one off the tray, handing the other to Johnny.

Rosie reached for some construction paper and crayons. Johnny craned his neck to see what she was drawing. It appeared to be a five pointed star with a circle around it.

"It's a luck charm." She said before he could ask what it was.

"A luck charm?" He asked

"Yeah it helps me see Billy." She said.

"Sweetie you do know that Billy was never born." Johnny said softly.

"I know but sometimes I can talk to him." She said. From upstairs, Johnny heard an unnerving sound of a baby cry. But wasn't Rosie the youngest?

"That's Billy. I think he's hungry." Rosie said. She hurried upstairs and Johnny took the opportunity to reach for the Mitchell's house phone. He dialed Cheryl's phone number.

"Hello?" Came the woman's voice. Official, if not boring voices in the background, she must be at the meeting.

"Hi Mrs. Mitchell, It's Johnny."

"Oh Hi honey, is everything alright?" She asked

"Yeah, but I think I heard something upstairs, and I think Rosie went upstairs to get her doll." He said.

"Okay Johnny, please listen to me." Cheryl's voice sounded very frightened. Johnny was sure to catch every word. "It is very important that you manage to take the doll from her. I don't care if she throws a tantrum but her therapist says it is imperative that we keep her separated from that doll. The miscarriage affected me, my older son but it hit her especially hard... She has these.. delusions, that the doll is real." Johnny froze.

"But Mrs. Mitchell, I heard a baby cry too." He said.

"I'm coming home right now. This is bad." She fretted. The line went dead. Johnny looked up and Rosie had her doll held close to her chest. But her doll was no doll at all. But a writhing, screaming, red, tiny baby. It seemed to be a premature birth of at least two months.

"This is Billy." She said. The sight of the baby, ragged mouth agape, eyes little dark slits. Red tender skin made Johnny feel sick. "I saved him in the hospital and I've been taking care of him. He's three months old." Rosie gazed adoringly at her little brother.

"Rosie may I hold your baby?" Johnny asked. He felt ridiculous. Asking a seven year old girl a question meant for a woman.

"I don't know he's a little cranky." Rosie said stoking the glorified fetus's face.

"Rosie let me the baby." Johnny said nervously. Rosie's face seemed to grow dark and older.

"No." She said simply. She cuddled the baby and kissed his little forehead. Johnny felt repulsed. He heard a car engine splutter and die outside and what felt to him like an agonizing hour was really only four minutes until Cheryl entered the house.

"Mommy, you're back!" Rosie shrieked happily.

"Rosie, what did I say about the doll?" Cheryl asked.

"That's I shouldn't playing with him." She said.

"Miss Angie said you shouldn't have the doll. Why don't we put it in the playroom for now." Rosie and her mother left the room and Johnny reached for his jacket so he could leave. A sharp scream made him stop cold. It was feminine.

"Mrs Mitchell." He called out. He saw the shadow of a female emerging from the hallway. Rosie was cradling Billy the miscarriage as the baby, no longer crying but gurgling a pitiful dying sound, sucked on something. A red liquid oozed down Rosie's arm.

"Aw, Look what you did Billy. You got mommy's arm all wet." She griped. The creepy fetus giggled and wheezed and Rosie took the Female human finger out of the baby's mouth.

"Hey, Johnny. Don't you think Billy should have some new toys?" Rosie asked thoughtfully.

"No." Johnny whispered. Rosie removed her hand from her behind her back. A cleaver glinted in the florescent living room lights.

"But he's so bored with the toys he has now, I'm thinking a teething stick. In a nice dark color." Rosie threatened. Johnny screamed. Causing the seven year old mother(?) to advance. Johnny fell to his knees, bowing to the whim of a seven year old girl holding a baby that should have been dead months ago. She raised the cleaver.

"Are you scared Johnny?" She asked in a low voice.

"Yes." Johnny whimpered.

"What did you say?" She demanded loudly, causing the sixteen year old to cry out.

"Yes!" He shouted.

"Well you shouldn't be..." She said. Her voice now resembled the same warble as that of a normal seven year old girl.

"What the (unprintable word)!" Johnny screamed.

"Because you on scare tactics." The little girl said.

A beam of godly light seemed to hit Johnny just then. He glanced stupidly at the doll, now not as horrifically terrified he could see a loose wire in the toy's arm. And the made in china stamped to his right thigh.

"You friend Jazmine set you up." She giggled. johnny suddenly reddened as His friend waltzed into the room with a bottle of water for him. Jazmine ran over and hugged johnny who started whimpering in her shoulder.

"Why the Hell would you do something like that?" He asked her shirtsleeve.

"I'm sorry honey but I just had to." She laughed. She kissed his cheek and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I still don't forgive you." He warned her.

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