She wasn't a princess

she didn't have a tiara, she didn't have a castle.

but she believed in happily ever after.

wasn't that allowed?

{{enter the prince}}

he promises to protect her from m/o/n/s/t/e/r/s

and without a hesitation she believes him.

he's the monster

his eyes glitter like poison

his smirk cuts deeper than any sword.

she doesn't dwell on these things because he promised right?

tears fall down her cheeks like diamonds and he laughs

she's gone

her smile

her laugh

her sass


one night he creeps into her arms

he kisses each of her scars and tells her he loves her

she doesn't notice the knife in his hands.

she doesn't see the blood blossom around her head.

maybe she is a princess after all with her new tiara.

the prince caresses her as she cries in pain.

"I'm sorry, I had to," he whispers.

she's dying,

she isn't scared

she isn't angry

she's tired

the battle is over and all she wants to do is sleep.

was it wrong that she yearned for a happy ending?

she's a sleeping beauty, if only true love's kiss would work.