A Mint Ice Cream Dilemma

Alex Rider liked mint ice cream. He didn't really fuss over flavours, though- not for ice cream. He could have triple chocolate, mint, mint and choc chip- hell, even strawberry! But, apparently, there was something suspicious about that. Because, apparently, a male- and especially 'The Alex Rider', isn't supposed to be so 'bland' with 'careless' ice cream choices.

"Are you sure you're not just being oppressive because your obsessive self doesn't enjoy mint ice cream?" Alex had said, giving Sabina Pleasure a straight expression.

Nonetheless, she just rolled her eyes and licked some vanilla ice cream that started rolling over her cone. At the memory of that moment, Alex groaned- Vanilla! Alex, himself doesn't mind vanilla, but she was accusing him of being too 'indecisive with too many likes on ice cream flavours', which majority were 'bland?'

The blond knew he was making things worse, getting frustrated over a memory. It was his own irrationality that caused him to get roped into her scheming idea... Because he had said, "no, it's okay- if you don't have mint ice cream, Sab can just have vanilla..."

The man serving the ice cream parlour didn't blink twice at it, but it was like he abruptly tap danced on some invisible line for his girlfriend. She literally believed that; a) he was part gay ("not that, you know, that's a problem with that," she said. It was, Alex wandered, the only moment she was being serious) or b) Alex was not telling her something. A secret.

"Who knows?" She had said. "Some evil scientist may have tortured you with sweets and by the time you escaped, you grew addicted to certain things. I'll never know, unless you tell me. Relationships are based off of truth, you know... Al?"

Alex didn't know how to respond. And the man behind the cash register looked torn between amused and offended. No, it wasn't the mad scientist scenario because, of course, what would a childhave to do with spies, interrogation and mad scientists? It was the slight confrontation the girl seemed to have against the male population, like it was stereotypical. He stared at the blonde hair 17 year old and couldn't tell if she was joking or not. Which, Alex wasn't sure of that either, at the time.

Regardless, the man was stuck with the female- at least, for a few minutes. The man had moved on; Sabina had some weird sense of humour and without her, he'd just had been waiting for the next customer, bored.

It was all because... Alex wanted mint ice cream.

Sabina had made the deal; "I have an idea; just for my entertainment and your false... ness-ness about ice cream... I need your help," She said suddenly, turning to face the man at the last second, managing to also catch some vanilla dripping from her cone again.

"Me?" He said, with a wacky, confused half smile.

She nodded, grinning to provide her pearl teeth. "Could... Could we pretty please borrow a cart? An ice cream cart? My friend- Alex- here, could go to his business just... What? Two streets away and offer ice cream to his little-worker-friends. They'd pay- and you'd get more money!"

The man blinked, gazing at the 16 year old boy who seemed to have forgotten about the mint ice cream cone in his hand, looking completely dumbfounded with his lips slightly parted, his eyebrows furrowed. In the end it didn't take the older man long to make his decision; these kids were willing to do more of his job for him, and the end result would be more profit. When he looked outside of the parlour- there didn't seem to be many customers around. If the boy didn't bring back the money, however...

He cleared his throat and said, "Sure, but she needs to stay here. So I know you'll come back with my money."

Alex understood. Alex sighed, turning his gaze onto Sabina, uttering one, common and mainstream word- "What?"

That was when Sabina explained her theory. Apparently, depending on the choices the spies and workers at the 'bank' made Alex either a 'confused innocent' or a 'misled victim.' Alex asked how she figured and she replied with the simple notion that he was one of them.

Eventually, the Confused Innocent/Misled Victim found himself back at the Bank- a place he never, ever wanted to return again. And technically, now, at least he was going through his own will, uninvited- to sell ice cream.

The receptionist recognised Alex and carried a disgruntled face to the blond's position who still found ways to lick his mint ice cream and carry the ice cream cart into view. Somehow, Alex did manage to find that amusing.

"What... What is- How many I help you?" The male asked.

Alex smiled softly, "Well, do you have 2.50?"

The receptionist blinked, "No? I'm sorry I don't..."

Sadistically fast, Alex licked his ice cream that was falling fast to the tip of his ice cream cone, right in front of the man. Alex did not believe for a second that the male didn't want an ice cream- he could tell from the male's sudden irritated position.

"Just buy an ice cream- any flavour you wish!" Alex tried to make it sound convincing, but it didn't realise his 'advertisement' was a failure.

"I don't think my boss would-"

At the mention of Blunt, Alex had to suppress a growl. He had a feeling the male would know if Alex had permission from the head to sell ice cream... However, Alex silently stored that in his memory; he could say that to everybody else...

So Alex decided to say the truth, kind of- "Listen, I'm in a tad bit of... I guess you could say 'trouble', right now." The male, whose name tag said Shift (not that Alex believed that was his real name... I mean, seriously, they come with Shift?!) began to looked affronted.

"Mr. Alan Blunt," Alex continued, "owes me a favor for everything I've... done for him. He knows- he'll agree... Though yeah, he probably won't be pleased. He'd probably fart pixies when he hears about this, but if anybody was to get in trouble, it'd be me, not you... And do I look worried? Blunt owes me."

Alex resisted the urge to grin at the expression on Shift's face. Startled, Shift managed to count two dollars and fifty cents from his pocket and ordered chocolate ice cream. To Alex, it seemed completely ridiculous to see a receptionist at the M.I.6 quarters, licking a chocolate ice cream cone from behind the desk. And with that sight, Alex decided, that maybe this plan of Sabina's wasn't too bad.

There was three other people in the reception area and what Alex didn't know, didn't really concern him. So, without hesitation, he went and spoke to all of them. A female politely requested a chocolate ice cream- which, Alex hadn't even offered ice cream to her yet. When the next consumer (another male) picked chocolate, Alex was beginning to wander if Sabina planned this with M.I.6 and everybody was just going to pick bloody chocolate!

Then, hope rose, with a bit of crazy giddyness when a female ordered mint ice cream like Alex. Alex was beginning to feel like he was in control in M.I.6; like this was some form of pay back.

Just as Alex was reaching the elevator and pushed the 'up' button to wait, a familiar silhouette from the corner of his eye walked towards him. Alex licked his ice cream, and for an insane moment, wandered if this was all a dream. A very vivid dream. He concentrated on the cold, flavoured ice cream that was melting even quicker on his tongue and created fireworks as taste continued down his throat.

He didn't need to prompt her, because she started, "I put a long password in my phone. If he attempts to log onto my phone twice- all the data will be erased. Plus, I put my phone on the other side of the room, so I doubt he'd actually physically move around to steal it! If he does, we'll have video footage."

Alex's lips turned up and he didn't reply. Instead, he continued to lick his mint ice cream in her face. He was considering kissing her, just because, all of a sudden he felt like it- but then he heard the 'ding' of the elevator and he said, "Three chocolates and another mint."

"Who ordered the mint?" Sabina asked, walking into the elevator first, to hold the automatic doors long enough for Alex to carry the cart inside.

"A female."

Sabina's lips curled into a cruel grin, and Alex groaned, "Oh why? That's just rude, Sab!"

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